The Doctor’s Wife (Lesbian)THE DOCTOR’S WIFEMartha, the doctor’s maid, did notice that Mrs. Howard had changed into a rather short skirt that evening after dinner but didn’t take much notice of it. The doctor’s wife sometimes went out alone and Martha never asked her where she went, neither, she was quite sure, did the doctor. The maid did notice though that Mrs. Howard – her full name was Olivia Howard – had put on make-up and was dressed more for a party, with her low-cut blouse and high heels, than a formal dinner or, for that matter, a concert. But that was not Martha’s business and she continued to wash the dishes while the doctor watched a movie on television.The weather was hot and humid, a typical summer evening in this British coastal town which we will not identify in order to respect Olivia’s privacy since she and her husband are well-known there. Olivia took a taxi to the downtown core of the town, making sure she got off a few blocks from where she was actually going. She had to take precautions. She didn’t want to be seen. Olivia was an attractive 45-year old woman and she was in a rather seedy part of town. She pretended to look at store windows until the sidewalk was empty of strollers, then she made her way through a side lane and pushed open an unmarked door as she had done so many times before. Rather loud music greeted her as she made her way through the short hallway and into the smoke-filled club. A few garish-looking women were talking at the bar, sipping coloured drinks in large glasses. Olivia sat at an empty table in a corner and ordered a beer by raising her hand. The bartender, a pretty college student, knew her. She walked over to Olivia carrying the bottle in one hand and a glass in the other.“The one in the black skirt. I told her about you”, whispered the bartender as she put the bottle and glass karaman escort on the table and pushed a key towards Olivia, making sure no one saw it.“Thank you”, replied the doctor’s wife as she slipped the young girl a fifty-pound note.Olivia poured the beer in her glass, took a sip, and surveyed the room, her eyes adjusting to the darkness. She immediately spotted the woman in the black skirt who was already looking at her. Both women examined the other for a few seconds and smiled at each other. The woman was about Olivia’s age, had dark curly hair and was rather attractive. Olivia licked her red lips and the other woman took the olive out of her matini and licked it. Olivia felt her pussy begin to ooze against her silk panties. Olivia raised her eyebrows and looked at the ceiling. She took a final sip from her glass and got up. The other woman looked surprised at first then smiled as Olivia nodded in the direction of some half-hidden stairs. The doctor’s wife climbed the stairs to the first floor, went to a door with a “3” on it, pulled out her key and entered, leaving the door ajar. The room was dark and Olivia didn’t turn on the lights. The woman in the black skirt came in and shut the door behind her and locked it. The small room was carpeted and contained a small bed covered with a pink sheet. “Here ?”, said the woman, her high-pitched voice trembling.“Yes”, replied Olivia, her voice also shaking with lust.Both women undressed in silence, occasionally glancing at each other. Olivia had seen this woman before, probably at some university lecture. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the woman’s large patch of pubic hair and her rather heavy drooping breasts. They could smell each other, they were so close. Without a word they clasped each other and grunted as their bodies rubbed and their mouth and tongue explored escort karaman the other’s face. The stood for a few minutes, face to face, fingering each other’s pussy and kissing. The woman took her wet hand and smeared Olivia’s face with it. Olivia did the same and pushed her sticky fingers through the woman’s hair. Olivia spit in the woman’s open mouth and the woman returned the favor. “I want to …so much….”, the woman began so say…“ Let’s eat”, interrupted Olivia who pushed her partner onto the bed.Both women followed the other’s scent as they immediately formed a ball of white flesh, their head buried between the other’s glistening thighs. Olivia’s tongue made its way through the thick pubic hair and penetrated the woman’s love canal as she felt her own cunt hole being pistoned by her lover hard tongue. Their lips quickly moved over the other’s engorged clit and one could hear the particular noise made by women sucking women. Olivia’s finger moved between her partner’s plump asscheeks and touched the woman’s puckered hole. Her partner’s body stiffened and she pushed her vagina even harder against Olivia’s mouth. The doctor’s wife could feel her partner’s finger circling her own intimate hole. There was no need for talk. Both knew what the other wanted. They grasped at the other’s asscheeks with their hands and extended their neck, both quickly reaching their planned destination. The two lesbians pushed and rocked against each other as they plunged their tongue into the other’s small round hole. Muffled screams and bucking hips announced their mutual orgasm. Olivia rolled off her partner and both women lay on their back for a moment, head to toe, panting. Olivia’s lover got up first and made her way to the pile of clothes on the floor. “I’m sorry. I have very little time. The babysitter must be getting worried”, she whispred.“But you have time for another…don’t you ?”, asked Olivia rather aggressively.“I don’t know…maybe I shouldn’t “, replied the woman.Olivia was already next to her, then behind her, rubbing her pussy against her asscheeks, then in front of her, kissing her face, wrapping her arms around her waist and pushing her pubic hair against her lover’s. Both women smelled of sex.“Maybe…I don’t know…I shouldn’t…”, muttered the woman.“Fuck”, whispered Olivia to her hear.“Oh my…oh God…a fuck…”, kept babbling the woman.Olivia pushed her and the woman fell on the bed again. She looked terrified and at the same time terribly excited. Olivia fell on top of her and kissed her passionately. The woman opened her thighs and Olivia mounted her. The college lesbian wrapped her legs around Olivia’s waist making her cunt available. Olivia’s body moved around a little to find the right position then both women began to hump, rubbing their wet hairy cunt lips together. Olivia put all her energy into it. It lasted two, maybe three minutes. The woman screamed and Olivia covered her mouth with her hand then bit her shoulder as she came hard seconds after her partner. Olivia was quite sure her lover has squirted into her or maybe it was the other way around.“Fuck”, sobbed the woman.“Fuck”, answered Olivia.The two women rearranged their hair and dressed, wiping their bodies as best they could with a towel left in the room. They kissed each other on the cheek before they made their way downstairs.Olivia gave the key back to bartender who gave her a wide smile and a wink.The doctor’s wife got out of the taxi in front of her house. The doctor had dozed off watching television. He woke up when his wife entered the living room.She kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and put his mouth to her ear.“ Had a nice one ?”, he asked.“Very nice”, she answered smiling.“How many times ?”, he asked.“Twice”, she said rather proudly.“Very nice indeed”, he said as he put his arm around her waist and walked with her up the stairs.THE END



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