All the characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


At the end of the fourth day, after he and his mother had fucked and pissed on each other in the moonlight, Mike remained restless for the rest of that hot, humid night. His holiday so far had been a chronicle of incestuous lust, but one thing kept his mind churning over. He desperately wanted to fuck his twin sister, Lizzie.

His other sister Sammie was willing but it was too risky without contraception. He felt sure Lizzie would be willing too, after all this holiday had got chilli-hot because of her sexy initiatives.

In that infuriating way bodies have, he finally drifted off to sleep just as the day stirred around him. Waking slowly, his lovely mother gave him a secret smile as she began breakfast preparations. Sammie and Lizzie stirred at the same time.

Today was going to be resupply-day in Sheepyard Flat’s general store. In these towns ‘general’ was an understatement. The shelves were full of groceries, pharmaceuticals, clothes, hats, tools, hardware, seed, fertilizer… everything the little town might need day-to-day without a major trip to the bigger centres.

Suzanne and Paul had made a list. All five went along.

Later on, as the purchases had been put away, Mike was taking his turn to cut lunch when his mum put something in his pocket, whispering in his ear: “Don’t look yet.”

After lunch, Mike found space to check his pocket. His mother had given him condoms! It took some seconds before he realised the significance of it. He’d already ejaculated inside his mother’s pussy, and in her mouth, clearly then she meant him to use these on his sisters! After all, she’d told him she thought incest was OK… Then a jolt of truth hit him. He knew his mum knew that Lizzie was on the pill. Fuck! His mum was giving him the means to fuck his youngest sister Sammie!

Overjoyed, he couldn’t wait to tell Sammie, but first he hatched a plan. There was plenty of time, and now the means to give Sammie what she wanted. But as yet his lust for his twin, Lizzie, had not been satisfied.

Darling Sammie soon put that train on its proper tracks. She invited her sister and brother to the river for a swim, cheekily asking her parents if they wanted to go too. When they both declined, the three knew they’d be alone. Suzanne gave her son a knowing grin and a nod. She knew, and she approved.

They casually walked until out of sight of the cabin, then practically ran to the riverbank.

Panting with their exertions as they arrived, Lizzie said: “Mike, you made me a promise the other day.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. You said when I wanted to pee my pants you’d give me a lap to sit on.”

“Oh yes, I remember. I did say that didn’t I?”

Then Lizzie again, “And I haven’t peed yet today. Sit, little brother. Fulfil your promise!”

Mike sat on a tree stump, thighs hard together. Lizzie looked at her sister then at him. Pulling her light cotton dress over her head eryaman escort revealing the black bikini beneath, she walked over to her brother, turned, and sat back onto his lap. She could feel his cock stiffen against her inner thighs and relaxed to try to begin her golden shower.

Sammie was beaming with excitement: “You’re gonna love this Lizzie. It’s best when your panties are dry. I want to see it properly.”

She knelt before her sister and gently edged Lizzie’s thighs apart slightly. Lizzie closed her eyes, gasped, and flooded her brother’s lap with hot piss. It ran through her bikini bottoms, pooled on his thighs and around his cock and balls, before dripping and splashing onto the dry ground, rapidly making a mud pie just there.

“Oooh Sammie, you were right. This is heaven. I’m soaked in it. In my own pee!”

Sammie put her hand in the hot puddle between her sister’s thighs, then into the stream as it gushed out. She touched her sister’s pussy and rubbed gently as Lizzie’s stream sputtered and stopped. The puddle lasted a few more seconds before falling into the mud.

For some seconds Lizzie rocked gently, simultaneously rubbing her sopping pussy over her brother’s rigid cock and her clit against her sister’s thumb and finger. She cooed and gasped, then ground hard on Mike’s cock when he cupped both her breasts. She immediately reached behind to remove her bikini top for him to fondle her bare tits, then down to stroke the hard cock pressing against her arse.

Sammie resolved to make her brother and sister fuck right then and there and helped by urging Lizzie to stand. When she did, Sammie pulled the piss-soaked bikini bottom down, and reached for her brother’s board shorts. Between the sisters they got them off, and Lizzie spread her legs wide outside his as she reached behind her to guide her brother into her wet tunnel: “Mike?”


“Let me do it, OK? I’m still a virgin and it might hurt.”

“OK Lizzie darling. When you’re ready.”

Sammie was back kneeling in front of them, watching with intense curiosity and horny delight. From her viewpoint she was half a metre away and looking just below eye height at her brother’s cock nudging at the entrance to her virgin sister’s pussy.

Lizzie eased down to try to get the thick cock inside her. Her outer lips split and her tunnel began to open. She was not exactly experiencing lust at this point, more concentration on getting penetration started.

She needn’t have worried. Her hymen gave little resistance as Mike’s engorged cock popped past it. Lizzie settled fully, gasping at the pleasure/pain of having her first cock deep inside her.

Sammie stroked her sister’s smooth thighs while Lizzie let her pussy adjust to its invader. Half a minute later she began to rise and fall on it just two or three centimetres at a time, her hands on Mike’s knees, leaning slightly forward.

Little minx Sammie saw a chance to be more active. She raised a hand and cupped escort eryaman Lizzie’s left breast, leaned towards it and nibbled gently at the hard nipple. With the thumb of her other hand she sought out the swelling clit. Lizzie almost swooned. Thus encouraged Sammie licked and nibbled at each breast in turn, pulling and tweaking her sister’s nipples as Lizzie began to moan and pant.

For his part, Mike had unselfishly resolved to just supply the cock on which Lizzie lost her virginity. It wasn’t such a sacrifice, since he was sure he’d have other chances with her and there was always the surprise he had ready for Sammie…

Lizzie’s pussy had stretched and was now squishy-wet. She was able to ride her brother’s length comfortably now and did so with gusto, slapping her butt on his thighs and grunting more loudly as her pleasure increased to ecstasy.

Mike’s hands took over from Sammie’s on his sister’s tits, she now knelt back and watched. She began stroking her own tits before pulling the top of her one-piece right down to tease and stroke them properly, her other hand dipping inside and down to rub her wet pussy while her sister and brother fucked more urgently.

Lizzie was getting close. Mike learned to lift his hips at the end of her downstrokes which intensified her pleasure. Then her climax washed over her, thighs jerking and trembling. A few more pumps of her rump against her brother was enough and she sat on his cock while waves of shuddering ecstasy went through her gut, focusing in her pussy and making her nipples tingle under her brother’s gentle hands.

Sammie watched it all with a mixture of erotic delight and jealousy. She was very wet herself now, two fingers pushed urgently up inside her pussy. Mike interrupted her: “Sammie?”


“Wanna try?”

“But you said…”

“Look!” He had reached into his piss-soaked shorts and produced a condom which he waved at her.

Sammie’s jaw stayed open with shock and surprise, Lizzie laughed and climbed off her brother leaving just a hint of blood behind as evidence of the demise of her virginity. She wiped it with her hand, gently stroking her brother’s ready cock. She urged her sister on: “C’mon Sammie. It’s the best thing you can imagine.”

Sammie responded: “Better than getting your pussy licked?”

“I don’t know, I’ve… Wait. Have you…? Did Mike…?” The blush and grin on her little sister’s face told her yes.

“Oh wow! You’re leading the way on everything aren’t you?!”

“Not everything,” she said, “You got fucked first. Now me, right Mikey?”

“Yes Sammie. And I saved my cum for you. Nobody has cum inside Lizzie yet…”

“So I will be first! But Mike?”


“I want to do it missionary. OK?”

“Anything you say Sammie…”

The siblings arranged towels on some long grass, and Sammie ditched her swimsuit then lay on it immediately opening her legs for her brother to kneel between and position himself. eryaman escort bayan He was still rock hard and the sight of Sammie’s little open pussy, glistening wet in the sunshine, made his cock twitch with anticipation. Holding the base of the shaft, he put the condom on and lowered himself towards his naked sister, touching her opening with the head of his cock.

“It’s too big!” she complained. Lizzie reassured her: “Relax Sammie. Your pussy will open up for it like mine did. And when it does! Oh, Sammie! It’s heaven!”

Sam kept still while Mike pressed gently. His sister’s hymen stopped him, and despite gentle pressure it refused to budge. Sammie was clearly uncomfortable, partly from the pain and partly from being denied what her sister had so clearly enjoyed. She spoke: “Mike. Just push. Hard. Rip it. Get it in.”

“But I don’t want to hurt you. You know I love you, love you both. I couldn’t hurt you…”

“Better you than somebody else. Please?”

Mike tried a little harder. No joy. Then he put weight on his cock and pushed from his hips. He popped through, but Sammie squealed in pain.

“Oh Sammie! Darling! Are you OK? I’ll take it out!”

“No you fucking-well won’t! But keep still, let me get used to it…”

“OK. Of course, you control it…”

Lizzie was concerned and stroked her sister’s head.

“Jeez, when he fucked you I licked and stroked your tits, all I get is a head-rub?!”

They all laughed. Lizzie pointed out that all Sammie’s ‘bits’ were out of reach.

“OK. You owe me then. Mike?”


“Fuck me gently. Gently though.”

He did. With as much tenderness as a thick, engorged cock will permit he began short gentle strokes inside his youngest sister’s pussy and her whimpers told him it was OK. A minute later her eyes were closed and she began instinctively pressing her hips up to meet him. Still gently, but with increasing strokes, Mike fucked his sister tenderly causing ripples of joy in her thighs and moans of pleasure emanating deep in her chest.

“Mike? Will you cum?”


“OK. I want to feel it when you cum, OK?”

Mike continued his gentle thrusts and concentrated on his sister’s tight pussy gripping the length of his cock. In the back of his mind he made comparisons. His mother’s pussy was all warmth and wetness, not exactly tight after three kids but she knew how to grip and milk with it. His twin sister’s pussy was squishy and welcoming, once he was inside hers was tight around the head of his dick. But Sammie’s… Her pussy was tight all the way. It was as if wet soft hands gripped him all the way along.

Then his mind went foggy as he realised that in a couple of days he’d fucked his mother, his twin sister and now his ‘little’ sister. The triple-memory of three incestuous pussies overcame his senses: He pushed all the way into Sammie, grunted loudly and blew his load. His dick twitched, spasmed, jerked inside her emptying his balls into the protective receptacle of the condom, while she gripped his buttocks and held under him.

For a few more seconds he lay on top of his youngest sister and marvelled at the tightness of her cunt and the perfect gift both his sisters had given him.

There were still three more days left on this holiday.



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