Magic in the Air

Author’s note: All characters engaged in sexual activity are all eighteen years of age or older.


Cindy quietly opened the door and peeked into the dark room. She stared at the large shape under the blankets on the bed as it slowly stirred.

She quickly backed up and started to shut the door when she heard Matt’s soft voice call her name questioningly.

She stepped back into the room pulling the door closed behind her. “I’m sorry if I woke you up.”

“Nah, I was awake and thinking,” Matt spoke as he shifted over closer to the wall leaving more room.

He watched as the nude girl lifted the sheets and blanket and climbed into the bed next to him.

Cindy turned to face her smiling boyfriend, “What?”

He beamed, “You are so incredibly gorgeous. You have no idea how lucky I am and how wonderful you make me feel.”

Cindy blushed, “Oh yes I do because I feel exactly the same way.”

The two kissed deeply.

“Good morning, my love,” Cindy said as they pulled apart.

Her hand snaked down through the sheets until it found Matt’s stiffening flesh.

Cindy chuckled and pulled the covers down enough to completely expose her full breasts and the dark, hard pebbled nipples on them.

After getting a good stare at her gently swaying breasts as they shook from the motion of her arm, Matt laid back and enjoyed the feeling of Cindy’s hand sliding up and down his cock. He smiled as he remembered the sight of Cindy doing the same thing to Chip last night after she and his mother had stripped and had sex in front of him, his friends and their mothers.

“So did you enjoy yourself last night?” Matt asked with a smile on his face.

Cindy’s face split into a huge grin as she stroked harder and leaned her breasts into him and kissed him again.

“I loved it,” she purred deeply into his mouth. “When you mother was licking me from behind while I was watching Mrs. Lynn and Hamilton suck off Craig and Chip because they got so excited from what your mother and I were doing was the most intense moment of my life. And then when Chip came in my hand while your mother sucked Craig. I so badly wanted to bend down to take Chip in my mouth as well.”

“Why didn’t you?” Matt asked.

Cindy giggled, “You’re as bad as your mother in instigated trouble. I remember your thumbs up before I grabbed his cock.”

“You glowed last night Cindy,” Matt told her. “Hell you and mom were on fire. I feel great seeing you so happy. If sucking someone brings you so much pleasure, go for it. I know Chip wouldn’t mind. Besides you have sucked me plenty of times already. I know how much you enjoy it and believe me it feels great for me.”

Cindy paused and then her hand started up again lightly as she leaned up and looked into Matt’s face and eyes.

“It’s so strange,” Cindy started to explain. “I grew up with the idea that someday you found somebody, fell in love, got married, had kids and happily ever after – with one person. My mom proved that is not the case at all, in fact it was a joke. You and your mom have opened up a whole new world for me. It’s a world I love and can’t believe. Everything is so strange and so unchartered. That makes it all that more exciting. I absolutely love you and your mom. I would do anything for you and with you with absolutely no hesitation.”

Matt smiled. Cindy leaned over again to kiss him.

“Of course I don’t feel that way about the others. But I am discovering this world of sex that is so incredible. I can’t get enough. I can see doing stuff with others and know it will be such a rush, but nothing so powerful as when I’m with you or mom.”

Matt smiled. “You are so incredible. I know what you mean. I can’t get enough of you or mom. It’s fun thinking about Mrs. Lynn or Mrs. Hamilton, but that’s just it – it’s only fun.”

“Would you have sex with either of them?” Cindy asked as her hand stroked harder.

Matt thought for a moment, “Absolutely, I could see me doing things with them, but honestly, I like how mom could be so crazy and wild yet only have intercourse with dad.”

“And now with you,” Cindy purred.

“I am definitely going to follow mom’s lead and enjoy all these new experiences with both of you and the others. As long as we are all happy and comfortable with what we are doing that is great with me.”

“Me too. I loved last night and want to do a lot more like that. It felt so amazing and incredible. Truly though the only cock I can’t get out of my mind and the one I want most in my mouth or ultimately inside me, is yours.” She said this while giving Matt’s cock a hard squeeze.

Matt smiled and grabbed Cindy and pressed her into his blanketed body. Cindy released him to reach up and grab his shoulders. She could feel his hard cock press against her stomach as she fell into Matt’s embrace. She automatically rubbed herself against the hard flesh causing him to groan.

Matt smiled into the face right above his, “I love that thought. But Cindy, I’m in no hurry at all.”

Cindy returned eryaman escort the smile, “I know that. That’s one of the things that amazes me so much about you and why I can’t help but be so incredibly in love with you and that makes me feel wonderful. Honestly, I don’t think I want to wait much longer. It’s so weird being a virgin yet doing things like I did last night and all the other things I’m already doing and wanting to do so much more and with others and that’s even beyond making love with you. It’s so crazy.”

Matt chuckled and hugged her tight, “With others, huh? Would my girlfriend enjoy sucking on my two best friends?”

Cindy groaned and smushed her lips into Matt’s. Her pelvis pressed harder into him. Her lips came off his with a loud smack before staring him as she gave a throaty chuckle, “Oh, so this is all about me huh? Well, would my boyfriend, the anal freak, enjoy sticking this hard cock,” at the word ‘cock’ Cindy ground her pelvis harder into Matt’s, “into the asses of the mothers of his two best friends?”

Matt’s eyes lit up at the thought and he groaned again, “Oh, fuck.”

Cindy laughed as her hand reached back under and grabbed his throbbing flesh.

“Mmmmmmmmm, I guess you would.”

She kissed him hard again as she stroked him harder.

After a moment she leaned up and looked at his face as she continued to stroke him. Matt pushed up on his elbows, the sheet falling from his body, “Would you enjoy Craig or Chip fucking you in the ass?”

Cindy laughed, “Your mom is right; you are such an ass man. How can I even think about that when I haven’t done it with you yet?”

Matt grinned, “Hey, you started it.”

Cindy smirked, “Yeah, I guess I did at that. And now I’m going to finish it.”

She dove down to squish her lips into his, her tongue darting far into his mouth as she yanked his cock up and down, her hand speeding up as Matt groaned into her mouth.

She could feel him starting to shake, so she quickly shifted over and locked her lips over the head of his penis as he came. She drank deeply while rubbing her hand over his chest as he held her head in place.

After he finished, she lovingly licked him clean before sliding up and resting her head on his stomach looking up at him with a smile.

Matt lightly stroked the smooth black hair framing her smiling face, “Cindy, we know how much we love each other. I trust you completely; you can do whatever makes you feel good with any of the others. I want you to have as much fun as you want.”

Cindy’s smile grew bigger, “I know, and the same is true for you too, you know. Look, I know your naked servant game is on for today and that’s great. I bet you were going to sit there and let Craig and Chip have all the fun with Sue and Kim and just watch.”

She smiled when she saw Matt duck his head slightly. “I thought so. Look my love. It’s not like you’re cheating on me, I know all about this and love the idea. Have fun, do what feels right on one condition.”

Matt looked at his girlfriend and waited.

Cindy broke into a giggle, “You have to tell me everything later without sparing any details and take care of me if you get me all worked up.”

“Gladly,” Matt laughed hugging her tight.

For a while the couple just laid together cuddling. Unconsciously, Matt started to caress Cindy’s breasts. Cindy purred and again her hand found Matt’s cock to stroke it up and down.

Cindy suddenly shifted and looked Matt in the eyes again, “You know what fun I would like right now?”

Matt laughed, “I honestly have no idea. What, my eager looking beauty?”

“I would love breakfast in bed,” Cindy said as she swung out of Matt’s bed and pulled him up with her. She led Matt down the brightening hall to the last door which she quietly pushed open. The two peeked in to see Diana’s head on the pillow the rest of her body buried deep under her quilt and blankets.

Quietly, the two entered the room and approached opposite sides of the bed and carefully lifted the sheets and climbed under and slid over to the sleeping form in the middle.

Cindy softly kissed the back of Diana’s neck while Matt slowly slid his hand down and gently rubbed his mother’s sex.

Slowly the older woman stirred and moaned, with a slight head shake, Diana opened her eyes to Matt’s smiling face.

She ground her pelvis into her son’s hand and reached back to caress Cindy’s hair.

“Oohhh, good morning my loves,” Di said before leaning forward to kiss Matt and then twist to kiss Cindy.

As she was kissing Cindy Matt arched two fingers and pushed them into Diana. Di groaned into Cindy’s mouth.

As Cindy shifted to get more comfortable her hand struck something hard under one of the pillows.

With a smirk, Cindy pulled the familiar flesh colored dildo from under the pillow, “Gee mom, what’s this?”

Diana laughed and grabbed the sex toy from Cindy’s waving hand. She used her other hand to press the giggling girl flat onto her back.

As Diana pressed into Cindy, escort eryaman Matt reached over and yanked the covers off of them completely, exposing the two naked women.

Free from the blankets, Diana slid down and got on her hands and knees, head right next to Cindy’s open legs.

Diana looked up at the flushed girl, “Let me show you what this is for.”

With that she leaned down and bathed Cindy’s folds with her tongue.

Matt moved and knelt behind his mother. Just as Diana pushed the flesh colored penis into Cindy, Matt thrust his real flesh into Di’s sex from behind. Both Cindy and Diana groaned.

Matt grabbed the sides of Diana’s hips and sawed back and forth. Diana lowered her head and ground her pelvis into Matt and matched the tempo Matt set with the dildo plunging into Cindy.

Cindy groaned, “Oh fuck me, that feels great.”

Diana purred and licked across the hood of Cindy’s open sex bringing a louder groan from the writhing girl.

Soon Cindy started to huff and then like a mantra chanted, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oohhhhhhh FUCK,” as she came. Diana left the vibrating dildo inside Cindy and focused on slamming her hips back into Matt. At the same time, both came groaning. Diana fell into Cindy and softly kissed her pelvis. Matt collapsed behind his mother and gently stroked her bare, sweaty back.

After one more soft kiss on Cindy’s wet folds, Diana and Matt slid up to lay together side by side. Both Matt and Cindy leaned forward and kissed her.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I love waking up like that,” Diana said as she returned the kisses.

Di settled on her back and swung her arms over both Matt and Cindy’s shoulders. Pulling them into her she asked them, “So any plans for today after that wonderful start?”

“I’m working today,” Cindy replied.

“Craig, Chip and I are going to hit the mall for some new cards and then have our match at Chip’s house with our naked serving girls,” Matt answered with a smile.

Cindy and Diana laughed before Di spoke, “That’s right; that was part of your deal last night for the video tape. I can’t believe you were able to get Cindy and me a pampered massage session from the four of them.”

Matt a big Cheshire Cat grin, “Are you kidding me? They were so desperate to get their hands on it. And with this lifestyle, I’m getting plenty of practice at negotiating, not that any of you really seem to mind making the concessions. In fact you all kind of enjoy it.”

Diana stretched her arms over her head pulling her breasts up with the motion, “yeah, it really is quite the win-win situation. Well, I guess that leaves little ole me to clean this place.”

Cindy reached over and put her hand on Diana’s collarbone, “Mom, the restaurant’s closed tomorrow, I have the whole day off: I can do the cleaning for you.”

Diana beamed, “Thanks, sweetheart. We’ll see. With the place to myself I might get a cleaning fit going and get everything done. Now, how about a shower and then some breakfast?”

The three took an extra long time getting clean in Diana’s shower before having a breakfast that they had worked up a tremendous appetite for in the shower.

While a nude Diana was figuring which room to attack first, and Cindy was inspecting the dining room of Tony’s to make sure everything was ready for the Sunday crowd, Matt, Craig and Chip walked into the hobby shop in the mall.

Chip was looking at Craig, “The problem with your deck is you don’t have enough land to support both your spells and creatures; you have way too much high cost stuff. By the time you get enough land out to cast your spells or bring out your creatures we’ve already beaten you to a pulp.”

Craig shook his head, “I’ve been thinking about switching to a blue or green deck anyways.”

Matt stopped and stared at the man leaning over one of the glass cases by the cash register.

“Mr. Deforest? I didn’t know you played Magic?”

The boys’ old Biology teacher looked up from the counter and grinned, “Hey, boys. Yeah some of my college students got me hooked; I’m just looking for a better deck as they keep kicking my butt.”

The boys laughed.

Craig looked at their former teacher, “College?”

Deforest smiled, “Yeah, I teach a night course after my high school classes. I’ve got the extra time and sure enjoy the extra income. That’s how I was able to go to Jamaica last break. Speaking of Jamaica, look guys, I’m really sorry about my misunderstanding on the beach. I really blew it, and I do apologize.”

Matt, Craig and Chip shook their heads before Craig spoke up, “Hey, you know what they say – – what happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica.”

Chip looked at Craig, “Does anybody really say that?”

The four laughed.

“Matt, I have to ask you. The woman you boys were with; I’ve been seeing you around town with her and a younger girl. Is that your mother?”

Matt blushed red, remembering his mother blowing up, stripping and throwing her suit at the man asking the question now before he answered, “Yeah, eryaman escort bayan that’s my mom.”

Deforest shook his head, “Matt, I’ve met your mother several times when you were my student just two years ago. She didn’t look anything like she does now. I’m sorry, but she’s gorgeous now. That’s the same woman?”

The boys all laughed as Matt squirmed.

“I guess my dad’s death hit her a lot harder and longer than others. She’s a very different person now. She’s certainly happier now.”

“Has she found someone new?”

Matt shook his head, “Nope, still just my single mom.”

“Well, I’d really like to apologize to her in person for what happened and maybe get to know her better in that case.”

Matt chuckled, “I’m sorry but she still gets all spluttery when she’s reminded about that time on the beach. She really blew her top.”

Mr. Deforest chuckled, “I know, I ended up wearing it.”

All three boys howled with laughter.

“Oh well, I would appreciate it if you could relay my apologies if you ever get the chance. See you boys later; happy card shopping, too rich for my blood today.” Mr. Deforest added before walking out of the store.

The three boys stood in the entranceway watching their former teacher walk towards the food court.

Craig looked at Matt, “If I didn’t know any better I’d say Mr. Deforest has it bad for your mom.”

Chip piped in, “Well that was certainly weird.”

Matt just shook his head.

After a moment Chip spoke again, “Come on, let’s get our cards; I’m close to having the perfect deck.”

“Yeah, right!” chimed in the other two before heading over to the glass counters to look at the available Magic cards.

After making their purchases and getting a bite to eat, the three headed over to Chip’s house.

“Hey mom, we’re home.” Chip called as he came into the house.

“I’m in the kitchen sweetie; Sue’s already here as well,” called his mother.

The boys smiled at each other, both Craig and Chip fist bumping Matt as they all grinned before trooping off to the kitchen.

A robed Kim Hamilton turned from the stove to beam at the three boys. “Did you get a chance to eat some lunch already?”

Chip over and kissed his mother on her cheek, “Yep, we ate at the mall. But what smells so good?”

Kim waved the pot holder in her hand, “I have nachos baking in the over for all of us as I’m quite sure we are going to be working up an appetite.”

The boys went off to Chip’s room passing Craig’s robed mother coming from Kim’s bedroom with a blanket draped over her arm. “Hey, boys,” Sue beamed as she gave her son a quick peck on his cheek.

She reached over and touched Matt’s arm, “I watched that tape again when I got home and I can’t tell you the fireworks that went off inside me from watching and the thought of today.”

The boys eyed her smooth bare legs as she walked into the kitchen carrying the blanket.

The boys spent a few minutes getting their cards together and then headed back into the kitchen just as Kim Hamilton pulled a tray full of steaming nachos from the oven.

The boys sat around the kitchen table seeing up their decks. Chip pointed to the blanket laid out on the floor in the corner of the room. “Uh, mom, what’s with the blanket?”

“All in good time, Chip.”

Kim left the room for her bedroom. Soon she came back with a dish filled with wrapped condoms. She placed this next to the blanket and then went over and stood by her son as Sue stood by Craig.

Sue looked at the three boys looking up at her, “Now as masterfully negotiated by Matt last night, we are both your naked servant girls for this afternoon. But for even more fun, we are both available for your pleasure as well. You want a drink, we’ll get it; more food, it’s yours; a blow job, gladly. You can even take one or both of us over to the blanket and fuck our brains out. This is your party. Enjoy boys”

And with that, the two grinning women removed their robes revealing their naked bodies to the three smiling boys.

Kim leaned over her son letting her breasts rub against his neck. “Now Chip, remember our deal. You get your grades up, and you can have this, at least with me, all the time. Not just for one afternoon.”

Chip sheepishly smiled, “Yeah, after the game is over, Craig and Matt were going to help me with my math.”

Sue grinned at Kim, “Your own deal? My, the Hughes have rubbed off on you. Adam gets the benefits as well?”

Kim smirked back, “He gets his naked serving girl after he takes me on a nice vacation somewhere exotic.”

Sue’s eyes lit up, “Oooooooo, I like that deal. I might have to try that one on Jeff myself.”

Kim laughed, “Like you can restrain Jeff and yourself from having sex at all.”

Craig grew a bit red from this exchange about his own parents, “Say, Mrs. Hamilton, those nachos look real good, can you get me some?”

Sue giggled, “I got them. As you wish, sir, anyone else?”

All three nodded then Chip looked up at his mother. “Your breasts rubbing against me got me all worked up. Can you play with me?”

Kim smiled as she knelt before her son, “with pleasure, sir.”

While Sue dished up some plates of nachos, Kim Hamilton unzipped the pants on her son and fished his cock out. She rubbed both hands over the stiffening flesh.



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