The package arrived at my hotel room door, just as you said it would. My hands tremble with excitement as I tear into the wrappings. It contains an envelope with my name written on it and is addressed in your strong script.

I breathe deeply as I read your note. I will see you tonight! I blush when I pull out the sexy black lace thong and push up bra. I know that when you choose them you were thinking of me, lusting for me.

I follow the instructions in your note exactly, well almost. I shower and carefully shave my legs and pussy. Letting the razor slide over my silky skin as I think, “Soon Michael’s hands, his lips, his cock will be here.” I shiver with anticipation.

My now-smooth lips are deep pink and edged with the juices that threaten to spill out with my excitement. I feel the urge to trace the moisture with my finger and slide it inside.

No! You’ve written, “No touching yourself, Nikki. Those luscious orgasms are all mine today. Don’t be late!” But . . . there is plenty of time and the act of preparing myself for you have left me achingly horny.

“He’ll never know,” I think to myself.

Fifteen minutes later, I am dressed as you requested in tight jeans and a low-cut top with black lace peaking out, framing pale cleavage. Pausing in the mirror, I admire the high round curve of my ass, squeezed tight by the jeans and propped up on dangerously high-heeled sandals. As instructed, I leave my hair loose and wavy.

I get in a cab and give the street address, not knowing where I am meeting you – knowing only that in the next few hours I will be fearlessly sexy and completely open to the adventurous whims of my dominating lover. I smile.

Your greeting is a brief, warm hug and a handsome smile. You are dressed well, in close-fitting black sweater, trousers and jacket. The intense look in your deep brown eyes tells me something is up. Your lecherous grin makes my face blush and my heart flutter.

You quickly sweep us inside the building. I realize it is your office. Home of the company you founded. It’s late on a Saturday so, the place is deserted. I expect a grand tour, complete with war stories about this or that campaign or perhaps a client or concept you have mastered. But instead you take me right to your office and tell me to stand by the conference table.

The commanding tone of your voice strikes me and sets my heart to pounding. Here? In your office? On your table? Yes. You are going to have me here and now and there is nothing I can do about it. You’ve brought me here to be your slut, your fuck toy and the thought makes my cheeks flush with passion. The way you look at me makes me want nothing else but to please and obey you.

As you undress me, fingers tracing the outline of my arms, waist, hips with feather touches. You tell me I am beautiful and amazing. I feel vulnerable, but sexy, wearing just my thong and heels in this public place, while you are fully clothed.

You stroke my breasts and my body, and ask me “Did you do everything as I instructed Nikki? Lets see”.

On your illegal bahis knees, you pull the thong up and aside, creating the most delicious tightness across my sex and ass. “Yes” you whisper.

I can feel your breath on my shaven skin. “Almost everything” I think.

Then all thought is lost as your tongue and fingers open me up and find my wanting clit and hole there. I moan as you circle my clit with your tongue and finger fuck me, first with one, then two fingers. I stand still, eyes closed; head back…fingers gripping the edge of the table…not wanting you to stop.

You stand and kiss me hard and I ache to be filled with your cock. I open your trousers and reach for it, delighted to be rubbing its taught hardness and holding it against my tight belly.

I taste my own salty sweetness in your mouth before you break the kiss and quietly ask, “Nikki, you little slut, you touched yourself when I said not to, didn’t you?”

My eyes and mouth fly open. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t till you just admitted it,” you growl.

I watch your face draw up in annoyance. Your voice stern, saying, “Nikki, you slut, how could you? That pussy is mine today. And you were told not to.”

I am devastated by having disappointed you and by watching your cock disappear as you pulled your trousers back on.

“I’m sorry” I whine.

You say, “It’s going to cost you this time girly.”

Before I know what hit me I am spun around hands on the table edge, bent at the waist, thong around my ankles with your large palm smacking hard across the tender skin of my ass. I yelp but do not move as your hard smacks rain down on both sides of my reddening bottom.

Tears spill down my cheeks before you stop. Then the soft caress of both your hands sooth my burning skin. My legs tremble as you slowly draw your finger from my clit up the full length of my sex, dragging a trail of my hot juice between my cheeks and onto my back.

My ass is a stinging blaze as you turn me around look hard into my eyes, wipe away my tears and crack a smile, saying, “Get up on the table Nikki.”

I sigh in relief that you forgive me and joyfully hop on the table.

The friction from sliding up on my ass makes me wince. You tell me to hold out my hands. You deftly thread a simple plastic strip around my wrists, thread the tip through a flattened loop and pull it snug so that my wrists are bound together.

I pull against it, trying to separate my hands but it will not budge. You watch me test the binding with a devilish look in your eye, telling me, “It’s called a cable tie. The cops use them… a little marvel of design. You won’t be getting out of that, till I cut you out darlin’.”

The swift punishment at your hands and now being bound by you brings a crush of feelings. Here and now, you own me and can do most anything to me. I know it and want nothing else. My intellect tells me I should be angry, offended and get the hell out of here, but my heart and soul long to submit. That desire creates an aching, hollow feeling in me that only your illegal bahis siteleri cock can fill.

“Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me with your beautiful, swollen cock. Do anything you want to me, but fuck me now.”

“I will, soon enough,” you say. “But first, I want to have my dinner. I’m famished.”

You slide me down to the far end and put me in a doggie position. I look back at you, my blue eyes flashing over the deep pink glow of my freshly-spanked ass, and watch you remove your clothes and lay down on your back.

With your head positioned between my knees, you firmly pull my hips down. My long thighs have to straddle wide to allow my dripping pussy to reach your waiting tongue. Then your lips and tongue begin to stroke and tease my inner thighs and clit with building intensity.

My clit is a hard hot switch as your tongue flicks it over and over. My straddled position and your firm grip make it impossible for me to rise off you and catch my breath. The building orgasm is so intense. I moan loudly and rock my hips in rhythm with your tongue. As your fingers find my nipples and pinch, the sensation in my clit doubles and I cum HARD…screaming your name.

I slink to my side as my body writhe with the last soft throbs, your face between my legs. The sight of you, glowing with the knowledge that you have melted me into soft wax and molded me into your slut, is so sexy I have to smile.

In a deep, throaty voice I moan, “Oh, god damn Michael, where have you been, my whole life?”

When you laugh and say, “Enough talk. It’s time for a fuckfest, slut.” It gives me a thrill that gets me slick and dripping again.

I feel sexier than I have ever felt before and long to be your perfect slut. “Let me suck your cock, Michael.” I say.

“I give the orders, if you don’t mind.” You are annoyed.

“Then, please bury your cock deep inside me,” I beg. “I want you to fuck me, Michael. I’m your whore.”

You lay me back, my hands still bound, my feet and ass at the edge of the table. I watch you eyeing my pussy with lust.

You hold the object of my desire in your hand. Your cock is thick and juts out stiffly from your body, curving to the left. I ache to feel the fat, dark pink head inside me. I want it so badly.

With ultimate control, you linger a moment, poised against my waiting opening, your cock pressing against my slick folds. Our eyes meet and the intensity of your desire and control shakes me. You hold my gaze as you push forward forcing me open wider and wider. Juices seep down my thighs as you push inch after inch deeper into my wet pussy.

I close my eyes; I arch my back and throw my bound hands up above my head as you fill every inch of me. Your cock is hard as a pipe, pumping in and out of me faster and faster. Your balls slap against my ass. My pussy muscles are clamped around your rock-hard cock. Wordless sounds escape my mouth as my orgasm builds in a blaze of passion.

Then without warning you stop and withdrew your gorgeous cock from me. I whine in protest, “Michael, more.” Though canlı bahis siteleri I know I’d get more when and how you choose.

As you pull me up and bend me over the table I rise on my tiptoes, eager for you to slide back in. I am unprepared for the slaps you land on my still raw skin. Aroused as I am, the sensations are powerfully sexual. With each slap, I grind my hips down trying to use the table edge to get me off, to no avail.

Enjoying my wiggling display you can not resist a few more slaps. I am begging you, “release my hands. I want to touch you.”

When you said you want me helpless and order me to the floor, the depth of my submission washes over me. I am your slut.

On the edge of ecstasy, I assume the position and wait for you. The first touch of your tongue on my swollen clit sends a throbbing orgasm through me as you know it will. But one is not enough for you. My body shakes but you hold me up. The need to control me is so strong you relentlessly bring your fuck toy off again and again, alternating with tongue and fingers, as I wordlessly moan into the oriental carpet.

The orgasms that have rocked my mind and body have also made my cunt swollen and tight. When you slowly push your cock in, my pussy swallows you, squeezing you tighter than before.

“Oh God!” We both say out-loud and in unison. We laugh at our timing.

In quick rhythm you pump me hard with your stiff cock. I am aching to be filled with your cum and I buck my hips wildly at the thought. Just when you seem so ready, you stop and pull out. I sighed in disappointment to be empty again. The desire of your good little slut to make you cum is denied again.

I hold my hands out to be cut free, rubbing my wrists and kneeling obediently before you legs apart.

“I want you in my mouth.” I say softly, hoping you will let me serve you.

When you nod, I give you my sexiest smile, and then gladly put my mouth to work on that cock I adore.

“My turn now…mmm.”

My hands are tight on your shaft. My soft lips cover the tip with tiny licks and kisses. I take your thick fat tip between my lips and swirl my tongue around and around, then suck hard on your head. It seems too doubled in size in my mouth. I hear you moan. I suck you in deeper as I stroke the veiny underside of your cock with my tongue. My head bobs up and down your cock as my tongue works it faster and faster.

You command me, “Suck my cock, slut!” My lust is up again, my throat opens and I suck you in so deep your balls smack my chin. Your cock is the center of my existence at that moment. I feel like I am born to suck it and deserve nothing but to be your slut. You fuck my mouth till your cum flows out in thick spurts that coat my throat and fill my mouth.

I open my mouth to let you see me take it. “I garble between spurts. Cum for me Michael. I am your whore. This is what I’m for. I want to please you.”

I rub my clit hard with my middle finger as you take your cock in hand and cum on my face and tits, the warm spray coating my skin as I cum again.

We lay for a few moments breathing heavily. I shake my head in disbelief and laugh. “What are we going to do next?” I ask, hoping to catch the master off guard.

You quickly respond, “Have I shown you the table in the conference room?”



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