The College PartyGoing to college certainly improved my life. I was still nerdy, but at college nobody cared. The place was full of nerdy guys and some of them weren’t even virgins. Alas I still held that dubious honor having never even kissed a girl.There was a girl in a few of my classes that I wanted to kiss. She made my heart do things whenever I saw her. But, being shy and nerdy, it was all I could manage to just say hi to her. So I just admired her from afar until, one day as our class was letting out, she asked if I was going to the big party.Parties weren’t really my thing, in fact I had never been to a student party. I had no reason to go to one until Jenny’s question. And when she said she would go if I did, I immediately said I would be there. She smiled at that and reminded me to bring a swim suit since it was a pool party. The thought of Jenny in a bathing suit made sure I wouldn’t miss the event.I felt very uncomfortable when I arrived. The crowd was mostly a noisy bunch and it really didn’t feel like I would fit in. But I had to try to enjoy myself since Jenny would be there. So I wandered out to the pool area and was quickly handed a beer by a drunk coed. I tried to protest that I didn’t drink, but she danced off as soon as the beer was in my hand. Taking a sip to look like I fit in reminded me how much I really didn’t like beer, but I kept sipping anyway.When Jenny finally appeared all the feelings about being out of place became subdued. But, being a party, I didn’t get her to myself. At least I didn’t until the sun had gone down. It had become cold outside and people had migrated into the house. I was headed that way myself when Jenny came out in a tiny two piece swimsuit. She told me to go put my suit on and meeting her in the hot tub.I think I broke a personal record for getting out of my clothes and into a suit. Guess I was motivated. There was only one other couple in the hot tub when I got there. They were very into each other so Jenny and I were able to talk quietly and she told me right out that she knew I liked her. But she couldn’t understand why I didn’t do something about it.Admitting my shyness helped me break through some it and I was able to get comfortable talking to her. Jenny smiled a lot and with her encouragement I was able relax and enjoy a real conversation. But when she put a hand on my bare thigh something happened: I started getting hard. I was glad the jets were making bubbles in the water.It seemed very much like Jenny wanted me to kiss her, even a nerd like me could see canlı bahis that. The only probably was, being a nerd, I knew I could be wrong. Making a move to kiss her could spoil everything, besides, I was too afraid to try. But Jenny solved the dilemma for me by putting a hand behind my head and starting the kiss herself.Kissing was more than I had ever thought it would be. The feeling of her tongue caressing mine went right to my crotch and that felt wonderful. I even put my arms around her on my own!As we kissed she whispered that I should take a peek at the other couple in the tub. Look over I saw the guy had pushed the girl’s top up and was rubbing her breasts. Jenny giggled and said something about how lucky that girl was. I know that was a hint but I was still an inhibited nerd.Jenny had to put my hand on her breast. Okay, I may be a nerd but that broke through a lot of my ice and I pushed her top up to get real access. Her nipples were pink and very hard so I gave one a kiss. As I moved my head back from that kiss Jenny grabbed it and pushed me back. As I gave her nipples the attention they wanted I looked over to the other couple to see if we were being watched. Her top was completely off and he was doing some nipple sucking of his own.Jenny had moved to sitting on my knees to give me better access and, after looking at the other couple, tossed her top to the deck. With her hands around me she pulled herself closer, almost to my hard cock. I was concerned about that until she reached down to feel it for herself. Then, after adjusting my position, she scooted the rest of the way up my legs to straddle me. Even with the warmth of the water and the material of our suits I could feel an amazing heat as she pressed herself against me.By now the other couple was completely naked. The guy was sitting on the edge of the tub with his girlfriend between his legs play with his very hard cock. Seeing this Jenny started grinding herself against my hardness as I held her cloth covered ass to help with the rhythm. Then she tensed up and started shaking.After that orgasm Jenny slid off me and side-by-side we watched the other couple. They had progressed to a blow job and Jenny asked me if I liked getting sucked. So I had to admit I’d never had anybody do it to me, but said I was pretty sure it would be awesome. Jenny then admitted to me that she hadn’t never given one but though doing it, with the right guy, would be really hot.The blow job stopped and the guy got back into the water while the girl took his place on the bahis siteleri deck. He positioned himself between her legs and, pulling her butt closer to the edge, put his mouth on her pussy. Jenny squeezed my cock through my suit when she saw this; her breathing was getting deeper as well.I asked her if she liked having that done to her. She had to admit that it had never been done to her, but that she was very sure it would be very good. So I knew I’d have my head between her legs very soon. I just hoped I would do a good job.After the girl bucked in a quite violent orgasm her friend stood up and aligned his cock for entry. Jenny wanted a closer look and pulled me with her so we were right next to them as his cock vanished into his girl. Soon the water was splashing over the side with his thrusts. Jenny and the girl were holding hands; she was squeezing Jenny’s hand hard as she was fucked. Finally the guy gave one last thrust hard into her and held very still. When he pulled out I could see his cum mixed with the girl’s juices.He didn’t stick around after he was done. Just gave the girl a quick kiss and put his suit back on before heading into the house. The girl, Kathy, watched him leave and then slipped back into the water.As we chatted about what had happened Kathy told us the guy was a good fuck but kind of jerk. Jenny let her know that, at least so far, I wasn’t a jerk. Then turned around and kissed me.When Jenny started removing my suit a bit of worry about someone coming out and seeing me flashed through my mind. But my cock wasn’t worried about that and I had to go along with it. So my suit joined Jenny’s top on the deck and Jenny’s small hand wrapped around my bare hardness.As Jenny stroked my cock she told me to sit on the deck like Kathy’s friend had done. So I got out of the water and Jenny emulated what we had seen earlier. Her mouth went around the head and I felt a warm wetness that made my cock twitch. Then she started moving her head up and down on me; it was wonderful. Maybe too wonderful: I was about to cum and told her so.She didn’t stop; in fact she when faster. And Kathy was up close watching. There was no way I could stop myself. I started cumming with the most intense orgasm of my life.Back in the water I gave Jenny an enormous hug; then a big kiss before I could even think about my cum being in her mouth. The taste was still there but I didn’t care. Kathy asked me about it and I just told her if it was good for Jenny, then it would hurt me to kiss her after.We talked some more as I güvenilir bahis recovered. Then Kathy did what I had been wanting to do: she pulled the strings on the side of Jenny’s suit bottom and, as it became free, toss the bottom onto the deck saying it was only right for her to be as naked as the rest of us.The thought of Jenny naked caused my cock to start rising again. So I pulled her close and gave her a nice kiss and she started playing with my hard-on. Then Kathy directed Jenny to get up on the deck like Kathy had done earlier.I knew what was expected of me. So I got between her legs and, as I had seen Kathy’s friend do, pulled her close to the edge so I could put my mouth on her pussy. I found myself wishing for more light as I got my first good look. But Kathy didn’t let me do much sightseeing, she gave my head a push and told me to do Jenny real good.So, with no previous experience, I started exploring with my lips and tongue. I had some ideas but mostly I based it on her reactions, eventually settling down to giving serious attention to her clit. Holding her clit with my lips I slowly ran my tongue along the bottom. It pulsed and she sighed so I continued.Soon her breathing became fast a deep and her pelvis was moving in a very sexy way. She put both hands on my head to keep me in the right place and then erupted. Muscles made her lower abdomen suck in and writhe, her head lifted up bouncing up and down with her mouth hanging open. Then she tried to twist away as I held on for dear life.As her orgasm subsided I let my mouth explore some more, I even stuck my tongue as far as it could go inside. Then I headed back to her clit to repeat what had worked so well before. This time Jenny was even quicker to orgasm. And this time I just kept licking. It was hard to count her orgasms, even if I wasn’t too busy, they blended together.Time had gone away for me so I don’t know how long it was before Jenny pushed my head away saying she had become too sensitive. As I helped her back into the water I remembered Kathy was still there. She had a dreamy look and still had a hand between her legs continuing the masturbation she had been doing while watching Jenny and I.I didn’t fuck Jenny that night. By the time I finished oral sex with her it was late and the host was clearing the place out. Sunday I mostly slept and had to rush my homework.Monday morning came and I went to my first class. This time I took the seat next to Jenny and at the end of class we held hands as we left. We both had a couple of hours available so we found a nice hiding place on campus and did some more exploring of our bodies.Jenny and I moved in together a few months later. Kathy broke up with her jerk and took the second bedroom at our place. But that’s another tale.



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