The CaptiveIn the nightclub the music thumps an incessant rhythm that the revelers on the dance floor move in perfect unison with it’s deep hypnotic beat. At the centre of the throng you, Joni, dance as your beautiful long brown hair flinging around sexily by the constant bobbing of your head and shoulders with the music. But no one is watching your hair. The guys, both dancing and sitting at the bar area, are watching your chest perform seemingly on its own. The girls watch in envy and jealously as your breasts fight to escape the confines of your skimpy, shiny silver top. But you have no eyes for anyone else, but the woman you are dancing and flirting so outrageously with.Emma is a sexy blonde who is older than you. She is equally curvy, but you seem caught up in the moment and the music. Emma dances with her eyes squeezed tight and her hands roam the younger woman before her. Dirty dancing?….Oh yes! This is the night when you feel you could convince Emma to enter your bed to sample your sweet pussy. You let Emma’s hands slide to your own side. Part of those movements include sliding her hand under your short skirt and fingering your pantiless crotch.You are a confirmed bisexual lady (with the emphasis definitely on ‘sexual’) that has had your share of men and womyn. However, you haven’t been with a man in some time and are thinking that females only are your future, especially this hot blonde you are dancing with. A mutual friend had introduced you two just over a month ago and you both had really hit it off as friends. This is your third night out clubbing since and although you had not properly broached the subject you are sure Emma is as interested in you.As you dance, oblivious to everyone else, you feel sure that this would be the night…no doubt about it. As the dance track comes to a conclusion and before the next one fires up, you lean close and ask.”Em, do you want a drink, I’m parched.”Emma nods enthusiastically, but never opens her eyes and already is swaying in time to the next song. Turning away from the dance floor and Emma, you start fighting your way through the mass of humanity between you and the bar. It is after one ‘o clock already, but people are still pouring into the club. It takes ages to get to the bar and even longer to actually get served. When you finally turn back to the dance floor, Emma is nowhere to be seen. Holding the two bottles tightly you scan the packed area, but do not see any sign of her. Moving through the same throng, you are increasingly getting irritated by the jostling and hassle and wondering where she had got to. Once back at the dance floor it is evident she is no longer there. It is then that you catch a flash of movement to your right. Intuitively, you spin round to see a giggling Emma disappear off to your left.Annoyed now, you muscle your way toward where you had seen your friend disappearing. It is a struggle, but you make it to the side corridor in the club just in time to see Emma disappearing into a door on the right of the corridor, holding the hand of a tall, tanned man. You stand there stunned for what seems like an age, but is in fact just a few seconds. You are so sure. How could she do this? Wanting not to believe your eyes, you approach the door to find it is the gents’ toilets. Aware of you are likely to find you barge the swing door open just in time to watch Emma laugh and follow the guy into a cubicle. As the door swings shut, you observe her sink to her knees. Standing shocked, soon you are bowled out of the way by a stream of guys making various comments about you being in the men’s room.”Hey get out of here bitch!””Wanna see my cock?””C’mon honey suck on this” (this last comment followed by a drunken guy waggling his tiny cock at you).Raging, part of you wants to barge in to the cubicle and tell Emma what you think of her. You want to fly off the handle and let her feel some of the pain she had just caused, but you are too proud to do that. Staggering away from the closed door, you bring one of the bottles to your mouth. Getting legless, that is the answer you believe.. So you take up a position at the bar and down the two bottles you hold in your hands. A further six bottles follow, with you neither noticing or caring if Emma, your ‘friend’ has emerged. It is nearing kicking out time and you do not wish to leave at the same time as a whole load of drunken couples are amorously putting the finishing touched to their evening. You up and leave twenty minutes before three, having to negotiate the coat clerk. You stumble into the cold night, pretty inebriated and pretty pissed off.It does not take you long to realize that walking home is not going to be an option tonight as it is too cold. You are too drunk…so a taxi will be needed.In your current state, you are only vaguely aware of the yellow car drawing up alongside as you stagger along the pavement. It draws up level with you and the window descends electronically as you finally acknowledge it’s presence, turning towards it. Other than a couple huddling tightly together, making out in a shop front down the street the area seems empty.”Hey Lady, you looking for a lift” a deep voice intones from inside the vehicle.You squint to see the driver. Observing a smiling face shaded by the long brim of a flat cap, there appeared to be a taxi sign atop the car. Not wishing to walk any further than you have to, you pull open the back door and almost fall in. As you straighten yourself in the back seat and fiddle with your top, you look up through the partition glass to see me, the driver, beaming back at you in the driver’s mirror.”Had a good night?” i inquire.”No I bloody haven’t. Now go to Coolige Park and quickly, please!” If you had better hearing, you may have heard the words muttered under my breath. “And it’s only going to get worse.”Sitting back on the backseat of the cab, you reflect back on the night. What a disaster it had been. You had hoped and expected for so much. Your eyelids feel heavy. Plus the combined effects of the time and drink (and the sleeping gas seeping into the sealed off compartment from under the seat) work to send you off into a gentle, dreamless doze. I see this in my mirror and press a button to halt the gas. I smile again before picking up my two way radio.”Too easy, man, too easy”, I state as I speed toward my destination.The car (it is not a taxi cab) and it’s two inhabitants travel through the city to the far side to the dockland area. It is now long after three in the morning. Few people roam the streets down here at this time and those that do are not in a hurry to be seen.Your driver’s name is Khambrel. I have being doing this for a while and love it. The thrills it gives me are intense. I am five feet nine, muscular and generally have a very relaxed demeanour, but not at nights, not on nights like these.Pulling into a yard, I flash the lights three times then kill them as the large metal shutter door before me rolls up. I cruise the car inside. You are still totally out on the back seat. My partner in crime appears from the left side of the door as I press the down button. Without saying anything, he hurries towards the lit office up ahead, leaving me to handle you.It is a dark, murky, cavernous warehouse. Bar the taxi there seems to be nothing else in it. Except for the light from the dirty office in the corner across from the rolling door, the place is inhabited by a multitude of menacing shadows. I open both of the previously locked back doors to allow some air in; it certainly wasn’t fresh air in here. Showing no signs of life as you sit, you slump in the back seat, oblivious. I lean in and get my hands around your supple body, slowly pulling you out. As I move you, you release a couple of low moans so I know that you are starting to come round again. That is both a blessing and a pain, as I have to carry you to the office, but need to get you there before you come round. Hoisting you onto my broad shoulders I carefully step over to the office door, I dump you unceremoniously onto a hard, wooden chair.The other man has güvenilir bahis şirketleri been raking in the drawers of an old desk and retrieves a small, coloured bottle that he unscrews and wafts under your nostrils. You come to almost immediately from the sharp aroma of the smelling salts. Your head hurts like hell and for a while you have no idea where you are, your vision blurs and you feel like being sick. And then you focus on the two grinning characters before you. As you work up the ability to ask where you are and what we want, I rise and casually walk behind you. It hurts to turn your head, but turn it you do to follow me, of course I had been the taxi driver! As you try to figure out what is going on, the other man speaks. You notice me appear behind you place my big hands atop your bare shoulder blades.The guy before you stands in front of the desk, leaning back on it a cocky smile playing across his face. This is my cousin, Sean, but he is stocky while I am thin.”Well, well Khambrel, what have we here? A good size, is she not? Still the Cuban will like her, I think?””Yeah, Sean, that’s what I thought –not the Russian, he likes them thin but this one, this one is perfect for the Cuban…Yes.””W-What the fuck are you talking about? Who the hell are you bastards? What do….”This last query is halted by me pushing down on your shoulders and hissing in your ear.”Shut up bitch! You just be quiet and Sean’ll explain it all to you.”With little other option available to you, you clamp your mouth shut and put on a determined face. You wouldn’t show your fear to these two assholes, no way. But they could see your torso trembling and know the truth.A sneer passes over Sean’s face as he addresses you as if you are a little girl who didn’t understand too well.”You see my dear, you are nothing more than a commodity to us, to our ‘operation’. Every weekend there is somebody to pick up in the city, some girl a little the worse for wear and stupid enough to be out alone. Khambrel here makes such a convincing taxi driver, doesn’t he (you feel me massage your shoulders roughly at this – you want to scream and shout but we convey a menace that, while not backed up by any weapons or v******e, is none the less very real and intimidating).”He steps nearer and contemptuously cups your proud jaw in his right hand and peers at you as if you are an object of art and he a collector. “Hmmm. Yes, I’d say you’re perfect. You see what we do is collect these women and deliver them to men who want them and are prepared to pay for them. There’s the Russian, I believe he’s got a mansion deep in the ice lands for his girls. Then there’s the Saudi prince and his ‘Harem’. And your buyer, well I think that’ll be the Cuban, he’s got a nice villa down in South America, I’m sure you’ll like it there (his voice drips with sarcasm at this).””B-But why? What do they want?”As if to demonstrate Sean plunges his hand under your skirt, fingering your tight pussy. “They want your sex my dear, your young, white pussy. And then will you join the others as a whore. Don’t worry, they will treat you well as long as you behave. You will behave, won’t you? Yes, I’m sure you will, you girls always do. Khambrel, take her to the warehouse at the border, she’ll be collected there, I’ll phone on ahead.”Before you take this all in, I pull you up and snap a pair of handcuffs on your wrist, jerking your other arm behind your back. Next I snap the other cuff on your free wrist. You know you are in really deep shit now. Sean acts as if he has dismissed you from his thoughts already, getting busy shuffling and arranging papers on the old, battered desk. Meanwhile, I am using my strength to pull/drag you back to the taxi. Sobering quickly, you decide now is the time to fight back. Wriggling, you try jabbing your heels onto my feet. It is a futile effort. I had seen this done too many times and retain my feet well back. Soon I push you over the boot of the vehicle.”Listen cunt! We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can either lie down in the back seat and be nice and quiet and behave and maybe I’ll be nice to you, or you can get thrown in the boot and take your chances in there. Which is it to be?” I hiss this into your ear, my voice steady and calm, all the more menacing for that fact.”The back seat! I’ll sit in there. I’ll do what you want, please don’t hurt me” your voice betrays your desperation.”Good”, with that I open the door, shoving you in by your face.You are caving easily because the germs of an idea out of this are forming in your brain.We drive through the city in early morning silence, a few cars passing their route. You, true to your word have remained quiet throughout the journey. Your mind is formulating what you should to do and say. Once you were out of the town you speak up, your voice at first quiet and desperate.”Hey,hey, mister?”I pay you no attention and continue to drive, but I have heard. You repeat your plea and this time you glance round and though a jaw chewing gum furiously I ask, “What?””You don’t want to do this, you really don’t. Someone will have seen you pick me up, they’ll have your number.”I just laugh knowing this is a desperate time.”But what if you didn’t deliver me to this Cuban’s men, what if somehow I escaped. Come on you don’t have to do this. Please.””Huh! What’s in it for me, seems like nothing. You should shut up and get some shuteye, your gonna need it over the next few weeks.””No wait. Please! I promise if you don’t take me to this place, if you spare me I’ll do anything for you, anything. Book into a Motel, I promise, you can have me any way you want, I’ll do everything for you anything you’ve ever wanted, I’ll do it!.”I struggle hard to keep the smile from my face as I stare into the rear view mirror, addressing it rather than you.”But I could do that anyway. In case you’ve not realized your handcuffed back there and if I wanted to I could get back there and fuck you any which way I wanted, you ain’t exactly gonna stop me are you?”You breath hard, this is the crux of your argument. You know you have to convince me now of the merits of your plan. If I wasn’t then you were screwed – consigned to a future life as a hooker in your equivalent of Hell.”But Khambrel, that is your name isn’t it? Don’t you see, I’ll do all that willingly, I’ll fulfill your every fantasy, you can do whatever you’ve dreamed of to me and I’ll take it and more, just so long as you let me go free after. How about it? Come on, I’ll make you feel so good. Please?”The silence coming from the front seat seems to last an eternity to you but at least, you feel, it shows I am considering it. Waiting with baited breathe, you are ready to discover your fate. But I give no indication of my thoughts and instead seem to concentrate hard on my driving. Finally, accepting that your plan has failed, you guess it would have but you had to give it a try. You lay, your face flat on the musky smelling back seat and contemplating your future. You do not think life as a whore in a bordello would be a good career move.No one would be missing you yet, no one would realize you are not where you were supposed to be. It is Sunday now. Often you spent whole Sundays by yourself, enjoying the peace and quiet.We continue our journey in near silence for a further thirty minutes until, I slow down, pulling into a side street and then brake to a stop. Leaning back over my driver’s chair, I address you.”OK Bitch, I’ve thought about it, we’ll do what you say. I’ve just pulled into this motel. I’ll book a room for us for the day and if you do everything- and I mean everything!- I tell you to and do it good like you mean it, then I’ll let you go. I’ll say you made a run for it and jumped in the water in the docks and with you handcuffed and all you, like drowned, OK?”You nod your head frantically, seeing your chance for survival and grabbing it .”Good. Now I’m going to book a room, nice and secluded like. So I’ll just pop this in your mouth and don’t you even think of trying anything , ‘cos that would be real stupid.”With perabet this I shove a cloth into your mouth and drag a rug up over your body. Covering you, I make sure you see the thick gun handle resting in the inside of my parka. You wouldn’t try anything stupid. Left like that, you are alone with your thoughts and fears. Meanwhile I am gone for at least five minutes booking a room. You could start wriggling and kicking your feet and legs, hoping desperately that someone will see or hear you. But you don’t. It must be around four or five in the morning and you hear little, the chance would be too great, the risk too high. No, you think, you would just have to be sure to fully satisfy this man’s carnal urges (whatever they are) and hope that I do not renege on my word. Something convinces you that I shall and will release you if you do as expected but maybe that something is just your own desperate hope.Returning, I observe my captive has not moved. Slowly, I guide the car to a bay at the furthermost room from the main office. I have left instructions that under no circumstances was I to be interrupted. The clerk has seen it all a million times before and nodded absent minded, he didn’t care what these fucks got up to anyway.The motel is shaped almost in a large ‘U’ shape. The room I have booked is at the furthest most tip. I park the car right at the door. It is an old-style, dusty motel that sensible travelers would bypass quite happily, but it would serve my needs perfectly. Turning the motor off, I hustle you up out of the car and into the room. There is no-one around at that time of the morning. Even if there was, you have decided to go along with the plan. With your hands still shackled behind your back, I hustle you inside.The room has the smell of it of most motel rooms, which is clean, but somehow off putting. It is sparsely furnished, just a bed, a table and telly, a dresser and a hard-backed chair. Certainly not the most glamorous of surroundings. But then these weren’t the most glamorous of circumstances. I sit you on the edge of the bed and move away.Yanking the cheap, thick curtains together to block out the coming morning light, I turn on the overhead light (the shade swathed in cobwebs and blotches). You are finally able to appraise me fully now, not from behind as in the taxi, not with me standing behind you as in the warehouse. I cut an imposing figure, very tall but not thin, strong looking without being overly muscular. Somewhere deep in your mind you discern an a****l attraction to me, despite the situation. Your mind races too much to acknowledge it and right then, I am immensely intimidating.”Anything I want huh, Bitch?”Your response is a nervous, repeated nodding of your head, your brown hair is tipped with sweat.”Well stand up then, let me get a real close look at you.”You rise to your feet obediently. I circle you, at first just peering then, swiftly my hands roam your body. You try not to be repelled, you attempt to make your body not react, but I notice and seem to enjoy your discomfort. My hands grope your heavy bosoms through the thin fabric of your top and knead your full breasts. Next, I venture lower and as with Sean’s earlier, my fingers enter below your skirt. Probing your pussy lips, my fingers eagerly dip inside. Surprisingly gentle, my large hands penetrate you. It’s becoming harder to prevent a little moans of pleasure escaping your lips. You try to stop it, but it is out and I stand back with a mocking smile.”Like that do you? Well don’t you worry if you like that you’re gonna have a hell of a time today.”I step behind you, slipping my hands under the fabric of your mini skirt so that they caresses your curvy ass, squeezed it, massaged it. Then without warning my hands grip the flimsy material and jerk it down, pushing forward to step out of it. You stand there in nothing but your loose top. With a quick rip, I haul it off too, revealing your magnificent breasts. Your arms are stuck behind your back, pushing your chest out towards me. I smile again.”Get over here and on your knees, let’s test how willing you are to please me.”There is no hesitation as you move, squatting to your knees so your eyes are the perfect height to view my fingers undo my boy scout belt. Once I open my belt, I release the zipper on my jeans. You appear transfixed as you await for what is to emerge. Your eyes widen almost comically as I tug it free; it is hard. Massive like a nine inch sausage and it is already fully erect. My goodness, you ponder; what on earth have I agreed to do?Unaware of what you are doing, you are running your tongue around your lips almost as if you are u*********sly looking forward what you are about to receive. But how could that be? Your arms strain against the steel that holds them. With your eyes you appeal to me to release you. The request is met by a pointing finger being wagged indicating that it isn’t happening. I grab your head, pulling you forward. As if by magic, your lips part wide enough to admit my throbbing, growing member. Suddenly I thrust it deep into your waiting mouth.Almost instantly you gag on it. You have sucked dick before, but never one this big and never so forcefully. Without your hands to control the thrust of my member, you could just try and keep up. You use your tongue to try and slow me down. With plenty of white showing in your eyes, you look up at me to see if you are pleasing me. To your relief, a big grin is plastered across my face. I gradually slow my fucking of your face to a more manageable pace, but still kept a grip of your head. I occasionally used my strength to pull you forward, taking my prick even deeper inside your mouth.Occasionally I hold my black dick deep inside your throat until you gag. Then I withdraw it, smiling at the cum and drool that spills from the gap between my length and your lips, falling messily to the carpet beneath. I smile at the constant “glug, glug” noise that comes from you and the slime that coats your lips and chin now. Repeatedly, I unrelentingly face fuck for twenty minutes. You are already physically tired from it when I at last nut. A flood of my semen rushes into your mouth, quickly running down your throat in three fast spurts. Feeling it’s warmth flow down your gullet, you enjoy it sliding into your stomach.I pull my big dick from your wet mouth and witness, amusedly as a thin trail of cum and drool follows. It fall onto your upturned breasts. “FUCK, you did good! Real good. I’m starting to think you can convince me to save your ass yet. But let’s see how obedient you can be. While my dick’s recovering (and it won’t take long, in fact, it’s firming up even now) I’m gonna lean on this table and I wanna see how good you can toss my salad.”You look quizzically at me, not recognizing this term.”You know Bitch, get down there and lick my butthole an’ while you’re down there you can give my balls some loving to, eh?”You have eaten out a girlfriend’s ass before, but never a guy but if this is what I wanted…..I lean over the table, reaching behind myself to part my ass cheeks. As you shuffle forward you are overtaken by the sweaty, musky smell of my manhood. Tentatively you extend your tongue, gently probing at my ass. It isn’t the most pleasant thing you’d done, but there is a certain primal feel while doing it that turned something on inside you. You gradually get more and more into it, your tongue extending and tracing the contours of my firm, tight ass before eventually invading it. It tastes funky, but yet, doing this is turning you on. How could that be?Delivering this masterful rim job for sometime before daring to venture away from my ass, when you do move immediately my hairy balls swing down onto your face. With no prompting you lick and lap at them, like a grateful dog. Taking first one ball then the other individually into your mouth, you play with them with your tongue. Soon you take both orally. This depravity is a new experience for you as I enjoy the fruits of your labour for some time before allowing you to fully disconnect.I perabet giriş slowly turn around. You see what your nose has been feeling; I am rock hard again! “I’m gonna let your arms free now, but you better not try anything, OK?”You only nod hypnotically as the massive dick bobs in front of you. You offer no resistance as I use the key and unlock the cuffs. Picking you up, I carry you over to the bed. Spreading your curvy body length wise over the bed, I watch you slyly. Instinctively, you spread your arms and legs apart as if they were tied to each individual corner of the bed’s frame. I clamber atop the bed over you and bury my face between your legs. Soon I am giving your shaven pussy more than a few laps with my tongue. That doesn’t last long though because I pull myself further up your unresisting body. You feel me slip my hard dick up between your round breasts. Slowly I slide my shaft back and forth in the valley of your cleavage. As the helmet of my hard on begins poking through at your chin, I demand that you lick it on each thrust. You don’t get it every time, but enough to please your captor.Soon enough I scoot further down your body, holding your thighs apart. I bring my excited and aroused member down to the opening of your pussy. I push myself deep inside you. It slides in easily, between my spit and your juices you are sopping wet. Your pussy muscles grip my hard dick as it penetrates you. You hate that I am not wearing protection, but your body is so aroused that you could do little more than accept and match this firm pounding.Things quickly became a sexual blur. I am having way with the woman under me. I maintain an unrelenting pace of thrusting my dick into you continuously. Eventually, finally, you feel me fire a load of hot, sticky seed inside, then another as your legs grip me and hold me there.We lay there for minutes on end in total silence. Our bodies are coated in sweat and still entwined. Finally, I get up, pick up the handcuffs and cuff your wrists around the metal top frame of the bed. You start to complain, but when my hand curls around your mouth, engulfing it, you realize the futility of complaint.”You’ve done well so far, Bitch. I am gonna go outside and get a drink, be back in a minute.”I leave you alone. It runs through your mind to shout for help, but you do not. Hearing a voice outside the room, to you it sounds like me, but you are unsure. It must have been because as soon as it stops, I enter the room, followed by a ray of bright mid-morning sunshine. I am carrying an ice cold can of cola. Seeing it reminds you of a thirst you have. But I don’t open it, rather I sit on the bed beside you. You squirm as I hold it against the heat of your pussy, slowly pulling it up your body. Closing your eyes in reaction to this stimulation, you notice a shiver running down your spine. And then I reach your nipples. You moan uncontrollable as I rub the cold can around them one at a time, enjoying how they harden rapidly. Next I bend to lick, suck and chew them before unleashing the drink and pouring it into my mouth then into yours.As you are sated, I pour some in streams on your breasts. I lick it off as it courses down your body. With the last one finished, I look into my victim’s eyes and speak.”Damn, you are one hot slut. But I got more I want to see out of you yet. See I reckon you’re doing well as my ho so far but I have arranged for a real ho to come here so we can have some more fun. Now you remember to do what I say ‘cos If you think of telling this ho what’s going on then, well, I can just as easy turn up at the Cuban’s with two new bitches for his Bordello, know what I mean?”You nod.”I bet you’ve been with some pussy before haven’t you?”You couldn’t help nodding again.Some time later a car draws to a halt outside the motel room. Then a nervous knock sounds at the door. After one more reminder, I head off to answer the door after I had unlocked the cuffs again.The woman that enters with me is a real cutie. Her name Is Nicole and her strong Italian looks are augmented by red streaked ebony coloured hair that is straight and to her shoulders. She is wearing a flimsy red, strapless top and a tiny black mini skirt. I place a fifty dollar note between your teeth and address Nicole.”You want that cash baby, then get naked and crawl up my girl’s body and let her place it between your lips – your pussy lips that is!”Both of you smile as Nicole strips off her outfit, such as it is, unveiling a body that appears to be made for sex. Young, pert, round breasts, a slightly flat stomach and curvy ass with taut, tanned legs. There are no tan lines in sight. Crawling like a feline across the carpeted floor, she moves up onto the bed and then along your body. Both look like they are enjoying the feeling her soft skin against yours along the way. She reaches your heaving torso and straddle you. You get a close up look at Nicole’s thin strip of curly, dark pubic hair and her appetizing pussy. You strain your head forward until the folding money touches Nicole and as you hold your pussy open you slip the cash inside. Nicole removes it and looks deep into your eyes and says, “Seeing as you’re down there honey, why don’t you give me a little head?”That is no problem for you. As the two of you get down to it, I am fondling my black dick. From that position, Nicole turns around, keeping her wet pussy over your mouth. Dropping her mouth to lick your wet slit, Nicole completes the super sexy 69 position. It isn’t long before I enter the fray, having her alternate between my length and your pussy. Both of you soon climax; Nicole messily over your face. You lick your lips as you feel me rolling you over onto your front. I push Nicole’s face down to your exposed asshole, she knows to lick it out good. It is becoming nice and wet for me to follow on behind with my hard dick. You moan with joy as your asshole is fully filled. They become even more audible when Nicole goes down below both of us. She alternates between licking your dripping pussy and my heavy, swinging balls.My amazing self control has me continue to fuck like this for fifteen minutes before pulling out and forcing my shaft into your mouth. I have you lick it clean for some dirty ass-to-mouth action. Nicole is next for an anal fucking. This time when I yank my dick out I have you lick my dick clean again so you could taste all of her.At the finish, I have you two French kiss on the floor before me as I jerk off, eventually letting fly a huge load of cum over Nicole’s face and mouth. I then have her hold your head, open your mouth and spit my cum into it for you to swallow.After she dresses, gets paid and leaves, we are alone to finish this day off sleeping so exhausted were they.It is nearly eight at night when we emerge from the motel and get back into my taxi. Despite our rest, we are both still exhausted. As you take your seat, you say a little prayer, hoping that I would keep my word. After all you have done, all I have asked of you, you simply want your freedom. As you ponder this your eyelids became steadily heavier. It is only a matter of seconds before they close and you enter a deep, dreamless sleep. Seeing your eyes shut, I release the button that controls the flow of the sleeping gas into the back. Once more I smile into the mirror.Late that night, I drive the taxi back into the warehouse and am met by Sean.”Hey cousin, had a good night? I bet you did. I hear she offered it rather than you suggesting it this time, she must’ve been keen and dumb. It never ceases to amaze me how they always fall for the Bordello routine, like the two of us could have connections like that.”A clicking of heels from the office announces the arrival of my wife Nicole. “Yeah she was gullible, but sexy as hell with it”, she states as she cuddles her tall husband.”Remember, it’s my turn with the Taxi next Saturday night” warns Sean jokingly.”Yeah sure, whatever.”*Monday morning at six am, the sun comes up and gives some light to the long, thin alleyway, but it provides little warmth. Jammed in a wire shopping cart, you start to come round, your head throbbed painfully. You pitifully sweep an arm over it as a vain attempt to assuage it. Only then do you realize you are stark naked, your lovely legs wide apart over the edges of the trolley for all the early morning work world to see…



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