Public Sex

Dusty sat for a moment as the sun was beginning to set and a cold breeze came off the lake, stirring a clump of ferns nearby. He poked at the campfire then placed more wood on the flames. He glanced up and watched Christy as she entered the red tent they had just spent the last 30 minutes pitching. She had tied the door flaps back, giving him a view of her as she moved around the tent. He knew her well enough to know she did it on purpose. Shy, was one thing his Christy was not.

As she bent down to organize their clothes, he admired her voluptuous hips. She then shook her hips back and forth and he realized she was squeezing out of her tight shorts. Underneath she wore a black pair of what she called her boy shorts, which she quickly removed and threw in a pile in the corner of the tent.

His attention no longer on what he was doing, he settled down and pleasantly watched as she stood and removed her tight yellow tank top that showed of her large breasts. She didn’t need to remove a bra, preferring ‘the girls’ to be free and unrestrained. As she stood in the middle of the tent naked, he continued to watch her as she reached down and slowly caressed her clit and Dusty immediately felt his cock harden with desire.

Christy stepped canlı bahis into the doorway showing him every part of her that belonged to him. He was amazed that she would stand there. They were in a public campground and at any moment a stranger could come down the road and have full view of her naked body. “Dusty, my love.” She said, with a smile that let him know she had something delicious planned.

Without hesitation, Dusty quickly moved toward her and stood blocking her from the view of anyone coming down the road. Her boldness worried him at times and also excited him.

“I’m cold.” She batted her eyelashes at him. “I was going to put on my sweatshirt, but I would prefer to be warmed by your body.” She stepped back, and invited him in their love nest.

Before Dusty could step completely into the tent, Christy reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt. She thought he was the sexiest man she had ever laid eyes on, even more so since he shaved his head. She enjoyed rubbing his smooth head as she kissed his sweet lips.

The moment she had all the buttons unfastened, Dusty quickly discarded the shirt and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her against his hard body. His mouth touched hers and she felt his tongue, and she relished bahis siteleri in the taste of him. Against his body, she felt his hard cock against her thigh.

She had briefly worried about telling him what she needed. She knew he wanted to tend the fire to make sure it would continue through the cold night. Now that she felt his body against hers, the coldness she previously felt was quickly thawing, and she realized Dusty was now interested in stoking a fire of a different sort.

Needing to feel his warm body against hers, she reached down and unfastened his jeans and wrapped her hand around his thick cock. Dusty moaned into her mouth as they moved toward the blankets.

Christy stepped back to help Dusty remove his jeans. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him. His cock was thick and a drop of pre-cum already wet the tip and she couldn’t help herself, she touched her tongue to it and savored his taste. “Dusty, my love” She looked into his beautiful caring dark eyes. “Lay down for me. I want to show you how much I love you.”

Dusty settled on the pallet of blankets and Christy bent over his large cock and licked it from end to end, feeling his body as he shivered with need.

“Baby” Dusty moaned.

Excitement bahis şirketleri ran through Christy at the sound of his sexy voice. She deep-throated his cock and felt as Dusty grabbed hold of her long red hair. She continued to lick up and down while massaging his thighs and tight balls. Her body clenched, thrilled with the knowledge Dusty was about to cum.

Suddenly, Dusty gently pulled her hair, taking her away from his luscious cock. “Not yet, my love” He rolled her over the blankets and tenderly placed himself between Christy’s knees. He entered her hot pussy and slowly moved inside her.

The fire within her burned as they lovingly kissed. She moaned as she felt his cock fill her and squirt his cum into her.

They lay together a few moments and she was happy she was now warm. All too soon, Dusty moved and Christy thought he was getting up to check on the fire. Instead he moved between her legs and she asked. “What are you doing?”

He smiled at her. “I’m not through warming you up.” He lowered his head and licked her clit and then slowly moved lower.

Christy was still amazed that Dusty had no problem cumming into her pussy, then eating it out of her. It was the sexiest, most loving thing ever. As he slowly moved her tongue inside her, Christy felt that fire rage and she started to moan loudly. He touched his bald head and she felt the climax take over her body. Wanting him to know how she felt, she screamed, “DUSTY I LOVE YOU!”



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