It looked like a bonfire in the middle of dark woods, adding a rather medieval atmosphere to the area. Except the fire was inside an old metal barrel, in the middle of the mostly abandoned Jefferson park at the Glades. It was slightly past 10 PM when Kristanna arrived. All lights at the park had been vandalized over time, turning it into a pit of darkness during the evening, a problem that no one cared enough to fix. For someone with normal eyesight, this was a dangerous urban park. Junkies, homeless people and others that were up to no good used to come here. The kind of place most would avoid after dark. The core of the park was blocked from any sight from the street, Helen sat atop of a meter tall stone wall, staring into the fire. Her red hair looked even brighter at this light.

Helen was throwing some old papers and wood into the fire, making sure it would stay lit. She could swear she saw Kristanna’s eyes glow like a cat’s as the demoness emerged from the darkness. The witch felt her mouth dry, her heart racing at the sight of the nun quietly walking towards her. The realization that they were alone at an isolated park suddenly hit her, she just looked around and spoke with a trembling voice, “My sister is on her way… just so you know”

Kristanna slowly walked to the fire, the flames danced in her eyes. She could almost smell the fear emanating from Helen. It was good to keep it that way, fear could be motivating. The nun simply ignored the redhead and waited in silence, letting the tension in the air grow. No words were exchanged between them for long ten minutes, until Samantha finally approached, “You came, thought your curfew would get in the way.”

The amazon turned to Samantha, her much taller and imposing figure towered over the small brunette, “Don’t push your luck. We’re not at a diner now.”

Samantha took a step back and raised her hands in a surrendering gesture, “Hey! Calm down, jeez.”

Kristanna couldn’t tell if it was all just an act to look tough, or if Samantha didn’t fear her like her sister. The idea of not knowing who she was and what she could do bothered the demonic amazon more than anything. She was used to being in control of the situation, but there was none of that here. There was little chance the witches would give her complete information tonight. All of it made the thought of just charming her way into fucking the brains out of the two witches increasingly appealing. Whatever they had to tell her, the witches could do it as her servants, right? After they were addicted to cum she would have leverage.

At the same time, Kristanna didn’t know what the witches could do. If they could somehow resist the allure from her precum and fluids. The witches could easily get her off-guard with some spell. And even if they didn’t, sex addiction wasn’t a powerful enough motivation to get the truth out of them. They would probably say whatever Kristanna wanted to hear anyway, just to get their fix. So keeping them as allies at least for now seemed more reasonable. Kristanna would just have to take whatever information they were willing to share and run with it. If anything, it would be a starting point to explore her full potential, “So, how do we start this?” the demoness inquired impatiently, while playfully hovering a hand over the warm fire.

Samantha grabbed a small needle from her pocket and approached Kristanna, “I need a little drop of your blood.”

The demoness pulled her hand back, narrowing her eyes. Some witch wants to pinch you with a needle. Even the most naive would be apprehensive at that prospect, with good reason. Samantha just rolled her eyes and let out a sigh, “Come on, it’s harmless!” she licked the needle to prove it wasn’t poisoned, “to find out what you can do we need to find out your demonic bloodline. There are many different succubi. Depending on which bloodline you descend from you might have one power or the other. Give me your hand.”

With some hesitation, Kristanna extended her palm to Samantha. The witch punctured her finger with the needle and quickly wrapped her lips around it. She slowly and sensually sucked the tip of Kristanna’s finger, tasting the blood. With her eyes closed, Samantha whispered a few words. Helen just watched everything, sitting on the wall. A breeze blew through Samantha’s hair as she slowly tossed her head back. Her lips whispered a name into the night, “The blood of Lilith…”

As if awaking from a trance, Samantha stared at Kristanna in surprise, “Fuck! Your bloodline traces back to Lilith!”

The nun looked clueless, turning to Helen who had the same surprised look on her face, then back to Samantha in front of her. She pulled her hand back watching the small wound already closed, “So, what does that mean? What kind of powers do I have?”

The witch looked stunned, she moved towards her sister and sat on the wall next to her, “I don’t know… you could have any of them, all of them as far as I am concerned. Lilith’s bloodline is so rare that we don’t really know.”

Kristanna narrowed etlik escort her eyes. So now, after tasting her blood, the witch “conveniently” didn’t know anything. It all smelled like bullshit, “Just remember if I don’t know what I can do there is no way I can help you with that Nabassu problem you have. No powers, no deal!”

The constant distrust from the nun was irritating to the witches, but it was also justified. Samantha scratched her head trying to come up with a solution, “Alright, let’s go through some common powers, ok? Enhanced senses and strength, dark vision, quick healing, especially when you feed. The ability to see auras on others, also moving objects with your mind. Did I hit any so far?”

Kristanna heard all that, checking the boxes in her head, “Yes to all of those, except the last one… but there was this one time…” The demoness recalled the point during the Carnal Baptism ritual back at the Camp of Blessing, when she drained every novice in the chapel. She was almost certain she saw them floating above the ground for a moment, maybe she had lifted them? “How can I test if I can do it?”

The witches looked at each other, puzzled. Samantha grabbed an empty can of beer from the ground, tapped the dirt off of it and put it on the wall a few feet from her sister, “Just try it, I guess.”

As the witches moved away, Kristanna began to stare at the empty can of beer. She felt silly doing that, like when you are too far from the remote and just wish you could be in Star Wars and float it towards your hand. Nothing happened for several seconds, she hesitated looking at Samantha and Helen who just seemed to be waiting. Anticipation built up, then began to die down. It was like trying to move a muscle that wasn’t in her body, there was nothing to move, “It’s not working. Fuck, this is pointless!” Kristanna said in frustration, pacing around.

Helen raised a hand as if she was a student in class asking permission to speak. Kristanna just stared at her waiting to hear what she had to say, “M-maybe you want to remember what was going on when it happened that one time? What was different? How did you feel when you used the power?”

Kristanna smiled wickedly at that statement. There was no way to easily reproduce the Carnal Baptism, “It was… a very specific event. I don’t think I can repeat it here, we are lacking several other people.”

The lust in the succubus’ voice was all the witches needed to conclude the rest. Helen blushed, “Well, it doesn’t have to be exactly like that day, just closer. If you have this power something must be blocking it, try to remove anything that could be in the way and you may be able to access it again.”

Nodding, Kristanna took in that information. She thought for a few seconds, then began removing the veil covering her hair. The long, beautiful black hair waved around free, the red strands on it were barely visible under this limited light, “Alright, let me try something” she said closing her eyes.

As the words came out of Kristanna’s mouth, she opened her eyes again, they had changed color, pupils elongated, the molten glow burned bright in her irises. Molten horns sprouted from under her raven hair, curving up and backward. The spaded tail wiggled free under her habit. The two witches gasped, Helen looked like she was trying to hide behind Samantha, an impossible task given her superior height. They contained themselves, simply watching what the nun was doing. Kristanna turned back to the beer can and raised a hand towards it. She remembered how the act of hiding her demonic features always required some of her focus. She couldn’t keep them hidden when her emotions ran high, especially if she was horny. Maybe it was blocking some of her powers too. It was definitely worth the try.

Nothing but the noise of the fire crackling could be heard for long, excruciating seconds. Until finally the beer can almost tipped over as if someone had hit it with a small rock. It shook on its axis and then stopped again, unimpressively. Kristanna gasped and opened up the biggest smile turning to the witches in excitement, “Did you see that!”

Samantha nodded, she tried hard but couldn’t hide the tension and worry on her face anymore. While the nun seemed as excited as a child, the witch was far from that. She knew very well what this could mean. There was no lack of references in pop culture, Jean Grey from the X-Men came to mind. But even worse, Carrie from the movie with the same name. Kristanna seemed to be missing all those references due to her somewhat isolated childhood, bouncing between foster homes and then the Smiths, who believed most of the pop culture was “of the devil” and kept her from it. For Kristanna, this was just some exciting adventure, but the witches looked tense and concerned.

Clearing her throat, Samantha regained some of her composure and shrugged the event dismissively, “Well… It could have been the wind, right? Maybe you don’t have that power after all.”

Kristanna narrowed etlik escort bayan her eyes, such a buzzkill! She honestly felt insulted by Samantha’s statement. Now it was a matter of honor, she had to do it again and do it better. No one would blame it on the wind when she was done! Reaching back to the beer can the demoness did her best to imagine it being squeezed, as if it was in her grip. She could almost feel the aluminum, almost as if she touched it. A couple more noises of the metal bending could be heard, Helen gasped again, this was not the wind.

Kristanna remembered how she should try to replicate the feeling she had back at the chapel. She had never felt so much pleasure before that day, never been so horny. The demoness started to bring back the vivid mental images of the orgy that took place at the Carnal Baptism. All the cum-bloated novices, everything swimming in a lake of thick whiteness. Benches, floor, bodies, fused by the white goo. The strong smell, the humid warmth inside that chapel. She recalled to her best ability the feeling of bliss and an endless appetite for raw, unrestrained sex. How much she wanted to ravage every single hole in that building, and how she did it.

The pantyhose under Kristanna’s habit began to stretch, strained by her rising member. The witches turned their attention to the nun’s crotch hearing as the fabric of her pantyhose was tearing and the habit began to rise, forming a tent. They covered their mouths with their hands in shock, frozen in place as the “tent” grew with incremental throbs at the rhythm of Kristanna’s heartbeat. The demoness didn’t even realize what was happening, she was deeply focused, almost in a trance. There was only this power inside her, growing, about to overflow. She suddenly felt something pop inside her, a new dimension to her mind, a new sense! It was hard to describe, but the best analogy was when one’s ears pop from the pressure in an airplane, making them aware that their hearing had been blocked for a long time, and yet they were unable to notice it until the pop happened and they could hear normally.

Riding the feeling of her new sense, Kristanna picked up the beer can from the wall. In an instant, it floated a few inches above the wall, hovered for a few seconds then collapsed into a ball of crushed aluminum. It wasn’t just dented or squeezed in the middle, it was reduced to into a golf-ball-sized piece of junk, crushed equally from every angle. Kristanna gasped, her breathing accelerated as she turned back to the witches.

“Ha! Told you it wasn’t the wind!” she almost shouted, seeing the two sisters frozen in shock, staring down at her crotch. The demoness followed their gaze and looked down, only now noticing the raging erection and ruined pantyhose. But there was nothing she could do now. Some ruined clothing was a small price to pay for finding out about this power. She shrugged it away, flexing her member proudly and shaking the habit, “Oh well… there goes my underwear.”

“You have a cock… and it’s freaking huge!” Samantha exclaimed, pointing at the tent under the habit. The member was now fully hard, lifting the weight of the habit to the point of being parallel to the floor. It completely gave away the outline of the twenty-two-inch log of demonic flesh.

“Yeah, yeah. Half-succubus remember? I was born with both sex organs, even though it only got this big recently. Now you two should get over it and tell me other powers! Let’s find out what else I can do! This is so exciting!” the demoness said while bouncing in place. Her hard cock, as well as her huge ass and tits, shook massively with her moves.

Helen and Samantha looked at each other, their hearts were racing, cheeks extremely red. Trying to gain composure Samantha spoke with a trembling voice, “Yeah…I think we got another already, lust aura. You make those around you feel… you know… lustful.”

Kristanna tilted her head, then used her aura vision to see the two sisters. Not only she noticed their auras rapidly increasing in lust, but she also saw some sort of energy net emanating from herself, something she had never noticed before. It spammed about twenty feet in a circle around her. It seemed she had indeed tapped into two new powers at the same time. But just as she noticed her aura, it immediately disappeared. She tried to “turn it back on” again but couldn’t, she had no idea how “Ah damn… I don’t know how to control this stuff yet.”

Feeling as if a weight had been lifted from their hearts, both Helen and Samantha caught their breaths, leaning against the stone wall next to each other, “Well, you will figure it out I’m sure. You just have to practice on your own time” Helen said, placing a hand to her chest and trying to center herself.

Kristanna wasn’t about to wait though, not now. She was too excited to back away, “What better time than right now? This is why I came here!”

Samantha gasped and placed a hand on her chest, nodding in agreement, “Well, I’m not feeling well so. escort etlik Good luck with that, I’m gonna go home for now. Bye, sis.”

And just like that, the brunette witch ran off into the darkness, leaving Helen and Kristanna alone once again. The redhead felt worried and afraid, Kristanna scared her, especially with those eyes and horns. Thankfully, right now the demoness seemed not to care about Helen, focused on her training. She was carefully bending over her rock-hard cock and picking up objects on the ground, then placing them on the stone wall, making herself new targets for practice. Helen wanted to leave as Samantha did, but somehow she couldn’t. It was almost hypnotizing to watch Kristanna walk around with that huge tent under her habit, swaying left and right with each step. Though every reasonable bone in Helen’s mind told her to just go, she decided to stay.

Kristanna continued to try and move or lift everything she placed on the wall. At first, it took her a long time to even target the right object, she would sometimes move two of them together, having no precision. But as a couple of hours passed, she understood that she first needed to focus on feeling things out. Her mind was like a ranged touch sense, she could focus for a few seconds and essentially perceive everything around her in every direction. But anything beyond ten feet overwhelmed her mind, she couldn’t deal with all of the information and she felt an acute headache. So she slowly learned to focus that sense. Trying to “touch” the things that were in front of her only, aiming at specific objects she could reach a much greater distance.

Time flew by, and when Kristanna stopped to look at the clock it was already past 2 AM. She felt tired, using so much of her power continuously for hours. It was the first time she spent the energy she drained unnaturally. Helen stayed with her the entire time, sometimes trying to coach Kristanna. Even though the witch wasn’t familiar with that specific power, she understood the focus that spells took, and mind exercises one could do to improve their performance. Kristanna absorbed all the information she could, doing her best to put it in practice. She was able to eventually lift small rocks with ease, move them around as she wished. She realized that raising her hand towards the objects she moved was mostly unnecessary, even though it sometimes helped her focus. She wasn’t nearly close to mastering this power, but she could see the potential in it. How it could one day become an extension of her limbs, intuitive and reflexive.

“Damn, it’s late, I gotta go back. They have night busses to downtown don’t they?” the demoness casually asked Helen as she popped her neck and stretched, trying to relax the muscles she had tensed a bit too much while focusing during her practice.

“Yeah, they should have one in thirty minutes or so, you can get on it by the corner, down the block,” Helen responded nervously.

“Nice. I’ll have to tie my cock to my leg somehow, improvise. It’s not ideal but at this hour I should be mostly alone on that bus.”

Helen simply nodded, looking away. Kristanna noticed how uncomfortable the witch was when she mentioned her member. It had been a nice few hours, and it was nice of Helen to stay and help. She saw something in Kristanna, and they had built a nice connection, “Guess that’s it then. Maybe you can give me your phone so we can be in contact? You know, about our Nabassu problem and so on…” Helen asked casually.

“I know this is gonna sound weird, but I don’t have a phone. Maybe you can give me your number and when I get one I can add you.”

Looking for a pen in her purse, Helen wrote her number on Kristanna’s hand. She had a sweet smile as she held the nun’s hand and wrote the number, Kristanna knew what this was. The thought made her smile too, the witch was beautiful. A perfect body even before coming into contact with any of Kristanna’s cum. The demoness imagined how hot Helen could be if she was transformed into the best version of herself. Or maybe she wouldn’t look that different, maybe she was comfortable with who she was.

“There you go,” Helen said casually, interrupting the nun’s line of thought. Kristanna nodded and pulled her hand back. She took a moment to secure her cock and balls the best she could, it was hard to walk, and anyone who knew what to look for could see the clear outline of the massive endowments under the habit as she moved. But it would just have to do for now.

As predicted, the journey back to the church was calm. The streets were empty, the buss had a couple of drunk people who mostly slept through the journey. Even though tired, Kristanna was in no mood to sleep. She felt like using her newfound telekinesis power all the time, moving random things. She practiced expanding her senses every second she could, trying to strengthen her mind to reach further and “touch” more.

Lost in her thoughts, Kristanna only realized her situation when she walked past the church’s garden. The sky was already lighting up with an increasingly lighter blue color, dawn was minutes away. There was nothing she could say to Father Falon about this. The demoness turned back and began walking towards Margaret’s house. She knocked on the door several times until she heard the steps on the stairs.



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