This is another episode about Wes and the weekend visits that he would make to see his girlfriend, Abby, and her two roommates, Barb and Carla. Over the past several months all four had more than bonded as Wes had had sex with all of them. However, Barb and Carla sort of knew their boundaries and respected the fact that he belonged to Abby. While they all acted as siblings most of the time there were exceptions and this episode is about one of the more memorable of those. Please note that all persons real or imagined are age 18 or older at the time of this story.

Like had happened on so many other Fridays, Wes finished his co-op assignment, got in the car, and drove 90 minutes to Abby’s apartment. As always the key was under the doormat and he let myself in. He took off his coat and boots leaving them by the door and headed to the fridge to retrieve a cold Budweiser. He had no sooner sat down and turned on the TV when a voice called from upstairs, “Wes, is that you?” It was Barb.

“Yeah, Barb. It’s me or maybe you were hoping it was someone else?” he teased.

“No, I’m glad it’s you. Can you come up. I need some help.”

“Sure, I’ll be right there,” he replied somewhat unsure why Barb was hoping it was him right now but also what kind of help she needed.

When he got to Barb’s room she stood there in just bra and bikinis but holding a still wrapped tampon. “Hi,” she said, “You arrived at just the right time.”

“Really? I was wondering why you were home right now.”

“Normally, I’m on campus and actually have a chemistry lab that starts in an hour. I haven’t been feeling good and need your help.”

“Judging from what you have in your hand it looks like someone has got her period.”

“I do and it hasn’t been particularly nice this month. I was feeling really bloated and took an enema last night, but today I’m unbelievably cramping and have been popping Midol since I got up. There’s only one thing left to do.”

“And that would be . . .”

“I remember a couple of months ago how sex seemed to help with cramps. I’m thinking that what I need most at the moment is to get laid. So, what do you say?” Barb asked wrapping her arms around Wes’s neck and giving him one of those sweet smiles that tend to melt most men.

“Er, ah, sure, yeah, I’ll help you,” he stammered.

“Great,” she said undoing the belt on his jeans and then unzipping the fly. Wes took his jeans down and stepped out of them, the tent in his briefs already quite visible. Barb wasn’t wasting any time either because she kept her bra on but put her thumbs into the waistband of her bikinis and slid them off.

“That didn’t take you long,” said Wes as Barb got on her bed and drew up her legs exposing her pussy. Wes got between her legs and teased her with his erect member. Then he began to introduce himself into her, but she was extremely tight.

“Oh, that hurts!” she exclaimed. “We’re going to need some lube. There’s a tube of KY in the bathroom vanity. Go to the second drawer on the right.” Wes got off the bed, but in less than a minute had returned with the tube in his hand. He applied some to Barb’s pussy but then added some to the tip of his organ. Another try and this time he managed to get inside Barb, but she was still really tight.

“Is that better now? You’re still tight.”

“Oh, it feels so good, but who ever heard of a good fucking for medicinal purposes?”

“I don’t know, but I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’ll let you know,” she said now moving her hips in a small circular motion. Wes responded by moving his organ gently in an out. Barb’s body reacted by producing natural lubrication, hence the lovemaking progressed. Eventually, Barb arrived at the edge of a climax. Her breathing deepened and she became more vocal. “Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Now! I want it now!” she screamed just as Wes deposited a load of cum inside of her.

“Wow, but that was good!” he told her.

“It was for me, too. When you first entered me I was cramping really bad, but feel fine right now. Is it appropriate to thank your lover for sex?”

“Well, you’re welcome,” replied Wes illegal bahis withdrawing himself from Barb’s pussy. She looked at her watch and realized that she would have to get dressed if she was to be on time for her lab. Tearing open the tampon wrapper, she then inserted the cotton plug, but to be on the safe side went into the bathroom and added a maxipad inside of her bikinis knowing that Wes’s semen was likely to drain out for the balance of the afternoon.

After Barb left, Wes returned to the TV and to his half-consumed bottle of beer. He took a couple of long pulls and settled in to watch the mindless game show only to be interrupted again. This time it was Carla who came in and apparently had been at gym class as she was wearing a pair of black short shorts and a hot pink tank tee shirt.

“Hi Carla, so it looks like you were at a gym class.”

“Yeah, I am taking a four week module in personal fitness. How do you like my getup?” she asked. Wes looked up and if there was one thing that Carla did well it was to fill out a tee shirt with her ample tits and he felt his organ twitch at the sight of her not insignificant cleavage. Moreover, he knew for a fact that they were not enhanced but were all Carla’s.

Carla knew that Wes fancied her tits and was not above teasing him with them whenever she caught him ogling her. “So, what do you think of my new tee?” she asked.

“You fill it out nicely, but then again you manage to fill out anything you ever wear quite well,” he replied now looking carefully at her chest and seeing that she was also showing some nipple.

“I’m really proud of my girls,” she said pulling down the neckline of the tee along with the cup of her bra to show Wes one of her tits.

“You do have one of the nicest pair that I have ever seen,” Wes complimented.

At that Carla came closer to Wes and positioned her cleavage even with his face. So, what would any red-blooded American guy do? He kissed the one boob that had been liberated and then went hunting for its nipple. Upon finding it, he licked its areola and upon finding his prey gave it a little suck.

Carla let out a little purring noise and said, “Keep that up, mister, and no telling where it will lead.” At that she put her hand down the front of her shorts and felt her pussy.

Teasing, he said, “I’ve got time if you do.”

Carla, clearly the most uninhibited of the three roommates then pulled down her shorts and bikinis revealing her shaved smooth pussy. Wes approvingly admired it and soon lowered his face to where he could kiss it. Not surprisingly Carla was getting wet and the smell was damn near intoxicating.

“Why don’t we just go upstairs and get a more comfortable?” asked Carla. Wes didn’t think that either of them would be adding any clothing when they did that and for slipping into something more comfortable had to mean slipping his manhood into Carla. Soon the two had made their way up the steps and headed to Carla’s bedroom, the two equally horny. They were there mere minutes when Carla had shed both tee shirt and shorts leaving her in just bikinis and bra. They embraced and Wes reached behind her back and in just a single-handed motion that many college men had perfected unhooked her bra which resulted in an immediate freeing of both of her breasts.

“Now look at what you’ve done!” she exclaimed with a naughty giggle. “What do you plan to do next?”

Wes, grasped the waistband of her bikinis and in one smooth motion took them down to the floor where Carla instinctively stepped out of them. While Carla’s tits were substantial the rest of her body was a bit on the petite side. In other words, she was exceptionally cute in her nakedness.

“It’s too bad that you don’t have a mustache,” she said, “because a mustache ride about now sounds like it would be a lot of fun.”

“We could pretend that I have one. Want to try?”

“Sure!” she readily exclaimed. He stretched out on his back on the bed and Carla got on and knelt over his face. Wes’s nose snuggled right up her snatch and he darted his tongue in and out of her pussy. He knew that Carla was excited illegal bahis siteleri when her natural lubrication started flowing and she pretty near drowned him in it. Still, it was tasty and he was not sure who was enjoying it more.

“I could stay here like this all afternoon,” he said in muffled tones restrained by her pussy.

“Not me,” she replied. “I want a good load of your cum pretty soon. You’re driving me really crazy.” At that Carla got up off Wes’s face and laid on her back with her legs spread wide. Her pussy glistened with the wetness that not only flowed from inside of her but was probably also a result of his licking.

“Wow, you are ready!” he told her.

“Told you so. Now fill me up. Please!” she begged.

Wes mounted her. She was a lot looser than Barb had been, but then again Carla wasn’t on her period. She was so loose that Wes was concerned that he wasn’t going to gain enough traction so that he would cum. Carla was extremely horny and just about ready to cum when he entered her. Not surprisingly she came first. Wes kept pumping away and both he and Carla eventually came at the same time. He was a bit concerned about his performance and whether his body would produce enough volume on such short notice, but soon he felt the spasms as each deposited more semen deep inside Carla’s vagina.

“That was a nice Friday afternoon break!” said Carla as Wes withdrew and rolled onto his back satisfied with the second performance of the day. “But now I have another problem, your cum is starting to leak out of me and if I don’t decide to do something nice little memories are going to wind up in my bikinis for the rest of the afternoon.”

Carla decided that the best option would be to head to the bathroom to douche. While she was attending to that, Wes got dressed and went downstairs to make a batch of pina coladas thinking that Abby would be home soon from campus.

When Wes got to the kitchen he got out the bottle of rum and went searching for the cans of pineapple juice and coconut milk. He was on his hands and knees looking to the back of the cabinet when he heard a door close. It was Abby just coming in from class.

“Hi Ab!” he said, “I know that we have a can of coconut milk here somewhere. It’s cocktail time and I decided to whip up a pitcher of pina coladas.”

“That sounds great. I could really need a drink or maybe two or three this afternoon. It’s been a terrible day.”

“What happened? Bad assignment on rotations?”

“You could say that. I wound up in radiology and either helped give barium enemas or helped women get mammograms. There’s nothing like squeezing a woman’s tits between sheets of glass to make them really happy campers. Either way, it was just sort of gross. I have to go upstairs and get changed, why don’t you come up with me and I’ll tell you more about it.” Abby reached out her hand, Wes took it and followed her up the stairs. Once in her room she turned towards him and said, “I always feel better when I have had the chance to just talk with you even if that means venting.” At that, Abby took off the top to her scrubs and then peeled down the scrubs pants. Standing there in just her undies made Wes’s manhood once more stand at attention. She might not be the bustiest lady around, but she was still a fine-looking specimen of a female of the species.

He couldn’t help himself and just said, “Cute.” This elicited a smile and then she came over to me, put her arms around his chest and just hugged him. “You know what? About now I could use a good fucking. Want to?”

What could poor Wes say? “Sorry but I’ve already done your two roommates this afternoon?” He thought to himself as he took off his jeans without uttering a single word. “No way so I might as well get ready for round three!”

A naughty smirk came over Abby’s face as she reached around and unfastened the hooks on her bra. She took it off her arms and let its cups release her breasts. Big breasts might be nice but perky ones always seemed to get Wes’s motor running. They ached to be suckled. That, however, was going to wait a few moments as she canlı bahis siteleri stepped out of her bikinis exposing the neatest groomed landing strip, the bottom of which ends at the top of the slit of her pussy. Just the sight of Abby in the nude made his manhood hard enough to cut glass.

Wes went over to where Abby was standing and approached her from behind. Putting his arms around her he cupped each breast in his hands and kissed her neck. “Oh, I knew that this is what we’d do when I got home. It makes up for the terrible day I’ve had.” She reached down and behind her in search of his manhood. Getting a good grasp on things she gave it some gentle strokes. Wes let his hands drop from her breasts to her pussy, found her clitty and then proceeded further south to the now moist entrance. Moving her pelvis forward she allowed his finger to enter her and she cooed in delight.

Then Abby surprised him because rather than lying on the bed all she did was bend at the waist and place her hands on the edge. Since Wes was standing behind her the most logical thing to do was enter her from the rear. If there is one thing about rear entry it’s that it allows for very deep penetration—Abby had told him that they counsel women who want to conceive to use this position. The other nice thing about it is that he could be fully into her while allowing his fingers to play with her girl parts. She was loving every moment of this, but then again, so was he, which was also good because he was really worried about how much effort it was going to take for his system to be able to call up another satisfactory load of cum.

Wes moved my hands back up to her breasts as he began thrusting in and out. Abby reciprocated by moving her butt and in no time Wes could sense that his body was not going to fail either him or Abby. Soon everyone’s wish was fulfilled as he deposited yet another load of his precious cum inside a desiring vagina.

“Ooh, but I love that feeling!” she murmured as his organ pulsed ever more ejaculate into her. “You seem really full today!” she exclaimed, which given his antics of the previous few hours left him in amazement, but if Abby was happy, he was in turn thrilled.

If there is one downside to the position they had used, it is that being mostly vertical the only place that the deposited cum can go is down . . . meaning down Abby’s legs. It is messy, hence the obvious decision was to go shower. . . yes, together. Abby held the scrub pants against her pussy to keep from dripping as the two of them made their way to the bathroom. Abby ran the water, but as Wes was standing there couldn’t help noticing Carla’s douche syringe, still wet from use, drying on the towel rack. Abby saw it, too, but didn’t comment. One thing that Wes was certain that Abby did not observe was the open box of maxipads that Barb had left out on the vanity.

The shower was refreshing as they soaped and rinsed each other’s bodies, playing with each other’s private parts was certainly some of the fun, but the answer is “no” they did not do the deed again in the shower. Afterwards they both felt exhilarated, got dressed, and went downstairs to join Carla. By that time Barb had returned from her lab and the two of them had already started to put a dent in that pitcher of pina coladas. Carla looked at the two of us, freshly scrubbed from the needed shower and observed, “Well, are you two now squeeky clean? You were certainly up there long enough,” teased Carla knowing full well of the activities that Wes and Abby had been up to.

“Some things just cannot be rushed,” replied Abby casting another of her little naughty smirks.

Wes agreed, knowing that he had had sex with all three of these attractive women in just a single afternoon. Barb could figure out that he had had sex with her and Abby; Carla assumed that he had had sex with her and Abby; but neither could know that he had had sex with all three. As for Abby, the fact that Wes had shagged both Barb and Carly that day never occurred to her. She never thought that Carla’s freshly used syringe or the open box of maxipads in the bathroom were anything other than a coincidence either.

What a day! Having that much sex is a lot of work. Wes sure slept well that night, but it should not come as any surprise that Abby wanted more on Saturday and Sunday. Fortunately, Carla and Barb did not.



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