The BossCali had just had a baby and no daddy so she needed the job bad. When she had interviewed the man really was staring at her figure. Her tits were big and full of milk as she was still nursing her son and wanted to for a longer time. She loved the feel of him sucking her nipples as she fed him. She planned to nurse him till he was at least two and maybe longer if there was no man in her life. Then maybe she would nurse her son and the new man. Thinking of a man sucking milk from her tits made her pussy wet. She needed to fuck so bad and maybe her new boss would like some pussy.She started her job on Monday and in the office were six men and two other women. She wore a suit with a short skirt and a knit top under the jacket that hugged her tits now full of milk. The men all stared at her huge tits. She wished she could go without a bra but she didn’t dare with the tits full of milk. Her boss came in her small office to help her get started. A couple times he reached across her desk and brushed against her tits. This went on daily all week. On Friday it was time to leave but she needed to pump the milk so she closed the door and unbuttoned her top and pulled the flap down on her nursing bra and attached the suction cups to a nipple. She had filled one bottle and was just swapping nipples when the boss opened the door and asked her if she needed anything. He saw what she was doing and came in and shut the door. He asked if he could watch her as he had never seen a woman pump their tits. Cali told him to help her. She showed him how to connect the pump and begin pumping the milk. He was fascinated. She had not yet closed her bra over her other tit so it was bare as her boss watched the milk pump form her. She asked him if he had ever tasted breast milk. He said no and she told him to suck her other nipple as she still had plenty of milk. He smiled and took the nipple in his mouth and began to suck. The milk filled his mouth and tasted warm and sweet. He knew then why a baby loved breast milk. As he sucked on her big fat nipple his hand went up and began to massage her tit making the milk come faster. She filled the second bottle and took off the suction cup. She moved her bosses mouth to the other tit and he now sucked it. She held his head in her hands and took turns moving him back and forth between the tits. She felt his tongue lick kadıköy escort her nipples as he sucked and her pussy was getting wet. She undid his tie and then unbuttoned his shirt and began to rub his chest. She felt him suck harder and lick more. Her hand then went down and rubbed across his stomach as she heard him moan. She rubbed his stomach more than began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. She put her hand inside his trousers and grabbed his hard cock. She stroked his cock and his balls as she began to lower his pants. 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Her cunt was warm and wet and his cock felt good inside her. The boss could not believe this hot sexy woman was letting him nurse her tits and fuck her sweet cunt. She had big huge tits and a sexy cunt and the best looking ass. She was horny and wanted to be fucked hard. He wanted to fuck her in every hole and make her beg for his cock. She had every inch of his cock buried in her hole and was raising her hips meeting his every thrust. He wanted to fuck her ass and let his cock ram her deep as his fingers fucked her wet cunt. Then he would watch as his cock went deep down her throat and he fucked her mouth till he gave her his cum to swallow. He whispered to her that she had a great cunt to fuck. She was even tight after having a baby. She then told him to fuck her harder. She üsküdar escort begged for him to give it to her rough and deep. He then really began pounding her cunt and biting her tits. He was moaning and she was screaming out loud. Then he filled her with a huge load of cum. He then hoped he did not make her tits sore from the bites as he knew she needed to nurse her son. He then asked her if she and her baby wanted to come and spend the week end at his house so she could nurse them both. He was so fascinated with the tittie milk. She smiled and said for him to come to her house as she had all the baby’s things there and it was more convenient. He pulled up his pants and she put her panties in her bad and closed her blouse. She left the flaps down on her bra. He told her he would go get a change of clothes and meet her at her house.When he got to her house she was sitting naked on the couch nursing the baby. He sat beside her and kissed her tonguing her mouth. Then he ran a hand over her other tit and down to her pussy. She spread her legs and her began to rub every inch of her smooth bald pussy. He kissed her tit that was not being nursed and sucked it a little as his finger inched into her cunt. He sucked milk as he finger fucked her making her cum as both tits were being sucked. She then told him to get undressed so he stood and took his clothes off and sat beside her naked. She told him to sit on the back of the couch and turn to her so she could lick his cock. As she licked his cock she then sucked the tip and felt the cum ooze from him. The baby sucking her tit made her want to suck and fuck this man all night. She then took his cock in her mouth and began to suck and rub him with her tongue. He grabbed her head and pulled her down deep on his big shaft. He pulled her head up and down on his cock as she sucked him. He had his cock in her balls deep and she was sucking him hard and the suction was really turning him on. She definitely knew how to please a man sucking his cock. He then filled her throat with cum and watched as she swallowed every drop. She then licked up and down his cock and licked his balls before she stood and put the baby in his crib. She came back and pushed her boss down on his back on the couch. She then got over him and straddled his face. She began rubbing her pussy over tuzla escort his lips and cheeks. She ground her pussy against his mouth and told him to stick out his tongue. As he stuck his tongue out she then rubbed her clit against it and then rubbed her cunt hole over it. She sank down on his tongue and he entered her hole. She then began to gyrate her hips fucking his tongue. She was now covering his face with her cum. His hands reached behind her and grabbed her ass. She spread her ass cheeks as she moved over his tongue and he sunk a finger into her ass and began to fuck her. The harder he fingered her ass the more cum she dripped on his face. She was hot and horny and sexy and he loved fucking and sucking her. He added a finger from his other hand and was really pounding her ass as she let his tongue go deeper in her cunt. 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He then took one of the bottles of her breast milk and emptied it inside her cunt and then sucked it out. It was so good mixed with her pussy juice. He did this several times making her cum. He told her next time he was going to give her cunt and ass a warm douche of her tit milk then suck them empty. She laughed and let him use her any way he wanted. He nursed her and fucked her and she sucked his cock and ass almost all night. His cock was always in one of her holes or she was fingering his ass and jerking his cock. She loved finger and tongue fucking his asshole. Of course he loved fucking her ass. He stayed all week end and ended up fucking her in her office after work every night. After two weeks he had moved in with her and wasted no time fucking her as she nursed her son. He also fucked her when she wasn’t nursing her son. He loved fucking and sucking her big milked filled tits.



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