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The Booty Inspector of the Old West (part 1)[Tune in tomorrow evening for Part 2 of THE BOOTY INSPECTOR]Intro:The man walked into the room with a shotgun raised over his head and shouted “Now, ah’m only goanna repeat myself one Mo’ time! I want all you men ta’ lay down yous’n weapons and all you Womanfolk to drop down yours’n panties and pull on up dem skirts, because I here am the Booty Inpsector and I’ve come to inspect yours’n booties!”And so the rise of Fame and Legend was given to the Old West’s first and only “Booty Inspector” who hijacked trains and banks only to inspect womenfolk’s’ Booties, at gunpoint.Although he was far from gentlemanly in his conduct, the Booty Inspector nevertheless treated his women with deference, to and for the sheer beauty and robustness of their booties.This report has been confirmed by eyewitnesses of his booty inspections, whoa t the time period are known to have made statements to the effect that “The booty inspector aint no Robbah. Why, he’s just a horny ol’ man who gets his jollies inspectin the fine ass of our here womenfolk of the Old West….and you know what, I don’t blame him! What with all the canoodlin’ and friskin’ and go-abouts in these here saloons a man couldn’t help but be driven to a life of booty inspectin’.”…meanwhile…Back at the Robbers’ barren cave hide-out, old DIck Jones, as he called himself, was doing some hard work of his own – wankin’ his goo-blaster, after having done a hard-day of booty inspectin’ at gunpoint, and after he squeezed out a mayonnaise blast which launched across the dirty Cave Commons-room and landed with a SPLAT! against the far cave-wall. Dick stood up and stretched his arms and was heard to have muttered “Whelp, time to get back to work. There’s more womenfolk bein’ a’borned into this Old west country faster than the brain can darn-near compute, and If I wanna Inspect all that booty before I die, I’d best get a move on.”So he saddled up his gear, tied down his Schlong to his inner-right Thigh with a leather strap. and skeedaddled.As you will see though, this turned out to be no ordinary day of Booty Inspectin for Old canlı bahis Dick jones.”A Den of Lezzers”Dick jones slapped on a pair of Thighless chaps and went out a’ridin. With his schlong secured tight to his inner-thigh with a black, leather, rawhide Thing, he safely mounted his horse Old Bessie *humorously named, as she was anything but “old”) and he galloped off under the pale morning daybreak.He’d gotten a tip-off from one of his pals in the erotic& Sensual Garments-wear business that there were to be a Den of 20-30 gorgeous, shapely, black-eyed Sex Kittens out here in the desert holed up in a cave hide-out of their own, just drinkin’ Malt-Lickey and pleasuring each other all day every day, and he reckoned they was a bunch of wild No-Holds barred Lezzers out for a good time, just like he was.After about a half a day of ridin’ and spying with his spyglass-scope, Dick happened upon an obscure Cave entrance covered by overgrown bush, which as you’re about to see, was appropriately fitting, seeing as though these infamous Lezzers were reputicated to have not a care in the world for the trimming of their own “bush”Upon closer inspection of this cave, Dick found the stories to be true. He peered, unseen from his vantage point, down into the Den and saw body upon body of naked, voluptuous flesh with luscious rolls and curves, nipples poking out here and there, puffy golden locks of teased and shining hair, red swollen lips, panting and dripping sweat in the heat and ecstasies of a Night-Long Orgy. There it was: the reputed everlasting Orgy of the Den of 27 Lezzers, all naked, tangled in a ball, smooching, nibbling, sucking away at each other, some orgasming, some delivering tongue-service, others napping whilst the rest carried on, only to wake up minutes later to join back in the everlasting Orgy of Lezzers.Dick’s dick got hard and he got a’Jonesing for some Poon-squatch.He heard the squeaking and stretching of Leather as his schlong stretched and bucked, it writhed and twisted under the pressure of the tightly wrapped Leather Thong…then…SNAP! Thus was the mighty force and exertion of his boner, that it, bahis siteleri alone of its own accord, ripped that leather piece clean-through and his one-eyed Monster stood, a’gleam in the Noon-Day Sun, moist, shiny and glistening in the light, with blinding rays of reflected Sunbeams bouncing off of its ever-resplendent Mushroom tip.“Looks like ah’m a’goanna get me some Poon today!” e was said to have been heard soliloquizing to himself there on his perch just outside the Den of LEzzers.Announcing himself, he stood upon the rock out-cropping, just in view of the rolling mass of Lady flesh-lumps in their ecstatic Orgy writhings…he bared his Penis up in a salute, placed his arms akimbo, thrust out his chest into the air, heaved a huge deep breath into his lungs (to swell his chest out even further) and he announced in a chivalrous tone :“Ladies! I am the Booty Inspector, and I am here to Inspect every last one of those Booties!!”All he heard after that was a bunch of giggling and gasps of delight “ Oohhh, look at that Penis!”, “he can inspect my Booty anytime, as long as he probes it with that DipStick.”…and loud and brash, was thevoice from the loveliest, most robust of the Women in the Orgy “Well, come on down here booty inspector and give us what we need!”And with that, dick poised with the grace of an Olympic Diver just before launch, bent in a crouch, then launched himself full-armed into the naked, writhing pit of Sex-giving women in a graceful swan-dice that only Dick Jones could have erotically executed, with his dick slicing through the air like butter and acting as a tiller&rudder for his aeronautic, acrobatic display of full-body sexual penetration into their midst.Down he came and within a nano-second he had naked, voluptuous flesh swarming on him, dripping sweat-of-Musk onto his flesh. The women were sucking on him, licking him, fiddling his balls with their tongues, smooching his Penis-Tip, gasping and sighing in ecstasy, groping his buttocks, kissing each other…there were pussies on his face, on his mouth, there were pussies on his ears, there was a nipple up one of his nostrils, güvenilir bahis he even felt his toes on both feet getting wet with Pussy cream as two of the more agile Women were riding their pussies up and down on his erect footsies and orgasming as he jiggled his toes around, pinching their clitorises between his toe-knuckles.“Wow!” dick thought, “I’ve never seen so much Bush, Titties, Ass and Pussy in all my Booty inspectin’ Days. Mayhaps I should go into the Lezzer-pleasurin’ business.”Things got interesting from thereon –the wild raucous continue throughout that day and the rest of the night until all 28 of the Orgy-goers collapsed of exhaustion and slept like sweaty, Musky, Jizz-and-Pussy-juice covered babes.It ‘tweren’t until about 4 PM the next day that Dick was roused awake by his No. 2 Booty Inspector Junior, who awakened him all in a’flurry, babbling sumtin’ about a new stagecoach filled to the Brim with exotic, dark-skinted Foreign women’s who’se had just got off tha boat from the Pacific Steamliner “Booties’R’Us” and were being distributed out amongst the Pioneeer-town Saloons and brothels for the Flesh-Trade. And would Dick please get his naked arse up out of his Pit of sweaty Lezzers and go take care of the booty Inspectin’ that needed to be done.HEIGH-HO and AWAY!!Dick galloped out of that Sex-Den faster than you can say ”twizzle-stick” , he mounted ol’ Bessie in his Birthday suit—it was quite a sight to see him galloping out into the Prairie in the late Noon-day Sun, Dusk beginning to settle over the land, the clouds of dust and tumbleweeds billowed up from Bessie’s hooves and the Booty Inspector, stark-naked, was seen to be doing jumpin’ jacks atop that old Mare, his right hand perched atop his head, holding his 10-gallon hat from taking sail, and his left hand clutching the reins he kicked and spurred (with his bare heels) in the fury and exaltation of a Brand-new Booty Inspectin’ adventure just embarked. …and he rode off into the[user] markfayer[/user][Tune in tomorrow evening for Part 2 of THE BOOTY INSPECTOR]{this is the 1st of a 6 part series — i’ll be writing a new installment of this BOOTY INSPECTOR story every single day for the next 6 days — there will 6 parts to the story, total, and it will commence on the 24th July, Next Thursday, so look out for the next installment each day this week}



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