The Boarder Part 1The BoarderMy wife and I had decided to take on a University Student Boarder to helpout with the payments on our new home. We rang the University StudentHousing Centre and they listed us on their residential listings andpromised that we would be contacted very soon given that our house was soclose to the Uni and that the rate we were asking was very reasonable.The next day, we received a call from the Centre saying that they had aprospective boarder who was very interested and that he could drop aroundthis afternoon for a quick interview if it was convenient. Unfortunately,I had a prior appointment to go to but my wife agreed. We had no realrestrictions on who we would take, except that it would be better if wecould get along well with the person.I arrived home about four hours later and found that our new tenant hadalready moved into the spare room. His name was Joshua, and he was from asmall country town about three hours away where his family still lived. Hewas a physical education major and only had one bag of clothing to his nameand another bag of books and other personal effects. The spare room was atthe very back of the house next to my study and both rooms opened out ontothe back verandah by the pool. It was quite a large room with a largedouble bed, built-in robe, bookshelf and large study desk. It was obviousfrom Joshua’s reaction that it was much better than he had hoped for -especially having a pool to use as well.The first night we sat and ate dinner together and he seemed to be a veryrelaxed and confident young man. He said he was 22 years old, the youngestof five brothers, and that he had started university at a late age becausehe was required to help his father out on the farm. It was obvious thatall the hard farm work had benefited him greatly as his body was verystrong and toned. He also played a lot of football and tennis to help outhis fitness. He had a mop of blonde hair that almost hung into his eyesand it seemed to annoy him. So, after dinner, my wife offered to cut hishair for him (she is a hairdresser) which he quickly accepted.They went into the guest bathroom, in front of the mirror, where Joshuaquickly took his shirt off and sat down. I couldn’t help but notice howdefined his chest and shoulders were. When the haircut was finished, withJoshua very impressed, the phone rang and it was my wife’s sister callingin a panic (again!) because her husband had walked out on her (again!) andthat she needed company again!). My wife grabbed her bag, and a change ofclothes and headed off saying that she would stay at her sisters house forthe night to help her calm down.So, it was just me and Joshua at home. I asked Joshua if he would like togo for a swim and he agreed immediately. I went to my room and got changedinto my speedo brief bathers and then heard a quiet knock on my door. Itwas Joshua and he said he couldn’t find his bathers in his bag – he musthave left them at home. I offered him a pair of mine but I said I only hadthe speedo brief type if that was ok. He said that he had never worn thembefore but that he would give them a try.I passed him a pair of black high cut speedos that I thought would fit himgiven that we were about the same size. I expected him to take them backto his room to change but instead he just dropped his shorts and boxersright in front of me. He was not ashamed at all to be naked in front of bahis şirketleri meand I could see why – his thick cock was over five inches long and it wasstill soft and covered in fine blonde hairs. His balls hung fairly low andseemed very full and heavy. I couldn’t help but check out his package asit swung between his legs.All too quickly he had pulled the speedo bathers up and tucked his cock andballs inside.”Wow”, he said, “these feel great – nice and snug”.”Yeah, that’s why I like them” I said ” as I handed him a towel and wewalked out to the pool. We both dived in and swam around for about 10minutes before we both got out and layed down on the sun beds by the pool.As we chatted casually I couldn’t help noticing that he occasionallyglanced over at me and was checking me out, paying close attention to myown package. I decided to see what would happen if I turned theconversation to sex.”So”, I said, “you have a girlfriend Josh?””Nah”, he replied, “last girlfriend I had was about 2 years ago”.”So what does a guy like you do for sex then buddy?”. He didn’t hesitatein answering at all.”Well, it’s the good old solo hand job for me lately. And over the lastfew months, I seem to be getting hornier and hornier” he replied with asmile looking right into my eyes. “You are lucky you are a married man -you can get it whenever you want huh?”.”Unfortunately its not that easy” I said “Sometimes I have to take mattersinto my own hands as well. Anyway, I enjoy a good solo wank session everynow and again. Keeps all the pipes clean and in working order”.He laughed and I glanced over and thought I saw something moving under hisbathers but I couldn’t be sure. We chatted for another 20 minutes or soand then I said I was gonna take a shower and go to bed. Joshua agreed andwe said goodnight and retired to our separate bathrooms. While I was inthe shower, I couldn’t get the image of Josh’s cock and balls out of mymind. Before I knew it, my cock was getting harder and within 30 secondsit was fully hard and pointing to the roof.I started to jerk my cock just a little when again there was a quiet knockat the door. I only had 10 seconds to turn off the shower and cover myhard cock with a towel before Josh opened the door and stuck his headthrough.”Sorry”, he said, “but I was wondering if I could borrow a bath towel fromyou?”.”Sure thing”, I replied and tried to keep my hard cock covered. I walkedout of the bathroom to where Joshua was standing and then I realised thathe was standing in the hallway completely naked. I couldn’t help but lookdown at his cock again which seemed to be a little fatter and longer thanwhen I had seen it before. This time Joshua noticed me staring at his cockbut he didn’t seem embarrassed at all. Why should he be with a packagelike that?I passed him a couple of our bath towels and watched him walk down thehallway. His butt was very toned and tight and completely hairless. Justlike two ripe peaches I thought. I realised then that I was u*********slylicking my lips.I tried to put the image out of my head and went to bed. That night, Iremember dreaming about Joshua but I couldn’t remember what the dreams wereabout specifically. When I woke, I heard a splashing in the pool andrealised it must be Joshua. I got out of bed, had a piss, put my speedoson and wandered into the study to get the suntan lotion. I glanced out thewindow toward the pool and spotted mobilbahis Joshua on the sunbed facing me with hiseyes closed. I looked for a little longer as Joshua rubbed his hand alonghis well developed pecs, over his tight sixpack and down his stomach. Hishand then slipped under the waistband of his bathers and started gropinghis cock and balls.I was fascinated. I realised that as I watched Josh stroke himself tohardness that I too was getting hard again in my speedos. After about 2minutes, Josh reached down and pulled his cock free of the cloth and cuppedthe waistband under his heavy balls. His cock was perfect. Straight, fatand just over 7″ long by my reckoning. He continued to slide his hand upand down his hard cock, paying particular attention to his cockhead withhis thumb and fingers.By now, my own cock was rock hard and I too pulled it out and starting tojerk it off. It felt fantastic to beat my meat in the same rhythm as thisyoung stud pulling his cock by the pool. As Joshua jerked off faster andfaster, I kept in time with him, thrashing my own cock. He kept up thesame rhythm for about five minutes before I saw him arch his back and wankeven faster until a long stream of cum shot out of his cock and flewthrough the air before landing heavily on his chest. Three more distinctshots of cum shot out of his throbbing cock and splattered on his abs andhand. The sight of this young man blowing his load in front of me was toomuch for me to handle and I too exploded with cum shooting out of my cockin four or five blasts and smearing across the window in front of me. Thatwas probably one of the most intense orgasms I had had in a long time.Joshua wiped the cum off his body and hands with his bathers and dived intothe pool naked. I decided to have a swim too and crammed my stillhalf-hard cock into my swimsuit and walked out to the pool and said goodmorning.Joshua was very bright and cheery and I knew exactly why. I dived into thepool and cooled off under the water. When I came up for air, Joshua wasstanding by the pool putting his bathers back on.”I thought I had better put bathers on in company” he grinned at me.”Look”, I replied, “I really don’t mind I you swim naked. I usually do aswell so if you don’t mind me swimming with nothing on, then you should doit too”.”Ok, cool”, he said and quickly took his bather back off and sat on theside of the pool for a chat.>From where I was standing in the pool, I could see his cock at exactly myeye level only about a metre and a half away. It really was a mostbeautiful sight. I couldn’t help but stare at it. It was still hangingquite plump and heavy after his wank session just a few minutes earlier.”Yeah – I wondered how you got that all over tan I spied you with in theshower last night” he smiled. Lazily, he stretched his head back andlifted both his arms above his head as he yawned. His cock rolled to theside and I got a great view of his balls hanging low and resting on theside of the pool. I was getting hard again – so soon after I just blew aload!”All that talk of sex last night has made me even hornier” Joshua saidresting one hand on his knee and the other reached down and gentlyscratched the small patch of blonde hairs above his cock. This made hiscock bounce a little and it was obvious now that he was putting on a showfor me. “I had to jerk off twice last night I was so hot!” he continued.”Yeah” mobilbahis giriş I replied “and once this morning as well”.A shocked look came over his face as he stared directly into my eyes. “Howdid you know?” he asked.”Well – I kinda watched the show through the window”.He looked over to the window and then returned his stare at me. A cunninglittle smile began to creep over his face. “And you watched the wholething?” he asked.”Yeah” I said – not knowing what his reaction was gonna be.During this conversation, I noticed again that his cock was indeedhardening again and his cock head now lifted off his balls and startedpointing to the sky.”Did you like it?””Well, to tell you the truth, I matched you stroke for stroke””Did you blow man?””Sure did” I replied “One of the best wanks I’ve had in ages I reckon”.”Cool” he replied and his hand moved and grasped hold of his now rock hardcock. He started to tug on his dick as he continued to stare into my eyes.”Well, it seems to want some more attention. Do you know how long it issince I have had my cock sucked?”.It was obvious what he wanted me to do. Slowly I moved through the watertoward him. I opened my mouth as I got near him and he pointed his cockthrough my waiting lips. I closed my mouth around his cock head and tastedhis sweet young cock for the first time. He moaned quietly as I lightlylicked his piss-slit and slid my lips further down his shaft.I couldn’t believe that this young stud was letting me suck his cock. Icouldn’t believe I was actually willing to go through with it but the rockhard bulge in my speedo’s was telling me that I definately was enjoying theexperience. I sped up my efforts in sliding up and down his cock andreached up with my right hand to fondle his beautiful balls.He seemed to love this even more and started moaning his enjoyment evenlouder. He was really getting into it. His hand rested on my head andgently guided me as I bobbed up and down on his spike. “Man, that feels sofine” he whispered as I continued my sucking and slurping, “but I’m notgonna be able to hold out much longer”.I’d never been in this situation before and didn’t know what to do. Thisguy was getting me so hot though that I didn’t want to stop at all. “I’mgonna blow my wad soon man – you gonna swallow my load for me man?” heasked. “I want you to swallow the lot man – it gets me so fucking hot whenguys do that. Man, here it comes, oh god, I can’t hold back, I gotta shootit, oh god, oh god, man, I’m gonna blow…….”.With that I felt the first shot of his warm cumm spray against the back ofmy throat as I just managed to swallow and suck at the same time. Thesecond, then the third shots of cumm were just as powerful and I felt mymouth start to fill to overflowing. Joshua was moaning louder now andwrithing on the spot as I continued to suck his load from his rock hardcock and fondle his heavy balls.Only a small amount of his cumm dribbled out of my mouth and down my chinas I slowed down the pace a little as swallowed his last small squirts ofcumm.”Man – I needed that so bad” Joshua said as his slick cock slipped from mymouth. “I knew from the moment I saw this place that it was the place forme!”. He reached over and wiped the cumm off my chin and then licked itoff his finger. “You ever done this before?” he inquired.”Never” I replied as he slid off the side of the pool and joined me in thewater. He reached down and groped my hard cock through my bathing suit andsmiled.”Well” he said “looks like something else has come up that needs attentiontoo”. With that, he led me to side and pushed me up onto the pool edge. Icould only imagine what was going to happen next!



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