Two nights later there was a repeat performance; I was returning home after a four to midnight shift and when I got to my bed she was already kneeling on it naked as a jaybird; her pussy and anus both shiny with my lubricant.

“You promised me you would Bill,” she said her large breasts swinging beneath her, “Come on, or do I have to make you angry first… bum boy…”

Now don’t ask me why, I don’t know. If it had been another 52 year old lady looking as good as my sister I probably would have sat down with her, covered her with the duvet, made two cups of tea and laid on the bed and talked about our feelings.

But their it was, an arse so well lubed I could almost feel myself in it. Fuck, I was thinking of having a wank anyway — this was just extreme wanking.

I knelt on the bed behind her. “Oh alright,” I said, “Seeing as I was going to masturbate anyway, I might as well use you to do it,” and she wriggled her bottom at me and slid her knees closer together, “spread your knees out,” I said, “it’ll make your bottom looser and will it’ll be easier for you.”

“Oh no!” she exclaimed graciously, “You have me how it’s best for you Bill,” she said, “you keep pushing in until you’re happy with the result in whichever hole you want.”

My cock was rock hard again; I had been thinking that I would struggle to get it up to fuck this woman, my sister but nothing of the sort.

I got my prick in my hand and pushed in. She was relaxed and my second entrance to my sisters anus was easy and pleasurable.

“Will I be allowed to play with my clit this time Bill,” she said.

“Well if I’m wanking only fair you do too.” Her shoulder slipped just fractionally as she slid her arm under her to play. I could hear the squishy noise through the squelch of lubricant as I started to power my cock in and out of her.

After a few minutes of our fucking, I could tell that she was on her way, so I increased the speed of my fucking so she might come. She did, falling forward slightly in her passion and totally putting me off my stroke.

With my hesitation she fell flat on the bed, and I waet with her, my cock still trapped in her arse. I carried on fucking her, getting used to the feel of my body in full contact with hers — not something that I was used to when I was in control. I’d fucked and been fucked face to face and while it was different, the mechanics of it were a bit too much of a pain and I eventually ended up hands and knees again.

But this was nicely different, the softness of my sister below me, the body warmth that I rarely felt when making love; different.

So I carried on fucking, resting on my elbows and powering hard into Sandra’s body, which had nowhere to go to.

“Oh shit, Bill,” she cried, “Oh Darling, that’s good, fuck…” she gasped, “I’m… oh shit… please Bill, Darling keep…”

I cried out in orgasm the same time that she did and I pumped my come into her arse, resting my weight on her. Her cheek touched mine, and my eldest sister and I kissed for the first time in years, but never did we use tongues before.

“Wow Bill, that was wonderful,” she said, “best wank I’ve ever had – Poof.”

I rolled to one side, and slapped her arse. “I might use your mouth next time, seeing as it’s so big– Bitch.”

“Promises promises,” she said rolling to one side and heading for the bathroom.

I realised that I’d not so much as shared a coffee with Ralph in the last month, and felt slightly guilty. Mind you, he hadn’t phoned me either, so I texted him, just in case he was ‘busy’.

We met the following lunchtime at Coffee Republic and he asked me how life was with my Bitchy sister.

“Weeeeeell,” I said, “She’s still a pain in the arse but she’s mellowed a bit.”

“Are you fucking her yet?” he said.

“Wh… what?” I tried to sound like the idea was totally abhorrent to me.

“Are you fucking her yet?” he said. “When I came round that night, she gave me ‘the look’.” He sipped his expresso, “you know, the lioness defending the turf look; but it wasn’t the ‘get away from my brother/son/nephew you pervert’ look — it was more of a ‘he’s mine’ and it wasn’t at all parental.”

“Yes,” I said, sipping my hazelnut latte, “you’re are, of course, right in your assumptions. She says it’s the HRT that’s making want to fuck everything bar the coffee table.”

“Has been known Bill,” he grinned, “so have you?”

“Walk with me and I’ll tell you a story,” I said and we finished our coffees and walked through the summer sunshine.

By the time I’d finished telling my tale we were almost back at the car.

“Christ,” he said with a huge grin on his face, “good job you smacked her arse when you did, I think the mad Bitch may have thrown you down and fucked you if you hadn’t.” He looked around, “and to be honest I don’t blame her.” His look let me know that he wanted me, and I wanted him.

“I’ll come round,” I said.

“I’m night duty surgeon,” he said disappointed, “off tomorrow though.”

“I’m on rest day, I’ll…” a thought bahis firmaları struck me, “no; change of plan, you come round to my place, there’s something I’d think you should try – at least once.”

He grinned, “Should I bring anything?”

“Wine, a sense of humour, thick skin, and handcuffs, a leather whip, face mask and spanking paddle; any sex toy you’ve ever fancied trying because I reckon with this is going to be one night you’d get away with it.” I grinned at him, “and not with me.”

We parted with a smile and he left to go home for a shower, a few hours sleep and a night of well-paid sleeping baring the two night rounds he had to do, unless one of his customers woke up and needed operating on in the middle of the night. He would get my weekly wage for that medical sleepover; I realised I should have worked harder in school.

That evening I was lying on my recliner armchair watching one of the American police dramas I like so much when there was a clatter at my letter box. I went out to see what it was. I never publicised the fact that I was gay to my neighbours as several of my friends had been victims of homophobic abuse and it was with some trepidation that I walked to the hall.

On the mat as a large padded envelope and I approached with caution. When I saw Ralph’s appallingly spidery doctors handwriting I smiled and picked it up. In doing so I realised what it was just from the shape, and it was a big one.

Sandra woke from a wine induced doze in the sofa. “What’s that, this time of night?” she grumbled.

“It’s a present from one of my friends,” I said.

“Really?” she said, “you bum boys do deliveries at ten o’clock at night do you?”

“Only when it’s important… Bitch.”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww, get the bum boy nurse getting all tough just because he’s fucked my arse a few times and given me a good spanking!”

“Actually Sandra dear, it’s a present for you from one of my bum boy mates.”

“Really,” she said rolling onto her front, “what is it pray? Make up remover? Curtain material? Fashion advice perhaps?”

I stood, again I would need to be quick.

I tore the top off of the envelope and reached in. I pulled out a large black rubber butt plug. Still in in the plastic bag. There was even a small sachet of lube in with it.

She looked at me, and I looked at her. Fortunately I hadn’t drunk the wine that she had. She made to rise, and I dropped, getting my torso across her waist.

Many times in A and E even back in Camp Bastion, I’d had to use my body weight to restrain a writhing patient and still have at least one hand free. Tonight Sandra had made it easy for me wearing just a T-shirt nightdress and a towelling gown. I dragged up both of them to find her naked bottom level with my face. I tore off the top of the lube with my teeth, getting the faintest taste of strawberry (bless you Ralph) and with my thumb pushed the whole thing into Sandra’s arse, packet and all.

“GET… OFF… ME!” she groaned but such was my speed her arms were held under her and out of use. With my thumb still up her arse, I pushed down on the sachet noticing the lube around my thumb. Using two very ungracious fingers I felt around her bottom for the empty sachet and pulled in out and wiped whatever was left around the thin point of the plug. I took a fresh grip around her waist, raised her slightly and started to push the plug in. She was craning to see what was going on but my body blocked her view.

“What’s… what are you doing!” she screeched, not fighting anywhere near what she was capable of.

“Filling your arsehole so I can get some blood peace tonight,” I said.

“Nooooooooo!” she whined, “aaah, shit it’s too big,” she said as her strong anal muscle closed around the dip, I turned the plug so the retaining end rested between the cheeks of her arse.

“There, all done.” If you take it out I’ll spank you so hard, you’ll not be able to sit down for a week.”

I stood up and viewed my handiwork. I guessed that the second she was in her room she’d take it out, but right now, she seemed impressed and stood up.

She turned to the fireplace, and looked at her bottom in the mirror, running a hand across her smooth buttocks and lightly touching the strip on the plug, “Oooh it’s got an end on it, stop it going all the way in, feels sexy!”

I became the gay man again and picked up the envelope to throw it in the recycling, then saw the hand written note on the back, it read, “so you can make good on your threat with the Bitch; R xxx.”

I grabbed the belt of her gown, and undid it, she shrugging her shoulders making it fall to the floor. Then I grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and raised it over her head; again she made it easier by raising her arms.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. Before she’d reached the floor, she was already pulling at my tracksuit trousers and my boxers freeing my penis.

“Like I said the other evening, this time I intend to wank using your mouth.”

She grinned and opened kaçak iddaa her mouth feeding the knob in, and sucking. I took her head and moved her backwards and forwards along my cock getting a nice fucking motion. She began to groan, and felt the vibration on my penis.

She took a breath and pulled away, seeing as you have my arse filled, you can wank using my pussy Bill.”

“Stop talking, if you have to use your mouth then suck this.” I put my cock back in her mouth again and started fucking it again.

She started to get adventurous and used her tongue on the knob and my opening. It was OK and I felt the sap starting to rise.

“Can I play with myself Bill? Please,” she said.

I pushed her face away from my cock, and pulled her up.

Slipping off my trousers and T-shirt I sat on the sofa angrily and she made to kneel between my legs. I instead pulled her across my lap and started to spank her again.

“Sorry Bill,” she gasped, “I’m sorry, I will be quiet honest, you can wank with my mouth then… Aaaaaah,”

Every now and again, my hand would catch the plug and push it in. After a good two dozen slaps I made her stand up again, and stood as well.

“Now,” I said, “wank me with your mouth!”

“Yes Bill,” she said and put me back in her hot wet mouth.

I looked down and she looked back up at me moving her mouth back and forth along my cock. Her tongue pushed up against the underside of my helmet and was just the perfect amount of friction. I told her to speed up and she did so.

At the last minute I pulled out, “Open your mouth,” I ordered. She did.

My orgasm started in my boots and I shot the first bolt into the back of her mouth, and like the best porn star, she held her mouth open and let me come into it. My second shot I wanted on her face and it shot over her head landing on her hair, forehead and across her right eye; the third was across her face and cheeks. Finally I slipped back into her open mouth and she sucked and pumped until I was spent and withdrew.

Resting on her knees, she felt for the come splashed on her cheeks and scooped with her fingers putting them all in her mouth.

“I need to come,” she said, “even if it means you spank me til doomsday, I sooooo have to come.”

I sat back on the armchair and watched her strum her clitoris so fast that her hand became a blur and she shook twice, crying out a warbling gasp in time with her tremors.

“I’ll decide tomorrow if you need punishing. I expect that butt plug to stay in all day.”

“But I’m going to see Mum,” she said the light catching on the spots of my semen in her highlighted hair.


“Sorry Bill,” she stood, and picked up her nightclothes and headed for her room, a butt plug in her arse and my come on her face and hair.

I worked a boring day shift, thinking about the fun night that Ralph and I would have with my bitch sister. She knew nothing of Ralph of course, and I wanted to keep it that way – for the time being at least.

I was out a work again all, day and didn’t see Sandra to talk to until later that evening.

“I suppose you took the plug out today?” I said with an edge to my voice.

She turned, raised her mid-thigh length skirt and hauled down the lace shorts she wearing at one side to expose the short black rubber strip between her buttocks. She wrinkled her nose at me,

“There, look bum boy,” she said, “it’s been in there all day.”

“Well done bitch,” I said, “why d’you leave it in there, scared of what I’d do if you took it out?”

“Like I’d be ever scared of a bum boy like you,” she said, “I will admit it turned me on like fuck and I have spent most of the day wanking and beating off my clit. I only got dressed an hour ago.”

“Well I’m giving you permission to take it out for a while. Go and take a shower — just in case I want to wank using your body later.”

“Oooooooh but you’re being so manly tonight, can I expect something different?” She pulled her skirt up at the front to expose her pussy, with a tiny cluster of hair at the front.

“It depends on how I want to wank tonight doesn’t it?” I said, “anyway, go shower, unless you want another spanking.”

She wrinkled her nose and walked away.

I opened a bottle of wine and sipped a glass as my phone beeped to tell me Ralph was at the door.

I let him in, and put a finger to my lips to let him know silence was required. He handed me a second butt plug, same as the other but wider at the neck and as he tiptoed into the living room I slid into the bathroom and swapped the new plug for the old one.

Standing outside again, I called through the door. “If you want any chance of getting your pussy wanked into I suggest you come out naked with you plug in!”

“To hear is to fucking obey master!” she called back cheekily.

The door opened and she came through; Sandra looked shocked for a few moments stood naked a she was.

I think the thing that most shocked about was that she walked naked into the living room and we completely kaçak bahis ignored her. Sat next to me, all the while Ralph embraced me, he gave her not one look and kissed me. “I suppose the bitch has to be here?”

“Yeah,” I said, “sorry.” I turned to her, “kneel on the floor darling sister,” I said, “show my lover Ralph here your arse that I’ve fucked a couple of times now.”

Without even breaking step, Sandra walked to the carpet before us and knelt, before Ralph I might add. She leaned forward, dropped her shoulders and raised her arse to him with a slight wiggle.

She looked back at him with a smile, then across to me with a look that just screamed, ‘jealous much?’

“Pussy,” said Ralph simply.

“Yes I know,” I said disdainfully, “but we can have some fun with her though; you know those rubber masturbators shaped like mouths or arseholes or cunts you can buy from the internet?”

“Yes,” he grinned.

“She’s like one of those, but warmer.” I stopped, “well, physically warmer,” I said and giggled, “this bitch would struggle to be warm even if you set fire to her.” We both laughed.

“I like the sound of that,” he said, “it would be like fucking each other, but at the same time!”


“Wow!” he grinned, now playing the game, “so if I get cross with you,” he leaned foward to where she was knelt on all fours, “I can take it out on her sorry arse.” He smacked his hand down as hard as he could and she gasped and winced.

“Absolutely, wanna try?” I said, “I don’t like pussies normally but I’m willing to share, we can swap halfway through?”

“Great!” he said, “Now you’ve had the arse already haven’t you,” he said.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees,” I prevaricated “but I rather do the arse than the pussy.”

“I don’t want the pussy first,” he said, “you’ve used her arse, I haven’t.” with the last word he smacked her bottom again.

I moved across so I could carry out a similar manoeuvre.

“I don’t do pussies,” I said, “especially not hers!” I lashed out with my right hand and caught the other buttock.

“I want arse!” said Ralph slapping her again.

“So do I!” I said, carrying out the same slap.

“I’m a guest,” he said, “I — should — get — first — choice!” He slapped her bottom at each word and I saw her face flinch with each stroke.

I paused, then smiled and leaned forward to kiss Ralph, “Oh I’m sorry darling boy,” I said, “you have her arse.” We kissed for a few moments leaving her out of the game.

“I’m still cross though Bill,” he said, “I think I should use this,” he reached under his folded jacket and brought out a leather covered spanking paddle and Sandra froze.

“OK Ralph,” I said, “you must do what you think is right.”


“Christ!” hissed Sandra as a large circular patch appeared on her right cheek.


The second blow landed and I thought she was going to stand up and walk away. I rubbed gently at the first mark to try and ease some of the pain away so she didn’t. Mind you, chances are I’d probably done a lot worse when I held her down and spanked her in my fury those days before.

She took a further five on each cheek before her tears appeared and her body language let us know she’d had enough.

“Right,” said Ralph levelling his cock to her mouth, “let’s get biizzzaaay!!”

She opened her mouth and took his cock straight into her mouth moving backwards and forwards on his erection.

After a few moments, he looked down.

“You’re right Bill,” he said, “she isn’t that good is she. Sod this, I want to get up her arse. Stand up bitch.”

We were face to face, I crouched slightly so our groins were level. She stared into my face, with an expectant look. I gripped her around the waste with my left arm and pulled her towards me, I could feel the heat of a female body that close and it was a new feeling, her large boobs pressing into my chest.

For the first time in over twenty years I lined up my penis and pushed it against the soft folds of a female cunt pre-lubricated by Ralph with the most splendid smelling lube. I slid right in and Sandra gasped in pleasure, putting her arms around me for support.

“Oh Bill,” she gasped, “fuck…” she stopped herself in time, “sorry, you should make love to Ralph using my body.”

“Well done Sandra,” I said. There was a whack as Ralph struck the leather paddle against her buttocks, and this caused her to push harder against my cock inside her and the wet warmth increased. The feeling was so different from anything I could remember, softer hotter and, of course, actually designed for what we were doing.

“You heard the bitch Ralph,” I said looking into her face, “come and make love to me.”

Soon Ralph was naked behind her and grasping her left shoulder with one arm and lining his penis up with her rear hole. He pushed and I saw her face contort as he slid past her sphincter.

“Chose just the right size butt plug Bill,” said Ralph, “I’ve stretched her to just the right size, here…” he shoved hard against her all the way in, “see?”

She cried out feeling two hard, reasonably large cocks invading her front and back.

“I can feel your prick,” I said as I slowly started to saw in and out of her pussy.



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