To my editor M_Y_Erotica, I cannot thank you enough.

I looked around the park, taking in the quiet stillness of the night and the darkness that crept around every corner. It was one of my favorite locations, and I used it often to walk or run depending on my mood. It was picture perfect, complete with playground, softball field, track, and acres of open landscape. Trees cut into the view in small clusters, providing both shade in the summer and an aesthetic view that only Oregon could provide with its lush green. Tonight, however, those same trees provided darkness, and a perfect hiding spot for an evening tryst. I shivered at the thought.

Our wager had been the same as the previous week. If I scored more than three correct out of the five, he was mine. This week however, I scored only the three, and it was his turn to collect. The choosing of two upsets had been my undoing, neither of them panning out. Although Miami had looked good, they simply weren’t able to keep up, and I didn’t even want to think about the fact that I had chosen Washington to win over Dallas. I shook my head and looked around the park. It was vacant this time of night.

Sean’s instructions to me were cryptic and I had no idea what was to take place. He’d emailed me with directions that I was supposed to follow, giving absolutely no indication of what would happen once I’d followed them. It had simply read “I’ve seen you run each night at the park across the street from my house. Meet me there at 8:30 Monday night. When you get there, walk to the third grouping of trees on the left side. I’ll meet you.” That was it.

We lived in a small town. It was the type where everyone knew everyone by first name and even though I ran at this same park every day, I was still apprehensive about being here in the shadow of night. As I approached the indicated group of trees I began searching for him, my eyes adjusting to the eliminating blackness. I thought I saw movement and the suddenness of it startled me making me jump and then laugh out loud at my fear. Still chuckling to myself, I tried to calm the sudden racing of my heart. Surely, it must be Sean, I mused. But I wasn’t sure until I was only two steps away and he appeared before me. My tummy gave a funny leap of anticipation when he smiled.

“Hi,” I smiled in return. Sudden shyness making my voice come out in a whisper.

“Hello. I’m glad you could make it.” He grinned as though this was a joke, and I could see that he never doubted for a second that I would be here and be on time.

He was dressed similarly to me in jogging pants, t-shirt, and sweatshirt, each article outlining his tall, lean body. My heartbeat started to race and expectation filled me. I wondered what was in store, while at the same time restraining the sudden urge to tackle him and speed things along. I didn’t need to wait long, however. Before I could blink, or even think of a smart comment to make to his greeting, I was opening my mouth to match the onslaught of his tongue. I felt his hands reach behind me and cup my ass, gently massaging it through the material, and my mound was intimately pressed against his already rock hard member. I was wet and ready for him, and I marveled at the speed at which he could create such a reaction. I ground my hips against him, silently begging for more.

Sean broke the kiss and took a step back, desire darkening his eyes, and chuckled. “Nice try, illegal bahis but I have more in store for you before this is over, and I’m not going to rush it by letting my hormones… well, let’s just say that I’m not letting my cock lead the way. Come with me, my slave wench!”

I cracked up laughing at the caveman tone and followed him further into the privacy of the trees, noticing that upon the ground lay a blanket.

“Okay, now it’s my turn. Drop ’em!”

I laughed and raised one eyebrow. “Excuse me? That’s not very romantic.”

“Oh, right. How did that go? This isn’t about romance, woman, it’s about sex… Now drop ’em.”

My fingertips reached for the waistband of my jogging pants and I started to lower them.

“Wait, I’ve changed my mind. Take off your shirt instead.”

I looked at him incredulously. “What? You’re daft! It has to be 30 degrees out here. I’m not doing that.” I said defiantly.

He cocked an eyebrow and said matter-of-factly, “Oh really? I think you will.”

I sighed with resignation and slowly lifted my shirt and pulled it off, the cold, night air sending goose bumps and shivers through my system. Warm hands touched my skin, and I felt his fingertips trace the underside of my sports bra before that small piece of fabric was lifted and carried from my body, my breasts bouncing into place before his gaze, hard nipples begging for his touch.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered gruffly.

Closing my eyes, I stood for a moment shivering in the cold, before I felt something cover them.

“A blindfold?” I asked. “Why?”

“Woman!” He responded with a chuckle. “This is my fantasy. Put a cork in it.”

I laughed and accepted that whatever he had planned, I apparently wasn’t going to get to watch. The eroticism of the unexpected turn of events fueling my desire for him. The blindfold secure, I felt his fingertips trace down the bare skin on my arms, slowing for a moment as they passed my breasts, then speeding up as they traced down to the palms of my hands.

What his touch did to me! I felt so hot at that moment, and I wanted to feel his hands on every inch of my skin. Mesmerized with anticipation of the next moment, my breathing was coming out in quick, uneven patterns, and my legs were turning to jelly. It was becoming harder to stand with each passing second.

As if reading my thoughts, I felt my hands being tugged as he led me two steps over to where the blanket was laid on the ground.

“I want you to lay down. I’ll help guide you onto the blanket. It’s okay.” His voice was halting, and I could hear the desire in it. I felt the rustle of air on my skin as I stretched fully out on the blanket, and my nipples hardened even more as I lay trembling in wait.

I felt more than heard Sean move and sensed that he was kneeling beside me, but that still didn’t prepare me for his hot mouth on my breast. Arching my back, I gasped and felt my body jump off the blanket seeking the heat from his mouth, his hard demanding suckling making me cry out with pleasure. His free hand found its way over to my other breast and started massaging, causing me to writhe beneath his touch.

I felt him stretch the length of his body out beside me, and I reached out to touch him, my hands reaching under his sweatshirt searching for skin. I found it, hot, hard, silky. I groaned. I wanted more and started searching for it, but as I heard him chuckle, illegal bahis siteleri I knew my game plan had been found out.

“Nice try, but it’s my turn and, if you don’t keep your hands to yourself, I’m going to tie them together.”

I reluctantly pulled them away, shivering once again as they left the warmth of his skin. My shivering didn’t last long, as I felt the warmth of his mouth on my skin, his tongue tracing a path down to my belly button where it toyed for a moment before halting at the waistband of my pants. His hands, which had been, until that moment, wrapped around my breasts, grabbed for the elastic waistband and tugged, drawing the fabric down my legs and over my tennis shoes.

Cool air caressed and drifted over my skin. I was both hot and cold, trembling with anticipation, yet shivering with excitement and need. I was outside on the bare ground naked before him, clad only in socks and shoes, and I couldn’t see his reaction. It was killing me.

Sean’s hands brushed upon my bare thighs and urged them to fall apart. Cool air swept along my kitten, wet and waiting for his touch. He threaded his fingers through the short tufts of hair above the soft folds of my pussy and clit and then gently trailed downward tracing the lines of my pussy. He touched along the side of my clit and I moaned. Moving my hips, I followed his finger, hoping that he’d actually touch the swollen nub. My hands fisted at my sides as he ignored my silent request. Instead, one finger gently inserted itself deep inside of me, and I moaned loudly, my body arching into it. I heard him groan. Such a sweet sound. It nearly drove me mad.

“Please…” I begged. “Please…”

I heard him move, and felt him lower himself between my feet. Next, hands appeared under my knees urging them to bend and spread- something to which I gladly complied. Completely exposed now to both his sight and his touch, I waited. I wanted so badly to feel him inside me. To feel the explosion of ecstasy that was just out of reach. I was shaking, and my hands grabbed the blanket below me in a vain attempt to regain control, but when his hot mouth clamped over my pussy, and his tongue drove itself full-length inside of me, I gave up.

My hips bucked into his mouth and I moaned. Quietly begging with words that came out haltingly, thoughts unfinished. “Keep… oh please… give me… I need…”

Whimpering, I heard him chuckle. “Soon.”

His hands rubbed along my legs to the juncture between and urged my pussy apart. God, I was so close! If only he’d let me finish.

Sean’s mouth continued it’s sweet torture for a few moments more as I trembled beneath him, but then I felt him pull away. I nearly started crying at the loss. I was so ready. So near completion. I wanted him so much I ached with it.

I felt him move more fully between my knees and knew that it was nearly time. I would soon know what if felt like to have him inside of me, and my already rapid breathing turned ragged.

I felt the palm of his hand cup my pussy and one finger gently brush my clit. I shuddered with the sensation. And then he was there, hard, hot… the tip of his cock resting outside the entrance of my hole. He pushed forward a little and I felt the walls of my cunt stretch around him to accommodate his size. Then, with one smooth deliberate motion, he pushed forward and embedded himself deep inside of me. It was all I needed. canlı bahis siteleri I bucked against him, trying to stifle the scream that ripped from my throat, as wave after wave of electric current raced through my nerve endings and I convulsed around him.

As my shuttering subsided, I became aware of his cock still deep inside of me, his hands pinning my arms above my head keeping control over my actions. As he moved with a slow deliberate pace I marveled at how well we fit together. I was awed by his restraint as I listened to his controlled breathing above me.

Suddenly, it wasn’t enough. I wanted him to lose control as I had. To listen to him cry out with the same force of nature that had shaken me just moments before. I needed to feel and hear his release almost as badly as I had needed my own. I sought to make that happen.

Using the only body part left to my disposal, I clamped the walls of my pussy down around his cock, tightening the hole he was plundering. He grunted in reaction and the sound sent a wave of bliss up through my system, making me dizzy with need all over again.

“You feel so good,” I whispered. “Does it feel good for you?”

“Oh yeah.” His words came out haltingly as he fought to hold back. To resist giving in to me just yet. “I’ve wanted this for so long… so hard to resist. You, teasing me… Watching you jog your sexy ass past my house night after night… Finally…”

I felt his cock harden inside of me and I groaned in reaction, the tension inside of me building like lava. I felt as though I were a rocket preparing for launch, sitting at the ready, moments away from take-off. He increased his pace and I started the countdown sequence.

Above me I heard the rumbling in his chest as his own orgasm started, a moan finally tearing free of his mouth. His cock pulsated inside of me as he gave up control to his own release and once again I shattered around him. Heat spread through my system, starting at the core of my body and swiftly igniting a path down my extremities. Every fiber of my being alive with feeling. My legs started to tremble and then I was gone. Bucking and riding him until we both collapsed satisfied.

We lay there spent on the ground for a few minutes, each of us trying desperately to regain our composure, my hands gently caressing the skin underneath his sweatshirt. I reached down to softly stroke his softening member- the only half of his body unclothed. I could hear people in the park, and a smile played at my mouth as I thought of the naughtiness of our adventure.

“I’m starting to get cold now” he chuckled, while finally removing the blindfold. “I couldn’t feel it before, but damn! It really is cold.”

I looked at him, and responded with a chuckle of my own. “Duh!” I moved to get up, a wicked smile playing on my lips. “Can I get dressed now, or do you need to have your way with me some more?”

“Me, no more energy. Clothes. Sexy woman. On.” He rose to gather his pants, and I laughed once again at the caveman tone.

Looking at Sean, I asked. “So… how do you feel about carrying this wager thing out to the end? Two more weeks left… could be fun.” I watched as a he smiled.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said, still smiling, and drew the new paper out of his pocket. “How do you think you can do this time?”

I looked down at the paper, it read:

Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay
Washington vs. Chicago
Cincinnati vs. St. Louis
Denver vs. Indianapolis
Green Bay vs. Oakland

Looking back up at him, I grinned and responded, “Slam dunk.” Then, I cocked an eyebrow and still smiling, asked, “So… what’s the wager this time?”



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