The best sisterMy name is Wendy, Wendy Bradley actually, I am a freelance journalist and you may have seen my name before, but in this story I will tell you how I was able to fulfil a long-awaited fantasy of mine.While I was writing my fantasy story, my brother, David Bradley, nearly two years older than me, saw my work on my computer and told me he had also recently fulfilled a long held fantasy. We shared many things over the years that we didn’t want our parents to know, but until now I did not know this story. With David, he often needs to tell some-one, but it would be imprudent to share things of this nature with his mates — so he tells me. He knows I don’t tell others. In return I have told him things of a similar and personal nature, but because he is older, and I think he is wiser, I used him to gain knowledge of sexual matters and things I found difficult to discuss, even with my mother. Sometimes, I need to confess some things I know I should not have been done, because he usually manages to apply commonsense logic to make it all sound feasible and to ease my conscience. I love him for his wise counsel. So this is the basis of the following, almost true, stories — names and places have been very much altered.I had always had a fantasy of fucking my brother, probably because I know we are not supposed to do it. We got close to it when we were younger, but he always backed off. This is about how it all changed recently and my fantasy was fulfilled.”David, do you remember me wanting you to fuck me, when we were teenagers?” I asked him.”Yes, I do, but why bring it up now?” he queried my timing, because we were in his bed, I was gently stroking his cock to keep it firm and his finger was caressing my clit with occasional excursions deep into my vagina. We were both naked and just catching up on things of the past.David was now at Riverdale University and his strange lecture times made travelling to and from home very difficult because the local bus service didn’t operate into the evenings. He was renting a small cottage from the parents of a uni colleague and was managing to pay the moderate rental because of a part-time job he had working at a camera and photographic repairs shop between lectures and practical classes. So the only time I was able to visit him was on weekends, where I planned to spend some quality time with him. Our mother knew where I was going and why, she was quite broadminded and offered only two words of advice, ‘be careful’. I said I would be.”I wanted to mention it to you many times before, but the time was wrong as others were around. The first time was when Amanda said that her brother fucked her. Did you know that David?” He nodded affirmatively. Amanda Thompson was my best friend at school; we met at kindergarten and continued as best friends through all our schooling, but she seemed to have more knowledge about sex than other girls at school and she was only a year older than me, so I tended to believe whatever she told me.”You told me that Amanda told you your pubic hairs would grow quicker if you had more fucks, didn’t she?” David had a good memory about all things that Amanda had uttered. He always thought she was just a talker and was always trying to prove herself to be more knowledgeable in sexual matters than her peers. David told me many times that she just talks and has no real proof, but I still believed her. “I told you she was wrong, but your proof was that she had pubic hair and you didn’t,” he concluded.”Yes, I thought it was true because I watched Joshua fuck her. When I was there, Amanda told me to watch and learn what a fuck was, so I watched them do it and I wanted to try it with you. But you didn’t want to. Why didn’t you want to Davey?” I used ‘Davey’ when I wanted special favours, usually answers to sex-related questions.”Wendy, I explained it to you at the time; my cock was too big for your small pussy. Don’t you remember that?” I nodded at him, but his cock seemed no bigger than Joshua’s and I saw how easily Joshua’s dick slipped into Amanda and how she enjoyed it. Surely, if it were too big she would have said ‘ouch’ or something, but she didn’t, she just sighed and smiled. The only difference between David’s cock and Joshua’s was that Joshua was circumcised, a word I didn’t know until Davey explained it to me, but surely that wouldn’t make a difference, I thought.”Davey, did you know you were the first boy to put your cock in me?” David nodded. “I wanted you to be the first, although Joshua was keen to put his in me, but I didn’t want him to do that, I just wanted you, so I waited for that time. Do you remember doing that? You didn’t put it in properly, did you?””No, I didn’t. It was not right; I just touched your vagina with my knob and didn’t go any further. And yes, you told me about Joshua, but I wasn’t going to do it while I thought I might injure you. You were very small; I had trouble getting one finger in you; that is why I didn’t do it.” David had explained this many times before, but I still feel I was cheated by the chance to be able to say to Amanda that David had fucked me, just to even up the score. I was still partly convinced that my hair would grow more quickly if he did, because Amanda had ‘proof’.”Well, we can do it now, can’t we? You won’t say no today, will you Davey?” I turned to look at my brother’s face for confirmation.”We can do it now, but we have a lot of weekend to go. Let’s fool around first, eh?” he said.”What are you suggesting, a blow-job or something?” I asked.”Yes, we could do that, or I could lick your cunt, or we could even do a sixty-nine, if you want to.” I liked Davey’s suggestions, but I couldn’t decide. He noticed my silence and saw me frown. “How long has it been since we have had this chance to do what we like? If we take our time was could do all these things and try and invent some more.””More?” I asked, “How much more is there?” I was shocked by his list of ideas about having sex. Secretly, I was excited, but I didn’t want him to know that, so I said, “You choose.”David took the initiative, as he always does, “OK, let’s achieve your fantasy first and we can do the other stuff over the next day and a half. Is that all right with you?”I rolled onto my back and spread my legs to allow his body to fit between. He took up his position, but did not insert his cock. He lay on me, started kissing my tits and squeezing them, before moving up higher to kiss me full on the mouth. Not with a brother’s kiss, but with a lover’s kiss. His tongue found its way inside my mouth and worked on my tongue.His cock was resting near my pelvic bone and I felt it harden when we kissed, I felt my pussy start to moisten and tingle. A squeeze on my boobs can illegal bahis cause that too, I was ready for his cock. I arched up towards him as a signal to get started, but he didn’t respond, he continued kissing me; whispered in my ear, “I am going to make you wait for this, as long as I can, Wend.” That was his nickname for me — he used it when he wanted something, like information I may have had about family things I had overheard and he did not hear.I didn’t know if I could wait much longer, my toes starting curling up, my legs stiffened and my butt lifted off the bed to encourage his cock, which I could feel was like a steel spike waiting to be driven into its hole. I was having trouble controlling my breath; I was panting in short and deep breaths. David was noticing all this; he was smiling at me when our eyes met.”You have waited a few years for this, so a few more minutes won’t matter, will it, Wend?””A few more minutes? I could explode before then. Get on with it Davey, fuck me for God’s sake.” I was almost frantic with lust and I wanted to be fucked and fucked hard, right now! I started to sweat and I clasped my legs around his hips and my arms pulled him tighter to my chest, so tight that I almost crushed him into my firm breasts with their rigid nipples.Davey slid down a little more and I could feel where his cock was and wriggled my pussy so that all he had to do was push it in. No hands required, I was fully wide open and waiting.His organ had a mind of its own and slipped straight into its wet target and I felt it pushing harder into my love tunnel. My feet were lifting me off the bed for more of him, until I could feel his balls bumping against my butthole. He was in and secure, now for the action. But there was no movement!”Davey, what are you doing? Fuck me now! Please!” I looked up at his face and he teased me by asking,”Are you ready now?” That is why I love my brother so much; he is so full of surprises — and sexy torments. I nodded and he started to push gently in and out, no hurried strokes. It seems he had all the time in the world to do it. Just gentle pushing in and out, rhythmical action, that caused me to match him stroke for stroke, push by push. Then it happened! He was ready to come and my orgasm was just waiting for his juicy signal. “Ready. Go,” he said and I felt the strong surges of his hot cum shoot into my cunt and spurt by spurt I was driven into temporary ecstasy by his love pump. I could hear the slurping noises as I became wetter with each spurt of his semen. The sound spurred me on to more effort. I was in heaven!When the spurts and surges inside me subsided I was wet with perspiration and the sheen of moisture on my brother’s body from his exertion made him look sexier than before. It took a while to control my breathing, not made any easier by David’s body still on top of me as he also tried to regain control of his normal breathing. My thighs were so drenched with my juice mixed with my brother’s sperm I thought I was stuck to the bed. His dick was stuck to my pubic hair, but I didn’t care, I loved it.When he could breathe normally, he asked me, “Well Sis, did you enjoy that?” David was the master of rhetorical questions and I loved that about him too, but I answered him.”How could anyone not have liked that, you fool?” He laughed and said,”I have been planning that since you said you wanted to stay this weekend, I wanted your first real fuck with me to be the best you have ever had. Had did I go?” he asked me.”Brotherly fucks are the best,” was all I could say.I sat up on the bed then walked to the bathroom to wash myself after the drenching of cum and girly juice, as well as needing to pee after all that activity, while David just lay flat on his back with his cock resting against his left thigh. As I returned to this scene I recalled it wasn’t often that I saw my brother’s cock in a limp state, but I can see why his girlfriend, Jeanette, wanted to photograph his flaccid organ when they were supposedly doing a school project on life photography. Jenette’s project had nothing to do with an elective subject assignment, Jeanette wanted a portfolio of glamour shots like she saw in women’s magazines and she asked David if he would do them for her. He was renowned as a good photographer with a keen eye for detail by his teacher and classmates, but I think the real reason for a photo of his flaccid dick was that she wanted him to notice her and become ‘an item’, but David had too many girls wanting his attention, so he declared he had no girlfriends, but Jeanette had a close-up photo of his big, limp dick as a consolation prize on her computer.This was a concern for our mother who thought that a lad as good-looking as David, who was so outgoing would certainly have a girlfriend by his side. Whenever mum asked him about having a special girl he always said there was none. The truth is that he was having too much fun with lots of girls and he liked it that way. That seemed to concern our mother, whom I thought felt that David’s affections were leaning towards boys. She was always asking him about girls, when finally she came up with a not so subtle way of trying to help him with what she saw was his problem. That is where this second fantasy story starts, as I record David’s telling about him fucking our mother.”David, how and when did this fantasy of yours become real?” I asked in true journalist style.”It was just a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday. It was a Sunday morning and I had slept in. When I woke up the house was uncharacteristically quiet. No voices in the kitchen, the TV wasn’t on and your voice wasn’t chattering to mum in the kitchen. What really worried me was that there were no sounds at all in the kitchen. Generally, by that time mum would have been pottering around and the sounds of dishes and cutlery would have been audible. So I got out of bed to find out what was wrong. I didn’t dress; I was still wearing my boxer shorts.””What happened next? Did you find mum?” It was a logical question, well, two questions.”She was still in bed and she didn’t hear me walk in. She was lying on her side, facing the other way, so I slid into bed behind her asked her if she were OK, as in not well.” David looked at me to see if I was still following his story.”Go on,” I urged him and he continued,”She said she was all right and was taking the advantage of sleeping in, having no-one requiring her attention. She told me you were at Amanda’s place and dad had gone to a Sunday football game with Harry. So, she was all alone in her bed. That’s when I had the idea of showing her that all the things she had been telling me about sex and girls in recent years had been heeded and I was a good learner illegal bahis siteleri and that she had no worries about me not liking girls.I was recording all this information because there was too much to write as he spoke. Also, I would be able to check the truth of it with mum later; that is, if she wanted to agree or deny any of what David had said had actually happened.”So, you were in bed with mum, lying behind her, so what happened next?” I pressed him to continue.”I pressed myself closer to her and spooned with her. She was surprised and asked me why I was doing it, so I put my arms around her and hugged her close and covered her breast with my hand and tweaked a nipple. She told me I shouldn’t be doing that, it wasn’t right and all that stuff we have heard before, but she didn’t push my hand away. I told her I was going to show her that her teachings were not lost and I did have an interest in girls.” David assured me that was his intention. He paused and looked at me and asked if he should continue with the story. I have no idea what he thought I was waiting for, so he continued from where he left off. Perhaps he thought I didn’t believe him, so I made more effort to listen to his story and he contimued.”I whispered in her ear that I was going to make love to her to show her the proof of her teachings.” He stopped there and said that before he could continue he had to tell me another part of the story that happened during the previous week to put it into context.”I need to tell you this because the rest of this story won’t make a lot of sense. It was here that my idea, my fantasy, started, but I had no idea how or when I was going to be able to carry it out. Do you remember when my school has a teachers’ meeting day or something and I was allowed to stay home? You threw a tantrum saying that if I were allowed to stay home you should be allowed to stay home too?” I did remember that, it was a Friday. I was young then and I thought David was getting special treatment from mum for him to stay home.”So what happened that day?” My interest was now aroused about this previous day, he said,”Well, I was just walking out of the shower into my bedroom, naked. My body was dry and I had the towel over my head to dry my hair as I walked. I was looking down to see where I was going because the towel was d****d over my head; I saw mum’s feet where I was about to walk.” He paused for breath.”I didn’t hear her, but when I saw her feet I pulled the towel quickly around my buttocks to maintain some order of privacy. She was sitting on the side of my bed. I asked her, ‘Mum, what are you doing here? I didn’t hear you come in. I wouldn’t have been naked had I known you were going to be here.’ She said, ‘That’s all right, David, I have seen it all before. Remember, I was the one who kept you clean and dry, the one who kept your penis clean and made sure you didn’t get a rash in that area when you were a baby. Don’t feel embarrassed.’ I wasn’t sure what to do now, but she pulled the towel from my grip and threw it on the bed. She Sat there, just having a good look at me. She took both my hands and pulled me closer to her. ‘Let me look at you. I watched as you walked towards me and saw what a big penis you have and a large pair of testicles as well. David you have grown and it seems you are already a man, so what about these girls you don’t talk about?’ I looked at her and asked what girls she meant.”David stopped talking, he was thinking.”Wendy, do you think mum might have thought I preferred boys, when she said that. It just occurred to me,” he said. I smiled at him and said,”Well Davey, she doesn’t know you as well I do, or Jeanette or the others who follow you around at school, dies she? If she saw you and those girls at our swimming place at the creek last summer she wouldn’t think like that would she?” He shook his head.”I guess not.””What have you not been telling her to give her that impression?” I asked him.”When she talks about girls, it is always about have you got a girlfriend, is she nice, or who are you taking to the school dance? I usually say ‘no-one’ because that is the truth. She has been on the wrong track for a while it seems.” The realisation about his mother’s ideas just struck him.”OK, so what has this got to do about getting into bed with mum?” I asked him.”Well, I think it all started here. She said my penis was probably as big as dad’s but she wasn’t sure, it’s been so long since she has seen it and a few other things that suggested it was time I made a move to have a girlfriend. As she talked she was gently rubbing my cock, moving my foreskin back and forth, not trying to jerk me off, but idly playing with it, almost trancelike. Sometimes she used her other hand to squeeze by balls, but the effect of her hands on my cock and balls was getting me worked up. I could feel I was going to come if she didn’t stop and I didn’t know how to tell her without embarrassing either myself to her, so I didn’t do anything until the last minute and it was too late.” David was silent for a moment, like he was thinking about something, then he continued.”My sperm shot out in great spurts and landed on her blouse and skirt. I was embarrassed at what had happened, but mum was quite unperturbed. She said, ‘That’s all right dear, these clothes can go in the wash with the other things. No harm done.’ I tried to apologise again, but she said, ‘David, in the morning our bodies are refreshed and rested, so it is not surprising that you are so full of vigour when you released your fluid. I should not have been touching you, so it is I who should apologise. I am so pleased to see you are performing normally for a virile young man. Some girl would be pleased to know her beau was so well-equipped.’ I couldn’t tell her that some girls already know how I am equipped, so I let her comment pass.” Photos″So, how does that relate to the morning you were in her bed, Davey?” I asked. This time it was me who was curious about the link between the two events.”Well, after that I wondered what it would be like to fuck mum. She seemed happy enough to play with my cock and I just had this fantasy that if I could let her really feel how well I can use it, she may stop talking about girls. I never thought the day would come where it was possible that I could carry out my fantasy, but it did! Seeing her in bed alone and in an empty house was the trigger. Not only that, when I slid in beside her I saw her nightie had ridden up over her buttocks and I had a good view of her exposed lower region, although I didn’t take advantage of it just then, but I know how close I was to it and started to wonder what she would do if I had touched her. canlı bahis siteleri When she didn’t take my hands off her tits I took that as a signal to continue.I managed to get my cock out of my shorts and it pressed against her butt crack and she said, ‘David, that a hardness I can feel there, is it you?’ It was a cryptic question, but I knew what she meant and I told her it was my cock, hard and ready to go. She sternly asked me, ‘And what do you plan to do with it there?’ It didn’t sound like a reprimand, but a gentle taunt, so I took it as such. I whispered in her ear that I was going to show her that I had taken notice of her teachings and I wanted to show her how well she had done her job, especially to confirm I was ‘normal’. There was a silence as if she were contemplating my suggestion. She moved away from me and rolled onto her back and looked directly into my eyes, ‘David, as much as your idea appeals to me, I don’t think it is right that we do go that far. I know your father has been ignoring my needs for a long time, but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable doing what I would very much enjoy sharing with you. Families just don’t do those things.”As she spoke her hand came down and gripped my cock and gently stroked it as she did in my bedroom, ‘Perhaps this will satisfy you and ease the pressure you must be feeling.’ I thought for a few moments and told her, that if she has gone this far, by holding my dick, then perhaps the next step isn’t such a big leap of conscience after all. She smiled and said to me, ‘David, you are the clever one. Perhaps we could, but no-one must ever know. Is that clear?’ I said it was perfectly clear. She then told me, ‘I can’t imagine that we would ever have this time again, so it would be an opportunity missed by both of us. I know I will have regrets if we don’t take advantage of it, and I am sure you will see it as the one that got away, most men do.'””So, you think that was an agreement to fuck her, do you?” I was starting to get horny just listening to his story. I haven’t known David to tell lies, but I was hoping to get some proof of what he had just told me by asking mum at a convenient time. I also wondered whether I would be betraying a confidence by admitting that David told me they did it, because of her ‘no tell’ agreement with David. I had some serious thinking to do, but I will keep the recording and let mum be the judge. I can recall when David told mum that I was worried about not having pubic hairs when Amanda had plenty and she wasn’t much older than me. I was pleased mum spoke to me about it to allay my doubts, I was grateful that David told mum, so I guess this evens the family score card if I check David’s story with her.”Now David, do you want to give me the details of how it all happened and how it all ended? I don’t want to seem like a pervert, but it could give me confirmation of the activity. Are you willing to do that?””Geez, sis, you sound just like a crime reporter. It wasn’t a crime; it was love, purely love on both our parts. I will tell you, but I don’t want it smeared into a good story for any magazine you write for. You won’t do that, will you?” I told him I may not even publish it at all.”Now, where was I? Oh yes, Mum had agreed that if we remained silent about it, we could do it and it shall remain a secret. She pushed the bedcovers right down to the foot of the bed and I saw her almost naked body, the only part of her that was covered was her middle where the garment had bunched up during the night. She asked me to take it off over her head and raised herself to a sitting position to allow me to do it. I was looking at her completely naked body with large breasts, dark nipples and slightly wrinkled skin.” I stopped him there.”OK David, did you see mum’s pubic hair? What was it like?” I asked him, because I had seen her in the shower one day, she showed me her pubic trim, now I could confirm that much at least if he were telling the truth.”It was a neat strip going vertically from her clit area upwards in line with her pussy slit. She called it a landing strip. Her pubic mounds just allowed the tip of her clit to show. All right?” He told me quite precisely without needing to make up a story. I n knew he had seen it.”OK, then what?” I asked.”I kissed her breasts for a while and she whispered for me to go down between her legs and use my tongue on her pussy. I did that and she held my head close until she was satisfied and I was almost out of breath.” I laughed at that last comment. He went on, she told me to come up close to her and put my penis into her. That wasn’t difficult to do; she was poised ready for my cock, like some-one who has waited a long time. I started the usual movement and soon felt mum’s feet clamp over my buttocks to keep me there. We didn’t hurry, but savoured every stroke; she was enjoying herself and making small groaning noises with each thrust. We both came together, which was a great feeling for me, and I am sure mum felt likewise. After some time to regain our breathing rhythm I rolled onto the bed beside her and she told me, ‘Darling, I have never felt so good having sex as I do right now. It has been so long that I have been starved of this very pleasant experience. Your father has no interest in sex anymore, it’s all about his cable television and sport. I doubt he even knows what I look like down there these days. I suggested to her that we could do it again if she feels she needs some more loving sex in her life. She smiled at me and said, ‘David, you don’t miss a trick, do you?’ I laughed and said, that I was only thinking of her needs. She kissed me and told me I was a good boy, but not to say a word to anyone.””So, that was it? You fucked mum and walked away?” I suggested.”No, it wasn’t like that. As I left the bed I kissed her on the cheek and just as I reached the bedroom door I heard her say, ‘until next time, darling.'” David ended his story with a smile.I did talk to mum about what David had said and she listened to the recording and agreed with all he told me. She told me she didn’t want to confirm or deny what happened, but added, “David is a truthful boy, I did tell him not to tell anyone, but you are family and understand the family secrets rule. I have to tell you Wendy, that if your father had paid more attention to my needs and less to his sports and cable TV, this conversation need not have happened, but I don’t regret doing it. As for another time, I don’t know.” There was a long pause as I stood and watched to see if mum wanted to add any more comments. She did, “Wendy, just as a mother talking to her daughter, you should do it with David, he is a caring lover. You may like him too.” I could only answer with, “Yes mum.”So David and I have both fulfilled our secret fantasies. Life really does have its rewards and fantasies can come true. Reporting these events has made me ready for some more action. There are still two more nights of me sleeping with David.



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