[Note to the reader: This is the second part of a larger story. Read the first part, “The Best Lovers,” before reading this, or the plot will not make sense.]

His soft but forceful hands melted the tension in her muscles as he caressed her back. Gentle tremors ran through her legs as they straddled his lap. Her straight hair hung like a curtain, brushing against his cheeks, as she rested her forehead against his. Hot breath filled the intimate space between their faces as she studied his perfect features, so familiar and yet revealing new subtleties every moment. With his wide, deep eyes locked on hers, she felt every nuance of her emotion reflected in his body.

His large, stiff, throbbing manhood slid gently along her soaked hole as she soared into fresh realms of ecstasy. Eagerly engulfing him, clinging to his rippling shoulders, her body shaking under the force of his thrusting, she rode him slowly and deeply. Her nose touched his, her eyelids fell, and her lips pressed softly into the warmth of his kiss.

Vibrations from his moaning floated over her tongue as his swollen member spurted hot juice, coating her insides. She sucked on his tongue as her pussy walls squeezed his pulsing head, coxing more cum from his rock hard dick. Shivers ran along her spine as his fingers dug into her back.

Nick turned in his drunken sleep, pulling the comforter off Jenny and interrupting her reverie. She glanced at her boyfriend’s sleeping form as she yanked the blanket away from him. A moist feeling lingered between her legs as thoughts of Eric swirled in her restless mind. She searched herself for feelings of guilt or shame. She had never cheated before, and yet a few hours ago had sex with Eric while Nick was at a store, and barely got away with it. Who was this new Jenny, who brazenly seduced a lifelong friend in such a risky situation? She marveled at her own audacity, feeling exhilarated by her newfound confidence.

What amazed Jenny most was her utter lack of remorse. In some twisted way, Eric’s wonderfully satisfying lovemaking seemed to justify her anger at Nick. Her eyes narrowed and her lips curled into a contemptuous smile as she watched her boyfriend sleeping.

“I deserve him,” she whispered, knowing he couldn’t hear a thing. “I deserve a lover like Eric. I don’t deserve a useless drunk.”

As the words echoed in her ears, she slid a hand slowly down her body, reaching into her panties and finding her moist clit. Eyes closed, body relaxed, memories of Eric flooded her mind as she rubbed herself. Ripples of pleasure spread through her like aftershocks of Eric’s warm load exploding inside her. Soft sighs of satisfaction drifted from her lips as she took her time, pressing and rubbing her pleasure spot in precisely the right ways. Nick knew his way around her clit, but there were certain sensations only her fingers could elicit.

Jenny’s eyes fell shut, ignoring Nick as she imagined Eric’s lips on hers, his hands in her hair, his cock plunging deep into her. Her body tensed as she pressed her fingers into her clit, rubbing harder and faster, bringing herself to the brink. She opened her eyes to see Nick’s sleeping face just as a soft groan erupted from her lips and her body shuddered with the delight of orgasm. Her pleasure peak intensified with the thrill of power she got from pleasing herself without Nick, as he lay ignorant next to her.

As her body relaxed and gave in to sleep, a smile crept over Jenny’s lips. “Mmm, Eric,” she breathed.


“Jesus Christ,” Eric muttered as he sped away from Jenny’s house.

Her moans reverberated in his ears, her gorgeous face floated before his eyes, and his body shivered at the memory of her touch. He struggled to maintain focus on the road. During dinner, he had managed to push aside the more visceral memories of his seduction. Jenny’s cooking helped, distracting him with a truly masterful array of Spanish flavors. But the meal spoke to him as clearly as Jenny’s body had. With each mouthful, he tasted her many days of research and practice to recreate his beloved cuisine. What had possessed her to suddenly seduce him so completely?

Eric’s composure in front of Nick, Amy, and Jimmy disintegrated when he got in his car. Alone on the road, his incredible sexual encounter devoured his consciousness just as Jenny had swallowed his hard cock in her sweet wet pussy. He watched helplessly as every detail replayed itself in his mind. He only became aware of the bulge in his pants when it grew to full size and pressed against the steering wheel.

The door to his modest one bedroom apartment barely clicked shut before Eric wrapped his hand around his stiff, warm cock. His body sank into his living room couch as he stroked himself slowly, squeezing his throbbing manhood. Vivid visions of Jenny’s face tightened his hand as his eyes closed, drifting into a sweet memory.

The excitement güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of shooting his cum into his gorgeous friend drove his hand faster and faster over his shaft. He could almost feel her hot juices and tender flesh consuming him. Cum rising in his cock, he caressed the smooth head, his body twitching with pleasure. He opened his eyes, excited by how big his cock looked. He imagined Jenny’s beautiful lips on his rod, her deep eyes gazing at him with desperate yearning. He remembered his cum spurting onto her soft cheek and her shapely nose. An involuntary gasp flew from his lips as he discharged, spewing warm liquid onto his chest. His wide eyes watched his bulging head expel squirt after squirt, wishing his cum was landing in Jenny’s warm mouth.


Jenny stood in the hall outside Eric’s apartment the next day, her eyes darting nervously but seeing nothing. She swallowed audibly and knocked on the door, desperately fishing for something to say when it opened. She tried to contemplate the irreversible consequences of what she had done, but found her body still too erotically charged at the memory of Eric. The planning, the preparation, and the execution of seducing him had been thrilling. But she eventually realized her scheme failed to cover the next morning. Would she continue her affair? Would Eric want to? Was it all a mistake?

She had slipped out of bed, leaving Nick to sleep off the alcohol in the glow of the late-morning sun. She had almost felt sorry, his peaceful face reminding her of why she fell for him in the first place. But before the feeling could overtake her, she had crept silently out the door and into her car. It seemed like only a moment later that Eric’s door swung open and his eyes pierced her, stopping her swirling thoughts dead in their tracks.

“Jenny,” Eric blurted. “Uh, come in.” He stepped aside to let her past, amazed that she looked even more beautiful than he recalled. He was garbed in nothing but boxer shorts and a t-shirt, having recently awoken. Jenny walked past him to the window as he considered putting proper pants on. Her dark hair caught the sunlight and seemed for a moment to be a continuation of it, and her entire shape a manifestation of heaven’s glory.

“Fuck,” she said, staring out at the quiet street. The word hung in the air.

“Yeah,” Eric concurred. The tones of their monosyllabic exchange conveyed their mutual uncertainty. Jenny turned to look at Eric. His face was calm, still unshaven, and still retained the trusting sweetness she had cherished during their long friendship. But a new serene confidence in his eyes had replaced the perpetual heartache. His gaze washed over her anxious body, and she knew in an instant he had no regrets.

“We need to have a talk,” Jenny ventured, leaning against the windowsill. Eric tried not to stare too obviously at her legs extending down from her knee-length skirt, or her perfectly proportioned breasts peaking out from her shirt.

“Yeah, I suppose we do,” Eric agreed.

“Last night, I was –” Jenny stopped short as her eyes drifted down Eric’s chest, asserting itself through his tight t-shirt, to his half-erect cock bulging noticeably in his boxers. She laughed, a sweet musical laugh, and put a hand to her mouth in embarrassment. Or was it excitement?

“Oh,” Eric mumbled as he looked down. “I’m uh…” Jenny laughed even more as his eyes went wide with innocent embarrassment, and then gave way to mirth. He too started laughing, his posture relaxing somewhat as the tension in the room dissipated.

“It’s ok,” Jenny giggled as she started moving toward him. “It’s the morning, I guess.”

“Yeah, maybe that’s it,” Eric chuckled as he walked forward to meet Jenny in the middle of the room. “Or maybe it’s just… you know… seeing you again… after… everything…”

“Shh,” Jenny whispered as she put a finger on his soft lips. Being close to him again sent shivers through her body. She half-consciously slipped her hand into his boxers as his face drew closer to hers. By the time she grasped his shaft it had fully hardened.

“Jenny…” Eric whispered as his nose brushed against hers.

“I just… I want to…” Jenny struggled to explain herself, but her mind grew hazy as she felt his lips on hers, pressing ever so softly. Before she knew what she had done, his boxers were around his ankles and her hand drew his throbbing manhood toward her skirt.

Eric tasted her sweet tongue in his mouth as he wrapped his arms around his friend. He instinctively lifted her skirt and pushed his rod toward her hole, expecting to rub against her moist panties. But instead he encountered only bare flesh, moist pussy lips, and the warmth of Jenny’s snatch. Without thinking, he plunged himself into her, eliciting gasps of excitement from both of them.

Jenny threw her arms around his shoulders as he hoisted her up, his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri strong hands firmly holding her tight rear end. Her legs wrapped around his middle as he thrusted again, sending his rock hard cock even deeper into her pulsing hole. The two lovers stared into each others eyes, both wanting to kiss, but both too overcome with sheer pleasure to do anything but moan and gasp as they made love.

Jenny’s entire body quaked each time Eric rammed himself into her deepest areas. He gripped her ass tightly, sliding her soaked womanhood over his stiff dick as he immersed himself in her. Her moans turned into shouts of delight as he steadily slammed into her with almost ferocious intensity, each thrust bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Eric grunted and moaned in a deep voice as his primal masculine urge to fill her with his cock and cum overpowered his self control. He shoved his rod as deep as possible into Jenny, her shouts of joy driving him harder and harder.

Beads of sweat formed on Eric’s forehead as he felt himself nearing his peak. He knew by the sweet cries coming from Jenny’s beautiful lips and the tightening of her pussy that she was close too. Her nails dug into his broad shoulders as he thrusted with all his might. Her crotch burned with desire as his cock throbbed with anticipation. The two were no longer separate people, but one desperate visceral beast.

“Jenny!” Eric suddenly shouted loud enough for the neighbors to hear. “Oh, Jenny!” Hearing her name shouted in such a raw, animalistic voice brought her over the edge.

“Eric!” Jenny shrieked as her pussy detonated in an incredible explosion of bliss, unleashing Eric’s semen in a geyser of ecstasy. Eric shouted Jenny’s name one more time as spurt after spurt of warm juice erupted from his throbbing head. Jenny clung to him tightly as she convulsed, cumming over and over as Eric filled her with his hot load.

Eric gasped for air as their mutual orgasm subsided, holding her securely with his shaft still inside. Jenny buried her face in his sweaty t-shirt and tried to catch her breath. Eric rested his cheek in her hair and stared blankly at the wall, overcome with awe at the passionate moment they had just shared. Jenny slowly untangled her legs from his torso as Eric lowered her gently to her feet. Excess cum dripped onto the floor as his cock slipped from her sheath. They both laughed as Jenny stumbled and Eric tried to support her.

“I better sit down,” Jenny breathed as she flopped onto a nearby couch. Eric sat down slowly next to her, grinning widely. She found it sexy that while she was physically exhausted, Eric seemed to have all his strength intact.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” Eric smiled. “Again.”

“That was incredible,” Jenny sighed contentedly. “I mean, fuck. That was beyond amazing.”

“I’m glad we had that talk,” Eric chuckled.

“Oh, shut up.” Jenny slapped his shoulder mockingly as she laughed. She caught his eyes for a moment and found herself unable to stop smiling. “I’m so glad this happened,” she admitted. “I came over here not knowing what to say. But now I know for sure. I have no regrets.”

“None?” Eric raised his eyebrows.

“None!” Jenny flung her arms out as if letting go of a burden. “I mean, goddamn, look at us. That was maybe the most intense sex I’ve ever had. And we were just so…”

“Connected,” Eric finished her thought.

“Exactly,” she grinned. “It was like… fuck, I can’t even describe it.”

“It felt so right,” Eric jumped in. “I know that sounds stupid, but it felt natural, like we belong together, like we already know each others’ bodies and desires and all that shit.” Eric knew his words sounded cheesy, but felt a surge of joy at the realization that he meant them with ever fiber of his being. He had never felt so totally at one with another person, not even Tess.

“And here we are, talking like we always did,” Jenny marveled. “It’s not awkward at all. I thought stuff like this only worked in stories.”

“Apparently not,” Eric rubbed her shoulder gently. “I guess you were right. Best friends do make the best lovers.”

“God, Eric, do you think we can really do this?” Jenny gazed at him lovingly and questioningly. “Can we just change our relationship like this?”

“At this point,” Eric leaned in close to her lips, “why the fuck not?” She grabbed his cheeks and pulled him into a passionate kiss, their tongues swirling around each other with carefree abandon. Jenny couldn’t help but moan softly into his mouth as she felt a tingling in her crotch. Eric pulled away from the kiss slowly, and looked into her eyes.

“Nick,” he stated.

“Yeah,” Jenny sighed. “I don’t know.”

“I guess we need to have a talk about that too,” Eric grinned in that mischievous way Jenny had always found adorable. His face disappeared as he dove under her skirt. Her güvenilir bahis şirketleri laugher gave way to excited gasps as his skilled tongue swirled around her eager clit.


“Fuck,” Nick murmured as he drifted out of the dream world and into the harsh reality of waking life. His head ached from the previous night’s debauchery, and for a moment he tried to resist leaving the peace of sleep. But he quickly realized that another sensation demanded his full attention. His cock was fully hard, and a set of lips were sliding up and down his shaft. A warm tongue caressed his most sensitive spots affectionately. He groaned at the headache, and then moaned softly as his entire manhood plunged into a moist and welcoming mouth.

“Mmm, Jenny,” Nick sighed as he reached down to stroke her hair. Instead, his hand hit the blanket that was covering her head. He began lifting the sheets to catch a glimpse of the action, but another hand smacked his away. He cried out as her feminine lips tightened around the base of his dick and her sweet tongue wrapped itself around his throbbing head. He clutched the sheets on either side of him as she sucked hard on his member, sending ripples of pleasure through his body.

Nick temporarily forgot his headache. The bliss of waking to a hot wet mouth sucking eagerly on his erect cock overtook him completely. She slid his fleshy head along the inside of her cheek and down into her throat. Vibrations from her gentle moaning caressed his tip teasingly as her lips pressed against the base of his cock, the lower lip just barely brushing against his balls. Her expert tongue slid along the length of his shaft, winding and circling around the sensitive area just below the head. Nick’s head rolled from side to side as he moaned in ecstasy, enjoying the symphony of sensations she skillfully orchestrated to bring him to the edge of orgasm and hold him there.

Just as he was about to beg her to let him cum, she slid her lips up to his tip and began plunging his shaft in and out of her warm mouth, sucking as hard as she could. Nick gasped desperately and clutched the sheets as his cum spewed into her mouth in a long, thick gush of man juice. A few more spurts followed as Nick’s body shook with the excitement of release. She skillfully swallowed all of his cum, sucking his cock dry.

“Oh God, Jenny,” Nick gasped as he caught his breath. The blanket covering her head flew upward, and in a flurry of golden hair Amy appeared.

“It’s me, you jackass,” she slapped the side of his head.

“Fuck!” he shouted. “I have a headache, watch it.”

“Don’t you know the difference between my mouth and Jenny’s by now?” Amy chided him.

“Sorry babe, I was asleep, and you surprised me.” Amy slid herself up Nick’s body to kiss him sweetly. Nick let his hands drift over her apparently naked form, relishing each soft curve.

“Your breath reeks,” Amy complained as she threw a piece of gum at Nick.

“Where the hell is Jenny, anyway?” Nick wondered as he unwrapped the gum and started chewing.

“No idea,” Amy shrugged, her wet snatch hovering just above Nick’s semi-hard cock. “Her car was gone when I got here.”

“How did you get in?” Nick frowned, trying to make sense of things.

“The living room window, idiot, like I always do.” Amy shook her head at him. “You really are a dumbass sometimes.”

“Gimme a break,” Nick growled. “I have a hangover. I can’t think too clearly.”

“Then don’t think,” Amy whispered. “Just fuck me, big boy.” She reached down with one hand to guide his half-erect cock toward her hole, and lowered herself over his shaft. Within three thrusts, Nick was fully rigid and bulging inside her tight pussy.

“What if Jenny comes back?” Nick gasped as he propelled his hips up toward hers, plunging deeper and deeper into her.

“I guess we better be quick,” Amy grinned as she slid up and down his manhood.

“I’ll give you quick,” Nick grunted as he grabbed her back with one strong arm and used the other to steady himself as he flipped her over, all the while keeping his shaft buried deep inside of her hot wet pussy. He propped himself up with his arms and rammed his dick hard and fast into her, making Amy shriek with delight.

“Cum for me baby,” Nick commanded as he increased both his speed and intensity with seemingly little effort. “Cum for me, Amy.” Amy needed no urging as her eager body gave way to his powerful thrusts. She squirmed uncontrollably on the bed as her pussy shuddered with orgasm. Nick watched with satisfaction as she half-buried her sweet face in a pillow, trying to muffle her screams. He rammed her g-spot harder and faster still, amplifying her climax as it overtook her.

“You cum too,” Amy instructed as her peak finally subsided. “Cum inside me, Nick.”

“I don’t think so,” Nick grinned as he shoved his hard shaft deep into her. “You’re gonna have to cum a lot more before I do.” Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up to kiss him passionately. As their tongues danced, she already felt the beginnings of another orgasm as Nick relentlessly slammed his stiff member into her.

“You’re the best,” Amy breathed as she grinned sweetly at him.



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