The night was an exciting night! A night never before experienced by either of them.

They had met in a chat room, and talked for long hours, several times, telling each other about their lives.

He and his late wife had been married for 32 years before she died of cancer at the age of 50. He had sold his business to enable him to stay home and care for her. She was the only woman he had been in all of those years. He was lonely and lost without her.

She was married to a man who had little interest in her. He was the rare man who wasn’t interested in anything sexual, not even his wife. Sex had been good during their courtship, but immediately after the ‘I do’s’ were said, it all changed. She had to practically beg him for sex, and was met with one rejection after another. He was content with four or five times a year, and during their 18 year marriage, sex slowly dwindled to nothing.

She moved out of their bedroom into the bedroom down the hall. She, too, was lonely. Lonely for a man’s touch. Lonely for strong arms holding her. Lonely for a man’s lips on her lips. Lonely for a man to share her passion with. Lonely for lovemaking, real lovemaking.

One day while chatting on the internet, he asked her if she would meet him for lunch one day. They lived an hour apart and chose a restaurant that was halfway between them.

She arrived first, and because she knew what kind and color vehicle to look for, saw him pull into the restaurant parking area. He spotted her right away, got out of his car and walked toward her. She was immediately attracted to the tall ruggedly handsome man.

When he pulled into the restaurant parking lot and spotted her, he thought she was extremely attractive. She was tall. He remembered her telling him she was 5’10”. She had also told him that she was an RN. His wife had been 5’10” tall, and an RN. This woman carried herself well and had a drop dead gorgeous smile.

They walked toward the restaurant, he held the door open for her, and they walked in. As she walked in ahead of him to their table, his eyes wandered to her hips, and he liked what he saw. Her hips swayed with a smooth rhythm, and he felt himself stir.

They had an enjoyable time during lunch, getting to know each other better. There was no awkward silence, the conversation flowed. He told her about his three children, pendik escort a son and a daughter who were married with children, and a son who was in his second year of college. She told him about her daughter and son from her first marriage. They both were married with children. They talked about the joys of being a grandparent. There was laughter and general enjoyment of each other’s company.

As the luncheon wore on, her passionate nature took over and her mind wandered. She looked at his lips and wondered what it would feel like to kiss him… be in his arms….to make love to him.

He watched her as she talked, noticed how animated her pretty face was, how soft and feminine her voice was. He couldn’t help looking at her breasts straining against her navy blue pull over shirt. She was sweet and he liked her. Liked her a lot.

They finished lunch and walked to their cars that were parked next to each other. They said their good-byes, each hesitating, reluctant to leave. This being the only awkward moment between them.

They chatted on the Internet a few more times. One evening he asked her what she was doing that night.

She said, “nothing.”

He told her he was doing nothing too and would she be able to meet him for awhile that night?

She knew it would be difficult. When her husband wanted to know where she was going, what would she tell him? It was not her habit to go out at night. She was apprehensive, but agreed to meet him anyway. She told her husband she was going to Kmart just to look around.

They met at the agreed time and place. She left her car…got into his..and they drove off together. He immediately put his hand on her leg and she felt a shiver go up her spine. He held her hand and asked her to move close to him. She did. He put his arm around her shoulders as she snuggled against his side. It felt so good to be held and he told her how good it felt to him to hold her.

He drove to a nearby town and pulled his car behind a donut shop, where it was deserted and dark. They were very close to two main roads, but fairly well hidden from view. It was a dark stormy night, and rain pelted the windows. He took her in his arms in an embrace, and held her close to himself, kissing her forehead, kissing her neck. Being in his strong arms was wonderful. She felt protected maltepe escort and wanted…….desired.

He told her how good she felt. How nice she was to hold. How much he had missed being close to a woman….holding a woman.

She could feel the pleasure she was giving him by just being there with him returning his caresses. They were filling a mutual need and she smiled.

The pleasure of being held close, soon gave way to passion and she whispered softly into his ear….”Kiss me Ted.”

He did. She returned his kisses. Passionate kisses. Lips that had been neglected far to long were being fed. His and hers. His hand wandered to her breast and the feel of a man’s hands on her body made her gasp.

He unhooked her bra and removed it, fondling her, pinching her nipples and finally suckling. What ecstasy! So long without! So wonderful to experience once more! Like a soothing rain on a parched flower garden, making it bloom again. She moaned with pleasure, and as he continued, her hand slowly moved down his body to his erect penis.

When she touched him he sucked in his breath. It had been so long for him. He had yearned for a woman’s gentle touch and now it was happening. He unzipped his pants, freeing his hard cock, exposing himself to her.

She lowered her head and touched her mouth to him…kissing…licking…and finally putting him into her mouth, gently sucking.

He gasp, his body became tense, and he whispered, “Oh yes.”

She was filled with satisfaction knowing that she was giving him that pleasure. She held his penis with one hand while she continued sucking….tasting him….her other hand gently caressing his testicles. She lifted her head, and kissed him passionately. He leaned over and put his hand into the waistband of her jeans and into her panties and felt her wetness. He plunged his middle finger into her womanhood, and began rubbing her clit with his index finger.

Such exquisite pleasure!! She moaned and whimpered as she held onto his arm and laid her head on his shoulder. Her breath quickened, as he verbally encouraged her to let herself go. Suddenly her body stiffened and unable to contain herself, called out as her release overtook her. She jerked wildly and thought her climax would never end…. indeed…did not want it to ever end. She held his arm until her kartal escort breathing returned to normal.

He reclined the seat in his car and lay down on his back, then asked her to straddle him and sit down on his throbbing cock. She had never done anything like this in a car before and was reluctant to do so. So afraid of being seen or having the police pull up, because of the fogged windows. She wanted him to climax as she had , so she did as he asked. After removing her blue jeans and panties, she straddled him with her back to the steering wheel, and slowly sat down. He groaned and she began to slowly ride him as she leaned forward, burying her face in the side of his neck

He encouraged her and said over and over again, “Oh yes Sweetheart, yes!!”

His stiff rod felt so good inside of her, and she moved with abandon, enjoying the sensation of his cock slipping in and out of her. She was so wet she could feel her juices run out of her, making her and his pubic hair wet. She sat up straight, taking all of his cock inside her They fit each other perfectly.

The light from a passing car shone in the window. Fear of being seen and her husband finding out..stopped her, and she dismounted him, apologizing. He was very understanding and told her it was all right.

Once again she went down on him, tasting her own juices on his rock hard cock. She knew by his groans and his heavy breathing that he was enjoying what she was doing to him. She took all of him into her mouth and sucked fast and hard. She was amazed at his staying power and told him so. He gently lifted her head from his throbbing cock and asked her to hold up her shirt and play with her breasts, so he could watch her as he masturbated. She did as he asked and watched his face as he reached his climax. Sheer joy was written there. She loved his expression….so sexy….so sensuous….so manly.

How much she had missed this…how wonderful to experience a man in her life again. The feel of him, his scent, his touch, his tenderness, his kiss, his passion, his appreciation of her. She was grateful to him for making her feel like a woman again!

After dressing and making themselves presentable, they sat in his car in each other’s arms, in silence, each thinking his own thoughts. They listened to the rain pitter patter on the car, and watched it trickle down the windshield, both perfectly content and at ease with the silence, and with each other.

Eventually, he drove her back to her car, drawing her into his arms, they kissed tenderly and sweetly, then parted.

Thus began a two year affair.



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