Imagine, the most romantic city in the world (Venice, in my view), with no time limitations or children about to burst in. No work, nothing to do but enjoy time together, exploring, laughing and getting lost in each other. Nothing more than a beautiful hotel room, a huge soft inviting bed, a luxurious bath, a big shower, and the scent of you and I, mingling in cool cotton sheets on a warm June morning.

I wake up and you are still sleeping peacefully next to me. I open the shutters to let in the warm morning sun and revel in the beauty of this most magical of cities…I can smell fresh bread and I can see the crumbling buildings and narrow, sparkling waterways laid out before me…bathed in a soft diffused light.

I return to bed quietly and I slip down under the sheet until I reach the drawstring of your pajamas…I gently pull on the string with my teeth, but since I don’t want to wake you up just yet, I very lightly caress your penis through the cloth of your pajamas.

You may be asleep, but your dick responds immediately, and you stiffen with subconscious excitement. I place myself over you and slip my eager fingers into your fly, to feel your hardness and increase the pressure of my touch slightly…I stroke you gently while I slide your penis out from your pajamas – you are hot and very hard. I moisten my lips, and, as I want you to wake up with my mouth enveloping you, I lower my mouth and lick the top of your penis with my tongue, flicking gently and lightly.

By canlı bahis now you are beginning to wake up, slowly coming around until you finally awake to me sucking gently on you and stroking the inside of your thighs with my fingertips.

You pull the sheet back and I gaze at you with my sparkling blue eyes, my mouth around your head…You tenderly push my head down and urge me to take you deeper into my mouth, gently thrusting your hips upwards so that you begin to feel the back of my throat against the tip of your cock.

I want to feel your skin next to mine, with no restrictions, so I softly, but urgently, slide my fingers along the waistline of your pajamas and ease them down so as to discard them on the floor…My release of your cock makes you gasp and, as soon as the pajamas are discarded, you guide my mouth back onto you so that you can feel the hot wet sensation of my tongue and lips skimming rhythmically around the top of your eager head.

Fully awake now, your hand reaches down between my legs and you feel me…you can sense how turned on I am by my gentle moans. You explore me and immediately touch the soft, silky wetness of my pussy. This excites you even more and I feel you thrust in my mouth with a greater sense of urgency.

Your fingers search for my engorged clitoris and you finger me tenderly, feeling my juices flowing and covering your fingers in slippery wetness that tells you that I want you inside of me.

I release your cock from my bahis siteleri mouth and slide my body slowly up yours, kissing your soft skin and pressing my hot, supple body onto your hard cock as I go. You feel my breasts around you and become even more excited…you want to fuck every part of me. My breasts are slippery from perspiration and the saliva left on your cock from you fucking my mouth.

I nuzzle into your hairy chest, and breath deeply – I love your smell, it is pure sexual energy and fills me with warmth, joy and most of all desire…I just have to have you. I kiss your neck, working my way up, and finally reach your waiting mouth. I kiss your lips tenderly and look deep into your eyes with the knowledge and trust that what we are doing is so much more than having sex. We are making love and bonding on spiritual and emotional levels, as well as the purely sexual level.

I kiss you hard and deep and you return my kisses, grabbing my hips to pull me on top of your waiting hard cock. You want to fuck me, to feel and see every part of me.

You slip inside and I immediately feel you stimulating my G spot, driving me wild and pushing me faster and harder. I writhe on top of you, and you enjoy watching my ecstasy. But you want to be in control and you firmly roll me over so that you are behind me. You pull my hips in the air and immediately thrust deep inside me-fast and hard. You want me to surround you and you want to fill me, deeply and completely.

I moan bahis şirketleri with pleasure and grab the sheets. GOD you feel good inside me and all I can think about is squeezing your cock until you come deep inside me. You reach round with one hand and stroke my clitoris with your finger. I am so wet your finger slides around easily, heightening my senses and filling me with a warm sensation, which I know will lead to my explosive release.

You are hot and ready to fill me. You have been waiting to release your essence into me and cannot wait any longer to come deep inside with no repercussions – pure pleasure. You thrust faster and deeper and you can feel me moving rhythmically with you, urging you on, waiting to receive you completely. As you are nearing your climax, you feel me begin to tighten and I let out an urgent moan, “I…want…you…to…come…inside me, and I…want… to…come…around…your…cock.”

We both sense that we are coming, and pull each other as close as possible…You release into me as I tighten my grip around your cock, pulling and keeping you deep inside. I shudder and cry as my orgasm fills me totally with a hot rush of endorphins that consumes my whole body and mind. Our bodies feel as if they are melting over one another, we cannot sense our separation. We are totally one in this moment, our bodies, hearts, and minds entwined and totally in tune with one another.

We collapse onto the bed, with you still inside of me, breathing heavily, wet with fresh, sweet smelling perspiration. You nuzzle into my neck and whisper that you love me before reluctantly slipping out of me and rolling over so that I can nestle once more into your chest. The beginning!



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