The Beach HouseM/FThis was with my, at the time, long time girl friend, Frankie.We were staying with her parents in a beach house for two weeks over the summer. To separate Frankie and me, they had us sleep on different floors, with her room across from her parents.One particularly breezy summer night. I was awoken in the middle of the night. The lap turned on. It was Frankie, in a robe. She leaned over and kissed me. She sat on the bed and let her robe flow open, she was completely naked. She slid over and lie next to me, we kissed passionately and desperately. She had dirty blonde hair, sun tanned skin, she was a runner, tight bodied. She had the abdominal lines on her stomach and b breasts. I am wearing only boxers which she relieves me of. She begin to work me with her hand. I break our kiss and begin nipping, down her cheek, her neck, all the way to her breast. Sun tanned üsküdar escort breasts wiht brown nipples.I remove her hand so I can move further down. Her belly, her naval, her hip, the pubic area. She was well shaved, n bums or anything. She opened her legs to let me in.I stop. I go down to her feet. I grab her right foot. I kiss each toe individually, then the ball of the foot. Only pecks. I make my way up her ankle. Her calf. Her knee. I move to the inner side of the thigh. I peck my way up until I reach her vagina, I stop again and the same with her other leg. I stop once I Reach her vagina again, parting her legs more so I can peck the crease between leg and hip. I plant a peck right on the lips.A string of vaginal fluid connects my lips and her pussy as we part. Her pussy is literally drooling. I stick in my tongue. She tuzla escort moans as I take her flavor into my mouth. I tongue fuck her for a moment. I stop. I pull back and use y hands to open her up. I tongue play each and every part of her beautiful pussy. I insert two fingers, her favorite. I make the “come here” motion and I tongue play more. She cums.I stop, pulling out my finger and playing with the sticky moistness on them. I go back up, face still covered in her honey. I kiss her. She takes the kiss and positions me between her legs. I am on top. She grabs me and slides me into her. She was so wet it was effortless. I begin my rhythm. We fuck. There is back scratching and hair pulling. Nipple sucking on both sides. I feel that familiar swell. She notices and simply nods. I explode inside of her, pump and pump of hot semen pendik escort pours into her. She cums as a result. I fall limp and slide out. “I guess I’ll go back to my room then.” she said. I shook my head.”Not yet.”I re position us, I am lying on the bed on my back, she is on top this time. 69 position.”Oh my.” she responded. I bury my face into her pussy, taking in both her and my juices. I have never done anything like that before, but it wasn’t as bad as I feared. Her juices drowned mine out entirely. I suck on her clit, tongue fuck her and lick at every individual pussy part. I even side my tongue up and play with her anus. That both startled and excited her. She began to fondle my testicles, getting the head of my dick on her mouth and pumping it with her other hand.30 minutes pass.I made her cum twice switching between her pussy and ass with my mouth, fingers, and tongue. She takes me out of her mouth just in time for me to spray a mini load onto her face. I’m exhausted. She wipes her face off on my blankets. She bundled her robe around her and continued to her room. That was the last time we had sex with each other, but there are more adventures from earlier I will share soon.



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