I was just trying to finish up work in the barn when she came in. It had been a long day and I was tired, hot and in need of a cool shower. We had spent the day bringing hay into the barn for the horses and loading it up in the loft. It was easier now that we had a motorized pulley to raise the bails. I can remember when we had to lift them by rope pulley and it took a lot out of you and by the time you had done an entire trailer load you wished, you prayed that horses would learn to eat something else. The barn was designed so that the hay could be shoveled down from the loft into a holding area below from which the stalls could all be supplied.

I was just finishing up when I saw a break in the sunlight that was coming in through the space left by the double open doors in the front. I looked down to see a figure standing in the doorway. I couldn’t make out who it was because the sunlight coming in was so bright that it caused the front of the person standing there to be in complete shadows. I could tell it wasn’t one of the hands though and definitely a female. The outline of her was distinct. Long hair and cut offs were not hard to make out. I stopped flinging hay with my fork as I wiped my brow with my forearm straining to see. I had taken off my shirt even though I knew the hay would stick to me because it was so hot. The temperature in the loft had to be at least 20 degrees higher than anywhere else because of the heat generated by the hay bails being stacked and the small amount of moisture that would get trapped.

I wondered why she didn’t move and was just standing there. She had one hand on her hip and the other seemed to be over her eyes as if she was trying to look upward into the loft and was shielding the sunlight. No one ever came into the barn unless they had to this time of day and I was a bit stumped as to who she might be. Maybe one of the hands daughters who was looking for her father but I hadn’t heard of any being around that might be built as she seemed to be. I was more than a little light headed anyway from the heat and energy I had expended and my mind was a bit dazed so I couldn’t even focus enough to say anything. After what seemed like forever she finally spoke.

“Hey, your name Dan?” I hesitated for a moment then responded, “yea, and who are you?” She moved forward just a bit and out of the shadow and I could see her face and the rest pretty clearly then. Damn she looked good. She had on a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the tail was tied under her breasts and the cutoffs showed she had a great set of legs. Her hair fell over her shoulders and was a dark flowing brown. All of a sudden I didn’t seem so tired and had forgotten all about the job I was doing. As I stood there with my pitchfork pressed into the loft floor and using it for balance, she said, “You’re grandfather said you’d help me saddle up a horse so I could go riding.” Who the heck was Granddad sending at this time of day to get a ride and who the heck was he to tell them I’d help saddle up a horse for them. Well, I thought to myself, I don’t think I mind this time.

I dropped my fork down into the pile of hay below and moved toward the ladder that was along the end of the loft. There was a ladder there but over the years I had gotten used to sliding down the rope that hung along side. As long as you had gloves on it was a quick ride and soft landing even though it was a good 15-20 feet below. When I got to the rope I wrapped a leg around and slide down. When I got to the bottom she was standing right there. I almost couldn’t turn for her being so close.

“I’m Heather. I’m visiting my aunt and uncle on the next ranch and they don’t have any rideable horses and said to come over and ask if I could ride one of yours. I met your grandfather at the house and he sent me here.” You don’t mind giving me a hand do you?” Like I was going to say no. As she said this she kind of tilted her head and looked at me with this “no way you can say no look”. “Yea, no problem. Just give me a minute and I’ll saddle up one of the horses for you.” I had to move around her a bit to get by and as I did she turned and her breast rubbed against my bare side. Damn, does she know what she’s doing or is illegal bahis it just me being totally horny and imagining things. I haven’t even seen a woman under 50 for two weeks and this woman is fine. I moved over to the trough that was along the wall to get a drink and to wash some of the dust off. I grabbed the ladle and turned on the faucet and let the water run for a moment to let the hot part in the pipe run out. I took a full drink then filled it again and raised it to my head and poured it out then refilled it again and repeated. As I poured it over my head I closed my eyes to keep it from running in. The water ran down my face and over my shoulders and chest. It felt good and refreshed me a bit.

When I opened my eyes she was standing right in front of me again. I blew the water running down my face away as I opened my eyes not knowing she was there and some of the water blew on her chest and shirt. As I stood looking into her eyes she looked down and rubbed the water on her chest and her hand passed along the front of her shirt brushing the water off. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were there”. ” No sweat, honest mistake. Do you always work without a shirt on?” What a question I thought, the heat in here is almost unbearable and she wants to ask about my dressing habits. “Not always”, I responded “but in the barn the heat tends to get to you after a while so you try to minimize as much as you can so you don’t pass out.” “How long have you been in here” she asked. “About an hour, I was just fixing to take a break and move some hay to the stalls when you came in.” “Well, I’m glad I didn’t interrupt you. I really appreciate your help. I haven’t ridden in years and your grandfather said you had a horse that would be just right for me. I love to go riding late in the day before the sunset arrives, it’s really pretty out that time of day here.” Didn’t interrupt me, she must think I don’t have anything better to do than stop my work so she can go out on a pleasure ride late in the day. She better be glad she’s so damn good looking or I’d have to tell her to come back another time. I thought to myself that Granddad had to be talking about Speckles but didn’t understand why he didn’t call me on the radio. That’s the reason he tells us to keep them on all the time so he can reach us. Guess he knew I’d give him an argument. I’ve got plans to go out tonight and this will delay them even though an interruption by her doesn’t seem too bad after all. Wonder what she’s doing later tonight I thought.

It didn’t make much difference why he didn’t call, he still apparently expected me to fix her up with a horse to ride. I moved over to the stall and grabbed a blanket and saddle off the rail as well as a bridle. When fixing to take Speckles out I always bridled her first then she knew she was headed out and was very docile when saddling her, even if not ansy ready to go. This was a horse who liked to get out as much as possible even if it meant carrying someone. As I moved into the stall she followed me in. Even though a horse might be domestic and usually very gentle you have to be careful especially if it’s not used to you because you never know when you might get an unexpected reaction. I first placed the bridle in Speckles mouth and she took it easily and I completed buckling it on. As I placed the blanket on the horse’s back this in your face woman moved to my right and behind Speckles. I told her she better move from there, might not be safe. As she moved away she said, “you aren’t giving me a horse to ride that isn’t safe are you?” “No, it’s just that I don’t want anything unexpected to happen and you get kicked and me be responsible for it. Speckles is very rider friendly, you won’t have any problems at all.” She said, “well, it’s good to know you aren’t trying to set me up to get thrown. I’d hate to have to walk all the way back in if the horse threw me or even worse get hurt.” ” I told you she’s very gentle and rider friendly but it’s always smart to take precautions.” As I picked up the saddle and swung it to Speckles back she was directly behind me. As the saddle got in place I felt her hands on the sides of my lower back. Her touch was warm but at the same time cool and startled me just a bit. I illegal bahis siteleri wasn’t sure what to think and as I turned to face her, her hands slid around my waist as I turned and remained there as I faced her. Her face was only inches from mine and my body tensed as I didn’t know what to expect. “You know I really like the smell of a barn. The smell of the horses mixed with the strong smell of the hay makes me feel kind of funny. It’s rather sexy actually.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I like aggressive women, but in a barn….too good to be true.

As I looked into her eyes she moved her hands up my body and rubbed them along my chest. I was sweaty plus some of the water I had poured over me was still there and her hands slid very easily. She was looking at my chest as I reached with my right hand and took her chin in my hand. I said, “you know, I’m not sure who you are or if I’m just dreaming all of this but if I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake up.” Then I lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her luscious lips as I put my arms around her and pulled her too me. I could feel her bare midriff under my hands as my hands went to her sides. I hadn’t synched the saddle on Speckles but at this point I didn’t care. Speckles was the furthest thing from my mind. My nipples were getting hard since her hands were still on my chest and still running all over me. As we kissed I pushed her back through the stall gate and with one hand shoved it to behind me. We stopped kissing for a moment and I took her by the hand and led her over to the hay pile. As I walked I prayed that none of the other hands showed up. Please don’t show up I thought to myself. My breath was shortened, I couldn’t believe what was happening but knew there was something going on I couldn’t explain. How had she shown up here unannounced to ride as she had said? My grandfather wasn’t the kind of person who would turn down a request like that but also not the kind that wouldn’t give me a call on the radio to let me know she was coming. I stopped questioning what was occurring and decided to accept it for what it was for.

As we neared the hay pile I knew I had to let her hand go for a moment to grab a blanket to lie down on the hay. I was almost afraid to let go of her hand and take my eyes off her in fear she would disappear. Her hand was so small inside of mine and so soft. I looked at them and saw they were almost pale with beautifully manicured nails. I recall just a moment before feeling them as they ran over my chest. Not a memory that would soon fade from my mind and one I hoped to develop upon. As I stopped and grabbed the blanket and threw it on the hay I turned to face her and reached out my hand for her. She came forward and placed her hand in mine as I backed toward the hay and the blanket. As I got there I pulled her to me once again, to kiss the lips that I still had the sweet taste of on mine. Her hands went to my back and slowly began to rub up and down, sending chills up my spine. Then her hands moved back to my chest as she pushed me hard away from her toward the hay and I lost my balance and fell backwards in a sitting position. A big smile came across her face but she said nothing. Her hands went to the tie of her shirt that was located below her breasts. Breasts that I was thinking about already. She undid the knot very slowly then began to unbutton it slowly, one button at a time. She never took her eyes off mine though mine were quickly moving back and forth between her eyes and her hands. When she got the last button loose she pulled the shirt back to let her shoulders slide out. As they were uncovered I saw what I had only anticipated so far. A lean smooth shoulder line with smooth skin. For a moment I thought of how she was dry yet I was soaking wet with sweat. I couldn’t believe how this could be with the sweltering heat but the thought quickly left my mind as I saw her hands move to the front of her bra. The bra was a push up type and her breasts were overflowing from it. As she used both hands to unclasp it my eyes focused only on her breasts. As the bra fell open it revealed two of the most beautiful, perfectly shaped pair of breasts I had ever seen. Her nipples were perched atop them and were canlı bahis siteleri hard and standing at attention. I started to stand and her right hand reached out with a motion for me to stop. She let her bra fall to the barn floor behind her. She took a few steps toward me as her hand moved to the top of her blue jean cutoffs. As she stopped in front of me her feet were just to either side of my boots, slightly spread. I looked up into her eyes, and still only the big grin as she had before. Her eyes were like fire, glistening, dark brown, so dark I could barely make out the iris. She undid the button at the top of her shorts and pulled down on the zipper. I had never seen anything so sexy in my entire life. My cock was straining against my jeans and wanted out but there was no way I was going to take my eyes off of her.

As she pushed her shorts down she revealed almost thong type panties. Pink and very thin. She pushed her shorts down until they could slide down her legs then stepped out and pushed them behind her. She stood in front of me in only her panties. I could see her mound in front of my face through them. She was such a vision with the light of the open doors behind her. There was almost a halo effect as she stood there. I thought again, this can’t be real. She moved forward slightly more as I sat there on my butt with my legs out in front of me and she walked to each side. As she stopped she reached down and took my face in her hands and pulled me toward her. My face was just above her mound at the bottom of her belly as I sat. I put my lips to her and kissed her soft skin and my tongue went out to taste her. I still couldn’t believe she was not sweating but the thought went out of my mind very quickly. I moved my mouth and tongue around as my hand went to her sides on her hips and pulled her more closely to me. My mouth moved slightly down to the top of her mound and I could smell her and it filled my nostrils with the scent of her. My mouth moved further down to the front of her pussy lips as I touched it through her panties. My hands moved to her sides and grasped the elastic top of her panties and began to pull them down. I pulled them down her legs and as they reached the bottom she lifted her feet so I could pull them away. I tossed them to the side as my mouth went back to her, so quickly it was all one motion.

My tongue began to move up and down her crack as her hands were on the side of my head and fondling my ears and running through my hair. I was totally turned on and the taste and smell of her was all I could think of at the moment. If someone had walked in there was no way I would notice. My hands moved behind her legs and up and down the back of her thighs as my tongue continued to move up and down her pussy lips. I pushed my tongue forward to enter her as I pulled her even tighter to me. I could feel her swollen clit as my tongue moved toward the top and felt her tremble slightly as my tongue ran over it. She was beginning to get very wet and her knees began to bend slightly as I continued my attack on her pussy with my mouth but she stood firmly as I continued. I could tell she was getting close to cumming and I was almost dreading it. Her head leaned back as she moaned with pleasure. I wanted to taste her cum and watch her as her orgasm went through her body. In the next instance her legs stiffened then almost gave way as my tongue entered her further and I was sucking on her clit. She was cumming, there was no doubt about that. Her juice was running into my mouth and down the sides of my face and my chin as I continued to suck on her as hard as I could while her orgasm ran over her body. She leaned forward using my head as her stabilizing point with her hands. It seemed like her orgasm would never stop, she jerked with each wave as it went through her. My hand moved up her body and grasped her tits in my hands. Her nipples were swollen and there seemed to be a milky substance coming out as I squeezed them between my fingers. As it began to subside she pushed away from me slightly and looked down into my eyes. For the first time since standing in the stall she spoke. “You know cowboy, we should really do something about that bulge in your jeans.” With that she took my hands and pulled me to stand up. As I stood up all I could see as the sun seemed to drop down just enough to be seen outside the barn doors was the halo effect around her entire body. I had to be dreaming. Please don’t let me wake up, not yet.



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