The Awakening – Young & 18 – Part 3Part 1: 2: sat waiting at the table as she watched her mum walk over the fridge. What was she going to tell her? What was Mark saying? So many thoughts were rushing through her head. She didn’t dare ask as then her mum would know she had been listening in to her private phone calls.“MUM! Its not even 9am!” Katie said as her mum walked toward the table with a cold champagne bottle from the fridge.“Well it is your birthday honey and turning 18 calls for a celebration” Katie’s mum replied.They had drinks most days. The benefit of a relaxing life on the farm with no money hassles. But even for Katie’s standards before 9am was a bit of a stretch. They would usually have some drinks in the late afternoon and watch the sun set from their balcony.“Come on” Katie’s mum instructed as she bypassed the kitchen table and walked toward the back door and the balcony.“Do you want me to get some glasses?” Katie said.“Only if you want one” her mum replied.Drinks before 9am was one thing but drinking out the bottle at 9am was another! Katie grabbed a glass from the kitchen cabinet. Her mum was waiting at the back door holding it open and couldn’t help but notice Katie’s bare bottom being fully exposed as she reached up to the top shelf. After all, being just over 5ft tall did have its downsides.They both proceeded to take a seat outside and Katie’s mum topped her glass up before taking a huge swig from the bottle.“Mum!” Katie exclaimed, “What has brought all this on? What do you want to talk about?!”“I just want to celebrate. We do have a lot of be thankful for with the position we are in. Who else can relax like this?” Her mum replied.“Well that is true” Katie laughed as she joined in, smashing down all that was in her glass.“Hit me” Katie shouted as she put her glass in front of her mum to be topped up.“That’s the spirit” her mum said with a cheeky smile.“So what do you need to talk about?” Katie said as she laid back in her chair and took a sip from her freshly topped up glass. Her cotton tank top exposing the sides of her breasts and her nipples pressed hard against the fabric pointing toward the ever rising sun.“Bit excited for some good news are we?” Katie’s mum mentioned, moving her eyes toward Katie’s protruding nipples.Katie and her mum always had playful banter but there wasn’t anything more to it.“Spit it out will you woman!” Katie said back.“Honey, you know good anadolu yakası escort girls swallow” Katie’s mum said as they both erupted into laughter, even though they were both aware Katie had never seen a cock, let alone been given the chance to swallow cum.Katie’s mum too had another drink from the bottle as Katie put the glass to her lips. It was like a Mexican stand off. Katie drank from her cup, her mother drank from the bottle, while they gazed into each others eyes.Hitting the glass on the table, after once again finishing it’s contents, Katie looked at her mum ready for the waiting news. Her mum removed her lips from the bottle and went to top up Katie’s glass.“Oops” her mum said “Looks like we are out”. The bottle being already empty “Lucky someone was prepared hey”.Her mum walked inside. Not the usual walk but a more steadied stroll toward the backdoor inside to the fridge. After half a bottle of champagne each it was a pretty quick start to the festivities.Katie thought she would keep silent when her mum came out, as she just wanted to know what the news was. **POP**Katie heard as the new bottle was brought outside.“So honey, I guess you are wondering what your birthday present is?” Katie’s mum asked as she filled up her glass.“I don’t expect anything mum” she said looking at her mum with her puppy dog eyes. Katie’s blue eyes were met with the fact she never worn make up. Natural beauty was another one the blessings she held.They both stared into each other’s eyes as they knocked back their drinks. Her mum only drinking as fast from the bottle as Katie drank from her glass.They had never drunk this fast, let alone so early in the morning. Katie knew her mum had some big news.“So after doing so well in your exams” Katie studied a lot being home schooled and the rewards paid off “I thought you might like to move to the city” Katie’s mum blurted out not knowing what the response would be.Katie had never shown any interest in being a ‘city girl’ or going out partying on the social scene, even though she loved drinking on the farm. A social butterfly and one craving attention from other girls or guys her age wasn’t on her agenda.It had been many years since she had visited the city. She couldn’t really remember the last time. That being the funeral of her father when she was 5 years old. She remembered staying at Mark’s house but couldn’t remember any of the details.“Mark has offered for you to stay with him” Katie’s mum finished as her lips quickly moved ataşehir escort back to the opening of the bottle.Katie once again joined in as they looked each other in the eyes as they went drink for drink.“But who will help look after the farm?” Katie asked while running the back of her hand over her lips, wiping away some of the champagne that had missed her mouth.“Its not like we have a huge farm honey” Katie’s mum said reassuring things would be fine “John from next door has said we can move our cows into his field and I would love to take a step back from farm life and be able to relax out here.“So when are you getting rid of me?” Katie asked raising an eyebrow.“Its not like that sweety” Katie’s mum said as she topped up Katie’s glass. Katie’s mum clinked the bottle with her glass and they both once again had a race to the finish.“You know I just want you to be happy” Katie’s mum said as she walked inside.She came out with an envelope and kissed Katie on the forehead, noticing the side of Katie’s areola was peeking out and her nipple was on the verge of making its way out from the side of her cotton tank top.“You are a princess honey and you deserve to be treated well by a man” Katie’s mum said as she stood along side her as she opened the envelope.A random comment from her mum, but Katie was too busy focusing on what was inside. She pulled out a piece of paper. A printed ticket. A plane ticket. Her eyes struggling to focus on reading the small print. “Tomorrow! Oh my god you don’t mess around. How am I supposed to pack?!” Katie exclaimed reaching for her drink and her nipple finally popping out the side..“Its a return flight darling. You can shop when you get there and it’s just for two weeks” Katie’s mum said returning to her seat, topping up her daughter’s glass, “and it’s not like you have ever really bothered wearing heaps of clothes is it”. Her mum focusing on Katie’s exposed nipple. “You know full well I haven’t been with any guys, so you cant say I’m a slut” Katie insisted with the champagne now taking full affect, not bothering to cover up as her mum had seen it all before and she did enjoy catching the rays of the sun.“I know you aren’t honey, but maybe you could wear them at Marks, ok?” Katie’s mum suggested taking another large mouthful from the bottle hoping the conversation would go in another direction.“I haven’t said I even want to go” Katie replied after finishing off her glass.“Mark is a really nice guy honey and I’m sure he can show you all the places in ümraniye escort the city to party. You may even meet someone you like there” Katie’s mum replied knowing there was slim pickings in their local area.“Someone hey. What if it was a girl?” Katie said. Her mouth now running faster than her brain.“If that’s what makes you happy, then I will be happy” Katie’s mum replied as she topped up Katie’s glass. As she lent over to give her a longer kiss on the head, Katie couldn’t help but notice her mum’s nipples down her top. While her mum wasn’t as blessed with the size,, her nipples were very much the same. A nice firm teet, like a little finger from the end knuckle to the end of the finger, surrounded by a very small light pink areola.A rush came over her and her mind said to just lean in and suckle on them. Katie soon managed to control her thoughts and pull her head back. Her mum noticed the movement but didn’t mention a word. Maybe her daughter was bi? They had never discussed the topic as it had never come up. Katie pushed it off a hug.“I would love to mum” Katie said and she gave her mum a huge hug with both arms.Katie’s mum kissed her on the top of the head again, “That’s my girl”.Katie held there for what seemed like an eternity, looking down her mums top at the breasts she had been fed from many years ago.Katie’s mum went inside to bring out a fresh bottle. “Mum it’s not even 9.30!” Katie laughed. As the third bottle was opened.“Let’s just enjoy this” **POP** went the bottle “I’ll go and let Mark know you are coming”.She filled Katie’s glass, but this time she took it with her, leaving Katie with the bottle.Katie’s mum retreated to her room to make the call and Katie once again knew where she had to go.Her mum’s room was around the side of the house, but with just a wooden railing she knew she could swing off it and make her way around the side to catch the full conversation. Something she had never done before.As she ducked under the railing and swung her body down, her legs hit the ground and sent a shock through her body. She had to go the toilet. Could she hold it? She knew she couldn’t. She bent her legs down further and squatted on the ground and let it all go. It was very un-lady like but there was no way she could rush to the toilet and get around to the side of the house before the call started.She stood up, and like a quiet ninja on a mission, made her way around the side of the house outside her mum’s bedroom. She heard the toilet flush and knew she had made it just in time. “Hi sweetie, how are you?” her mum said as Mark answered the phone.Sweetie? Maybe the drink had just made her mum more relaxed? “Don’t worry I have good news for you” Katie’s mum said, with Katie only being able to hear one side of the conversation like normal.Katie leaned up against the wall, awaiting the next words to be spoken…..



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