The ASSasinThis is just a short little story I wrote, please be warned though that it is a rather dark piece of fiction and so please keep an open mind whilst reading through it, and understand that it is just FICTION, not based on any real events or truth, so don’t go hounding me with burning torches and pitchforks! hehe————————————————————————————————–I loved the life I had. I loved my lifestyle. I was living the dream in a paradise like no other. I had a major problem with money, in that I had so much of it that I didn’t know how to spend it!Let me explain.I used to work for an intelligence agency that was far more secretive and covert than MI6 and the CIA combined. My job used to be uncovering state secrets and gave the information to my bosses at the agency, who paid me a fair salary, but I was greedy. I wanted more than they were prepared to offer me, and so I ended up exposing the agency to the world, for a very princely sum of money.For my own safety, I changed my name and moved to another land, where I was free to spend my money however I wished on a luxury lifestyle. I had everything I wanted. A big mansion on my very own private island with a lovely big sandy beach a short walk away from my front door. I flew in my own 5 star chef to cook every meal for me each day, and I had all kinds of drinks and cocktails to sip on throughout the day, becoming a real lady of leisure.One night, that was all taken away from me…I had a price on my head, and did my best to make sure I was safe and secure.There was just one thing I didn’t count on, however, and that was the bosses of the agency hiring a skilled assassin like no other to take me out.Her name, Anali Cintova.Her victims are innumerable to measure.She always gets her target.No law has ever caught up to her,with many claiming that she’s just a myth or urban legend.That’s how good at her job she is.She had a very peculiar way of killing her targets, which I was destined to soon find out…I thought I had an impregnable security system on my island, but I was wrong.I was so blissfully unaware as I headed up to my silk-laden queen-sized bed after a long lazy day spent sipping drinks by my pool in the glorious sunshine.I was only wearing my skimpy gold thong-styled bikini bottoms, which canlı bahis I slipped off as I laid down and spread my body out onto the luxurious soft silky pink bed sheets.I sighed happily, and closed my eyes.I suddenly heard a creak by my huge walk-in wardrobe.I opened my eyes and sat up.In the shadows, I saw a figure move.I jumped up and reached for the gun under my pillow.My heart raced as the shadow rushed at me.*BANG!*The gunshot echoed and the feathers in my pillow flew all over the place.I had been pounced upon and I tangled with my assailant.The gun was knocked out of my hand and flew off the bed.I glanced to the side and realised the point of entry into my room, as the door that leads to the balcony of my bedroom was open. The moonlight shone brightly into the room. The light of it flickered onto my opponent, and saw that it was a dark-haired beauty with piercing blue eyes.She was utterly gorgeous, her skin was like perfect porcelain.She was dressed in loose-fitting black clothes.We wrestled, and I tried desperately to defeat her, but she was too strong. Too determined.During the tussle, I had managed to roll off the bed, but she crashed down on top of me.She was grabbing at my arms, which I was swinging about wildly, and clawing at her.My lovely manicured nails were ripping her soft cottony black clothes.I saw the gun laying under my bed, so I lunged my hand at it.Too late, she saw the intention and quickly knelt onto my outstretched arm.Her thighs were like smooth pale tree trunks.I slapped at her with my free hand, but she just grinned with bloodlust in her striking eyes.She laughed excitedly as I slapped her again, and she then grabbed my hand and pinned it above my head. I could only kick my legs about as she had me trapped and pinned.”I am going to enjoy killing you, bitch!”She sneered gleefully in an European accent that I couldn’t identify.”Get off me!”I cried out, struggling to unsuccessfully get free.She was just so strong, so powerful.She grabbed both my wrists with both her hands and moved her body up along with her feet.”Please! Whatever they are paying you I’ll double it! Triple it! I’ll pay you anything!”I pleaded in desperation. She just laughed as she pressed a foot under my head and slid her leg under my neck. I stupidly lifted my head up, which allowed her to press her bahis siteleri other strong thigh against my neck, and applied pressure.Her thighs were so strong, that I was being strangled.I gasped desperately for air, as she just squeezed and laughed.I started to get weary, my eyes watered.She looked down at me, watching intently as the colour began to slowly drain from my face.Through the blurry vision of my teary eyes, I could see her grinning. Enjoying her power over me.A darkness began to creep around my field of vision.I was about to pass out, when she suddenly let up her pressure.Before I could do anything else, she suddenly switched around her position on me.She turned her body around, laying flat with her lower body pressing down on my chest.She reached back, grabbing my hair and pulled my head up between her thighs.She locked her legs around my neck, with my head squashed between her thick strong thighs.She held her body up with her hands on the fluffy white shag carpet and squeezed her thighs, which made my face press up into the comfortable soft cushion of her peachy bum.It was a really odd feeling of calming comfort, as she applied more pressure to my neck, choking me.Despite not being able to breathe properly, I felt relaxed.I realised she wasn’t using her full power. She could so easily just snap my neck with her thighs and kill me before I even knew it,but she didn’t. She was clearly holding back, prolonging my torture.She was cutting off just enough air, so that my breathing was very laboured.I would have barely been getting enough air in through my mouth,but my lips were sealed shut to the pressure of her crotch bearing down hard onto my mouth.The only air I was getting, was through the small little space between her soft smooth round bumcheeks, to which my nose was wedged up against.I flared my nostrils, trying to get more air, but it was no use.My nose was trapped in her crack, and all I could do was smell was her vividly distinct scent.”You like this smell, bitch? This is the smell of your impending doom!”She taunted me through her wildly playful tone of voice. A big grin etched across her face.I tried to move my face to the side, trying to give my mouth just enough of a gap away from her crotch to catch more air into my lungs, but it was to no avail. I couldn’t move at all güvenilir bahis as her powerful thighs kept my head locked tight in place.She could even tense her butt cheeks just enough to close off the strong sweetly smelly air around my nostrils for a few moments at a time. It was such a small confined space that within a minute, the oxygen at all but disappeared. All I was breathing in now, was the fumes of her ass.Now I knew how she did it. How she finished off her victims, the reason why all her victims were found suffocated yet with a small smile on their face.This is how she’d slowly drain the life out of them,and I was to become her latest victim.As my mind turned hazy, and my eyes started to gloss over,I heard her laugh and saw through blurred vision, her turning her head to look at me, over her shoulder.”Going so soon?”She asked with a cruel mocking laugh.She then, to my surprise, eased up the tension around my neck.She allowed me to breathe a little more freely.”Don’t go yet, bitch, I’m having too much fun!”She cheered.She was playing with me!Like a cat playing with a mouse, I was her helpless prey.purely there just for her enjoyment before she finishes me.She allowed just a few moments of air to seep back into my body, before she squeezed it out again.I was helpless. I couldn’t fight back. The more she strangled me, the weaker I got.My body felt like it weighed a ton.Finally, after 10 long slow drawn out painful minutes, she refused to let me breathe any more.”Enough games. Time to finish this.”She grinned excitedly.I felt her crack push a little against my nostrils.A sudden eruption of warm very strong musky air was pushed into my nose.”Choke on my fart, dirty whore!”She shrieked with laughter.I was too weak to cough.Too weak to do anything, but accept my fate.She squeezed my neck with her thighs a little tighter, now cutting off all air completely.I was done for, I knew it, but I didn’t panic. A calmness just washed over my entire being.I let the darkness come over my eyes.The last thought that went through my mind, was the knowing thought that the last thing I’d ever get to experience in this life, was the smell of her lovely ass and indeed, her fart.It was her special parting gift to me as she swept me off of this mortal coil,and what a lovely gift it was…The papers say it was my maid who had found my body in my bedroom the next day.They say I looked so peaceful, like as if I was just asleep, with a little smile on my face.They didn’t exactly know how or even why I died.If only they knew,if only they knew…



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