the appartment: through the back doorAfter a hard day’s work I didn’t feel like cooking so straight from the office I went to McDonalds, got myself a supersized menu and after finishing it I got a sundae for the road. When I got home I found a note in my apartment that was put through the letterbox, which was weird because I life on the third floor and have a mailbox on the ground floor, I folded the note open and saw that it came from my neighbour below, Foziah. Foziah is a single girl of Moroccan descent, living alone, in her late twenties, slim, nice head and always dressed modern, and although she’s Muslim she doesn’t wear any concealing clothes or headgear which would have been a shame.The note said there was a leak in her ceiling and as I lived above her, I probably was the source. She asked me to do something about the source of the leak and come over to discuss the damages, it was nearly eight in the evening and I usually don’t go round to people uninvited at this hour. So I first checked if I had any leaks, after some searching I found that my toilet tank was very slowly leaking, it would drip a drop of water only twice a minute but that water was going right into a crack, so I didn’t notice it at all and Foziah probably more quickly. I put an old bowl under the leak, and told myself I’d fix it this weekend, I thought it at least necessary to go and apologize and tell her I would fix the problem.I went to the first floor and rang the doorbell, it took a while but the door finally opened and I saw a relieved smile appear on her face when she saw me, ‘Hey!’ she said. I asked if I was disturbing her because she looked like she was getting ready for bed or maybe even was in bed, she was wearing a white ladies tanktop (as I call them), lightgray hipster panties and big fluffy slippers, ‘No! No! Come in!’ she said and stepped aside to let me in. She closed the door behind me and I didn’t want to stare at her body that was looking fine in the few clothes she was wearing, so I started with my apology and explanation, ‘It isn’t your fault’ she said when I finished, ‘But what about the damage in my bathroom?’ she asked pointing upstairs.Foziah walked up the stairs and I followed, her beautiful butt was right in my face and the hipster accentuated her heavenly shapes but I tried not to get distracted and focus on the serious matter at hand. In the bathroom I saw the damage that the leak had caused, luckily it wasn’t to much, basically just a stain in the ceiling, getting it fixed was making sure it was dry and painting the ceiling. I knew that in these circumstances you have to contact your own insurance but when I tried to explain that to her she said ‘Come!’ and walked to one of the other rooms.This was some sort of bed/livingroom, it was decorated like a livingroom, coffeetable, gaziemir escort tv, some plants and knick-knacks on small furniture but instead of a couch there was a bed, it was also a lot warmer in here, no wonder she wanted to discuss it further in here instead of the cold bathroom. She sat on the bed and invited me to sit as well, I sat right next to her and tried to talk about the insurance again but got interrupted again, ‘Do you want something to drink? And why don’t you take of your coat?’ said Foziah, I wasn’t thirsty and didn’t want to hang out after the long day I had but she kept insisting so I took of my coat, she grabbed a glass and got something to drink from a small fridge, put it in front of me on the coffeetable and sat back on the bed.After explaining about the damage and insurance I even offered to fix the damage myself, she wouldn’t hear of it but I insisted because I felt a bit guilty and eventually she accepted my offer. We made some small talk until she suddenly got under the covers that were on the bed, ‘You’re going to sleep?’ I asked, ‘No, but this is warmer.’ she answered, ‘You can get under here as well if you want!’ she said and folded open the covers a little, ‘Nah! I can’t get into bed with all my clothes on.’ I said making Foziah say ‘Then why don’t you take them of?’ with a naughty look in her eyes.I hesitated for a moment but couldn’t find any reason not to do it so I got undressed, with Foziah watching me and chuckling under the covers, when I was down to only my underpants I got into bed and under the covers, Foziah immediately came and lay next to me, grabbed my arm and put it over her so we were in the spoons position. I felt her butt against my crotch, which triggered some stiffness, which didn’t go unnoticed, Foziah grabbed my hand and stuck it under her shirt, I caressed her stomach with my fingers making her put her head back to kiss me. Our tongues found each other and tenderly wrestled, I felt her hand carefully fondling my crotch which I took as a sign to go and explore her boobs with my hand, she moaned quietly at my touch and went further herself also.She had found the edges of my dick and had closed her fingers around, as well as that went through my underpants, I took my chance and went south with my hand, I stopped at the edge of her hipster, put one finger under the elastic band but there was no resistance so I went for it. My whole hand slid in her panties, I felt she was completely shaven but had a two day stubble, I soon found a warm and very moist snatch that caused some groaning at my first touch. I softly rubbed her labia and clit, soon a finger slid in her hot pussy it didn’t take me to long to insert a second one, I fingered her and rapidly picked up the pace, before I knew it my fingers had gaziemir escort bayan done their work and she had climaxed.Meanwhile, Foziah’s hand had found it’s way into my underpants and was jerking me off, softly and irregular, only after her orgasm did she focus on my dick properly but I actually wanted to eat her out, so after a while I got out of our spooning position, got completely under the covers and positioned myself in between her legs. In the darkness I could just make out a wet spot on her hipster, I pulled them down dove right in between her legs again for some good old fashioned licking. I spread her labia and flicked her clit with my tongue, alternating it with long licks along her complete snatch, motorboating and sticking my tongue in her hot hole.This girl was horny as hell, again it didn’t take me to long to make her cum, I didn’t even use my fingers yet, I got out from under the covers, Foziah sat on her knees and took of her top. The shirt didn’t leave much to the imagination but was pleased to see her breasts in their full glory, I immediately took initiative and was sucking one nipple while my hand was massaging the other breast, all under the approving moans of Foziah. Foziah pushed me onto my back after a while, kissed me again and then kissed my neck, kissing her way down my chest and stomach until she reached my crotch, first she teased me by giving my cock a few soft kisses through the fabric of my underpants but luckily it didn’t take her long to pull down the elastic, springing my dick to freedom.First she took off my underpants completely and grabbed my dick, slowly stroking it and looking at me with asking eyes, as if she wanted to ask me if she was doing it alright. I enjoyed her every touch and let her know with some moaning, she got more comfortable after a while by laying down, she started giving the tip of my cock little kisses, that got her going, more came and soon the kisses became little licks and eventually she closed her lips around my dick. She sucked me of with long slow strokes while my hands played with her boobs, meanwhile she had found my balls and softly massaged those in between strokes, only stopping every couple of strokes to catch her breath.After a couple of minutes I wanted more, I wanted to bury my dick in that hot twat, I didn’t just want to so say it like that so I pulled her up, kissed her and put her on her back, I wanted to get in between Foziah’s legs but she had them crossed. I tried to spread them with one hand but she wouldn’t let me, ‘I have to stay pure.’ she said and gently pushed me away, disappointed I fell on my back next to her, she crawled up against me and whispered in my ear ‘You can fuck me in my ass!’. I looked at her and before I could give any sort of reply she turned escort gaziemir around, rummaged around in her nightstand and turned back around with a condom in her hand.Foziah struggled with the wrapper for a couple of seconds but finally got it open, put the condom on my dick and rolled it neatly down, after giving it a couple of strokes she stood up and squatted over me, I held her while she searched for her own butthole with the tip of my cock. She gently lowered herself over my dick with her anus, carefully went up and down a couple of times until it was “smooth sailing”, at that point I started slowly fucking her while Foziah fingered herself. She dipped two or three fingers inside herself as deep as she could and alternated that with furiously rubbing her clit, meanwhile I was fucking her in an increasing pace and she countered my movements exactly until she came, she was really wet, she leaked al her cuntjuices right onto my stomach.She dropped to the side but quickly regained her composure and lay flat on her stomach and spread those beautiful asscheeks with both hands, ‘Fuck me!’ she said hoarse, she didn’t have to tell me twice, so I got behind her and stuck it right in her backentrance. Up till now it had been fairly relaxed and gently but Foziah apparently liked it rough, because it didn’t take long for her to start moaning ‘Faster!! … Harder!!’ while I was boning her ass. At some point she reached back and grabbed my hand, put it on her head and said ‘Pull my hair!’, I pulled and with every thrust she moaned, she even moaned so loud I thought she had climaxed again.Foziah was talking gibberish or at least something I didn’t understand, I felt I was about to pop so I pumped even harder, Foziah also noticed that I was about to climax, ‘Come baby! Fill my ass with your thick load, come on!’ she encouraged me moaningly. And I came! I felt my orgasm go and thrusted one extra time deep in her ass, Foziah moaned and I felt my seed shooting out my dick, I shook from my orgasm and rolled of of Foziah. She rummaged a bit beside the bed again, pulled the condom of my dick and cleaned my dick with a couple of tissues, she mushed it al together in a ball, threw it beside the bed and cuddled up against me.I gave Foziah a kiss on the forehead, ‘You liked it?’ she asked, ‘I loved it!’ I replied still breathing heavily, we layed there for a while, Foziah pulled the covers over us at some point and eventually we fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt a bit weird because I just lived right above but felt it was inappropriate to leave, in the morning the alarm on my phone went of, Foziah didn’t wake up so I left and went back home to take a quick shower and put on some fresh clothes before I had to go to work, which was quite an ordeal, as I had Foziah’s cute little ass running around in my head all day. I’ve made a couple of attempts to repair the damage in her bathroom after that but every time I went over there we ended up doing other things so there’s still a big stain on her ceiling.I haven’t been in a while but I still have some paint…



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