I would love to see my mother naked. I have tried to catch her in the shower or getting out of bed, but all I have gotten is a couple of very fast glimpses. When she plays tennis, she usually showers at the club, so that doesn’t help me out. I know she has always slept in the nude and I have been able to see her bare bottom a couple times as she lay asleep, but I want to see it all.

Mom is 42 years old, blonde, tan, and in incredible shape. She’s a runner, swimmer, and plays a lot of tennis. When she comes out to the pool she wears a bikini that’s not too small for a mom, but still very sexy! Mom isn’t really dating; she’s been single for about seven years. She’s not what I would consider a flashy woman, but she has a natural beauty that most men recognize. She seldom wears make-up and turns men’s heads whenever we are in public.

One day I was online looking at “sexy mom” videos when I noticed an ad for an agency that claimed they can get sexy pictures of ANYONE…for a price. Guaranteed, or no charge. For an additional fee they MAY be able to allow you to fuck your subject anonymously.

Could this be true? I sent an email inquiring about this ad and received back a form showing the methods they would use and their pay schedule. The form made you outline the relationship to the target, if they were married and if they had ever cheated, any dependencies, their likes and dislikes, where they worked, lived, went to school, the names of close friends and family, etc. … and they requested a recent picture.

There were several options: you could get a portfolio with naked pictures and video of your intended target for $1,000. They would even do a home invasion and force the subject to fulfill any request you had submitted. That option was $5,000, but there were many other options in-between.

They sounded very thorough. I had to think about it. I only had about $800. But maybe my mother or sister would lend me the other two hundred dollars….without even a clue that they would be my targets.

So the question for me was, would it be worth $1,000 to ataşehir escort me to have naked photos and video of my mother?

Yes….yes, it would.

I borrowed the remaining money from my mother, with the excuse of fixing up my car, and submitted my request with her photo.

It was a month before I received a small plain brown box in the mail. I had already written off the agency, figuring I had been ripped off. It never occurred to me what the package was. Even after I opened it, it took a little while before I realized…it was from the agency!

I took it upstairs and locked my door.

The first packet had several high definition, glossy photos of my mom leaving the house. They must have been taken over several days because she was wearing different outfits in each one.

The next few were of her in her tennis outfit at the club. The cameraman must have been in the stands with a powerful lens; the pictures were very clear and close up. Some you could actually see down her top as she served, or as she was leaning over to pick up a ball. She wore a bra, but it must not fit quite right, because you could see her tits hang down, unsupported. The white skin under her tan lines really stood out in the color photos, as did the darker tan of her nipples. I was getting turned on and started to masturbate.

The next few showed close ups of her bottom. There was one with the bottoms of her little tennis outfit riding up her crack; looking like a thong with her untanned cheeks glowing. They had some incredible photos of her serves with her arms stretched high and her tennis skirt lifting, displaying a very distinct camel toe.

I inspected all these very closely. This was fun, but I wanted more.

To my surprise, there was also a DVD. I rushed to pop it into my laptop and open the file. Whoever was taking the video was a woman; she must have had a video camera mounted in a pair of glasses. My mom was up close and center, talking straight to the camera.

“Well it was nice to meet you and that was a great game,” she said. This kadıköy escort bayan must be after the match. A female voice responded and suggested they get a drink after they shower.


I could hear female voices chatting as my mother walked off the court, picking up gear. The person with the camera was walking behind my mother. I could see them heading to the locker room! I was about to see my mother showering!

They had lockers next to each other, and the woman with the camera-glasses faced my mother as they continued to talk and disrobe. I could see the camera woman’s blouse come up and over her head. She stood within a foot of my mom as she first removed her blouse, displaying her bra, and then slid down her tennis skirt, leaving her little tennis shorts on. When she reached back to unhook her bra, I threw the recording into slow motion; watching a close up of my mother’s bra loosen over her two beautiful breasts and then slowly being lowered to expose both of them!

My mother’s firm, orange-sized breasts were perfect; white, from having never seen the sun, barely sagging – despite her age, with sweet puffy areolas that led to two erect nipples! This was worth the money. I knew right then, I would be playing this, and pausing it here, over and over again. There she was, talking with a smile on her face and not knowing she is stripping for her 18 year old son!

Mom leaned forward and slipped her thumbs into her waist band and I slowed the feed again; I could see perfectly as her tennis shorts lowered! Slowly, her flat fit tummy was being exposed. After a moment, the white from her tan line came into view. I knew very soon her pubic hair would start to appear….. but instead, I saw the very top of her pussy… her hooded little clit and then the entire mound appeared.

My mother shaves her pussy! I would have never guessed!

She looked as good or better than any of these women on the websites!

She dropped her shorts and stepped out of them. She stood there nude, with only her tennis shoes on. She turned her escort maltepe back to the camera person and bent forward to untie and remove her shoes. The camerawoman did the same thing. As my mother bent forward, I could clearly see her tiny little pucker hole; and the farther she bent forward, the more her pussy exposed itself. The camera was only inches from her ass!

I had to pause this picture. I could see it all.

My mother was bent over in front of her son, exposing everything to me, and had no idea! I hit play again and it continued in slow motion until she had both shoes off. Both women stood up.

My mother pulled a towel around her and turned from the camera. I blinked, disappointed, then sat up with renewed interest as I realized that they were heading towards the showers. The show had just begun!

I could see a few other nude women showering along a wall of shower heads, but I was only interested in one! The camerawoman stood at a shower across from my mother and faced her so I was able to watch her lather up that gorgeous body with soap. Her breasts were wet and slippery; she massaged her entire body, even reaching down and rubbing her pussy a couple quick times. When she closed her eyes and leaned back to rinse her hair the cameraman leaned forward to show me my mothers wet, soapy pussy.

They both rinsed and I was able to watch mom slowly get dressed, covering her sexy body with sexy lingerie!

The camera cut to a new scene; a lounge at a club, my mother was sitting chatting at the camera, and a new person, a man. I heard the woman’s voice introduce him as her brother, who had been taking photos from the stands of them playing today. She suggested they had a lot in common and eventually the three of them exchanged telephone numbers and the scene ended.

I scrambled to the box to see if there was anything more, but all I found was a note taped to the back of the DVD case.

‘We have an in with your mother.’ It read.

‘We believe we can arrange for the two of you to have anonymous sex.

We would be willing to arrange this for a one time offer of 2,500, instead of the regular price of 3,000.

If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible.’

After looking at those revealing photos and DVDs of my sexy mother I just knew I had to come up with the money somehow!



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