The Adventurous Couple”Whose ass is this?” Nancy screamed at me as she had me bent over the edge of the bed and fucking me in the ass with her 8″ strap-on dildo.”It’s your ass Mistress; it has always been your ass!” I replied through gritted teeth.Earlier that evening, my loving wife, came out of the bathroom with her jet black hair pulled back into a bun and wearing black rimmed glasses, letting me know she was in the mood to dominate me. She was also dressed in her shinny black teddy that pushed her large milky white breasts together, causing her cleavage to look even deeper than it already was, and her polished knee high boots, which added her another four inches to her 5’6″ frame. At first she had me crawl off the bed and work my way to her feet. Once I was there, she made me polish her boots with my tongue, making them even shinier. After several minutes of worshiping her boots, I slowly worked my way up her legs until I reached her groin. Nancy had grabbed the back of my head and buried my face against it. I could tell that I was pleasing her from the heat and juices pouring out from underneath the leathery material that was covering her pussy. I ate her pussy through her lingerie, nearly suffocating in the process, until she came. Her pussy sprayed her cum through her snug fitting teddy, which spilled on my chest and ran down her legs.After she was done with me, she made me crawl back to the bed and lay over the edge. I watched her out the corner of my eye as she walked to our dresser where she retrieved her favorite strap-on dildo and a bottle of lube. As soon as she was done donning her fake cock, she walked over to me and applied the lube to my begging ass. Then slowly she worked the thick rubbery cock into me until it was buried deep inside of my tight tunnel.Once she was comfortable with her dominance over me, she began to drive her dildo deep and hard into me, which brings us to the present.”Damn right your fucking ass belongs to me! Tell me how much you love to be fucked by me! Tell me you fucking worm!” Nancy yelled at me as she held onto my hips and piled drove me. My cock was rubbing against the soft comforter and leaked gobs of hot, sticky precum each time Nancy slammed her hips into me. “I love it Mistress! I love your cock inside of me!”I could tell that Nancy was close to cumming again. My ass cheeks were being covered by her gooey pussy juice and she was breathing hard. “Mmmm…fuck! I love seeing… my cock…in you!” she said between gasping breaths.”Fuck me Mistress! Fuck me hard!” I screeched over my shoulder. “Use me as your ass slave!” Nancy always loved it when I begged her and I knew that would be the preverbal nail to push her over the edge. Then she pushed her dildo deep inside of my ass and grinded her hips against me, causing the base of her phony cock against her clit. “Oh fuck… I’m cumming!” she yelled out. I felt her whole body shake behind me as she lay on top of me and bit at my upper back.With her lying on top of me and shaking violently, my cock had the extra pressure it needed against the bed to cause me to cum. The tip of my cock became instantly sensitive and began to twitch uncontrollably. My sticky cum ran the length of my shaft and erupted out of the tip, covering my stomach and the comforter. “Oh fuck! Thank you Mistress, thank you for making me your bitch!” I cried out as more of my cum seeped out of me. Nancy didn’t speak but rather grunted and shook as the last of her orgasm subsided. After several minutes, after we were done shaking from our shared orgasm, Nancy slid her dildo out of my ass and laid onto the bed. I crawled up to her side and softly kissed her cheek. “I would do anything for you,” I said softly.Nancy turned her head and faced me, “Anything?” she asked.I looked into her eyes and saw something a little twisted in them. But I was completely in love with her and I wanted to do anything to make her happy, regardless if it made me uncomfortable. I softly caressed her cheek and replied, “If it makes you happy, then yes, I would do anything you want me to do.”Nancy rolled onto her, causing her strap-on dildo to poke me in my belly, and said, “Well I have been watching shemale porn when you weren’t around and seeing a chick with a dick fucking a man really got me turned on. So I got to thinking how hot it would be to invite a shemale or cross-dresser into our bedroom.”At first I was a little shocked that Nancy suggested that we have a three-way with a dude in a dress, but at the same time I had seen some shemales that were beautiful and I began to see Nancy’s point of view. “So what did you have in mind?” I asked.Nancy rose up onto her arm and looked into my eyes, “So are you saying you would do it for me? You would let me watch you with a shemale?” she asked.”I would, if it makes you happy. But ‘she’ has to be pretty. I don’t want some NFL Linebacker in a dress with more hair on his body than me!” A big smile expanded on Nancy’s face and I could tell she was beyond happy, she was ecstatic. “Don’t worry Steve, she will be pretty and you will love it!” After I agreed to her fantasy, Nancy let me do whatever I wanted to her for the rest of the night. About a month had past, in which Nancy had spent a considerable amount of time looking at a transgendered dating website, and she finally found someone we both agreed on. Her name was Alex. She was 5’8″ with long red hair. She had large breast, almost as big as Nancy’s, that were surgically implanted and more curves to her body than a formula-one racetrack. Her skin was smooth and milky white and she looked a little gothic. To tell you the truth, if you were to see her walking down the street, you would have never guessed that she was packing a cock.Nancy contacted Alex through e-mail and eventually over the phone. It was another month before we finally arranged to meet in person. The three of us agreed to meet at a gay friendly bar in the downtown district on a Saturday night.When that big night came, Nancy and I got a room at a very posh hotel nearby. We went to dinner then returned to out room to get ready for the night. I did an enema, just in case the three of us ended up back here and took a shower. After my shower I dressed in a nice gray pinstriped suit, Alex said she loved a man in a clean suit, and waited for Nancy to finish getting ready while I sat in the room adjacent to the bedroom. About twenty minutes later Nancy came into the room. From top to bottom, her outfit screamed pure sex. Her long black hair was styled and laid seductively over her shoulders. Her makeup was done to perfection, from her eyes to her full, red painted lips. She wore a black cocktail dress that had a neck line that plunged down to her navel, removing any doubt if she was bra-less. The hem of her dress ended high on her thigh and barely covered the tops of her stockings. I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing any panties either.I stood up and walked towards her. “Holy shit! You look absolutely amazing!” I said when I reached her.She grabbed my hips and pulled me in close. “I was going to ask if you were excited about tonight, but feeling that big hard cock growing in your pants has already answered my question.” She was right, I was very excited. The mixture of seeing my wife in such a revealing outfit, the idea of having a three-way with a hot shemale and the knowledge that after tonight my wife was going to be the happiest person on the planet had me walking around with a hard-on. “Yeah, well you have a way of making things very,” I paused for a moment, and then said, “exciting.”We decided to take a cab to the club, since we knew that we were going to be drinking. Once the cab pulled up to the front door, I paid the man driving then we entered the place. The club had an industrial setting. There was a large dance floor that was already packed with people. The tables looked like 55-gallon drums with a smooth black table top welded on top and the chairs around them resembled something that a mad artist would had made for a post-apostolic Sci-Fi movie. At first, I thought I was going to stand out, because of my tailored suit, but after looking around I noticed that I wasn’t the only one dressed in one. A matter of fact I was pleasantly surprised by the collection of people there. I saw people dressed like Nancy and me; there were Goths, punks, old, young and everything in between. See such a large diverse group of people made me feel at ease.”Nancy, Steve is that you?” a voice rang out from behind us.Nancy turned around to see who call our names. It was Alex, and when I saw her in real life, well needless to say I was very pleased. Alex was standing by a booth just off to the side of the front door and bakırköy escort she looked stunning. Her red hair was pulled into a tight bun and was being held in place by highly decorated chopsticks. She was wearing a gray pinstriped skirt that came down to her knees and flared out slightly. She also wore a match vest over a simple white blouse. Even from across the way I could see her piercing emerald green eyes and her red, pouty lips beckoned me to kiss them.Nancy and I walked toward Alex and extended our hands. “No-no, no hand shakes here you guys,” Alex said then she gave Nancy a hug and then me. When Alex hugged me, I felt her ample breast push up against me and smelt her perfume. I wrapped my arms around her small waist and inhaled deeply. “Wow, we finally get to meet and I must say you are more beautiful in person than in your photos.” Nancy said.”I was about to say the same thing!” Alex said laughing. Then she looked at me and said, “And you mister, you are truly a hunk of man.””Well thanks,” I said with a blush. “I do workout at least four times a week.”Then Alex looked down at the semi-erect cock that was growing in my slacks, “That’s not what I meant.”I smiled and felt a wave of blood rush to my face. After the initial small talk, we sat down and got to know each other a little better. Nancy and I found out that Alex was a female impersonator at a different club, she likes both men and women and her favorite thing to do is to paint landscapes.”I like to make jewelry,” I said to Alex.”Oh he does and he’s very good at it, see,” Nancy said showing her the wedding ring I made for her. Alex took Nancy’s hand and looked at the one carat diamond ring I had made her five years ago. “Wow! That is gorgeous! You need to make me one!” she said to me. “Well I don’t know if I can make you one like Nancy’s but I could possible do something for you.” Alex smiled and replied, “That would be great, I would appreciate that.” In the background, a different song came on and Alex got excited. “Ooh I love this song,” she looked over to Nancy and asked, “Do you mind if I steal Steve here?”Nancy looked at me and smiled, then said to Alex, “Don’t hurt him too badly.”Before I could say anything, Alex had me by the arm and was dragging me onto the dance floor. The music was driving and had a beat that forced your body to move and the dance floor was crowded.As soon as we were on the dance floor, Alex lifted her skirt up slightly, revealing the tops of her stockings and slid her body close to mine. She grabbed onto my lower back and moved her right leg between my legs. Then she began to grind against my groin to the rhythm of the music and look me in the eyes. I was surprised how quickly I became aroused by Alex’s dance. My cock began to swell in my pants and I felt something hard poking me each time Alex’s body came in contact with my hips.As Alex and I danced, I looked over to Nancy and saw that she was getting turned on by what was going on. She was massaging her left breast with her right hand and her other hand was under the table. I could only imagine what she was doing to herself.Then Alex slid her right hand up my back and then used her fingernails it softly caress the back of my neck. Chill bumps ran down my spine and straight to my cock, causing it to twitch.Alex leaned in, and over the music, said, “Ooh I felt that.”I looked down at her and gave her a soft, teasing kiss. I teased her tongue with mine for a fraction of a second then I said, in her ear before nibbling on her lobe, “I feel something a little hard myself,” referring to her hard-on.While I nibbled on her ear and neck, Alex pressed her body closer to mine. Her breast were mashed against me and they felt both firm and soft. I knew that I would have to lick them tonight, amongst other things. Another five minutes or so past when the song that we were dancing to changed, “Well I think we should get back to Nancy, don’t you?” Alex asked. I nodded and we walked back towards my wife. Along the way, I excused myself to go use the restroom. Not so much because I had to use the toilet, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a big wet spot on the front of my slacks. I spent a few minutes in a stall, wiping the large amount of precum that had soaked my silk boxers. Then I went to the sink to put some cold water on my face. While I looked into the mirror I was pleasantly surprised on how turned on I was by the idea of me and my wife sharing our bed with a shemale. After being in my own little world for a few minutes, I decided that I should return to the two.When I got back to the table, I saw Nancy and Alex kissing each other deeply. Even though I couldn’t see their hands completely, I could tell by the way their arms were moving they were playing with each other under their skirts. “Ahem,” I said. The two looked up at me a smile broadly. “So, are we going to call it here and get a cab?”The two looked at each other, then back at me. “We were thinking the very same thing.” All three of us left the club and caught a cab at the front door. Alex was the first to get in, then me followed by my wife. As soon as I gave the cabbie the address, Alex started to rub my groin and leaned towards Nancy. Nancy leaned in as well and began to feel up Alex’s breasts as she kissed her deeply. I watched the cabbie adjust his rear-view mirror so he could get a better view of the show going on in the back seat. The only thing I thought was if only this guy really knew who was who.It was about a ten-minute drive to our hotel, thank god it wasn’t any longer. I was so turned on by the time we reached the hotel that if the cab ride had been any longer the cab driver would have gotten a real show.I pulled out a fifty-dollar bill, handed it to the driver and told him to keep the change. Then the three of us entered the hotel lobby and made a beeline to the elevator. As soon as the door shut we all began to hug each other and took turns kissing.Once we reached the tenth floor, the doors to the elevator opened and we composed ourselves long enough to get inside our room. I was the last one to enter and before I could shut the door Nancy and Alex were at each other. They kissed each other deeply and ran their hands up and down each other’s bodies as they walked blindly towards the couch. When they reached it, Nancy softly pushed Alex onto it. Then she looked at me and said, “Steve, I need you to keep Alex entertained for a minute. I need to go slip into something more comfortable.” I slid my jacket off and laid it on the back of recliner that was on the other side of the room. Then I sat beside Alex and watched my wife go into the bedroom of our suite. Once Nancy was gone, I turned and faced Alex. My heart was pounding so hard that I could feel my heart beat in my head. I was so turned on and so scared at the same time. Alex was extremely sexy and any man would love to be with her, but in the same breath, I knew Alex was really a man. A hot, sexy man that I was about to have sex with.Then Alex grabbed my silk tie and pulled me towards her. Our lips pressed against each other’s and parted, letting our tongues meet. Her lips were full and soft. Her tongue was warm and filled my mouth and I pushed my tongue into hers. We kissed for several minutes and I played with her nipples through her blouse. They were stiff and felt like they were as big around as my pinky finger. When I pinched them, Alex broke our kiss and took in a deep breath and then moaned softly as she exhaled. I looked down between her legs and saw her cock pushing the fabric of her skirt, making a large bump between her legs. “Oh god you got me turned on!” I said as I continued to pinch her nipples softly.”You… have no… idea… how … turned on… I am,” she said between gasps of breath.”Oh I think he does!” Nancy said.The two of us hadn’t heard Nancy come back into the room nor knew how long she had been standing there watching us but we were glad to see her standing there. Nancy had changed into a black silk corset, with matching stockings elbow length gloves, knee high boots and no panties. “I think we should move to the bed,” Nancy said authoritatively.Both Alex and I stood up and walked towards Nancy. When we reached her, I slid behind her, pressing my hard cock against the small of her back and Alex moved in the front of her and pressed her body against Nancy. “Oh god!” Nancy said in a long sigh. The three of us quickly move to the bed. Once we got to the bed, both Alex and Nancy pushed me onto it. Then the two started to undress me. Alex went straight for my belt and Nancy pulled my shoes off without untying them.”Mmmm…” I moaned out as Alex began to unbutton my pants.As beşiktaş escort soon as Alex unzipped my slacks, she reached in and grabbed a hold of my cock and freed it from its silk prison. “Oh Nancy, you said he was big but you didn’t say just how big he was!” Alex said with a little shock in her voice.Nancy crawled beside Alex and said, “Mmm … wait until you feel him inside of you!” Then she took my cock from Alex’s hand and took the tip of my cock in her mouth. I looked down my chest and saw the two prettiest ladies I had ever been with playing with my cock. Alex was beside my right hip and Nancy beside the other, parting her red painted lips and wrapping them around my cock.”I want to taste him too!” Alex said pouting.Nancy took my cock out of her mouth and pointed towards Alex. “Be my guest,” she said.Alex reached over with her soft hand and opened her mouth. Then she lowered her head until at least five inches of my cock was in her hot, wet mouth, leaving the other three to four inches out so she could stroke it with her hand.I had to close my eyes and think of baseball to keep from cumming right then and there. Alex’s mouth was hotter than Nancy’s and she was a lot more aggressive with her sucking. Alex sucked so hard that each time she would pull her head back; she would make a loud popping sound when my cock came out of her mouth.Nancy saw me squirming and said, “I want to make him squirm too!” Then she took my cock from Alex and impaled her mouth with my precummed soaked cock. What Nancy lacked in sucking power, she made up with the tightness of her throat. She was always very good at deep-throating. She took every inch of my hard cock deep into her mouth, until her nose was grinding against my pelvis. Nancy would hold my cock in her throat for a few seconds then let it slide out revealing the thick, sticky spit that only came from deep inside of her neck.”Oh fuck! If you two keep that up I’ll cum!” I screamed.Nancy took my cock out of her mouth and said playfully, “Well we can’t have that now, can we?” “Oh no, that wouldn’t be good,” Alex said sarcastically.Then Nancy smiled and said, “Why don’t you two show me who’s better at eating pussy then.” “Sounds good to me,” I said.”Same here,” Alex replied.Nancy rolled onto her back and slid up the bed. Alex and I moved so we were both between her legs and were kissing our way down to her shaved pussy. I could see the wetness ooze out of Nancy’s pussy and smell her sweet aroma wafting from between her legs. It was intoxicating and I couldn’t wait to taste her. While Alex kissed and nibbled on Nancy’s thigh, I went straight towards her pussy. I extended my tongue and split the cleft of her soaking hole, letting more of her gooey fluid pour out of her. I hadn’t seen Nancy this wet in a long time and the way she tasted was even sweeter than normal but when I reached her clit with my teeth, she lost it.”Jesus fucking Christ!” she yelled as I flicked her clit with my tongue. Alex had realized that I wasn’t going to share Nancy’s pussy yet and had moved up to her breast. When I looked up Nancy’s body, I saw that Alex had freed Nancy’s right breast and was sucking on her dark brown nipple. Nancy was writhing from Alex’s lips and teeth on her breasts and from my vigorous licking of her saturated pussy. “Oh fuck, I’m going… to… fucking cum!” Nancy screamed out loudly.Alex moved up and began to kiss Nancy deeply, muffling her cries of passion with her mouth. While the two kissed, I nibbled on Nancy’s clit and inserted my finger inside of her tight pussy. She was so wet that I didn’t need to lick my finger and when I did, more of her pussy juice spilled out of her and onto the bed.With both Alex and I teasing and pleasing Nancy, we didn’t have to wait for her to cum. I heard muffled whimpers escaping into Alex’s mouth and felt a wave of cum spill out of Nancy’s pussy and she thrashed about as if she was on fire. After several minutes of squirming around and pulling on my hair to force my face against her wet pussy, Nancy finally calmed down and laid still. “Oh shit, that was… intense!” she said between gasping breaths. “I hadn’t… cummed that… hard in a… while!””Mmm baby, that’s just the beginning,” I said. “Oh yeah, wait until we fill you up girl!” Alex said purring.Nancy looked down at me and then up to Alex and smiled. “Honey, I think you need to get the lube out of my night bag!” She said excitedly.I crawled off the bed and went to Nancy’s bag. I reached in and pulled out the small bottle and squirted some of the slick ointment into my hand and rubbed it all over my cock. While I was preparing my cock for Nancy’s ass, Alex got undressed, leaving only her stockings on. I was hypnotized by Alex’s cock. It was smaller than mine but a little thicker. Her balls were shaved smooth and there was a small neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair just above her cock. The head of her cock was bulbous and had just enough veins running up and down the shaft to make it look perfect to suck on.By the time I had finished lubing my cock, Alex was laying beside Nancy and the two watched me. When I got to the edge of the bed, I crawled my way up towards them. I caressed both of their legs and worked my way between them. Remembering that this was Nancy’s request, I slid two fingers inside of Nancy’s pussy and with my lubed covered hand I grabbed onto Alex’s cock. “Ooooh!” Alex moaned.”Oh fuck that’s hot!” Nancy said with half closed eyes.”Anything for you babe,” I replied.Nancy watched me milk Alex’s cock for a minute then she reached down and softly grabbed my chin. “Baby, please suck Alex’s cock for me.” She said sweetly. Without a word, I moved towards Alex’s cock. Alex stared at me with her mouth slightly open. I maintained eye contact with her and lowered my head down to her thick, twitching cock. Even though I have never sucked a cock before, it seemed very natural for me. I parted my lips and extended my tongue, licking the shaft of Alex’s cock, from the base to the tip. Precum oozed out of the tip of her cock and painted my lips with its stick sweetness.Alex moaned out softly and Nancy said, “Oh fuck that’s hot, lick it for me baby.”Nancy’s pussy was getting wetter with each passing second and I lick on Alex’s cock. My fingers were soaked from her gooey wetness; so much of her pussy juice poured out of her that it made a large wet spot on the bed.Then, without any cue from Alex or Nancy, I parted my lips more and slid Alex’s cock into my mouth. It was hot and hard, but also felt of velvet as the head of Alex’s cock rubbed the soft fleshy parts of my inner cheek. I pushed myself down further onto her cock and began to feel the full pulsating veins against my lips and Alex’s body tense up. “Oh shit, that’s it baby, suck that cock.” Nancy hissed.”Oh my god, that feels so good.” Alex let out in a single moan.I pushed Alex’s cock as deep as I could down my throat, until it hit my tonsils. Then, after a year of training sucking on Nancy’s strap-on, I relaxed my throat and swallowed the thick cock in my mouth. Looking up from between Alex’s legs, I felt her body become extremely rigid and I could see her eyes roll back into her head.Nancy, seeing me deep throat Alex’s cock, began to moan out loudly. Her pussy began to contract, squeezed my fingers that were buried deep inside of her. “Holy fuck… I’m… cumming!” she screamed. I pumped my fingers in and out of Nancy’s pussy as fast as I could, while I sucked on Alex’s thick cock. Nancy’s pussy sprayed past my hand and all over the bed. She trembled violently and bit at Alex’s nipples. I could tell that Alex was getting close to cumming as well. She moaned and cursed while a torrid of precum spilled into my mouth, coating my tongue. “Oh fuck! Stop! You’re… going to… make me cum!” Alex screamed while she pushed my head away from her saliva-coated cock. I let her cock slide out of my throat and then kissed my way up her body. I nibbled on her flat belly and then her erect nipples. When I reached her soft lips, I kissed her deeply and grinded my cock against hers.Nancy finally calmed down from her orgasm and worked her way between us. In a soft whisper she said to the both of us, “I want you two inside of me…”Since Alex was on the bottom, Nancy grabbed her cock first and guided it to her dripping pussy. Once Alex’s cock was buried deep inside of her, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Fuck my ass Steve, fuck it hard!”I moved myself so I could line my cock up and then eased it into her hungry ass. I have fucked Nancy in the ass before but this time it felt tighter since she had a big cock inside of her pussy, pushing the skin in between her ass and pussy forward. beylikdüzü escort “Oh god Nancy, you are so fucking tight!” I groaned as I buried myself deeply.Nancy just bit at her lower lip and breathed heavily through her nose. As soon as both Alex and I were deep inside Nancy, we both began to rock our hips slowly. Nancy started to kiss Alex and moaned into her mouth. I grabbed onto Nancy’s hips and sped up my pace. Alex also began to thrust her hips faster until we both were slamming hard into Nancy.All three of us fucked and screamed, filling the hotel room with cries of passion and the wet slapping sounds of our naked bodies. “Oh…fuck!!” Nancy screamed as she came for a third time that night. Nancy’s pussy drenched Alex’s cock and hips. “That’s it, cum all over my cock!” Alex yelled as she looked into Nancy’s face.”Yeah baby cum for us!” I echoed.Again, Nancy’s body shook wildly as she came and she moaned out loudly. As she squirted, I heard her pussy make noises and saw the look of surprise on Alex’s face.”Oh my god! I never had a woman squirt before!” Alex said in pleasant surprise.”She does all the time but this time she has really made a mess!” I said laughing softly. “Fuck… you,” Nancy said between gasping breaths while laughing at the same time.I slid my cock out of Nancy’s ass so she could roll off of Alex and catch her breath. Then I moved between Alex and Nancy. Once I was on my back, I pulled the two close to me and took turns kissing them softly.After a few minutes, Nancy composed herself and said, “God that was intense. I feel so naughty. I have already cummed several times and you two haven’t cum once.””So what do you suggest we do about that?” I asked.I knew what Nancy was hinting at, she wanted to have her fantasy fulfilled and I wanted to do it for her. Plus I was so horny at that time that she could have had me take a hundred cock and I would had been happy to do it.Nancy rolled onto her side, reached over my body and grabbed onto Alex’s far shoulder. Then she gently pulled Alex towards me. “I think you two can figure it out,” she said with a smile on her face.Alex knew what Nancy wanted and she rolled on top of me. At first, we just kissed and Alex softly slid her body up and down mine, letting our cocks rub against each others.Nancy sat up and turned her body so she could watch us make out and play with her pussy. “Mmm that is so fucking hot,” she said in a whispering moan.I parted my legs and let Alex’s hips slide between them. Her engorged cock slid down my cock, grazed my tightening balls and then between my crack of my ass. I wrapped my legs around Alex’s hips while she reached down and grabbed onto her own cock. Then she leaned forward and I felt the head of her swollen cock press against my anus. My cock started to twitch and the clear sticky precum started to ooze out of my cock and spill onto my belly. “Oh yeah Alex, slide that big cock of yours inside me.” I moaned.As Alex pushed her hips forward, I felt the tip of her cock push harder in me. At first the was a slight hint of pain but once I felt the tip pop inside, it was quickly replaced was the most amazing sensation I have ever felt. I have been fucked many times by Nancy, but this time it was different. Normally Nancy’s dildo is cold, rubbery and lifeless; whereas Alex’s living cock was hot, velvety and pulsating. “Oh shit, you’re so tight!” Alex sighed and she continued to shove her cock inside of my ass.”And you’re so fucking big!” I replied. Once I felt Alex’s hips press against my ass cheeks, I looked over to Nancy to see how she was reacting.In a single glance, I could tell that Nancy was more than pleased with what was going on. She was sitting with her legs crossed and was using her right hand to play with her clit while using her left hand to tease her breasts and nipples. She stared at us with half-opened eyes and her mouth was slightly open. Once I was happy with Nancy’s state of mind, I turned back to Alex. “Mmm…fuck me baby. Use my ass to get off!” I moaned. Talking dirty to Alex had an effect on her. I felt Alex’s cock twitch inside of me and she bit at her lower lip. Then she grabbed onto the back of my thighs, just below my knees and pushed forward, folding my body in half.When Alex got my legs where she wanted them, she leaned in and fed me her breasts. I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, causing her to moan out loudly.My legs rested on Alex’s shoulders and her hands were on the bed by my head. Then she got onto her toes and put most of her weight onto her hips, driving her cock deep inside of my ass.Once she positioned herself, she slowly began to lift her hips off mine and then drove them forward. The feeling of a real cock inside of me was intense. I had precum pouring out of the tip of my cock and running down my body.Nancy stopped playing her breast long enough to scoop up some of the clear fluid off my body and fed it to Alex. Alex continued to fuck me while parting her lips to accept Nancy’s offering. I watched Alex’s red, full lips part and the tip of her tongue extend, licking the sticky fluid off her finger. Then I watched her start sucking on it like it was a little cock. Nancy moaned from Alex’s talented lips and I felt my cock swell even bigger. Nancy removed her finger from Alex’s mouth and returned to pinching her own nipples. Alex looked down at me and then leaned in and kissed me, letting me taste my own precum mixed with her sweet saliva.As we kissed Alex, quickened the pace of her hips. Within minutes, she was driving herself hard and fast into my ass, making our bodies fill the room with slapping sounds. I reached up and grabbed Alex’s hips and enjoyed feeling every inch of her beautiful, vein-covered cock violate my tight ass. “That’s it! Fuck him hard! Fill that ass with your cum!” Nancy shouted at Alex as she was cumming again.I broke the kiss Alex and I was sharing. I felt the tip of my cock swell even bigger and I knew I was going to cum soon. I had never cummed with Nancy’s dildo without either her jerking me off or rubbing it against something, but this time was different. With a real cock inside of me and knowing that Nancy was cumming by watching us, I felt a wave of orgasmic pleasure radiate from the pit of my stomach and race to my oozing cock.”Oh fuck! You’re… going to… make me…cum!” I said in a ragged voice.The look in Alex’s eyes told me that she was going to cum soon as well. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth as slightly open. I felt Alex’s cock grow bigger inside of me, stretching my ass even wider.Then, without warning, I felt my cock become more sensitive than it had ever been before and twitch wildly. Before I could react, my cock convulsed as a torrid of my hot milky cum exploded out of the tip and land on my face. Nancy leaned in and began to lick it off me, even though my cock was still contracting. While she licked it clean some of my cum landed on the side of her face, where she quickly used her finger to scoop it up and feed it to me. My cum tasted sweet and salty, I kissed Nancy so I could taste more of it.”Oh… my… god!” Alex shouted. I felt her cock twitch in my ass and then her hot cum run down her urethra. The mixture of my contracting ass and Alex’s expanding cock was incredible. I stopped kissing Nancy long enough to see Alex’s face contort from pure pleasure and watch her cock slide in and out of me. I saw her cum coating her cock each time it pulled out of me and then watched it be squeezed clean by my quivering ass each time she pushed it back inside of me. Alex’s came so much that her load began to spill out of me and run down the crack of my ass.Nancy rubbed Alex’s cum against my balls, causing me to shake wildly and moan aloud. Then she looked at me and said, “Open your mouth!” I did what Nancy demanded me and she fed me Alex’s cum that spilt out of me. It too was sweet and I savored every bit that was giving to me. Once Nancy finished feeding me, I pulled Alex towards me and shared her cum with her by kissing her deeply. I felt the hot, sticky cum melt on our tongues and wished I could have more.Alex’s cock slid out of my ass, making it feel sadly empty. Then she eased her way between Nancy and I. We spent the next several minutes softly kissing and caressing each other, letting little aftershocks wash over us.”Oh my god, that was so intense.” Nancy whispered. “Yes it was.” I purred.Alex smiled and replied, “You two have just made my year. I really want to do this again.”Nancy and I looked at each other than at Alex. Then in unison both Nancy and I asked, “What are you doing next weekend?”The three of us laughed and then did a group hug, which led to more kissing and touching. Before I knew it, Nancy was straddled over Alex’s face, getting her pussy eaten and I had my cock buried deep into Alex’s tight ass.Six months had passed since that night and I just had the king-sized bed delivered to our home. How else were the three of us going to sleep in the same bed since Alex moved in?The End.



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