The Thakur was sitting, stark naked, on the bed with his back on the headrest. On his lap, or between his legs, was his mother, Ritu also without a stitch of clothing on her. The Thakur’s hands were on Riturani’s breasts and his fingers were playing with her nipples as both of them stared at the golden hues of the sun setting behind the Parasnath Hills.

“I am sorry …”

“Oh come in, come in Rudra babu …” The Thakur seemed to be in a generous mood.

“No Rudra.” There was a sharp, firmness in her voice that crackled through the room. “Please wait outside until Thakur-saab has left.”

“Sure. Sorry, Ma.” Rudra stepped out of the room, closed the door and waited. He heard some low voices in the room. Then after a while, the Thakur walked. He was in his pajamas, and his body was bare except for a thin gold chain round his neck from which hung a pair of what looked like big keys..

“Go in. Riturani is in her motherly state again.” He smirked.

Not quite. Ritu had just about put on her blouse and petticoat but that was of course fine between mother and son. It was just that Ritu wasn’t quite keen to let Thakur into the secret of their candid relationship.

“Sorry, Ma for coming in like this …”

“Good you did. Otherwise that asshole would not have left.”

“So he managed to fuck you?”

“To get some, you have to give some. Sex is the one bait that that perv takes easily and we need to bait him.”

“I have a lot to tell you ..”

“But first I need your help. Please go to the market and get me some Betadine ointment.”

“He hurt you? The bastard ..”

“Sodomized me. Rammed me up my arse.”

“Oh god! That would have hurt.”

“I will give it back to him .. but first get that Betadine.”


Ritu was naked again but this time she was on her knees on the divan, body bent over and resting on her elbows with her head on a pillow. Her legs were spread apart, buttocks up in the air with her anal sphincter clearly visible. A little below and partially hidden from view was her vaginal crack and the swell of her pubic mound covered in a fuzz of hair.

Rudra was standing behind her with one hand on her buttock and with the forefinger of the other hand he gently touched her anus.

“Oooh …” Ritu groaned softly. Her body quivered as she shrank from his touch.

“Does it hurt, Ma?”

“It does, kid. Is it bleeding? Do you see any blood.”

“No, no. There is no blood but the skin looks rather raw and red .. kind of bruised.”

“I know. Your grandfather has a very thick prick and he shoved it in very quickly without giving my asshole any time to adjust.”

“Should I put the ointment in?”
“Yes please do, but very gently please …”

Rudra took a some of the Betadine on his finger tip and applied it on the rim of his mother’s anus. Ritu clenched her fingers in anticipation and Rudra saw that even her anus was clenching.

“Now for the hard part, kid. You have to put the ointment inside me.”

“Ma! That will hurt.”

“I know it will … but then it will be soothing. You need to do it.”

Rudra took a gob of the red ointment in his finger tip and with one hand spreading her hole, slowly but firmly pushed his finger into his mother’s anus.

Ritu’s sphincter clenched in protest but to no avail. Rudra’s finger pushed in.

“Oh Oh Ooooooh …” Ritu’s body jerked in pain and she banged her head on the pillow as she felt her son’s finger pushing into her anus.

“Should I stop?”
“No, No .. go ahead and rotate your finger so that all sides get the ointment.”

For the next couple of minutes, Rudra repeatedly kept pushing in his finger in and out of his mother’s anus and also rotating it till all of a sudden Ritu’s moan changed and a shiver went up her body.

“Anything wrong? Ma?” Rudra sensed the change.

“I think you should stop now.”

“This ointment is oozing out of your back.”

“Plug it with this hanky of mine.”

“Feeling any better?”

“Yes. Definitely better. The pain, the burn has eased and …….” she was silent.

“And what?”

“Your finger ..”

“What about your finger.”

“After the initial pressure and the pain, your finger was nice, very nice.”

“I thought as much. The pain had become a pleasure.”

“Now I know why folks have anal sex.”

“Perhaps we will give it a try. It would not violate your Lakshman Rekha.”

“We will think about it, but first, we need to discuss our plans here.”

“Like this?”

“With all that Betadine up my ass, I cannot put on my clothes. You come in front and tell me what all you did today.”

Rudra pulled up a chair and sat next to Ritu’s head and quietly told the story of what had happened at the Devi Sthaan, the temple. Ritu heard him out quietly and patiently except for a few gasps of surprise!

“Hmm … So you are Savita’s de facto husband now! She is your first real sex partner.”

“Well I didn’t have choice!” Rudra grinned.

“And even if you had, you wouldn’t have let go of the chance to stick your tool into her hole, the pendik escort real hole.”

“Oh Ma. Don’t tell me you are feeling jealous because I have fucked another woman.”

“On the contrary this is an excellent development. This gives you a good reason, a good decoy reason, to go into the bedroom.”

“Yes. She needs to get fucked again in the next three days.”

“But obviously you cannot do that with the Thakur around.”

“Or his pair of goons either.”

“There is something fishy about that couple ..”

“Couple? They are a couple? Gay guards?”

“Remember, the Band of Thebes … where only gay couple were allowed to enlist as soldiers.”

“I don’t know. But tell me what happened here? How did you get ass-fucked like this?”

“Well it was a straight case of eve-teasing, harassment and rape … he came into the room and started making lewd jokes. Then he went all touchy-feely and finally he forced himself upon me.”

“You could have stopped him!”

“Of course I could have with one karate chop on his neck … but then we would miss our real goal.”

“I don’t know if our real goal is worth all this brutality.”

“Your father’s heritage Rudra. We don’t give it up so easily.”

“I know, but I hate to see you getting hurt like this.”

“Anal sex is not all that uncommon .. plus you know, once you get used to it .” Ritu smiled.

“Ok, Ok fine, so you enjoyed being raped?”

“I was using my body as a bait … it’s the only one that I have at the moment”

“One day this will be a #MeToo post in Facebook.But right now what is our next step?”

“Sun Tzu and the Art of War tells us to know the enemy ..”

“What did you learn?”

“Two things. First, there is a problem with his balls … he gets an erection but he just cannot ejaculate and that was my nightmare.”

“You mean he kept on fucking you …”

“Oh it seemed like hours .. first in my cunt and then, as you know, at the back.”

“That would have made you come …”

“Of course. I think I had three or more orgasms …”

“So you had a good time. You enjoyed yourself.”

“I did. But that’s not why we have come here. If I had wanted a fuck, there are enough studs in Bombay who I could call over.”

“But you don’t. I know.”

“You know kid, why I don’t. For me it’s always your father and now you .. his doppleganger.”

“Fine. So you were raped and you enjoyed it. But what else … you said you learnt two things.”

“You would have noticed it also. The chain round his neck.”

“Yes, it had two keys”

“Yessss … that is what we need.”

“Are you sure?”

“Why would he keep a key around his neck unless it was very important?”

“How do we get it from him?”

“That is the big question …”

“Can we make duplicates?”

“Those are Chinese Mingbang keys. They would not be easy to duplicate here in Topchanchi.”

“Yes .. they all kind of look alike. Difficult to make out one from the other.”

“Bingo … you have given me an idea.”

“What is it?”

“It’s still kind of fuzzy .. it is circling in my head.” Ritu closed her eyes and pressed her head between her hands.” They were silent for a few minutes.

“And then there is the other question of what is the door that those keys open and where is that?”

“Too many questions. My head is spinning.”

“Let us go the Durga Puja pandel … we might get some ideas from the Devi.”

“But please seal my butt-hole with a wad of cotton. I cannot be oozing Betadine from my ass in public”

Ritu, Rudra and Savita were sitting outside the pandel where the bodhan ceremony had formally initiated the Durga Puja for the current year. The priest was chanting the sacred verses, kids were running around playing with balloons and shooting cap-pistols — small model guns that fired tiny globules of firecrackers in an imitation of real gun.

“So you had an very unique experience today, Savita.” Ritu smiled coyly.

“Shhh … we are not supposed to talk about it. But yes. No doubt it was mind-blowing”

“Let us hope that her blessing works and Thakur-saab gets what he wants.”

“So do I .. but I can tell you that it will not be his son.”

“Why? With the Devi’s blessings …”

“It may be so, but I have more faith in your kid’s blessings …” she gave a meaningful smile.

“You have no faith in your husband?”

“What faith? I know it is he who is dry as a bone even though he insists in insulting me in public for being barren.”

“I know.”

“You know? Did he fuck you today?”

“He did .. in fact he raped me at the back as well?”

“Tell me why have you come back here?”

“Oh well, I wanted to show Rudra his home … and even my home is there in the hills though I have no one there any more.” Of course she did not reveal their real reason. “By why are you here Savita? Why do you want to keep getting insulted like this?”

“I have few other options. I am an orphan who was sold in the brothels of Dhanbad when I was a kid. Thakur saw me there, fucked me, liked me and maltepe escort plucked me out the gutters. At least here I am not being fucked by a new stranger every night.”

“That is true.” She might have ended in a similar plight had not destiny taken her elsewhere.

“And if somehow I can get a child then I will have a better life.”

“Perhaps something could have happened today.”

“I really hope so … but Ritu, I need your help.”

“Just say it sister.”

“I really need Rudra to fuck me again .. You know, sometimes it never happens in the first shot. I cannot take a risk”

“Hmm .. say what Rudra babu?” Ritu smiled at her son. “You want to give it another go again?”

“A tiger who has tasted blood cannot wait for more of the same”

“Your son was a real tiger today.”

“Your husband is no less of a tiger … he ripped me apart today. In fact I had to send Rudra for some Betadine to soothe my butt-hole. Otherwise I would not be able to sit on this wooden chair today.”

“But did he squirt his cum? I am sure he did not. That is the problem.” Which is something that Ritu knew from first hand experience.

“Ok, we have a deal. Rudra will fuck you again.”

“Where? Should I come to your guest room?”
“No. That is too exposed. He will go to your bedroom at the back of the house when the Thakur is not there.”

“Ok …”

“And to make it seem even more innocent, I will go along with him as if we are going for a chat session. Nobody will suspect that my son is fucking you in front of his own mother.”

“Yes. That will be a good cover.” Savita seemed happy with the plan but she did not know that there was another plan within a plan.

The next day was Saptami — the seventh day of the bright fortnight — and Ritu, Rudra and Savita along with many other people of the locality had accompanied the priest as they had gone to bathe the Nabapatrika — a symbolic image of the Goddess made with different plants and creepers — in the Topchanchi lake.It was an early morning expedition that had left everyone pleasantly tired. The Thakur had of course not bothered to participate in these festivities and had instead gone to Dhanbad along with his two shooters to negotiate some coalfield contracts. He said he should be back for lunch but would be late. Savita suspected that he was planning to get drunk somewhere and wouldn’t be back for quite some time.

“Can I have quick fuck with your son?” Savita was as excited as a virgin bride on her honeymoon.

“Sure .. the house is empty today.”

The Thakur’s bedroom was huge, dark and cavernous. The big, high windows would have let in a lot of light but these were covered by heavy curtains that had been partially pulled back so that the room was in light and shadow. There was a low, large bed with posts to hang the mosquito net from, and in front of it was a set of low couches and a sofa for folks to lounge in. Around the room were a couple of Godrej steel almirahs and a couple of wooden cupboards. Along the wall, were oil paintings of the Thakur’s ancestors and but the biggest one was of the Thakur himself in his middle age and in regal attire.

Ritu, Savita and her current paramour Rudra were sitting around a low table with a bottle and three glasses of Grover-Zampa Chêne. Someone had gifted this to the Thakur but it had been left unopened since the he was more of a quick-hitting rum and whisky person. Ritu however had spotted it as soon as Savita had opened the bar in the living room with her big bunch of keys.

“You have a big bunch of keys here.”

“Yes, for all these almirahs around here and around the house.”

“Right.” That eliminated all these almirahs from being her target!

“But Rudra, you naughty boy why are you still in your pants …”

“Ah Mashi is getting excited.” He had dropped the technically correct Dida — or granny — for the more age compatible Mashi or aunt.

“I am super excited kid, to be fucked by you again. I can barely keep still.” And in one quick movement he opened Rudra’s pants and pulled them off leaving him in his briefs and shirt.

“I think I should focus on this excellent wine.”

“I will focus on your excellent son .. or rather his excellent penis.” The brief and shirt were soon off and Rudra was revealed in his naked glory. And it was glorious indeed. Tall, big and handsome and with body that had very little hair except for a glorious mat on his chest and his pubis, Rudra was like a celestial gandharva and Savita went wild on him. Forgetting the wine on the desk, she slipped down on her knees and started to suck on his not-so-monstrous but thick and stiff phallus.

“I shouldn’t be watching my naked son fucking his aunt — I may get naughty, dirty ideas.” Ritu was looking for an excuse to move around and was trying to make a virtue of the same.

“But for me this is heaven .. the doorway to heaven, the keys of the kingdom.”

Savita had by now shed her saree, her petticoat while Rudra had pulled off her blouse. Stripped down to her bra and panties, she pushed Rudra to kartal escort the bed and climbed on top of his naked body and locked her lips on his.

“Hey, I think I need to pull this off as well.” Ritu followed her to the bed and pulled her panties down her leg. Then she unhooked Savita’s bra and threw it on the bed. Now it was two naked bodies, twisting and turning on the big bed leaving Ritu to sip the wine and look around.

Savita was already in heaven or on her way there. She was madly rubbing her face on Rudra’s hairy chest while his big prick was sticking out from between her thighs. Savita gave a squeal of pleasure as she felt the head of his penis pushing against her cunt-lips. Rudra was by now, kind of, half sitting up, against the heap of pillows arranged along the headboard while Savita had grabbed his penis and was rubbing it against the lips of her vagina. Rudra was in no less of a heaven as he caught hold of Savita’s flowing hair in his clenched fist and clamped his lips on hers. Savita puckered her lips, locked it on his, then used her tongue to force his lips apart and push into his hot mouth.

The two lovers were sliding and slithering on each other but somehow Rudra was not able to put his tool into her hole.

“I think Rudra babu has a lot to learn.” Savita smiled.

“He is quite a novice you know.” Ritu was trying to defend her son’s poor performance in bed.

“But he was quite adept at the Devi Sthaan.”

“The Devi was there to guide him.”

“But today, his mother must play the role of the Devi and help me.”

“Oh sure. But I think it would be easier if you were below.”

“He could mount me …”

“That would also keep his seed from dripping out of you … after all we cannot lose that precious load”

Savita and Rudra traded places. Savita was now on her back, legs bent at the knee, thighs spread apart and her cunt wide open as Rudra leaned over her, his hands on her shoulders, penis erect and hips pushing into Savita’s crotch. Savita’s cunt was already wet but still Ritu took a glob of spit from her mouth, lathered it on the head of her son’s prick and gripping it in her hands, placed it on Savita’s cunt. Rudra was still jerking his hips, perhaps a little hesitantly, but all of sudden, Ritu grabbed his buttocks in and with one powerful jerk pushed her son’s penis right into his aunt’s waiting vagina.

Savita gave a howl of pleasure as Rudra ripped into her and now that he was in, he started pumping as he felt Savita’s cunt clenching and grabbing at his embedded phallus. Savita had learnt the tricks of the trade in the brothels of the coal belt and she was no amateur in how to milk a man. Rudra and Savita were like a couple possessed. Ritu watched in amazement as her son, who so far had never ever fucked a woman, had suddenly seemed to have turned professional as he hammered the screaming Savita with increasing frenzy.

A sudden wetness flooding through her cunt brought Ritu back to her senses. Much as she loved to watch the naked couple fornicating on the bed there was work to be done. Ritu made a quick reconnoitre of the bedroom and decided that there was little of interest there. Mostly almirahs and closets full of clothes and petty household cash. But the smaller, inner bedroom that she reached through an interconnected door was a different matter altogether.

This was possibly the Thakur’s BDSM room with a table and bench in the middle. Scattered around were chains, locks and other restraints.On the walls were bars and hooks but the most spectacular item was the life size oil painting of the Thakur and another woman, that Ritu suspected must be Raghu’s mother, having sex and that too in the same room itself! It was an extremely realistic picture, obviously painted with a lot of care from a photograph, but there was something more in it than what meets the eye Suddenly, Ritu’s instincts as a Senior Intelligence Officer in the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence kicked in as her eyes travelled from the picture on the wall to the actual wall that was visible in the picture and then back to the picture itself. The picture was of Raghu’s mother, naked, gagged and strapped to the bench — the same bench that was in the room. The Thakur had gripped her nipples and squeezing her breasts while his penis was embedded in her vagina but his eyes were looking intently at a point in the wall that showed a clear depression — a depression that was not visible in the wall now, because it was covered by another smaller picture of Savita in the nude.

That was it. Ritu had been a party to so many searches of criminal premises that she knew what to look for. In a trice, she had removed the smaller, nude-Savita picture and running her fingers along the wall, she located the slight crack that when pushed, released a panel that fell forward to reveal a secret safe. The torch light in her key chain showed that the safe was secured with a Chinese Mingbang lock — the exact same lock whose keys she had seen in the chain on the Thakur’s throat.

Ritu’s eyes glinted with excitement and a thin smile cracked her lips. It was good that she had alerted her Dhanbad contact about a little help that she would need but that would take time. The discovery of the safe and the keys were indeed two important steps but there were many more hurdles to cross.



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