Big Tits

This is part 2. Read part 1 first.

I realise the tenses were totally off in part 1. I’d wanted to do this thing where it’s like someone recalling a memory, so in the past tense, except when they’re kind of in the heat of the moment. I also intentionally tried to change up the language a bit during these times. It kind of got away from me and so I decided it was better to just publish than stare at it wondering if I’ve gotten it right.

Also, you’ll notice I don’t spend much time at all on physical appearance (Except Sarah. That’s a whole other thing). I trust the reader to let their own imagination do the work and get it right for them. There’s nothing quite like being into a story and then some physical attribute is mentioned and it’s a little… off putting.

Anyway, enjoy this story. It’s my 2nd ever piece of erotic fiction.


Saturday morning and I’m in the arm chair drinking my coffee in my boxers.

“Do you think I’m a slut?” Kirsty asks, walking in from the kitchen, her own coffee in hand.

“What do you mean? For fucking my brains out last night?”

“I was more thinking for sleeping with loads of guys.”



“People. Sleeping with a few people. Short answer, no. Long answer, I’d be concerned if you weren’t exploring your sexuality a bit after your divorce. Besides which, men have the freedom to sleep around. Why not you?”. I don’t add anything about sleeping with your own step brother.

She’s now standing right in front of me and smiles down at me. I can almost smell her. “I may have to keep letting you fuck me.”

“Don’t do me any favors” I retort. My hand is now cupped around the back of her knee. She takes a step forward and I kiss her on the inside of her knee. I look up at her. She looks expectant. I kind of want to keep going. But I also want to finish my coffee.

It was a bit of a late night. Frantically fucking after getting home last night after we’d gone out clubbing… While she’d made out with a few guys, ultimately we’d ended up making out and grinding against each other at the club before going home. I think we were both kind of in a state of disbelief. By the time we’d gotten home we were both drunk. And in our drunken state, it had been fast and frantic again. A feast for starving people.

I let go of her, with a mischievous smile plastered all over my face. She looks a tad disappointed. At first I think she’s about to straddle me. I kind of wonder about the mechanics of finishing my coffee while she’s riding me. I can think of worse ways of spending a morning than cleaning coffee out of the carpet after being fucked by Kirsty.

She takes a seat on the couch. A little sulky. “You realise this is just sex right?”

“Yeah”, I respond. I’m old enough to know that it’s just lust that I’m feeling for her… and her for me.

“And you don’t find it weird fucking your sister?”

“Step sister.” bursa escort It’s my turn to be a touch sulky.

“But you see me like a sister right?”

“Not right now. Right now you’re an amazingly sexy woman who, as soon as I’ve finished my coffee, I want to fuck in the light of day”.

She smiles and feels around the buttons of her shirt. Her breasts and vulva are now on full display. No panties… I don’t stop to enjoy the view. I gulp down my hot coffee, nearly burning myself in the process and am on my knees in front of her within a minute.

Her legs are already open. I don’t dive right in this time. We have all day. Instead I take my time. I start on the inside of one of her knees. And I kiss my way up… up and closer but never touching her clitoris or lips. Instead I kiss down to her other knee. She tastes salty and a little oily after last night’s frantic fucking. Working my way back up again, I finally stop to take in her musk. My tongue reaches out, probing. I only lightly flick her clit. She’s leaning her head back, lips slightly parted, coffee held precariously.

I stop to take the coffee off her and place it on the coffee table behind me. While I’ve stopped, I also remove my boxers. I kiss her just below her belly button and start working my way up. I run my tongue around one of her nipples before latching on. The other I’m squeezing with my hand. She’s wrapped her legs around me though it’s not a tight grip. She’s just holding me against her. She moans softly… then sharply as I get a little carried away on her nipples. She wraps a hand around my cock but it’s a non-urgent thing. Almost like she’s sizing me up. I move up to nibble her around her neck. And then finally I’m kissing her.

I grab her legs behind the knees and reposition myself, turning her around. With my hands on either side of her head, I’m able to watch her. And she, guiding me toward her, has me enter her slowly. We get into a rhythm. It’s just nice. It’s not going to knock anyones socks off. 2 people, taking their time, lusting after each other. I’m really enjoying taking the time to watch her facial expressions.

We’re both covered in a fine sheen and I can feel myself getting a little too excited. I stop, move down her body, and start working on her clit while I put a couple of fingers inside of her. I’ve broken the rhythm. The spell is over. She’s moaning and bucking. A few minutes later I go back to fucking her. This time the rhythm has definitely sped up and her hand has taken the place of my mouth on her clit. She’s working herself to a furor.

“Faster”, she whispers between moans.

Our thrusts get more urgent. I’m having trouble trying to hold back at this pace. I can feel myself building up to cum and it’s all I can do to hold back. Finally she cries out loudly as she cums. It’s punctuated by a “FUCK!!” I cum inside of her.

I leave her panting on the couch as I go to wash myself off. When I bursa escort bayan come out, Kirsty’s disappeared into her room.

It’s several hours later when I come home. I’ve just been off to grab some stuff for dinner. I normally do my shopping on a Saturday so the cupboard’s a little bare. I start putting the groceries away when I notice a note on the kitchen island. It’s folded with my name on the outside. I open it up and inside it says:

“Act surprised. The safe word is cranberries.”

Intriguing… I’ve just about finished packing the groceries away when I feel myself being pushed from behind. Right into a wall. I only just manage to turn my head to avoid going face first. Someone’s forearm is on the back of my neck.

“Don’t fucking move”. It’s Kirstin’s voice but it sounds a little muffled. I feel something plastic on my hand. And then the sound of a zip tie being tightened. It hurts a little. She fumbles for my other hand. It’s tied to the first with another zip tie. She grinds her crotch into my tied hands while slipping a hand down my jeans. I feel skin and the rough feeling of lace. So she’s not wearing pants… It feels lewd. She’s completely in charge. She didn’t ask permission. She just took control.

“Somebody wants me” she says. She undoes my fly but doesn’t pull down my jeans. She roughly grabs my tied hands and pulls me away from the wall. I stumble but don’t fall. My jeans are beginning to slip though. While still holding the cable ties, she pushes me roughly toward the lounge. “Fucking move!”. There’s nothing of the tenderness of our earlier fuck. When we get to the front of the arm chair she finally turns me around.

What I see turns me on even more. She’s wearing bra, panties and a black balaclava. I have barely a few seconds to take in the sight before she pushes me onto the arm chair. My pants have fallen to my knees by this point.

“If you move or speak, I will not untie you”. She gets down on her knees and she takes me in her mouth. I start to buck and she stops and slaps me.

“I said don’t fucking move”. I bite my tongue as not to moan. It’s a good solid 5 minutes or so of her sucking my cock. I’m just about to cum when she stops. She pulls the coffee table over, and sits on it, across from me.

She leans back on her arms and puts her feet on my chest. My arms are hurting and I want to move around a bit but I’m pinned to the chair. Also I really want to cum.

“You can suck my toes until you calm down,” she says as one of her feet start going toward my mouth. I’m really not much of a feet guy but I figure what the hell.

“Thank you”, I say. The good slave… She doesn’t reprimand me for speaking. I take her toes into my mouth. It’s a feast.

Her phone rings. I hadn’t noticed it before. It’s across the room in front of the TV, its camera facing us. Shit… has she been filming us?

She sighs. “Don’t move”. She gets up, grabs her phone, escort bursa answers it, and gets back on the coffee table, once again putting her foot into my mouth.

It’s Hannah. Hannah’s her sister, my other step sister. She’s closer to my age. A year older. I’m slurping away at her foot while she’s talking to her sister. She swaps feet. The call is humdrum. How’s she settling in. How’s work. Things of that character. Hannah’s married with 2 kids so the conversation goes onto the interesting things the kids are up to. I’m only hearing half of the conversation and besides which, I’ve got Kirsty’s feet in my mouth and I’m looking down at her panties salivating.

“Hannah? Yeah I’ve got to go. Sorry. I’m heading out for a date. Oh hell. I’m already late. I’ll call you later?”

She puts down the phone and looks at me, still sucking on her toes. “Good boy”. Just plain patronizing. She’s still wearing the balaclava and it feels all the more… dehumanizing.

She gets up and steps closer. I can practically smell her. “You want to taste me don’t you?” she asks. “I might let you have a taste after I’m done.”

She removes her panties and straddles me. I’ve gone down just a little. She gives me a couple of tugs and then slaps me again. I’m seeing stars. This one was hard. She guides me into her.

Her tits are right there in front of me, still clothed in a bra. I want to suck on them. Bite on them. Cause her to gasp in pain.

She starts to bounce on me. I’m little more than a toy to get her off. I stick out my tongue but all I’m getting is the fabric of her bra. Her tits are right there but just out of my reach. She seems to be enjoying watching me struggle in vain. Without the use of my hands, I’m helpless. I’m thrusting with her… a little faster than her. There’s some urgency to my thrusting. The movement is making my arms and shoulders hurt all the more.

She rides me to an orgasm. She stops. “Good boy”, patting me twice on the cheek.

She breaks character. She removes her balaclava, smiling broadly, and kisses me. “Fuck that was good! Thank you!”. She kisses me tenderly, tongue meeting mine, arms around my neck.

“Umm… could you untie me? My arms are feeling really stiff”.

“Oh right!”. She gets off me and goes looking for a pair of scissors.

“2nd draw down in the kitchen”. She comes back and helps me up. She cuts the ties.

I work the blood back into my shoulders and arms. I’m still hard. I still haven’t cum.

“I tried to do that with Marcus once. He called out ‘Cranberries’ as soon as he read the note”. Marcus is her (ex)-husband. “He was never adventurous in the bedroom”. My mind goes toward the one time I’ve fucked her in a bedroom. It was a drunken mess.

I grab her at the waist, and nibble at her neck and then I’m pulling her toward the back of the arm chair. She gasps as I push her over and grab a hold of her hair.

I’m fucking her from behind like a madman. Her head is up as I pull on her hair. The urgency has taken over. Finally I cum. It was only few minutes.

“God that was hot” I exclaim.

She gets up and smiles. “Anytime you want to do that, go for it.”



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