thank you, mistressas soon as we entered the hotel room, you ordered me to remove my long pink coat, revealing my pink thong and bra. as you placed the dog collar and leash around my neck you lead me over to the foot stool. i stumbled a bit as you pulled me briskly and it was hard to keep my balance on my 3″ black leather heels. you put your opened toe heel on the foot stool and demanded me to “lick it”. “yes, mistress” i repled with eagerness (although i tried to hide that from you). you noticed i was enjoying myself too much and abruptly told me to “stop” licking and you pulled your foot away to my dissapointment. You then told me to “get down on all fours, elbows down, head to the side, ass up, that’s right. you like feet do you? well then let’s see yours.” having said that you went behind me and promptly slapped my white ass twice on each side making it a light pink colour. “ah, that’s what i like to see.” you then proceeded to remove my heels and present them to me. “lift your head” i did. “stick out your tongue”. i did. we kissed for a moment and i started to get dizzy. you then pulled away and told me to open my mouth, when you put my leather heel into my mouth and told me to suck on it as you slowly moved it in and out of my mouth. “do you like having your mouth fucked by your own shoe?” i replied “mmmmm” with a nod. “make sure you get it nice and wet” you warned me. after a minute or two you removed the heel from my lips and went around to my uplifted, rear, quickly pulled away my thong, and proceeded to insert the lubricated heel into my wet pussy. i orgasmed. you then gave me the other heel to suck on and when you were satisfied opened up my ass and put the heel into that hole. i was stuffed. you then asked me if i would like something else in my mouth. i nodded “yes” i was too overcome with pleasure to speak. you then thrust your pussy into my mouth and told me to “lick it”. “you look like such a slut, right now” you taunted me. i just moaned in exctasy. you too began to moan as my tongue began to hit your button. you grabbed a handful of my shiny brown hair and pulled my head back and away from your pussy. you told me “you need to calm down and play nice! now i want small circular motions around my clit with your tongue.” i obeyed you. kurtköy escort “that’s the girl. small circles” you were really getting into it. i kept on licking and licking and i felt all your nectar run all over my lips and into my mouth. it was delicious. i kept licking and you “got off” again and again! after what seemed an eternity, you pulled my hair again and told me to stop. we both caught our breath and you took a step toward my rear and removed both shoes from my holes. putting the heel that was in my pussy into my mouth, you told me to “suck it!” i did with great abandon. you then removed it and put the heel that had been in my ass into my mouth and told me to suck that one. i was hesitant, at first, to comply but with a tug of my hair i opened my mouth and sucked on that heel,eventually, with great enthusiasm. you bent down with a smile on your face. it was only inches from mine and you asked me. “now slut, pay attention! what do you like to taste better your pussy or your ass?” i didn’t know what to say, so i didn’t respond. you asked me again “hmm…do you like to eat your own asshole or your own pussy juice?” i still couldn’t answer. you then went behind me and began to spank my white ass, alternating from cheek to cheek and saying, “answer slave, what taste do you like better?” after less than a minute my tender behind was inflamed and had became your favourite colour a bright pink. i blurted out “my pussy”. “that’s a good girl” you responded. “your pussy? we’ll see about that” you then lubricated your index finger and proceed to insert it into my asshole. which caused me pain and pleasure. you then wiggled it around and around. taking it out, you presented it to me and commanded, “suck it!” this time with no hesitations at all, i eagerly sucked on your finger as if my life depended on it. after a minute of you wiggling your finger in my mouth, you lowered your face close to mine in the same manner as before and said with a smile and nod, “see, you like the taste of your ass better than your pussy don’t you?” when i agreed by nodding furiously you giggled and replied ” i thought so.” you then abruptly removed your finger from my mouth and grabbed my leash. “crawl over the bed, whore” i obeyed. you sat at the maltepe escort head of the bed with you legs stretched. you ordered me to climb on to the bed at your feet. “i have a treat for you. remove my shoes.” i was so excited that i almost came again. i was holding your foot in my hands about to kiss it when you pulled it away and told me to remove my bra. i complied. you then rubbed my breasts with your feet. your toes settled on my perky nipples. you took my nipples in between your big toes and second toes and began to pinch them. it caused me pain which seemed to cause you pleasure. my automatic reaction was to turn away from the pain, you told me that i was pleasing you at that moment, so i managed to not put up any resistance at all. maybe you got bored with this, but your feet finally released my nipples. you told me to “sit up straight. you have such poor posture, slut. now be a good slave and spread your legs.” i opened my legs as far as i could. “that’s a good whore” you encouraged me. you then proceeded to take your foot and insert your big toe into my pussy and toe fuck me. “you look just lovely now. you’re so perverted” you teased me. i moaned and groaned. “shh…do you want everyone to hear the whore?”you asked me. i quieted down. unfortunately, you finally removed your foot from my pussy. you put it at my mouth and told me to suck your toes. i had been waiting for this moment forever; however, i didn’t expect to be sucking on my own pussy juice too. i v. eagerly sucked on your toes when you told me convincingly. “now, slave, don’t you like the taste of your pussy better than the taste of your asshole?” i was totally confused but by that time was in such a state that i agreed with anything that you told me. next, i was ordered to lie with by belly up and my head on the pillow, so you could sit on my face while i ate your pussy. you like this position because it is much easier for me to swallow all of your honey from below. when you were bored of this you got on all fours and i licked you from behind…”just like a dog” you told me.Finally, after many hours and many positions later when we were both totally exhausted. you just wanted to relax, so you turned over onto your stomach with your head sideways kartal escort on your pillow and told me “lick my asshole” i replied “gladly. you said that it doesn’t make you cum but you find it very relaxing. i began with long strokes over your tight hole. you told me to open it up with my hands, so i could stick my tongue right inside. i stretched your cheeks ever so gently which revealed a beautiful sight: my mistress’s v. private hole. i noticed you were right. it was much easier to slip the end of my tongue in with my hands opening your cheeks. i masaged your hole with circular motions and then applied pressure with my tongue. it slipped in deeper and deeper. you began to “ooh” and “aah”. i felt v. special at that moment. ” now whore, slide your tongue in and out” i did. “faster” you ordered. “ah, i like the way you’re tongue fucking my asshole, slave. good job.” i kept going but my tongue was getting so tired and started to slow down. fortunately, you took mercy on me and told me to go back to simple licking. i did. you soon drifted off to sleep. i noticed you were sleeping but i wasn’t told to stop paying attention to your asshole so i continued but in a much softer manner so as not to disturb your sleep. when you awoke after napping for an hour you realized that i had stayed where you had left me. you told me to stop and come up to you. “you’re face smells like my pussy and ass. i wonder why! your mouth must be dry after all of that licking, whore. let me give you some water. open your mouth and put your head back.” i did as i was told. you then dripped a large amount of drool right into my open and ready mouth. “close” you ordered. i did. “swallow” i did. “does that feel better? i nodded yes. “would my slut like some more?” i nodded yes. “put your head back and open your mouth.” this time you did not have as much saliva waiting for me, so you had to clear your throat once or twice and spit into my mouth. “swallow!” i loved it! you said it was time for us to clean up in the shower. i went to the bathroom and turned on the water. it was nice and warm. you told me to lie down on my back. i was a little confused but certainly did not argue. you then got in the tub stood over my face with one foot on either side of my head and told me to open my mouth. i then saw, felt and tasted your lovely pee as it entered my open mouth. “you’re such a perverted whore” you tortured me. when you were done we washed each other and i promised that i would always be your sex slave. i then bent down and kissed your shoes and you left.



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