Thailand LBFMWhile in thailand with a firend a few years back i had my first sexual encounter with one of those fasinating ladies known as LBFM ( little brown fucking machines ) . my firend had been talking to a girl from the local shopping center and we arranged to meet her one night when she finished and she would show us around her home town. after drinking for a few hours we headed into a nightclub where my friend and his new found girl startd getting hot and heavy. the club started to fill and soon i was surrounded by ladies all wanting to dance with me or have a drink with them, now i have no desire or intentions for paying sex so i asked the thai girl my friend was with if she could work out who were working girls and who were not. she eventually intorduced me to a girl and explained she was her friend and she worked in a bursa escort store not on the street. i invited her to sit down and have some drink. a few hours later the club was closing so we all headed for a tuk tuk. i asked the girl if she would like to come with us and her friend she agreed. on returning to the hotel where me and my mate were sharing a room we discovered they had no more spare rooms so it looked like all 4 of us would have to fuck in the same room. once we were in the room my friend and his girl wasted no time. i took my girl into the shower and we both washed. im 6’5. she was quiet petite and only stood to my stomach. after showering we made our way to the bed room where my friend has already done his deed and now fast asleep.naked she moved her mouth down to my cock and started sucking on it, it was a very passionate bursa escort bayan sucking so i told her to turn around so i could see her pussy and return the favour. the lil ass moved over my chest , once hovering over my face i started by licking her pussy lips before moving onto her sweet lil pink clit what stood out on her dark brown skin. my touge moved onto her perenium then her ass. i ate her for about half hour before telling her to ride my now throbing cock.she put the condom on with her mouth then she lowered her little pussy onto my cock, she had to slowly move my cock head in and out to make her hole looser. As my cock entered her tight hole she let out a moan what in turn got the attention of the girl laying in bed with my sleeping friend. a few long slow thrusts and i cant hold it no more. i blow my load in her escort bursa and she colapses on me. being typical asain weather it is humid and i am sweating so i take my girl into the bathroom and run a bath for us.once the bath is full my cock is ready to go again. she starts wanking my cock while my fingers work the inside of her pussy. she asks if she can sit on my cock but not having a condom handy i denied her so we just wanked each other till we both came again. we moved back into the bedroom where we slept. during the early morning i heard some movement in the room. the girl who my friend had put in the measly effort in with was standing on my side of the bed her focus on my cock what had the old morning glory. i moved the sheet and she kneeled at the side of the bed and sucked my cock, i placed my hads under her shirt stroking her big boobs when all of a sudden i exploded in her mouth. she thanked me and left soon followed by the girl i had been fucking. was a great end to the holiday and my only regrets were not meeting the girls sooner..



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