Test Run: Runs In The Family Ch. 1

Three AM. My first thought as I fumbled with my suddenly complicated house keys, before finally opening the damn door was ‘shit! The house is burnin’ down!’ Okay so I’d been out on the piss all night with my mates, and after hittin’ double figures on the ale I was a little worse for wear, although not as bad as my buddy who was stayin over at mine and was currently acquainting the hedge around my lawn with his nightly bar consumption. Still I was feeling no pain but unless my nostrils were deceiving me, something was indeed burning.

Of course the fact that I could see no smoke or flames didn’t register in my drunken brain as I lurched from room to room before finally, in the kitchen discovering the source of the towering inferno: Toast. The rest of the house was dark, my mother long in bed, early nights being her thing since my dad had left (although if they had been a regular thing before he had left there might not have been a messy separation). The only other current inhabitant of my house at the moment, (apart from the dog) being my sister, Kate, one of the chief suspects in the toast burning incident.

The other chief suspect, (no it wasn’t the dog) was one of her hot mates, Alison who being there at 3am was probably staying over for the night. At first my alcohol-fuelled mis-functioning mind started wondering why they were up cooking at this ungodly hour, before slowly memory and logic provided me with the reasoning. My drunken memory cleared for a second, and I remembered that Kate had also gone out tonight clubbing with her mates, and had obviously only got back a short while ago avec ‘the munchies,’ hence the now cremated toast. The logic part was simpler. They weren’t dressed for bed.

What they were dressed in however was pretty spectacular. Mine and my sister’s tastes on music and nightlife differ greatly. I’m into the lo-fi look, dress codes just nark me, so I do my utmost to wear trainers and shit like that, even when I go out and the places I go out reflect that. I mean, I can dress and look sharp, but the rarer I do it, the greater the effect, right? My sister on the other hand is much more of a clubber’s clubber. She likes the big superclubs, the sensory drugs, the big DJ’s….and the hot outfits.

I guess you could pigeonhole us by our favourite choice of illegal substance, mine being the Jah, to stay laid back and chilled, whilst she likes pills when she’s out kickin’ it big time, so she can dance all night. Anyway, she’d been out tonight at some half-decent joint where some badass DJ (it’s all the same to me) did some set. So naturally my sis and her mates all dressed accordingly, and were still dressed accordingly when me and my well-caned mate, Andy arrived back home. I’m 23, but Kate is slightly older than me at 25. She’s almost as tall as my six feet, with blue eyes and long naturally wavy, I dunno strawberry blonde I guess you’d call it coloured hair framing a classically beautiful face….and she is hot.

Her body is kind of tawny with small, high breasts an tight, tight ass that looks better in tight 501’s than any I’ve ever seen, (I shit you not!) and legs that just won’t quit. She has a real good job, so she buys a lot of designer stuff, dresses expensive, yet fashionably hot, as well much to my discomfort. Short skirts, knee-high boots, tight levis, real tight tank tops, designer leather trousers etc. And since fishnets have come back into vogue this summer, my house has become really popular for all my mates for some reason (and it ‘aint Nintendo.) She never used to live here till last winter. She fled the nest at 16 and had a righteous pad down in London, but had a nasty break-up with her fiancé just before Christmas so she ended up leaving everything down there for this new job and coming back to us. I never left home, mainly because of mom being on her own, and ‘cos I was at the local University so money was kinda tight.

Kate had really gone all out tonight, maybe in the hope of finding someone else, although she’d never admit to it. She was wearing her hair real tight back off her face, up in a bun then down her back, kinda like Madonna used to have it way back when, and even though she’d been out all night her make-up was flawless. Her white arms were bare, but her torso was covered by a designer cat-suit in black PVC that was literally sprayed onto her thighs, showing off that holy ass, and flared at the ankles underneath which she was wearing these black expensive-looking spike-heeled shoes.

The cat-suit flawlessly climbed her belly, cupped those gorgeous tits, showing an ample amount of cleavage, before fastening around her neck, leaving her back bare. I mean, she looked hot…..but she’s my sister. I still remember hearing Andy’s jaw hit the floor as he entered the room behind me. She was an intoxicating sight that could sober a man quickly, if that makes sense. Her friend Alison, who, whilst not being in the same league as my sister was still quite something. She was a good deal shorter than Kate, probably around 5’6, and not as slender, but definitely escort kartal more curvaceous. She also had pale-blue eyes set in a gorgeous face with these hot, red lips that even through my drunken haze, I couldn’t help imagining having wrapped around my cock.

She was a brunette, with long, long tresses of fine, shiny brown hair that she wore loose. Having met her before, I knew one department in which she outmatched my sister…her voice. She simply had the sexiest voice in the world, throaty, without being too husky. Every time she glanced at me and laughed I felt like creaming. Her skin was a little darker than my sister’s, and her tits bigger and fuller, but her ass although hot, was sadly no match. Not to be outdone by my sisters outfit, Al looked equally hot, dressed in a short black tight, backless, short sleeved Calvin Klein dress. She was wearing a pair of those snakeskin tall leather boots that are in uberfashion at the moment in black, reaching up to her knees, whereupon her legs were clad in a pair of fine black, fishnets.

Andy and I must have stood there for a minute whilst the two older girls just giggled crazily at us staring I assume with huge boners. It was kinda obvious that they were both still loved up on pills, and far from coming down. ‘Toast..’ I finally croaked, breaking the silence. They just collapsed in another fit of giggles while I feeling stupid, put some coffee on, and proceeded to roll a joint to bring me and Andy around.

A half hour later I was sitting in the living room still drinking java, feeling a lot less drunk and a little high, cable surfing and hoping the girls would go to bed so I could switch to the porn channel and take out my sexual frustration that they’d aired on some buxom, blonde tartlet. It hadn’t been that long, a couple of weeks since I’d fucked a girl from University who’d been eyeing me for a couple of semesters but she wasn’t nearly as hot as my goddess of a sister, so I let it slide. Unfortunately I had developed a really high sex drive, since I’d turned twenty, but I just wasn’t getting enough. Looks or personality weren’t the problem. I’d had endless compliments about my handsome face, and sexy green eyes, cool scruffy brown hair and slender build. But, I was just crap at relationships, meaning I was kinda fucked. Or not as the case may be.

Andy had passed out after his first toke on the reefer so I sent him upstairs to crash on my bed. The sofa was an old and familiar friend to me. The girls came in and sat down, still giggling and obviously high, so I lit another joint and passed it round. Kate asked me where Andy was, so I told her, asking her why. She just shrugged. ‘Just being polite,’ she deadpanned. ‘That, and the fact I’ve always wanted to fuck a younger guy.’ They exploded into giggles again and I just smiled and closed my eyes.

After a while of talking amongst themselves, we made small talk about our respective nights, me trying my very best (which isn’t much) to charm Al, making sure to insert my infamous killer smile, as often as possible. The effects were negligible. She kept looking over at me and smiling, even when I was not involved in the conversation. Also she kept crossing and recrossing her legs, giving me a great view of her fishnet clad thighs. Soon I realised that my own sister was doing the same thing, both of them were overtly flirting with me! Although the cat-suit she was wearing was incredibly hot I found myself wishing that they were wearing each others clothes, so I could see my sisters creamy thighs, maybe even the dark shadow of her bush…..After another half an hour or so I must have begun to doze, dreaming about such things because when I woke the girls were whispering darkly to one another. They saw me wake, and separated. Kate got up and bent over my chair, giving me a great view of her PVC clad tits, her hair still tied severely back, falling over one shoulder. ‘Goodnight bro’ she whispered, and then kissed me on the mouth, strange in itself, but also for a fraction of a second longer than necessary. I just smiled sleepily, my dick growing harder than ever. They left the room together, heading upstairs, Alison not saying anything. I waited until they were safely upstairs before turning the tube on and beginning a prolonged search for the remote.

It took me a while to find it, (back of sofa) so by the time I had settled down in the sofa, with the remote in hand, several minutes had gone by. I’d just turned to one of the porno channels and was watching (surprise, surprise) some blonde whore giving head to some dude with a ponytail, when the living room door opened, and there stood Alison, a slight smile on her face. I glanced at her, then at the porno. My cheeks flushed a little as I turned to face her. ‘Hey…educational.’ Was all I could manage. ‘Hey,’ she acknowledged before striding over in those tall leather boots and plonking herself down next to me, ‘i’m sure it is.’

Thankfully, I praised every god I could think of that my dick wasn’t yet in my hand, as using witty one-liners to get outta sitches like that were not maltepe escort my forte past four’o’clock in the mornin’. ‘Those pills are still keepin’ me flying, so I can’t sleep. Any chance of another joint?’ she said throatily in that sexy, sexy voice. I shrugged. ‘Sure’ I picked up the control, meaning to turn over onto MTV or something but with a hand on my knee she stopped me. ‘It’s okay,’ she said looking into my eyes with those ice blues, ‘this is good.’ I gulped, involuntarily, thus relinquishing any status I may have ever had as a Master Of Cool. I rolled another joint, by which time on the TV, the guy was doin’ an enthusiastic job of eating out the blonde. Al began, to smoke it, really teasingly, holding it between her fingers and exhaling the smoke in my face, her other hand still draped on my thigh.

She looked at the TV, and then at me with a cool amused look in her eyes, before whispering: ‘You like blondes?’ I gazed right back, first at her long brown tresses, and then into her eyes before imperceptibly shaking my head, my eyes never leaving hers. ‘I prefer brunettes’ was my reply. Our faces were only inches apart now, so I went for it. My lips brushed hers, before she pulled back exhaled smoke and smiled at me groggily, obviously a little high. ‘Oh shit! I’ve blown it! I thought. ‘Putting moves on my sisters friends…’ Al studied my face before smiling. ‘If you want to stick that tongue somewhere….’ she breathed, before trailing off and nodding at the screen where the guys tongue lashing had the woman in the throes of an orgasm.

I didn’t miss a beat. Getting onto my knees before her while she sat smoking on the sofa, I started to lick her knee-high boots, from the spike heel to the leather encased calf. Al just watched me with a cool, amused glance, before shutting the sound off on the TV. My mouth worked my way up her legs, kissing her fishnet clad thighs, whilst my cock grew as hard as a rock. My hands got ahead of my mouth, sliding up her nylon covered legs before encountering a garter belt, and flesh goosepimpled with desire. Stockings! I made an audible sound of pleasure at this discovery (Hey! I was expecting tights! This shit only happens to guys in erotic stories!)

Al moaned throatily in that sexy voice of hers and wriggled on her fine ass to allow me to push her tight black dress up over her hips. I took a moment to take it all onboard. There she sat on my sofa, this slightly, older, sexy brunette, her designer black dress around her hips, her fishnet stocking clad legs, encased in leather boots spread wide open to reveal a sexy black garter belt framing her naked pussy. One hand was caressing my hair, the other smoking a joint. I barely had time to take it all in before the hand stroking my hair tightened and pushed my face towards her dark and thick, but well-trimmed bush. I began to nibble at it, resulting in several uncharacteristic high-pitched gasps from Al’s normally husky throat. She slid herself down the sofa a little, and used the hand holding my hair to open up her thick pussy lips, showing me her pink wetness in all its splendour. The other hand holding the joint, resumed a handful of my hair and pulled me irresistibly towards her yawning cunt.

She continued to hold her pussy lips apart, and force my face into her pussy with a slow rhythm. It wasn’t long before I picked it up, French-kissing her pussy, sliding my tongue into her hole everytime she ground my face into her pussy. This lazy motion continued for sometime as I rhythmically shoved my tongue even further up Al’s damp entrance, she slung her nylon-covered thighs over my shoulders, crossing her booted calves across my back. As her hole got slicker and slicker, Al began to groan more and more frequently and I could tell she was soon going to come. Finally her body became wracked with shudders and by digging the heels of her boots into my back she brought my mouth into even closer contact with her now dripping cunt. As she came she grabbed a handful of my hair with each hand and quickly ground her sopping pussy all over my face, moaning loudly and shuddering with desire. I looked up, my vision somewhat restricted by her vice-like grip mashing my face into her groin to see the final wave of her orgasm shudder through her as she, inhaling deeply from the joint clamped between her lips, groaned once more, her eyes rolling back into their sockets.

Al went limp, releasing me from her death grip. I, wiping my mouth resumed my seat on the sofa. After a while, she recomposed herself, and smiling slyly at me, began to free my eager cock. Without ceremony she had no sooner freed my entire length than she was leant over my lap, happily chowing down on it. ‘You do prefer brunettes’ was her only admission, although that had to be translated as her mouth was very much full. I proceeded to finish off the joint while Al gave me a top-notch blowjob. Whilst her comely lips were sliding up and down my cockshaft, and gurgles of delight were escaping her full mouth I turned my attention to the TV where some white guy was giving it to some black girl.

After pendik escort bayan a few minutes, Al shifted her position, getting down on her knees between my legs, and gesturing me to stand up. I did so, my jeans dropping around my ankles. ‘Fuck…my…..mouth..’ she gasped throughout the intervals when my cock wasn’t stuffed into her mouth. Well, ‘never look a facefuck in the mouth. Fill it.’ is my motto so grabbing two handfuls of her long brown tresses, I dutifully began to ram my rock-hard cock in and out of her open mouth. She remained on her knees, her arms wrapped around my waist, grabbing my arse, forcing me to piston deeper into her mouth. At first she gagged but soon adjusted as I built up a steady rhythm. Harder and faster I rammed my dick into her waiting mouth, and Al, seemingly experienced at this urged me on in between deep breaths. ‘C’mon you fucker’ she grunted, ‘cum in my mouth’ Her breathing became steadily more ragged as I pumped my cock deep down her throat stretching her mouth in a big ‘O’.

Eventually I felt my balls tighten and breathed: ‘Al, I’m gonna cum baby.’ She whimpered, before grabbing my hips and ramming me even further and deeper into her mouth. I could take no more. My orgasm rushed through me as streaks of thick white jism flew from my cock into her waiting throat. Her eyes widened at the first salvo, and she gagged slightly, breaking the seal between my cock and her lips. I pulled out of her mouth, as she kneeled there obediently, eyes closed, waiting as I fired a second salvo into her open mouth. I kept cumming, and cumming hard, firing the next couple of bursts across her now serene face. She didn’t react, just smiled slightly and licked her lips. Finally I grabbed her hair and yanked her towards me shooting the rest of my load all over her beautiful long locks. I watched with satisfaction as my cum became entangled in her hair. I wiped my semi-hard cock on the handful of hair I held, before dropping back to the sofa. Al, cum dripping from her face and looking slightly bedraggled, joined me. ‘You really like brunettes’ she said smiling and licking her lips.

My cock began to stiffen straight away as I realised I hadn’t yet seen her tits. I leant over and began to kiss her, softly first, then with more passion. She responded, and it wasn’t long before her dress was totally bunched around her waist, neckline to hem and I was groping her soft heavy tits with one hand, and playing with her engorged clit with the other. Al was purring pleasurably. ‘Nice blowjob’ I said before lowering my mouth onto her dark, pert nipples, and slipping two fingers inside of her. ‘Thanks.’ She replied, ‘Me and your sister used to practice together.’ I sat up. ‘My sister has a dick?’

‘No you tit,’ she said in between sighs, as my fingers skillfully manipulated her, ‘We used to take it in turns on my ex-boyfriend.’ My cock grew even stiffer. Al laid back on the sofa, her legs spread wide open. ‘Fuck me now.’ She announced. I stood up and began to shed my clothes. She opened one eye and looked at me.

‘You got condoms? I’m not on the pill.’

‘Uh, yeah. Upstairs. I think’ was my reply. ‘Fuck it,’ she said impatiently ‘Just shag my arse.’ With this she promptly rolled onto her front, stuck her ass in the air and looked over her shoulder at me: ‘You ever taken a girl up the arse before? I nodded. I’d tried it on all of my girlfriends, with varying degrees of success. I took up position behind her, burying my face in her ass, sliding my tongue in and out of her brown hole. Al moaned deeply, and wiggled her ass a little. After a short while, her back passage was nicely slicked and I was ready to ride. I kneeled behind her, holding her buns apart, pointing my cockhead at the entrance to her hole.

Al braced herself, before saying ‘Do it. Fuck my ass.’ I pushed. Al’s anal passage was well slicked, and the pot had relaxed her, but she still let out a little squeal of pain as I forced my cock inside her tight passage. I kept pushing, sliding my whole, huge length inside of her tight, brown rosebud. Al shook her head from side to side, wincing in pain and moaned, ‘you’re too big…’ I ignored her protests and continued feeding my cock into her rectum. She began to make short, sharp gasps of pain, rather than pleasure, but I just ignored her and gave one final push. Al squealed again, as I felt my pubes nestle up against her ass cheeks.

I was fully in. I savoured the tightness enveloping my cock for a few seconds, before pulling my tool halfway out of her tight ass. ‘Al?’ I asked. Her eyes were closed, her face contorted a little by pain. A tear ran down her cheek as she nodded slightly and whispered: ‘Do it.’ I rammed my cock all the way back into her ass, making her buns quiver a little with the impact. Al grunted loudly like she’d just been punched in the stomach. I began to fuck her ass earnestly, ramming my dick in and out of her anus hard and fast. Al’s body was shaking under the onslaught, her tits goin’ wild, her face pushed into the couch to mask her screams. My hands stretched her buns apart as I continued to pound her asshole hard and fast. Her legs gave way as she went from kneeling with her ass high in the air to lying prone, facedown on the sofa, a passive receptacle for my cock. I pushed her booted, stockinged legs wide open and continued to powerfuck her prone form.



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