Big Tits

This is the last of four chapters. Although it is hopefully erotic and entertaining enough to stand alone, I would encourage you to read the first three chapters before diving into this one. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Lying in bed, Michael thought back to the events of the day as well as the circumstances that led him to the resort. He had both witnessed and experienced more deviance over the past three weeks than he had in his entire thirty nine years, and he wondered if his life was indeed as vanilla as it suddenly seemed.

And to think that it all started with an act of chivalry, admittedly fueled somewhat by a lethal combination of testosterone and adrenaline. Somehow, doing the right thing — the moral thing — instead opened the door to perversion and debauchery.

Although he supposed that he could adapt to this lifestyle, he strongly preferred the fairy tale that he had crafted instead: Beautiful innocent woman — perhaps a virgin? – is rescued from her diabolical controlling captors by her reluctant and humble hero. In appreciation, she sends her savior a thank you card, and proposes a quaint dinner the next time he is in the area. Over time they get to know and appreciate each other, sharing their innermost thoughts and slowly forming a bond born from that single act of kindness. The first kiss only occurs after a second or third date, and as they become closer they ultimately explore each other further, but only after weeks — if not months — of courting.

Reality, however, was far different. Although he did receive a thank you letter, it was accompanied by an amazing sex video, hardly the step that an innocent victim would take. Now in perhaps the most sexually open stage on earth, he already witnessed group sex and an anonymous blowjob from an androgynous guest, and all in the span of a few hours. He wondered, was he in Heaven or hell?

Always an early riser, Michael awoke before seven am. Glancing outside from his sliding doors, he saw the locals raking the beach sand and straightening lounge chairs in anticipation of another busy day. He assumed that the vast majority of the guests were sound asleep, or quite possibly just returning from a night of partying. He jumped in the shower and threw on a t and shorts before heading to the breakfast area for coffee.

As he expected, the dining area was nearly empty, except for a few excessively tanned couples who — due to the harsh sun — appeared to be much older than their chronological ages. Michael didn’t mind the solitude – in fact, he welcomed it. Now with absolutely no agenda and no plans for the week, he felt like he was finally able to relax.

As he lifted his fork to take a bite of a delicious bacon and cheese omelet, he suddenly felt a warm body pressed against his back, and his eyes were covered by a pair of delicate hands. Angela?

He heard the voice ask, “Guess Who?”

Smiling, he reached up to touch the hands as his heart skipped a beat. “I didn’t think I’d see you again,” he said excitedly.

But, turning around, he instead looked into the eyes of the cute but boyish-looking Oanha. Trying to hide his disappointment, he feigned a smile. She introduced him to her husband, a badly sun-burnt and sweaty middle-aged man who more than likely purchased his bride via mail order, and no doubt by now was wondering if he could get his money back.

Michael blushed as he thought back to the prior evening, and wondered if Oanha brushed and gargled before giving her husband a cum-filled goodnight kiss. He made a token offer for them to join him, praying that they would resist.

Oanha winked in full view of her spouse, saying, “Maybe I’ll see you again tonight?”

“Um, sure. I mean, I’m not sure what the plans are for the day.”

With that, they left the restaurant. His dick again stirred as he watched her tight ass swaying under her sarong, remembering the warm lips on him just hours before.

He finished his breakfast and headed back to the room to change before venturing out to the “prude” beach with his book in hand. If nothing else, he could enjoy the gorgeous beach and some scenery from the shade of a palm tree. He realized that he was one of the few men wearing full knee-length American-style swimming trunks. Many of the men were in speedos, while he estimated that at least half of the women were topless and showing off small bikini bottoms, not that he was complaining.

Once again his drink of choice was a Rum Runner, and three of them combined with the heat and the sound of lapping waves to lull him into a light sleep.

In his dream, he heard a voice saying lightly, “There’s my Knight in shining armor.”

Smiling as he slept, he imagined Angela lightly touching him as she said it. When the touch persisted, he opened his eyes, squinting in the brightness as he tried to focus. And there she was! It was really her – finally – leaning next to his lounge chair, gently touching his arm to wake him. His face lit up as he absorbed escort ataşehir her.

She smiled shyly as he commented, “Now I know I have died and gone to Heaven!”

“I’m so sorry that I couldn’t connect with you earlier, but we were out of the country, and our flights were delayed. It’s a long story that I can explain later, but I hope you can forgive me?”

Thinking back to the night before, with the first-hand sex show coupled with the surprise blow job that he received from Oanha, Michael could only smile, commenting, “Somehow I managed to survive here for a day, so I suppose I can let you go — THIS time!”

Michael found an unoccupied lounge chair and pulled it next to his under the palm tree. For some reason, he was surprised at Angela’s very casual appearance here in paradise. He was almost relieved that she was dressed more conservatively than the masses, with a modest black two-piece suit, the bottoms of which were covered by a pair of low-rise gym shorts. She sported oversized round-framed sunglasses, and minimal — if any — makeup.

Now seeing her lying nearly naked next to him, he realized that his mind may have exaggerated her cup size in his many fantasies. She appeared to be closer to a full B cup than a C. Her waist was flat and firm, and her hips flared out just enough to give her that hourglass look that he loved. There wasn’t a single distinguishing feature that he would have rated as well above average, but when combined, the full package was definitely greater than the sum of the parts. The beauty of it — of her — was that she didn’t appear to have a clue as to how attractive she really was.

As she rotated on the chair to face Michael, he noticed a Wally Lamb novel peeking out of her beach bag, and was surprised and pleased that she was a reader.

She turned to him and said, “First of all, thank you so much for what you did. Words can’t express what it meant — what it still means — to me. I’m sure you have lots of questions, and I can try to answer them over the next few days. That is, if you’re still interested in spending time with me.”

“I was actually convinced that you weren’t coming, and I was debating whether to return home early, so of course I would love to spend time with you.”

“Oh, ok.. great! I’m really glad. I wasn’t sure.” She blushed, “This is really awkward for me, but I also need to explain the video and monopoly card, and of course to apologize for my behavior.”

She went on, “That really wasn’t me, I mean — it WAS me, naturally, but it really wasn’t LIKE me at all. It’s amazing what a full bottle of wine and intense peer pressure can do, I guess.”

Michael found himself blushing as he thought back to the video, and he hoped that his redness was masked by the sunlight and her glasses.

He confided, “No, it’s totally ok, I get it. Believe me, I have done far worse, so don’t worry about it at all.”

Now it was her turn to blush, giggling, “Oh, you have? Maybe that’s something we can discuss later this week!”

Over the next two hours, they relaxed, sipped frozen drinks under the shady palm trees, occasionally slipped into the ocean (hand-in-hand) and shared “cliffs notes” versions of their lives. The conversations flowed well, and they realized that they had a great deal in common. Both were divorced, unattached, with no children.

Both were educated. Angela shared that she had a degree in marketing, which she wasn’t using at all, and Michael chose not to boast about his various advanced degrees, instead focusing on her. They found that they shared a love for reading trashy novels, and each confided that they indulged in the occasional erotica. Coincidentally, they both read the little-known Literotica novella entitled “Open House” and were eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

After more than enough potent frozen drinks, they opened up about what brought them here. Angela blushed, slightly slurring, “And THIS place? It’s definitely not my choice, but there is an open invitation to some of the female agents and flight attendants. When they’re not fully booked, the resort offers the rooms on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, and it’s usually all complimentary.”

She went on, “Between free rooms and discounted flights, it’s hard to pass up, even for someone as conservative as me.”

Michael did a double-take at that comment, thinking back to her risqué video. He finally composed himself and said, simply, “Yeah, I guess I can see their point.”

Angela continued, “Maybe we can ignore the lewdness and just enjoy the scenery?” Angela glanced at him hopefully as she commented.

“Well, I’m definitely no saint, believe me. And after what we both witnessed in that bathroom stall video, I guess we can handle anything,” he said.

“Yeah, that’s true. How much worse can it get,” she asked. But they both knew it could get MUCH worse, especially at this resort.

Although he tried hard not to show it, Michael was thrilled to have Angela near him. Each time kadıköy escort they ventured to the water or to the swim-up bar, she made sure to either hold his hand or hang on firmly to his arm. As they strolled, Angela received lots of attention from the men as well as some of the women, but she appeared to be oblivious to it, which suited Michael just fine. Was she really as innocent as she led on, he wondered?

When they tired of the beach, they pried themselves from their lounge chairs, strolling together to the main section and agreeing to meet later for dinner.

Angela planted a kiss on his cheek before they parted ways. He watched her as she left him, slightly swaying her gorgeous hips, hopefully for his benefit. He wondered if she even remembered that she still owed him two fantasies, and he pondered how he could bring it up in conversation. Little did either of them realize that they were being observed the entire time.

Back in his suite, Michael thought about the day and the time spent with Angela. She was definitely an enigma — on one hand, a nerdy, conservative bookworm, and on the other hand she was a sensuous woman who was open enough to share a clip of herself writhing in bed, playing in front of a close friend/videographer. He wondered which was the real Angela, and which one he really preferred, but he assumed that he would soon find out.

After relaxing for a few minutes, he showered and threw on a pair of khaki shorts, sandals and an understated Hawaiian button-down shirt. He wandered down to the restaurant’s bar, passing several nudists along the way. It was amazing to him how casual they were about their nudity, and he wondered if he would ever have the nerve to experience that.

Sipping a rum and coke, Michael used the large bar-length mirror to observe the patrons. He saw Oanha once again in a corner booth, with her husband nowhere to be found. She smiled and waved, and he just nodded, suddenly nervous about his pseudo-infidelity. He had to admit though, that he was attracted to her in a weird way. Although tomboyish, she exuded a different type of sexuality that aroused him.

Even tonight, with most guests in casual but expensive-looking designer attire, she was simply in a pair of gym shorts and a sports bra. Still, remembering her warm lips briefly engulfing his cock less than a day before, Michael struggled to control his desire. What was wrong with him, he wondered? He was with possibly the most attractive woman in the resort, and his cock was steering him toward another option.

As he struggled to control and reduce his hard-on, he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders and looked into the mirror to see his date. Now made up and sporting a more reddish-bronze glow, she was simply stunning. She chose an off-the-shoulder floral skater dress which suited her perfectly, accentuating her sculpted shoulders and toned arms. The hem rose to roughly halfway above her knees, and Michael found himself fantasizing about what she may have chosen to cover that mound that he watched so many times in the video.

She was in stark contrast to the tomboyish Oanha, who continued to watch them. Michael ordered Angela a margarita and they found a cozy table in the corner of the restaurant. Because they chose to sit at the buffet restaurant, Michael had ample opportunity to watch Angela’s movements as she walked ahead of him in line. She was clearly the center of attention, and he realized that he was likely the envy of the men at the resort.

Returning to their table, they continued to get to know one another — this time without the fogginess of alcohol. Michael wondered if he would have the nerve to ask her about the pilot’s cap in the video, or the two fantasies that she promised him, so he decided to play it by ear. They finished their meals, grabbed two more frozen drinks and headed back to the beach, finding a lounge chair very close to the one Michael experienced his mind-blowing cock sucking just one night before.

Watching the sunset, they lay back, holding hands while sipping their drinks with their free hands. Michael took a sip and almost spit out his drink when Angela surprised him by asking if he decided on his sexual fantasies yet.

“Well, I’m a guy, so of course a LOT of things have been running through my mind,” he blushed, continuing, “but I keep feeling like just being here with you is thanks enough. You’re great, and I love spending this time with you, so I’m ok if we can just call it ‘even.’ “

“Oh,” she said, simply.

There was silence for what seemed like several minutes, but was probably only a few seconds. Michael felt like he said the right thing, although in his mind he pictured himself lifting her attendant’s uniform and fucking her tight ass from behind while looking down to see Oanha under her, licking her pussy and occasionally sucking him as she and Angela found themselves entangled in a sixty-nine position.

Realizing again that he was hard just from thinking about that, maltepe escort bayan he brought his hands up to his lap to hide his bulge but it was too late. She giggled and said, “Wow, that must have been some thought you had there!” as she looked down at his hard-on.

“Care to share it?”

“Share what?”

“That thought that got you so excited,” she said. “You drifted off and next thing I know your shorts were suddenly very tight,” she giggled. “It must have been something juicy.”

He was glad it was dark, because he was sure he was beet red.

She leaned in. “Tell me,” she whispered before taking another sip of her drink. Putting her drink down, she was suddenly frisky. She slid over onto his lounge chair, and they looked into each other’s eyes before he leaned in and tasted her lips for the first time.

“What were you thinking about?” She pulled back, biting her lip and waiting for his reply.

“Just, nothing really.”

“Liar! Come on, I’m a big girl. I think I can handle… it.” With that she looked down at his bulge, licking her lips. “It must have been hot!”

He hesitated, then said,”Ok, I guess I WAS thinking about you… about US, and.. one of the fantasies I had.”

“Well? I’m waiting!” She slid up on his lap on the lounge chair as she spoke, slowly rotating her hips over his hard cock, which was pressing painfully against his shorts, awaiting release.

“It was.. mainly about us, but there was someone else there too,” he blushed. Facing him on the lounge chair she leaned in and whispered, “Who was he?”

“Um, well.. HE was more of a …SHE.”

To his surprise, she moaned lightly into his ear. “And what was she doing with us?” She reached down to lift her sundress slightly, allowing her access to his hardness.

“Were you …fucking her?” As she said the word, his cock jumped even more.

“No, not exactly,” he confided.

“Was she giving you a blowjob?”

“Nope, guess again?”

Again she moaned lightly into his ear as she narrowed down the possibilities. “Was she watching us?”


“Was I… licking her?”

“Oh God,” Michael blurted. “Yes, and she was licking you.”

“Mm…a nice wet girly sixty nine?” She reached behind her and under her dress to rub his cock through his shorts. “Is that Michael’s first fantasy?”

“Y-Y-Yes… is that too…crazy?”

“No Michael. It’s actually kind of hot, I think. Can’t you tell?”

With that she took his hand and slowly guided it under her skirt. “Touch me there, you know. The way Stacy did.”

“Oh Damn,” he whispered as he felt her wetness through her panties. He couldn’t resist reaching under the lacy waistband to finally touch what he watched on the video countless times.

Feeling bolder, he asked, “What else did you and Stacy do after the video stopped?”

“I’m sure you can imagine, Michael. And I promise, whatever you THINK happened was nothing compared to what REALLY happened.”

As his fingers found her wetness, he rubbed her gently under the panties. Angela looked around, then rose slightly, giving herself full access to his bulge. She unsnapped his shorts and pulled his zipper down before sitting back down on him.

Now his rock-hard cock pressed against the thin panties as they dry-humped on the lounge chair. He kept his hand inside her panties, feeling both her shaved mound as well as his own hard cock as she began slowly grinding on him.

“Take them off!” “Honey, RIP them off of me!”

When he didn’t act, she slowed her movements and reached under her dress. Grabbing the panties, she yanked them free herself, the fabric tearing as she moaned louder.

She tossed them to the side, just inches from where Oanha stood watching in the dark. With one hand in her gym shorts, she looked down in the darkness at the damp white panties. Without hesitating, she reached down to pick up the expensive lacy sheer panties, now torn to shreds. Bringing them to her face, she couldn’t resist smelling the moist crotch before sliding them into her mouth, imagining that she was actually licking the gorgeous blonde’s wet pussy.

Oanha just HAD to get closer to Angela and Michael. Reluctantly slipping the torn panties into her pocket, she ventured from the shadows, inching closer and closer to the entwined couple. She found herself just behind Michael at the same moment that he eased his cock into Angela’s drenched folds. Although Michael didn’t see her, Angela did, and through half-closed eyes, she watched Oanha while slowly beginning to move her hips in rhythm with Michael’s thrusts. Michael’s eyes were closed as he was finally able to experience what he had fantasized about for weeks…



Dazed, he kept hearing his name from the distance, but he didn’t want the feeling to end…


He felt a hand on his shoulder. Opening his eyes, he found himself once again at the gate, his paperback strategically placed in an open position over his tented slacks. Confused, he looked around. In front of him, Angela continued to gently nudge him.

“Sir, it’s Michael, right? They made the final boarding call. You really need to hurry or you’ll miss your flight to Chicago,” she said, then turned away and walked back behind the counter.



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