Your enjoyment of this story will be enhanced by reading the story from the beginning. The sex gets better and more varied as the story unfolds. This story spans many of the Literotica categories as it unfolds – Erotic Coupling, Lesbian, Incest, Group Sex, and of course Romance to name a few. Unlike some of the stories here, this one has a plot and perhaps a few twists and turns here and there for our characters. Your votes and comments are encouraged.

When the sun had almost set, the five of us piled into the car and drove into the touristy part of the old town. Much to our surprise the town had become a beehive of activity. We found a little family restaurant with tables in a small plaza on a side street and decided to eat there. Stacy spoke Spanish and helped with the ordering and our thanks to the family that ran the restaurant and who made our stay memorable.

Sunday night at the Villa proved to be interesting. I sort of thought Josh and I would couple up for the night and that would be it. We’d leave Ray, Fiona and Stacy to their own devices.

Instead Ray proposed an erotic night before we left where we could watch various combinations of the five of us make love to one another. He looked at us to see if we were interested. I looked at Josh and shrugged. He shrugged back. I wondered how what Ray had proposed would be different from what we did that afternoon. Ray said he’d show me.

Fiona found some candles and lit a few in the living room. The light was dim but we could all see each other clearly. She opened the stereo system and after a few false starts ended with a smooth jazz FM station that happened to be playing some Eva Cassidy. After she was through, she sat down.

Stacy stood and pulled Josh to his feet. She rubbed his face gently with her hands moving her hands up and down his arms and chest as she swayed in time to the music in front of him. Josh started to move with her.

She reached up and slowly and deliberately started to unbutton Josh’s short sleeve shirt. When she finished the last button, she danced behind him and slowly pulled the shirt off his body, depositing the garment on one end of the “U”-shaped couch. In the candle light Josh’s toned body never looked better.

Stacy bent down and indicated that Josh should remove his shoes. They were quickly gone. The three of us then watched as she carefully unzipped Josh’s pants, undid the belt and clasp and then worked the pants down his legs, helping Josh step out of them at the end.

Stacy stood and rubbed her clothed body against Josh as she felt for the elastic of his briefs. Once she had a finger in the briefs she circled his body, running that finger all the way around his body. Back in front of him she knelt and helped pull the small elastic underwear from his body. Josh stepped out of them.

Josh had a partial erection and it danced, almost in time to the music, right in front of Stacy’s face. She ran her hands up his legs, and leaned in, capturing the tip of his cock in her mouth. She thrust up and down on the inflating cock a little then stopped.

Stacy rose and gave Josh a passionate French kiss. We could all see their tongues dueling as their parted.

Stacy told him, “Now you undress Fiona.”

She stood back and then took a seat on the sofa.

Josh went and stood in front of Fiona and extended a hand to her. She rose and melted into her brother’s arms. The two of them continued the kiss that Stacy had only a moment before ended. Then they broke from the kiss.

Josh swayed in time to the music from the FM radio, moving behind Fiona as his strong hands held her body stationary. Behind her, Josh undid the few buttons at the top of her pullover top and then worked the clothing up her body and over her head.

Fiona had not worn a bra and stood half naked before the four of us, her breasts proudly erect. The candlelight made her body cast beautiful shadows on itself.

Josh undid the belt, button and zipper to Fiona’s shorts, pushing them down her legs when he could. Fiona stood in a small thong with only a scrap of cloth covered her pubic area. Josh removed that as well in the same seductive manner he had with her other pieces of clothing.

He came in front of her, leaned in a sucked on her right breast. I could hear her breathing stop.

Josh took one finger and ran it down her slit, sinking in the full length on his return trip. Fiona all but stopped breathing. He pulled his finger out and kissed her again.

He softly said to his sister, “Fiona, undress Megan.” He moved away from her and went to sit on the sofa next to Stacy.

Fiona pulled me up. We stood and kissed, our tongues snaking in and out of each other’s mouths as we met each other’s passion.

I didn’t lift a finger as Fiona moved around me undoing buttons and clasps and slowly pulling my sport clothes from me. Soon I was nude and enjoying the feel of the warm night air blowing gently through the room.

Fiona sucked on my breasts, licking and then ensuring my tuzla escort areolas and nipples were wet and at maximum attention. Next I felt her middle finger enter and thrust up into my pussy. My sexual excitement ensured I was wet. I added to the sexual aromas in the room.

Fiona pulled out just as I started to think about an orgasm. She leaned and whispered in my ear, “Megan, undress Ray now.”

Fiona moved to the sofa and sat beside her brother. I noticed that she and Stacy went moving their hands up and down Josh’s legs not quite touching his erection.

I moved in front of Ray pulling him to his feet. I repeated the undressing process, unveiling his muscular body and partial erection. I repeated what Stacy had done to Josh – inhaling Ray’s cock into my mouth, only this time I deep throated his cock, taking every long inch of his rod down my throat.

After my brief blowjob I pulled off of Ray and stood. I told him, “Now you undress Stacy.”

A few minutes later Stacy stood nude and horny before us all, her toned body aching for further contact from any of us.

Stacy went to Josh again, this time kneeling in front of him as he sat on the sofa. She lowered her head and sucked his cock into her mouth. Wet slurping sounds filled the room as she fellated him. The three of us watched the pair without touching each other or ourselves.

After several minutes Stacy stopped.

Josh slid off the sofa and moved in front of his sister sitting next to him. He pulled her legs apart and then ran his hands solidly up and down her thighs and around her flat stomach. His hands swept up until he held each of Fiona’s breasts, one in each hand. He twisted, turned and tweaked her tits, pulling on her nipples until they were standing at attention.

Josh lowered his head to Fiona’s pussy and licked the lips with the very tip of his tongue. Her breathing got very ragged. He gradually extended his tongue and thrust harder and faster into her vagina, adding two fingers after a moment. Suddenly Josh’s hand became a blur as his hand moved his long fingers in and out of his sister’s cunt at a frantic pace.

Fiona moaned and then pleaded for mercy but everything happened so fast. Suddenly she climaxed, spurting juices from her body and drenching her lover’s hand, face and chest. Fiona seemed on the verge of hyperventilating as she gasped for air, sucking in huge volumes of the rare gas.

Josh then stopped, pulling himself away from his sister.

Fiona took another minute to enjoy her afterglow then knelt and moved in front of me. I’d been sitting next to her so I had a close-up view of the lovemaking so far.

Fiona gently pulled my head and used her mouth to make love to mine using every artifice she could think of – tongue, teeth, lips.

Then she used those same talented components to love my breasts, adding her own to the mix when she rubbed our erect nipples together.

Her tongue then ran down my body, circling my navel as she passed by, and moved right into my slit. I jerked to attention, my eyes bugging from my head as she found my clit and latched on. A lightning bolt of pleasure shot through my body.

Two of Fiona’s fingers penetrated my vagina and worked their way around inside me until they found my G-spot. Now I was done for. My body started to move uncontrollably in every dimension as her ministrations brought me every closer to a climax.

Somehow Fiona could lick, suck, and thrust her fingers and tongue at an amazing rate into and around my body in all the places that counted.

I exploded. I ejaculated a little girl juice yet the rest of the orgasm carried me to some faraway solar system and planet – I was not of this world. Lights flashed and the world became this loving and embracing planet. I became one with Fiona, the group, everyone on the planet, and the Universe. The feeling of ultimate euphoria washed through me.

As I came down from my high, Fiona still knelt between my legs looking most pleased with herself. I smiled wanly at her and whispered, “Thank you.”

The others seemed content to let me return to earth. Finally, even though I still felt the affects of my own private afterglow I moved next to me to Ray.

Ray leaned forward on the sofa and the two of us kissed rather tenderly. I needed ‘tenderly’ at that moment after my earth-shaking climax from Fiona. After we’d kissed a little, I ran my tongue down to Ray’s manly nipples and sucked on each one. I could feel Ray jerk around a little as I did.

By the time I got down to Ray’s cock, he already resembled a titanium steel rod with a mushroomed top on it. I again inhaled his cock, this time spending a lot more time loving his shaft. I alternated hands, letting each hand hold and then slide off his penis as I used tongue, lips and teeth – albeit gently – around the head.

I stopped when Ray’s rod had a dark purple tint to it. I knew I’d brought him right up to the brink of an orgasm. Now I was going to allow him to back down a little.

He sighed and tuzla escort bayan thanked me, then shuffled on his knees down to Stacy. In his own style he repeated a magnificent act of cunnilingus on her using just his mouth and tongue. I could tell the two were practiced lovers as they anticipated and moved to maximize pleasure for themselves or for their partner depending on the moment and the act.

Stacy came with a huge gasp of breath. Her back arched, breasts erect and pointing upward, and her head was thrown back as the ecstasy forced itself into the very fiber of her existence for a few seconds. We all watched with awe as she climaxed and then came back to our plane of existence.

After Stacy rested for a moment she rose and went to Josh. She fondled his cock briefly to ensure its hardness then mounted him, slowly lowering her pussy down his cock until the long rod disappeared fully into her body. She faced the three of us so we could watch his cock moving in and out of her body.

Now the two made love or fucked or had intercourse or screwed – whatever you want to call it. I could see the end was inevitable.

The pair changed positions several times. After bouncing on Josh for about five minutes as the rest of us looked on, Josh suddenly picked the two of them up and flipped then around so he was driving into Stacy. She looked most pleased with his act, relishing as his long cock made complete strokes in and out of her body – withdrawing until just the tip touched her pussy then thrusting his full length back into her.

Josh was hot and highly aroused from our earlier antics. His long rod pistoned in and out of Stacy’s cunt as we watched, the pace shifting from slow to fast. I was enthralled watching my ‘temporary boyfriend’ fuck this woman that could have had a career as a model.

The two of them came together thanks to some subtle and whispered conversation between the two. We could all hear the urgings and pleadings but ignored them as we watched the erotic act the two chose to put on for us.

Josh threw his head back and made several last lunges into Stacy’s body. She’d started rolling her hips and pussy up into his thrusting cock as she neared orgasm again. Then the two just became a frozen tableau for twenty seconds as Josh’s seed shot into Stacy’s vagina.

The two then collapsed, Josh allowing himself to sink into Stacy’s arms. The pair kissed and nuzzled into each other.

Fiona slipped off the sofa next to the pair. She reached in between the couple and pulled Josh’s penis out of Stacy. She cleaned the softening rod immediately by sucking it almost entirely into her mouth. Both Stacy and Josh watched her with great interest.

Fiona then nudged Josh entirely off of Stacy so she could gain access to Stacy’s wet pussy. Before Fiona covered the area with her mouth I could see a significant rivulet of cum seeping from Stacy’s nearly bald pussy. Fiona captured the fluid and sucked the rest of Josh’s load out of Stacy over the next couple of minutes.

All this was more than I could stand. I started to toy with my pussy, lightly rubbing my clit as I watched the pair.

I finally said to Fiona, “Share?”

Fiona pulled away from Stacy’s pussy and knee-walked to me. I bent to kiss her and she snowballed the combined fluid of Josh, Stacy and her own saliva into my mouth. We French kissed for a long time as we swapped the tart fluids back and forth.

After we’d been kissing I felt a masculine pair of hands reach around me and embrace my breasts. Ray snuggled in behind me, his erect prick poking into my rear end. I waggled back at him.

With little effort I provided a good enough angle so that Ray could penetrate my pussy from behind. He slid in with little effort; I had pussy juice running down my legs I’d become so hot. We all had a sheen from our love making.

Because of the rear angle and my kneeling to kiss Fiona, Ray couldn’t get all the way into my body. I wanted his complete cock and full, deep penetration. Thus, I pulled off Ray and repositioned myself on the edge of the sofa so my pussy was right at Ray’s ‘cock level.’ He smiled at me as he re-penetrated my body, this time sinking to his full depth – a depth that made me moan with pleasure and satisfaction.

Fiona moved to kiss Ray and allow him to fondle her breasts as he thrust in me. After a minute of this, she mounted my head and let me eat her pussy as she and Ray petted above me.

I’d tasted her before but this rotation allowed me to feast on her juices en masse as she rolled her hips into my face. Her juices flooded my mouth – a nectar second to none.

I wanted to share Ray with Fiona so after another moment or two I pushed Ray away and said, “Fuck your beautiful wife. I want to watch.”

Fiona lay next to me. Ray slipped his cock into her with a sudden thrust to full depth. Fiona let out a loud squeal of delight as he did. Now it was my turn to kiss Ray and encourage him with sight pictures of my breasts and pussy. I noticed that Stacy had adopted escort tuzla a provocative pose on the other side of Fiona. Ray was harder than diamond.

Ray announced, “I want to fuck both your pussies at the same time. I’m near. I want to cum with both of you.”

I looked puzzled but Fiona understood.

Ray lay on the living room floor. Fiona put a cushion from the couch on either side of his hips. She got her ass on one of his legs and pushed forward until Ray’s purple rock was nestled in her hairless cleft.

Fiona looked at me and said, “You do the same thing from that side. If you need to you can lean back on the cushion. Push your pussy into his cock from that side of him. Slip your leg over mine and push into me.”

I did what she said. The two of us had sandwiched Ray’s cock between our pussies. He started to thrust up and down beneath us, the fluids flooding our slits providing lubrication for his long rod.

Ray’s cock hit my clit every time he stroked up into the two of us. He was slowly sending me into orbit, plus I’d become even more stimulated watching our three-way intercourse.

Stacy moved to assist the two of us, dripping some of her saliva atop Ray’s cock to add further lubrication. She reached out with her hands and started to massage Fiona’s and my clit when Ray’s cock wasn’t in the way. Her acts and the sight picture of her body next to us started to push me over the edge.

I said, “I think …I’m … I’m cuming any second.”

“Me too,” Ray gasped from beneath us.

“I’m there,” Fiona screamed to the world.

Fiona and I pushed forward giving Ray’s cock a final squeeze between us just as he exploded.

Ray’s cock created a fountain of cum. His first jet of cum arched about two feet in the air before landing on Fiona’s abdomen. Subsequent jets fell on me or then oozed out over where the three of us were joined. Again, the volume of his emissions impressed me.

Stacy was on our union before I had even started to coast down from my orgasmic high. I felt her tongue sweep by my pussy over and over again.

I whispered to her again, “Share?”

She brought up a mouthful of Ray’s cum, flavored slightly with Fiona’s and my girl juices. We French kissed. She repeated the process with Fiona. Then, much to my surprise she repeated the process with Josh. I watched closely and he just accepted the oral juices with nothing but curiosity.

The three of us were spent, at least temporarily.

After many minutes our after glows subsided slightly. “There’s a magnificent pool and a perfect night sky just outside,” I suggested.

Seconds later the five of us slid naked into the pool.

I drifted into Josh’s arms and we kissed.

“You happy?” I asked him.

“Yes. Very,” he replied. “This evening, the past two hours, has been a peak experience for me. Watching you being loved by Fiona, loving Ray, loving Stacy in front of you, on and on, all experiences I’ll never forget. The images are seared on my memory forever.”

Josh paused and looked at me, “How are you doing? Feeling?”

“I’m very happy. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such sexual heat before. I couldn’t get enough sex – from you, Fiona, Stacy, Ray – and if the gardener had come by … well he’d have been jumped. To tell the truth, I’m still cranked up a bit.”

“Give me a little while to recover and we’ll try to knock that last edge off,” he whispered in my ear with an air of humor. We hugged and kissed some more – a lot more.

Nearby, Ray, Fiona and Stacy billed and cooed into each other’s faces too. After a bit, Stacy floated over to us and said, “The three of us are going to turn in. I think we want to make love again, just the three of us, if that’s OK with you guys.”

Josh said, “Oh, that’s fine with us. The two of us want some alone time too. See you in the morning.”

Stacy came to Josh and pasted her nude body against his and the two spent the better part of a minute kissing goodnight. I wasn’t forgotten, however, for the following minute Stacy and I also kissed deeply and bid each other buenas noches.

Fiona came and repeated the process with the two of us. As we kissed she said, “I want you in my life forever. Please help make that happen.” She turned to Josh and ran a hand down his face again then turned and left with her new husband and Stacy.

As the three of them walked from view into the bedroom Josh and I rejoined, kissing and smoothing one another. Vocally we were singing each other’s praises. Soon, however, Josh’s recovery became sufficient that I could feel his inflated penis rub against my leg.

I asked him, “Will you make love to me on the beach? I’ve never done it there and I want to with you.”

He pulled me up the steps of the pool, gathered a beach blanket and several beach towels from the pile on the patio, and led me down the steps towards the Bay and the Pacific.

We picked a spot just up from the tide line. The beach was deserted and the night was dark. A sliver of a moon had just started to appear over the eastern sky.

Josh lay back and I sucked on his handsome cock. The urgency to copulate had passed in our group setting. The two of us wanted this time alone and unrushed.



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