Teaching himknocked on my son’s bedroom door and opened it without waiting. I admit that I wanted to catch him doing something naughty, and I almost did. Evan was sitting at his computer, and minimized the window he was looking at in a hurry. I didn’t see what it was, but I had a good idea.”Is it okay if we talk?” I asked him.”Sure, Mom,” he mumbled, obviously annoyed at being interrupted.I picked my way into his room, biting my tongue to keep from saying anything about the mess, and sat on the bed. It was normally too early in the evening for me to be wearing my robe, but Evan didn’t seem to notice anything odd. If he only knew what I had on underneath.”Your father and I were talking,” I began, “and we thought you might need some help.” I was so nervous. I still couldn’t believe I was going through with this.”What kind of help?””Well–now don’t get embarrassed–but I want to talk to you about sex.”Evan’s cheeks blushed. He was so adorable.”Dad had that talk with me a long time ago. I think I’m all set.””I know, but we noticed that you’ve never had any girlfriends, or…boyfriends.””You think I’m gay?” He was more anxious than upset at that.”It doesn’t matter to us what you are.” I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I had to get to it before I chickened out. “We just want you to be happy. If you’re confused, about girls, or boys, or your sexuality, we want to help you figure it all out.””This is kind of awkward, you know. Talking about sex stuff with my mom.””That’s why I was thinking we might do more than talk.”I smiled at my son to cover my nerves, and opened my robe. I was proud of my trim figure, but I’d never showed myself off like this to Evan before. He’d seen me in my bikini, and I’d fantasized about this a thousand times, but here I was–actually doing it.His mouth fell open as his eyes took in the red lace bra cupping my breasts. They weren’t huge, but they were a nice handful and still had some perk left. His gaze moved down my body, across my bare stomach, and to my matching red panties.”Mom, what’re you doing? I mean, you look real sexy and all, but I don’t understand.” Evan could barely get the words out as he stared at me.”Dad and I thought that if you had more experience you might not be so shy.””Experience?””A taste of the real thing, instead of looking at pictures all the time.” I nodded toward his computer. He knew he was busted, but couldn’t spare more than a second being embarrassed about that just now.”Are you saying that you want me to look at you naked, Mom?””We can start there, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help you, honey.” What I didn’t say was that I was not only willing, I was eager. Evan was still shocked.I looked at my handsome boy, with his sweet face and mop of dark hair. He had let it grow and it was getting curly at the ends. He had an athlete’s body, not yet fully developed, but lean and hard. He had on a t-shirt and basketball shorts, which he wouldn’t have on for long if I could help it.”Let’s talk about masturbation,” I said, trying to mask the excited anticipation in my voice. “I imagine at your age you must be masturbating a lot.””I guess so.” He leaned forward in his chair, resting his arms across his knees, obviously trying to hide his erection from me. So cute.”To be honest, even at my age, I masturbate a lot, too,” I confessed and felt a little thrill in my tummy at saying this out loud in front of my son. “It feels so good that I play with myself almost every day. What about you?””Probably a couple times a day at least,” Evan admitted with some hesitation.”You like to look at pictures on the computer when you touch your penis?” I asked. He nodded, looking a bit guilty about it. “Show me what you like to look at.”He swallowed hard and clicked the window he had minimized. The screen filled with a giant close-up of a pussy and a huge cock about to enter it.”Wow!” I was surprised, and excited, by the explicitness of the picture. “That’s very sexy. And were you going to look at this and masturbate before I came in?””Maybe.””Do you want to see what I look at when I masturbate?” I could feel myself getting wet, but I didn’t want to push things too fast. He nodded in response to my offer and I went to the computer.I leaned over, being sure to make some casual physical contact with him, and navigated to my favorite porn site. I put in my username and password, then clicked on ‘My Favorites.’ I selected the picture I had picked out specifically for this situation.”This is what I looked at last night when I touched myself,” I told him. The picture popped up. It was a woman a few years older than me, with a young naked stud on either side of her. She had the tips of both their cocks in her open mouth, and you could see the men’s penises were touching. “I looked at this and masturbated myself until I had an orgasm. Do you like it?””Yeah, that’s pretty hot, Mom. I didn’t know girls…um, women liked looking at porn.””I’ve always liked it. When I was younger I would sneak into my daddy’s room and peek at his dirty magazines. I would look at the pretty ladies and rub myself before I even knew anything about sex.””So, girls really masturbate as much as guys?””A lot of us do, but not many will admit it.” I was ready to see if Evan would go further. “Is your penis hard right now, honey?””Yeah, kind of. Actually, it’s really hard, Mom,” he chuckled nervously.”Do you want to show me how you masturbate?””You want me to take it out and do it right in front of you?””I do. But only if you want to.” I cheated a bit, and gave him a seductive kiss on his cheek.”It seems a little weird, but I guess I could,” he said trying to disguise his own eagerness. I knew he must have fantasized about this just like I had.”Which picture do you want to look at while you play with yourself?””I’ll look at the one that you like…with the two guys.” He focused on the image and rubbed himself through his shorts. Now that he wasn’t hiding it, the sizeable bulge of his erection was visible to me. I was dying to see my son’s hard cock.After a few seconds he reached under the elastic waistband of his shorts and took it out. I felt that flutter in my stomach again and couldn’t take my eyes away. He was probably about the same size as his father, a robust seven inches or so, but for some reason he looked bigger to me. Youth has its advantages. He stroked it a few times, but I could tell he wasn’t very comfortable about it.”Honey, you have a very nice penis.””Um, thanks, Mom.””Can you take your shorts down more so I can see it better?”He did so and leaned back to give me a good look. He was long and smooth, and his balls hung invitingly down between his strong thighs. They were covered sparsely with pubic hair. My husband had been shaving himself down there for years, so it was something of thrill for me to see a nice pair of hairy balls.”How’s that?” Evan asked, proudly displaying himself for me.”Honey, I have to admit that looking at your hard penis is making me very horny. Would it be okay with you if I touched myself along with you?””Sure, Mom, I don’t mind.”I slid my hand down inside my panties as I stood right there next to my boy. A shiver ran through me when my fingertip brushed against my hard clit. I was so charged up I could have made myself cum in a matter of seconds. I avoided my excited button, and moved my finger down to my silken wetness. My son wasn’t paying any attention the picture on the computer any longer. Instead, he was watching my hand moving inside my sexy undies only a few inches from his face.”Honey, would you like me to take my panties off?””Yes,” he said and his voice cracked a little.”Why?””So I, um, can see you.””What do you want to see?”Should I just say it?” he asked, unsure. I nodded encouragingly. “I…I want to see your, um, vagina.””You mean my pussy?””Yes. I want to see your pussy.””You’re sure you want to look at your own mother’s naked pussy?””Please,” he begged in a soft whimper.I went back to his bed and slipped my robe off, letting it fall to the floor. He got his first look at my ass. I bent forward and pulled my red panties down slowly, taking them all the way to my ankles. I stepped out of them and lay down on the bed.My heart was really racing now. This was it, it was really happening. All those fantasies I’d had about my son over the years were finally coming true. I was worried I was going to feel guilty when the moment arrived, but I was so turned on that there wasn’t an ounce of shame. And I wasn’t just doing this for myself. I really did want to help Evan gain more confidence.I was lying flat on my back in nothing but my lacey bra, my head resting on his pillow, my legs out straight and closed together. Evan was still in his desk chair a few feet to my side, but now turned around facing me instead of the computer.”What do you think?” I asked, shamelessly fishing for a compliment.”You have a very sexy body, Mom. And you don’t have any hair down there.”My hand teased over the spot where there should have been pubic hair. “Your father bakırköy escort likes me to shave. Sometimes he just looks at my pussy and plays with himself. Do you want to try that?””Okay, sure.””Then come over here to the bottom of the bed.” I couldn’t wait to spread my legs for my son. He got up and stumbled through the mess to the foot of the bed. “Take your shirt off, honey, I want to see you naked.” He quickly pulled his t-shirt off and I felt my pussy flitter at the sight of his broad shoulders, his muscular chest, and flat stomach. My husband was in pretty good shape, but nothing like this. “Tell me again what you want.””I want you to show me your pussy so I can look at it and masturbate.””Very good.” I rewarded my pupil by doing exactly as he asked. I spread my legs and exposed my pussy to my darling son. His eyes went wide and his cock jumped all on its own. My God, this was so exciting.”Mom, you’re so beautiful.” Evan began touching himself again. His motions were more sure now, but he was obviously holding back. I expected, like me, he didn’t want to cum too fast.”Do you want a better look?” I offered, and he nodded quickly. “Come up between my legs and get right up close.” He did so, and I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to see his cock from this position, but more than thrilled that my son’s face was so near to my pussy. “Ready?”I reached down and ran a finger up and down the length of my slit. I felt a slight bounce to the bed as she slowly jerked himself. His breath caressed my lower lips in warm puffs. I heard him breathe deeply, taking in my womanly scent.”I never knew girls smelled so good down there.””We taste pretty good, too,” I said hoping to pique his curiosity for later. “Do you want to see more?””Yes, please,” he said and waited. When I didn’t move, he quickly caught on. “I want you to spread your pussy open for me, please.”I reached down with both hands, and parted my lips, opening myself completely to my son. I felt the bed bounce a little faster.”That’s it, honey, look at my pussy and masturbate. Stroke your cock while you stare at your mom’s pussy.””I can see everything, Mom. It’s amazing. I can’t believe you’re spreading it open like this for me.”I couldn’t believe it either. The reality was so much more exciting than the fantasy.”I’m sorry, honey, I can’t wait any longer. I have to make myself cum.””Go ahead, Mom, I want to see how you masturbate.”I dipped a finger in my hole and got it wet, then rubbed my clit. It was stiff and aching for attention. My little bud was too sensitive to touch directly, so I had to stroke around the area to the side of it, getting enough indirect contact to make my whole body vibrate.”This feels so good,” I gasped. “I’m playing with myself in front of my own son. I’m fingering my pussy for you. Watch me masturbate, honey.””It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen,” he moaned. “I’m going to cum any second.””Cum on me, darling. Do like your father, and jerk off onto me.”He got up on his knees between my legs and scooted closer. I could see his swollen cock once again as he jacked it fast. I felt tingles all over my skin.”I’m going to cum on you, Mom!””That’s right, baby. Jerk your hard cock and cum all over me.” I saw his cock-head pulse and a big spurt of white cum shot out and landed on my chest right between my breasts. His next squirt splattered on my belly, and the last one plopped onto the back of my hand–the one that was touching my clit!”Wow, I can’t believe I just came on my own mom!””You did so good, honey. Your cum feels nice on my skin. Watch me cum now!” I lifted my hips off the bed and thrust my crotch up toward him. My finger worked fast over my hard clit, and it was only seconds before I felt my orgasm exploding through me. It had been years since I had cum so hard, and I literally saw stars shooting across my vision as I continued to rub myself. Moments later I was cumming again before my first orgasm had even finished.I dropped back down onto the bed and tried to catch my breath before I started hyperventilating. Evan remained kneeling between my legs, his face a mix of delight and confusion as he tried to make sense of what had just happened. After a minute I got up and gathered my panties and robe.”I think that was a good start,” I said. “If you want, I can come visit again tomorrow night and we can try some other things.””Uh, yeah, of course.””Goodnight, honey.” I gave him a lusty kiss on the lips. “Sweet dreams.”I closed the door behind me and found my husband waiting in the hallway with his cock out and harder than I’ve seen it in ages. He seized me and kissed me, his hands grabbing my naked ass with passionate desire.We hurried to our bedroom and fucked like crazy. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow night!Last night was incredible. My husband and I had arranged for me to have a ‘talk’ with our normally shy son Evan about sex. Evan was skittish at first, but after I let him see me in my lingerie, and we looked at dirty pictures on his computer, he loosened up. We actually masturbated in front of each other, and he even ended up cumming on me.My husband Don had been listening at the door the whole time, and as soon as I came out he practically attacked me. We spent half the night going at it like when we first met. I was so excited to put the next part of our plan in to action that it took me almost an hour to finally decide what to wear for my son that night.I knocked at Evan’s door and went right in. He was at his computer, but this time he didn’t try to hide what he was looking at.”What have you got there, honey?” I picked my way across his messy floor and looked over his shoulder. It was a ‘Mature Moms’ picture gallery with a number of women my age and older in various nude poses.”I never realized older women could be so hot,” Evan told me excitedly. “But, after seeing you last night, I learned better.””You in the mood to learn some more?””Sure, Mom!”I dropped my robe and let him get a good look at me. I had on a black garter belt with black stockings and heels. And that was all. Evan saw my naked breasts for the first time, and my shaved pussy was on full display. I turned around and let him have a glance at my bare ass.”Not bad for an old lady, eh?””C’mon, Mom, you’re not that old. And you’re better than ‘not bad,’ you’re mad sexy!””Thanks, honey.” I gave him a long kiss on the lips. “I have a few things I want to discuss with you. Do you want to get naked with me, or would you rather keep your clothes on while we talk?”He yanked his shirt off and dropped his shorts in a flash. My eyes were immediately drawn to his hard penis and plump balls. My pussy was already anticipating how my son’s cock would feel.”Are we going to masturbate with each other again?” he asked hopefully.”We’ll see. How about we start with you lying down on the bed this time?” I took a seat on his desk chair and watched him hop onto his bed and get comfortable. His erection reached up almost to his belly button. I crossed my legs and tried to focus my thoughts and remember the questions I had planned. I noticed him staring at my chest.”Do you like my breasts?””They’re great, Mom. I never knew you had such long nipples. I like the way they’re poking out right now.”My nipples were probably my favorite part of my body. It was nice to hear my son complimenting them. I resisted the urge to tweak them and show him how long they could get when fully aroused.”I like looking at women’s breasts, too,” I told him. “It really turns me on.””You said last night that you looked at naked women in dirty magazines and masturbated when you were younger.””That’s right.””So, you get excited looking at women, even though you’re not a lesbian?” he asked, unsure but curious.”Sure. I find both men and women sexually attractive. If you can keep a secret, I’ll tell you that I’ve had sex with women before.””Wow…does Dad know?””Your father and I don’t have any secrets.” I uncrossed my legs and let my son get a peek at my pussy, then crossed them the other way. “What about you? Do you ever get excited looking at men?””I don’t know…””It’s okay if you do.””I really like girls…a lot. So I don’t think I’m gay, probably, but sometimes I think about guys, or look at them on the computer.””What sorts of things do you think about?””I don’t know. Touching another guy’s penis, I guess.” He was having a real hard time admitting this stuff out loud. It took a lot of guts for him to be honest about this.”I love the feeling of a penis in my hand. I like it even more in my mouth.” I licked my lips to emphasize my point.”Really? I never actually pictured you sucking on a penis before.””It feels so good to have a man’s cock in your mouth. It’s a strange combination of softness and hardness all at the same time. The end is all smooth and squishy, and the shaft is firm. You slide your lips up and down it, and suck on him. You’re in total control.””You make it sound real nice.””Your father loves it when I suck his cock. He likes to cum in my mouth. beşiktaş escort His cum tastes so good I swallow every drop of it.””Gee, Mom, I would have never guessed you were so dirty. I always thought you and Dad were kind of old-fashioned.””When you’re behind closed doors with people you trust, you can be who you really are without worrying about being judged or made fun of. Accepting the people you love unconditionally is what true intimacy is all about. Does that make sense?””I think so. Like, I can tell you I want to try sucking a penis someday, and you won’t think less of me because of it.””That’s right, honey. In fact, I’m quite proud of you for saying so out loud.” I got up and climbed onto the bed next to my son. I pressed my body against his, but refrained from groping him just yet. “I have another personal question for you.””Ask me anything.””Are you still a virgin?””Yeah.” He sounded almost ashamed of himself. “I haven’t done anything at all with a girl, except kiss Colleen at a party once during spin-the-bottle. And that doesn’t even count, really.””It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We’re all different when it comes to sex. There’s no right way, or right time, that fits everyone.””Some of the guys think I’m weird because I haven’t done it yet.””You’re not weird, darling. Sex can be a scary and confusing thing when you’re young. That’s why I was thinking it might help if you could practice with me.””Like how?””Like…you could make love to me. Then it might be easier for you with girls your own age.” I touched my son’s penis, letting my fingertips glide up and down his pulsing hard-on.”You want us to have sex? Like, real sex?””Only if you want to, honey. And if you wouldn’t be ashamed to lose your virginity to your own mother.” I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and squeezed. I know I wasn’t playing fair, but we had come this far and I was dying to have my son fuck me.”No…I mean, yes…what I mean is, I want to do it.””You’re certain? You want to put this hard cock,” I gave his penis a tug, “in your mom’s pussy?””Definitely.””Okay, then, let’s do it.” I started with a long slow kiss on his lips. My hand roamed over his body, touching his hard abs, his strong chest, then going back down to cup his soft balls. He remained still, letting me lead the way. “I want you to suck my nipples.”Evan eagerly complied. He took my nipple almost reverently into his mouth and gave it a tentative suck. I moaned to let him know it felt good, and he continued with a little more confidence. After about a minute, I slipped my breast away from him and let him take my other nipple. I hadn’t felt his mouth on me like that since he was a baby.My hand was on his cock stroking him lightly when there came a soft knock at the door. My husband came in wearing just a robe, and Evan immediately pulled away from my breast and blushed.”Dad?””What are you doing with my wife?” Don demanded with a raised voice. Evan went pale.”Stop that,” I scolded my incorrigible husband. “You’re going to give him a heart attack.””Sorry, buddy,” my husband chuckled. “Wow, hon, you look awesome in those stockings.””I’m sorry, honey,” I said to Evan. “I forgot to mention that your father wanted to be here while I did this with you.””You…you mean he’s going to watch us have sex?””If that’s okay with you.” I tickled my fingers underneath his balls, then whispered in his ear. “I get so turned on when someone watches me fuck.””I guess I don’t mind,” Evan finally decided.”Then let’s get this show on the road,” my husband joked. “You’re really going to enjoy this, Son, your mom has a great pussy.” I gave him a stern look. “Okay, I’ll be quiet now. You won’t even know I’m here.” Don sat on the desk chair and gave me a wink.I turned my attention back to my son. I could feel his heart beating like wild. I had to try to relax him a little so he could actually enjoy the experience.”Do you want to suck on my nipples some more?” I offered. He returned to my breast, closed his eyes, and suckled me.I was lying on my side with my back to my husband and with Evan in front of me. I knew Don’s eyes would be fixed on my ass, so I reached around and pulled my cheek up and gave him a quick peep at my butt hole. I heard his lips smack and I got goose bumps everywhere.”Am I doing this right?” Evan asked.”You doing it just right, honey. Look how long my nipples are now.” I pinched them both and pulled them playfully. “You made my pussy very wet. Do you think you’re ready to do it?””I guess.”We repositioned ourselves so I was on my back, and my son was on top of me between my legs. Nothing too fancy for his first time; just some good ol’ missionary.”Do you know what to do?” I asked tenderly, and he nodded. “Take your time and relax. This will probably happen very fast, but that’s okay for your first time. Don’t worry about me, just do what feels good for you. I can teach you how to please a girl later if you want me to. Any questions?””Should I be using a condom?” I was so excited to fuck my son, I wasn’t even thinking about that. Such a responsible boy.”When you’re having sex with other girls you should always wear a condom. It’s okay with me because you know I don’t have anything you can catch, and you don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant.””Should I pull out when I cum?””You can do whatever you want, honey. If you want to cum inside my pussy that’s okay. Or if you want to take it out and watch yourself cum on me, that’s fine, too.” I could feel my juices dripping down my ass and onto the sheets. I couldn’t stand the suspense. I wanted him in me so bad.Evan looked over at his father. Don gave him a smile and a nod of encouragement. My son then looked down at me and gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips. I almost started getting teary-eyed when he did that.I reached down and took his hardness in my hand and guided him forward. The head of his penis touched the moist flesh between my legs and a sizzling electricity ran through me. I rubbed him up and down my wet slit, then centered him over my silky hole.He pushed his hips and entered me. I lost my breath in a gasp of erotic fulfillment. My son was actually inside me. His cock was sliding inch by glorious inch into my pussy. It didn’t seem real. After so many dreams about this exact moment it was more magnificent than anything I could have conceived.I had fucked dozens of guys in my time, and had my share of mind-blowing sexual encounters, but this was beyond anything I’d ever known. It was so much more that just a cock in my pussy. It was my son’s cock. There was something so primal, so forbidden, and so perfectly natural about it that made this something of a transcendent experience for me.”Oh, honey, you feel so good. Keep going, all the way in.””Mom, this is amazing. Your pussy feels incredible.”I looked over at my husband. He opened his robe, revealing his nakedness. His cock was hard and I could see a bead of moisture at the tip. He couldn’t see any of the graphic details of our lovemaking, but the mere fact that I was fucking his son in front of him was driving Don crazy with desire.”That’s it, now you’re all the way in. I can feel you deep inside me.””Don’t move, Mom. I don’t want to cum yet.”I held perfectly still for him. He was pressed down on my clit and it would only take a few good thrusts to get me off, but I had to stay focused on him. After several long seconds he drew his cock back, being careful to do so very slowly. The aching in my pussy was building to an unbearable intensity.I was so relieved when Evan finally lost control. He pushed into me fast, then gave my pussy several quick pumps with his young, virile cock. He cried out as he unleashed his orgasm into my body. My son continued fucking me fast and hard for several seconds, shooting more and more cum into my pussy with each thrust.”That’s it, baby, get it all out. Fuck me, fuck your mom’s cunt!” I took advantage of his runaway spasms and humped him back until I felt my own orgasm welling up from within, then suddenly crashing over me all at once. I never came so quick or so hard in my life. I screamed and thrashed and lost all control.”Wow, did I make you cum, Mom?””Yes,” I said barely able to speak. “You made me cum, honey.” As I gulped for air, I realized my husband was still stroking his cock by the sound of his balls slapping against his hand. “Look, you got your father all excited, too. See, he’s jerking off over there.”Evan couldn’t resist looking and was captivated by the sight.”Let’s show Dad what you did,” I said playfully, “and watch him masturbate.”I had Evan pull out and I turned my body. I opened my legs wide for my husband and flexed my inner muscles, forcing my son’s cum to dribble out of my pussy.”Watch your dad’s cock, Evan. He’s going to make himself cum while he looks at your sperm leaking out of my cunt. See how nice your father’s cock is?”Don saw our son’s cum oozing out of me and started whacking off like mad. In only a few seconds he was spurting big white globs all beylikdüzü escort over his own chest and belly.A little later, after everyone recovered and cleaned up a bit, we tucked Evan into bed.”You were wonderful, honey.” I gave him a kiss on the lips.”Nice work, sport.” Don tussled his son’s hair. “I haven’t seen your old lady cum like that in years.””Maybe if you pick up your room we can do this again tomorrow night,” I said as I shut off his light.”Night, Mom, Dad…”I didn’t care if his room was twice as messy tomorrow, I couldn’t wait to fuck my son again!It was getting late and my husband Don still wasn’t home from work. I anxiously tried on a pink baby doll nightie. It was adorable, but not right for tonight. I changed into my emerald green corset. My boobs looked magnificent in that outfit, but it still wasn’t right. This was supposed to be the night the next big part of my fantasy came true, and I wanted everything to be perfect.I thought about the look on my son Evan’s face when he watched me masturbate with him two nights ago, and I suddenly felt a warm tingle between my legs. Then I thought about how he fucked me last night while my husband watched, and it was all I could do to keep from making myself cum right then and there. I didn’t even dare to imagine how great tonight might be.Don rushed into our bedroom looking frazzled. He immediately began undressing.”I’m sorry, hon, I got caught in a meeting that ran long, then traffic…””I’m just glad you’re here. I was afraid you were having second thoughts.””Believe me I am. And third thoughts, and a fourth thoughts.” He pulled off his pants and kicked them aside. “I love what you’re wearing.””I’m naked.””Exactly!” Don pulled off his undershirt and boxers. “Does Evan know what you have in mind for tonight?””No. All I told him was he should go take a long shower and get cleaned up.””I should take one myself.” He nervously tugged at his soft cock. What a cutie. “Then a few quick drinks would help.””Sweetheart,” I went to him and hugged him, “if you really don’t want to do this, tell me now before things go too far.””I promised I’d help you fulfill this fantasy of yours, and I won’t let you down, hon. You know I’d do anything for you.””It’s not just for me.” I felt Don’s penis begin to stiffen against my belly. “Evan really is confused and he needs a safe way to explore his sexuality. I just hope we’re not damaging him with all this.””From the look on his face when he was laying into you last night, I’d say he was one happy dude.””So, you still think it’s okay what we’re doing with him?””Maybe not according to Dr. Phil, but I don’t think we’re doing anything hurtful. We have a pretty well-adjusted family life otherwise, and we’re doing this because we love our son. I wish my mom would’ve helped me out this way.””Want me to call her and see if she’ll come over.””Don’t you dare!” He tickled me until I squealed. “It sounds like your boy is done in the shower, so I’m going to get cleaned up and see about that drink. You get in there and work your magic, hot mama.”I finally decided what to wear and put it on. I went to Evan’s room, not bothering with a robe this time. I knocked and went in. What I saw blew my mind. His room was spotless. If I had known sexual bribes would have gotten him to do his chores like this I’d have started m*****ing him years ago!Evan was putting his clothes in his hamper (another first!) and was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. I gazed at his broad shoulders and couldn’t believe he used to be my little boy. I closed the door, and he turned and checked me out.I had on a white mesh body stocking that hugged me like a second skin. The light fabric made my dark nipples really stand out, and it was crotchless ,so we’d all have easy access to my sweet honey pie. I couldn’t resist wearing high heels again to complete the ensemble.”Wow, Mom, you’ve got a lot of slutty outfits!””You think I look like a slut?””I mean in a good way,” Evan stammered. I smiled and let him off the hook.”Your dad likes me to get slutty for him, and I thought you might, too.” I could see his cock getting hard under the towel.”Yeah, I definitely like it, Mom.””And look,” I turned around, “it’s open in the back also.” I bent forward and spread my cheeks so he could see everything back there. “See how wet I am already?””Can I put it in you now?” Evan dropped his towel and stepped toward me.”Not yet.” I turned around and stopped torturing him. “I want to wait for your dad.””Oh, okay,” he said, not seeming the least bit self-conscious about the idea this time.”Anyway, it’ll give us a chance to talk while we wait.” I took a seat at his desk, and he sat on his neatly made bed.”Did you get cleaned up real good like I told you?””Yes, ma’am.””Did you clean your back side?””Sure did.””Let me see,” I said using my mom voice on him. He smiled bashfully, then lay back and lifted his legs. He reached around and spread his muscular ass cheeks for me. His butthole was a clean, pink pucker that made me want to eat him up. He looked so lovable in that pose, I hated to let it end. “All right, looks good to me.””I bet I have the kinkiest mom out of all my friends.””I do my best,” I joked back. “So, tell me how you feel about last night.””It was the best night of my life. I’m sorry I was too quick.””Nothing to be sorry about, honey. I was pretty quick myself.” I couldn’t resist parting my legs a little and letting him see my pussy while we chatted. “Did you like it when your father played with himself while he watched us?””It was a little strange seeing Dad naked, and touching himself, but it was exciting when he came so hard like that. It was sexy the way you showed him your pussy to make him totally horny.””He liked watching you, too. Your father told me he thought you had a very nice cock.”There was a knock and Don came in. Again, he was in his robe and this time had a scotch on the rocks with him.”Hey, k**s! What’s the fah-shizzle in the nizzle?””Dad, please.” Evan rolled his eyes and we laughed.”I was thinking,” I said as I stood up, “I’d start things off tonight by sucking on our son’s dick.””Sounds like a capital idea, my sweet,” Don pronounced with comic bluster. “By all means, proceed.” He took a swig of his drink, sat in the chair, and opened his robe straight away.”Stand up over here, honey,” I told Evan. He got up and I positioned him right in front of my husband and turned him to the side so Don would have a perfect view. I knelt down in front of my son and came eye-to-eye with his throbbing cock. I waited.”Mom, I want you to suck my dick. Please.” My boy was such a fast learner. He spoke up again just as I was about to start. “Oh, and Dad, you have a very nice cock, too.””Why thank you, Son.” Don smiled proudly and got another eye roll, this time from me.I turned my attention back to Evan, and took his hard member in my hand. I began by licking the head of his cock, tasting the salty moisture inside his pee hole. I wrapped my lips around the tip, and eased it into my mouth, just to the point where ridge of his glans passed my front teeth. I sucked and tongued only the head for a long while.I then took him farther into my mouth. I could hear Don’s balls slapping right next to me as she started jacking himself off. I reached over and rested my hand on his, slowing his pace. I didn’t want him to cum too soon. He got the message and slowed down.I’ve never mastered the fine art of deep throat, so I was only able to get about half my son’s penis into my mouth, but from the sounds of his moans that was plenty. I held onto Evan’s hips as I sucked him, moving up and down on his shaft.”How does it feel to have your mom’s lips wrapped around you like that, buddy?””It’s real nice, Dad. Does Mom suck your penis a lot?””Are you k**ding? She can’t get enough of this monster. Ain’t that right, babe?” He reached out and smacked me on the ass.I didn’t respond, and let them have their fun while I indulged in giving my boy his first blowjob.”Mom said you like to cum in her mouth.””You know that a woman really loves you when she swallows,” Don chuckled. I noted that I’d have to do some damage control later, after he was done giving our son his bad advice. “I also like to pull out sometimes and cum on your mom’s pretty face.”I know a lot of women hate that, but I love it when Don gives me a big, messy facial.”Put your hands on her head, Son,” Don advised. “Relax and feel the flow.” He took another swig of his scotch.Evan did put his hands on my head. He didn’t push or try to force me, and like a perfect gentleman he was content to just ‘feel the flow’ as his father put it. I was torn in that moment. I could sense that Evan was getting close to cumming, and I very much wanted to taste him, but I also wanted to play out my fondest fantasy. I reluctantly pulled his cock out of my mouth.”Dad was feeling a little left out last night, you know,” I said to Evan. “Would it be okay with you if he joined in?””Sure,” Evan responded without hesitation. “I don’t want to hog you all to myself, Mom.””Actually, honey,” I kissed the tip of his dick, “he wants to do what I’m doing.” It wasn’t registering with him. “With you.” He still looked confused.”What your mother’s trying to say is…I’d like to suck your cock, Son.”I looked up at Evan, praying he would say yes



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