Big Tits

Teacher, TeacherI had no great expectations for my senior year of high school. It was the late 1960’s and I was voluntarily missing out on the “Love Generation”. I had a close call with the girl I lost my virginity to, she thought she might be pregnant, and I had avoided all girls I might have had a chance with since that memorable night. Not that I wasn’t still attracted to girls and thought about them every waking minute, but I wasn’t going to risk being a daddy before I was ready. I figured I could jerk off until I was twenty-five if I had to do it.Of course, I was a nerd, or geek, or hippie freak, or any number of names they had for anyone who was different back then. I had been a straight-A student in high school with a modicum of athletic talent that I chose to hide, and above average looks with a lean body on my six foot frame. My brown hair didn’t quite go down to my shoulders, but it was longer than all but one other k** in my high school. I was popular with students and teachers alike and seemed to be able to get along with anybody. I was a friend to almost everyone, yet I had no close friends since I had blown my relationship with Kathy. Of course most of the k**s I hung around with were also A-students, including Kathy who was one of my oldest friends and the hottest girl in a senior class of 350 students. Kathy and I had been in school together since the 4th grade and had crushes on each other back then, but alas, it was not to be. My relationship with Kathy changed after an early spring hot spell during this senior year.She was out sunbathing in her white bikini in her backyard when I stopped by to see if she wanted to join me and some friends who were going to the movies. She respectfully declined saying she wanted to just soak up some rays and relax. I told her she was already turning pink so she asked me to put suntan lotion on her back. I didn’t think anything of it as I pushed her blonde hair out of the way and squirted some lotion on my hands.I covered her upper arms and worked it into her shoulders but then my hands involuntarily started to slow down as I rubbed the lotion across her neck and slowly down her back. The bikini strap was in the way so I unhooked it and continued to gently rub the oily lotion across her beautiful back. She had perfect skin with just the hint of pink from the sunburn starting. I worked my hands lower and now was painfully aware that I was getting turned on with my burgeoning manhood trying to stretch out down the pant leg of my jeans.”Can you get some under the waistband too in case my suit shifts,” Kathy stated.I gladly lifted the waistband gently and worked the lotion into the top area of her round butt cheeks. My hard cock was inching its way down my pant leg trying to press outward but the firm material of the jeans preventing that. Kathy was no longer my best friend and confidant, but now a sexy little nymph that I was just realizing had become a woman. I didn’t even ask as I squirted more of the oily liquid onto my hands and started working it into the back of her calves.”Mmm, that feels good. Get my thighs too while you’re down there.” She spread her legs slightly as I got to the backs of her knees, letting my nails sc**** gently over the sensitive skin. She moaned again, a little louder this time. As I started to work my way up her juicy thighs, I noticed how tight the bottoms were hugging her crotch. I could make out the faint lines of her swelling pussy lips as my cock now started to seep that salty precum fluid. My fingers worked slowly up her thighs, massaging ever so close to her panty lines. Her breathing was getting deeper now and she spread her legs even further apart as I worked my way up her other leg, again getting as close as I could to her promised land. Even my breathing was getting a little shallow now. I know my face was much redder than her skin.I paused at the top of her thigh and took in the lovely view of her firm round buttocks encased in the tight white bottoms of her bikini. The skin on her well formed back was glistening as the rays from the sun were reflected. Her eyes were closed as I ogled the exposed side her angelic face. I looked back down her sleek thighs, my hands still poised less than an inch from her spread crotch. As I stared down at those strong firm calves, my fingers started to move again as I heard Kathy gasp. I had touched that magic spot unintentionally and broken the silent reverie between us.”Ahem. Well, I think you got it all,” she coughed, a reference to my last little touch. She started to sit up to look at me until she realized that the strap was still undone on her top. I got a quick glimpse of the soft round flesh of her perfect boob before I grabbed the strap and pulled it back up. She used her hand to push the little peach back into the cup and I hooked the strap.”Well, umm, I’m going to be late for the movie. Don’t stay out in the sun all day or you’ll be regretting it tomorrow.” I was trying to sound big-brother like, but my hardened cock wanted it to be another invitation for her to join me in the movies.”OK, enjoy the movie. I promise not to get sunburned Joey.” She smiled and then bit her lip softly as she glanced down at my crotch. The outline of my painful hard-on was blatantly obvious in the tight jeans, stretching almost halfway to my knee. “I’ll call you tonight and tell you about the movie,” I said as I rose and regretfully left her laying on that blanket, her glistening skin a work of art in the bright sunshine.I met my friends outside the theatre and we went in to watch Bonnie and Clyde. Faye Dunaway was lovely and sexy but I kept replacing her with Kathy as I daydreamed throughout the movie. A puddle of precum was filling up my shorts as visions of a naked Kathy danced in my head. I had to go to the men’s room to dry myself out before the spot worked its way through to my jeans. Finally dried out, I went back to my seat and was able to enjoy the second half of the movie.I called Kathy around 8:00 that night to talk about the movie, but she insisted I come over to put more lotion on her. She had stayed out in the sun too long and her back was on fire. Her parents were out of town and she had no one to put any lotion on her to relieve the pain. I told my mom where I was going and that I’d be home in a couple hours. I didn’t even knock when I got to Kathy’s house. She was waiting for me on the sofa in the living room wearing a yellow nylon pajama set. The material was very thin and the glow from the end table lamp was like a spotlight on her perfect, round breasts. The slight darkness around the pointy nipples left little to my imagination. When she stood up, the light now glowed on the translucent bottoms, highlighting the scruffy triangle just above her crotch.”Thank God you’re here,” she said as she ran to me and hugged me close, almost in tears. I started to wrap my arms around her, but she flinched and let out a painful moan. She turned her back to me and raised the top so I could see the bright red that glowed on her skin.”After that great massage you gave me, I fell asleep. I really didn’t mean to stay out there that long.””Well, there are no blisters, but that looks really bad. Do you have some lotion I can put on it? And you should take a couple aspirin for the pain.” “Yes, the lotion is in the bedroom but take your shoes off before you get on my clean sheets. I’m gonna get the aspirin.”I made myself comfortable on the left side of the bed as Kathy came back and plopped down on the right side presenting that cute round butt outlined perfectly in the thin yellow fabric. I squeezed some lotion out onto my hands and started to work her upper arms and neck which seemed even redder than her back. She shivered as the cold lotion gently made contact with her burning skin. Kathy’s was the only female skin I had touched since that fateful night I lost my virginity and it felt exciting to touch someone else’s skin besides my own.”Ohh, that feels so good. I can’t believe I was this stupid.” I could see her body quiver as the cool sensations worked into her skin.”I guess I should have stayed and watched over you instead of going to the movies.””I don’t know. Seems like you were watching pretty good when you were here. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that in a bad way.” She immediately felt guilty for embarrassing me.I didn’t say anything. What could I say? I had been ogling her, my best and dearest friend, like she was a Playboy model or something. I just raised her top and started applying the lotion as gently as I could, my hands softly spreading it down her back. She lifted up a little and pulled the top up as far as she could without removing it, allowing me better access to her upper back. There was silence now as I continued to work the lotion softly into her red skin. Several minutes had gone by when I added more lotion to my hands and started to repeat the massage. Her breathing was getting louder but still we refrained from talking. There was something magical going on and neither of us wanted to break the spell. Several more minutes passed and I started to work the lotion on the sides of her back, trying to cool any skin that was available to me. As I worked my way back up I encountered some soft, pillowy flesh which could only be the sides of her breasts. I spread the lotion on the soft skin, my hard-on now fully awake and chasing any brotherly, friendly thoughts from my mind. I was spreading a cool, slippery lotion on the bare skin of the most beautiful girl I knew and my angry purple head was now going to make any decisions for me. I went back up to her shoulders, then spread more lotion on the side of her soft pillows on my way back down towards her round bottom.I was taking my time. I wanted this to last as long as possible. As I worked my way back up this time and got to that soft flesh, Kathy turned on her side, exposing the bare breast to both my hand and my eyes. The light brown areola was puffy and expanding to support the turgid nipple that sat on top. My cock leapt in my pants as I let my moistened hand surround the squishy flesh. I continued to massage this mound of flesh, ignoring my original duties. I pulled softly on the elongated nipple and Kathy moaned as she finished rolling over and exposed the other well-shaped hillock to my view. I massaged my new target as I lowered myself closer to her and kissed her softly, our first kiss since fooling around as c***dren. Our breathing deepened and I kissed her again, more passionately this time, our tongues dealing glancing blows against delicate lips. I ran my hand slowly down her belly, stopping to play with her navel as our kissing became more intense. We made out passionately for over a half hour with my hands running across those soft tits and then down to her equally soft belly. I stopped every time at the waist band and then would work my way slowly back up to those heavenly breasts. The lotion had all dried up now as I broke the kiss and gently kissed her neck, starting my descent towards my goal. I kissed the top of her chest as my hand worked her belly around the waistband of her soft nylon pajama bottoms. I found the top of her breast and kissed softly, sucking in a small amount of flesh. She worked her hands up under my T-shirt, her nails raking softly into my skin as I sucked her long nipple between my lips. The rubbery flesh became harder as I dragged my teeth softly against it, the faint taste of lotion not deterring me from the pleasure we were both receiving.She broke the contact so she could pull my T-shirt off and I used the opportunity to reach into my pants and straighten out my cock so it was pointing up to my waist band instead of painfully down my leg. The motion did not go unnoticed as she did that cute little biting of her lip, her eyes glued to my crotch. I bent down and kissed her again, releasing eight years of a hunger that had been festering inside me.I slid my right leg between hers as my hand found a lovely globe again and continued the massage. I tweaked her nipple and her moan echoed through the room. Her legs clamped tightly around my leg as she ground her crotch into it, feeding her own hunger. I worked my hand down to her belly again, feeling the waistband only this time it wasn’t a wall and I worked my hand underneath it. Kathy sucked my lower lip viciously as she felt my fingers get closer, tickling the hairs just above her juicy pussy. Her fingernails were gouging my back, encouraging me to continue. It was an exquisite pain that helped to offset the sensations that were boiling in my fully engorged member. I found her moist slit and slid my index finger the length of it while Kathy bit down softly on my lower lip she had trapped in her mouth.Again it was Kathy who broke our contact; this time to remove her pajama bottoms and reach for the belt encircling my jeans. I quickly got my pants off, taking my briefs down with them and exposing my rock-hard burning flesh to the cool night air. Kathy bit her lip again in that cute little girl way as she reached out and ran her hand over my dripping cock. She was enthralled by all the moisture and spread it up and down my cock, first with one hand and then with both.The only sounds in the room were the heavy breathing through flared nostrils and the squishing noises as she worked my cock and I her slippery slit. She started to arrange our bodies, leading me by pulling my cock until I was positioned over her. She rubbed the moist angry head of my cock against the juicy lips of her pussy. Back and forth, back and forth against her clit until she finally exploded in a mind-altering orgasm, her body stiffening against mine. Her body rose off the bed and I slid my arms around her and kissed her deeply. She was gasping for air as I broke the kiss, my right hand cradling the soft left cheek of ass flesh as I tried to pull her even closer. Her hand was still between our bodies and had a death grip on my cock as she started to rub it against her clit again. She lay flat again as I started to get into the rhythm, pushing my cock hard against her moist slit and then up into the notch that held her clit. Her breathing increased as she tried to control our movements, but on one forward motion, I slipped between those juicy pussy lips and was buried to the hilt in her tight maiden cave. She screamed and I felt a hot liquid flow over my cock. I couldn’t have cum. I didn’t feel any of the tingling although I could certainly feel it boiling inside me. I looked down at Kathy to see a small tear escape her eye and realized she had been a virgin. I pulled out quickly, remembrances of my first time gushing into my brain and thinking what would I do if Kathy got pregnant.My cock was still rock-hard and desperately wanted release, even though it was coated with a thin film of blood. Kathy put her hand on my cock and saw the blood, the realization of what we had done finally hitting her like a ton of bricks. She was still breathing heavily as she moved the blood-coated fingers to her own crotch and started to slide them in her slit. “Do me again. Please!” she begged. She was as wired and out of control now as I was and I brought the red and purple head against her clit and pressed down. I worked it back and forth as she had done, watching as her hips started moving in rhythm. She wrapped her legs behind me but I avoided sliding him back inside her. I could sense her impending orgasm this time and pressed it hard on her clit as she came. Then I rose up and took hold of my cock and jerked it off, sending jets of boiling cum up past her tits and onto her neck. I lowered my body back down, every nerve quivering as the last vestiges of my orgasm receded. I kissed her softly but the return kiss was hesitant. We had overstepped the bounds of friendship tonight and I knew our relationship would never be the same. It hadn’t felt right when we kissed in fourth grade and although the orgasms tonight were intense, we were both feeling we had just done something very wrong.”Why don’t you go wash up,” she said to me, the remorse evident in her tone. “I have to throw the sheets in the laundry.” I climbed from the bed and watched as she used the top sheet to soak up the cum that covered her upper body. She looked like she was changing a messy diaper. I washed up and came back into her bedroom naked. She was just picking up her pajamas when she noticed me and much like Adam and Eve, we were now embarrassed by our nakedness. We dressed and I left without saying anything. Fortunately my parents were asleep when I got home so I didn’t have to worry about how guilty I looked.Back at school, she would just say Hi and move on. She didn’t come over to talk at lunchtime and my friends noticed we seemed distanced. I just told them we’d had a fight, but I couldn’t remember having it. And being friends, they let it go at that.I don’t know if Kathy ever said anything to any of her girl friends, but it was after that the teasing seemed to increase. We were all crowded outside the gym waiting for the doors to open for the alumni basketball game where the teachers would play against the boy’s basketball team. It was a ritual after the season ended every year. As the crowd pushed in, I was forced into the back of Cindy, an attractive brunette that was dating a guy on the team. I almost knocked her over but was able to get an arm around her waist and catch her before she fell. She turned around like she was going to yell, but then a soft smile came to her face and she thanked me for catching her and pulled my hand tighter around her waist. “Don’t let me fall, Joey,” she said, her hand staying in place over mine. Her cute, slightly plump ass was pushing back against me as the anxious crowd continued to try and force it’s way forward. With every push forward, Cindy would rock back against me. As the crowd reached the point where no one could move, Cindy started to gently rock her hips so those fleshy ass cheeks could massage the growing hardness in my pants.We were wedged in tight now, with Cindy hardly able to move against the girl in front of her. She slowly moved my hand up her body until it rested on her right boob and my fingers began to massage it as a reflex motion. She started to squeeze her ass cheeks together having captured my rock-hard cock between them.”What are you doing?” I whispered into her ear, afraid that someone would see and tell her boyfriend.”Just having some fun sweetie. Relax and enjoy it while you can. They’ll be letting us inside soon.””Well, stop it before I cum in my pants!”, I moaned into her ear before gently sucking her earlobe between my lips. I could feel her skin quivering now. She laughed between sharp intakes of breath and then released my hand, with one last clench of her ass cheeks against my hard-on as she turned to smile at me.The next incident started the following week in Mrs. Taylor’s math class. Most of the attractive girls in school wore short skirts in those days. They liked showing off there long legs and as young males we were only to kind to oblige them and stare longingly at flesh that we knew we would never touch. By the end of my senior year in high school, we were all over 18 and knew what we were doing and it didn’t seem to be bothering anyone.I was sitting in math class, daydreaming about my teacher Mrs. Taylor, who was a beautiful, petite redhead that I’d had a crush on since day one. She had moved north from Florida because her husband was transferred, but then he was sent overseas to set up a new plant, leaving her alone and angry at the world. At the start of the school year, she was very strict and had us all scared to say boo. She had a slight southern drawl that was very sexy when she talked, even about math.She showed up that first day of school in one of the tightest grey skirts I had ever seen, with a matching jacket. The suit outlined every lovely curve of her trim little body with her well formed legs glistening in the taupe nylons. About halfway through class, it got very warm in the classroom and she removed the jacket to expose a thin white blouse that covered a very lacy white bra. You could hear the sharp intake of breath from every male in the room and it drew a very nasty look from Mrs. Taylor.But she was a very good teacher and as the year went on, she loosened up and got used to us. Where she had us lined up straight in front of her in three rows at start of the year, she had our small class go to a U-formation by the end of the year. That’s when the teasing really got serious.I came into class and sat in what had become my normal seat. I was able to get a variety of close up views of Mrs. Taylor while she wrote on the blackboard, her tiny, round ass jiggling as she reached up. I would watch her chest while her boobs seemed to disappear in the white lacy bra as she stretched high, but then filled in and rolled around as her arms came back down. And when she sat on the edge of her desk to talk to us, I could see half way up her lovely thighs. This was also the vantage point I had on most of the girls in class that didn’t like to sit up straight. As I said, when women want to show off their legs, I am only too happy to oblige.Lori, a tall quite attractive blonde, came in a little late and took the last yalova escort seat on the end across from me. She liked to wear short skirts and dresses and today was no different. I had taken to watching her, among others, because of her long, lovely legs that seemed to go on forever. I know that she knew that I was ogling her, but she never said anything so I figured she really didn’t mind it.As I was sitting there this day, Lori slumped in her seat a little and let her skirt hike up a little more than it would on its own. It allowed her to spread her legs more than normal and I allowed my eyes to travel up those gorgeous gams. As the class wore on, Lori kept spreading her legs further apart until finally I could see the red panties she was wearing under her pantyhose. I had been stiffening as it was but seeing her underwear in public was more daring than she, or anyone else, had ever been. When I looked up with that deer-in-the-headlights look, she just smiled at me. What the hell did that mean? Was she now attracted to me? Did she want me to ask her out? I know my face was probably as red as Mrs. Taylor’s hair, but she was putting on a damn fine show. She rested a hand on top of her thigh and I started glancing around to see if anyone else noticed this, but they all seemed to be intent on whatever Mrs. Taylor was teaching. I watched in awe as Lori started to move her hand over her thigh, sliding slowly up and down, and then gently rubbing the inside. I thought I would explode right then but Mrs. Taylor suddenly asked me what the next step of the equation would be.I was afraid that everyone looking at me could see my burgeoning manhood as it pushed up my pants, but they were just expecting me to spout out the answer as usual. An answer that would normally roll off my tongue took an agonizingly long ten seconds to come up with. “Are you feeling alright Joey?” Mrs. Taylor asked concern in her voice.”Ahem, I’ll be fine. Thank you,” I replied, trying not to make a big deal of it. I thought Lori was going to split a gut as she tried very hard not to laugh. She also used the opportunity to pull her skirt back down to its normal indecent length. Apparently we were the only two who knew what had just transpired the last 45 minutes.As the bell rang to end the class, Mrs. Taylor asked me to stay behind for a minute. I, and Lori, thought for sure that we had been caught. Lori skipped out the door before Mrs. Taylor could even turn around. Once everyone had left the classroom, Mrs. Taylor pulled a chair up in front of my desk, my red face returning.”Are you sure you feel alright? You look like you just ran a marathon.” My heart and my cock were pulsing at the same rate as I looked into her lovely green eyes.”I’m, I’m fine. Really.” I could smell her perfume now. She wore several different kinds and every one of them gave me nasty thoughts about her. With what had just transpired, today’s essence had my hard-on pressing tightly against my loose pants. If they would have let us wear blue jeans back then, I wouldn’t have had a problem, but loose pants made it difficult to hide anything.”Look, you’re by far the best student in this class and I was hoping that you could help me grade homework and test papers from some of my other classes. It would only be an hour or two a couple times a week and I would really appreciate it. My husband used to help out, but with him in Egypt for a few more months, I’m at my wits end.” She looked a little haggard, which was hard for her to do with perfect lipstick, mascara, and her tightly coifed fiery, red hair. I was so relieved that she didn’t know I was perving out in class that I just agreed to it and said I would be there after my last class today. It drew a heart-melting warm smile from her that wasn’t doing my dick any good. She thanked me and got up moving the chair back to her desk. She had a little schoolgirl smile on her face as she backed away from me. I sat there a minute pretending to write down some notes while my hard-on subsided. The next class started to file in and I hurriedly got up, keeping my books in front of me as I hurried off to my last class.Lori was outside with her QB boyfriend talking away like nothing had happened back in the classroom. He had a hand on her hip while they talked and she gave him a hug as she glanced at me walking by and flashed that seductive smile again and winked. Fucking prick teaser. With my last class over, I went back to see Mrs. Taylor and she had another chair pulled up alongside hers at the desk. I sat down next to her and she smiled at me, at once melting my heart and stiffening my rod. She was only 28 but looked like she was fresh out of college. I couldn’t help but notice that much like Lori, her skirt was rising high on her thigh. Sitting this close to her and smelling her perfume in my aroused state was having a dizzying affect on me.Her face was mere inches away as those ruby red lips, looking so kissable, softly spoke the instructions. She wore just enough makeup to conceal most of the freckles that dotted her cute little nose. Her right hand was resting on my thigh, just inches from my throbbing erection, as she smiled and asked if I had any questions. I smiled back, shaking my head and wanting to reach over and pull her face closer for a passionate kiss. But of course, I did not.She watched as I marked up the first paper before getting up to go straighten out the classroom. She took her jacket off, flashing that lacy bra she always wore under her thin white blouses. She started to write problems on the blackboard for her first class on the next day, and I was distracted as she stretched high to start them, and then had to bend low to finish them. Her tight round ass was a work of art in the black skirt she wore today.I was done as she finished up and came back to check on me. Good thing I was a multi-tasker at a time when no one knew what that term meant. She was very pleased as she quickly glanced over them. Her hand rested on my shoulder as she bent over me and flipped through a couple of papers. As she stood back up, her fingernails sc****d lightly across my neck sending erotic chills down my body and ending in my rock solid cock.”Thank you. Can I give you a ride home? I only live a few blocks from you.””That would be great. I missed the late bus.”She never put her jacket back on and I was able to ogle her small but well defined chest through the thin blouse and bra. She really was a strikingly attractive woman, an assessment I had made back on day one. I was already in the passenger’s side when she gracefully slid into the driver’s side, her skirt riding up her delightful thighs once again and bringing another rise out of me. That was when I noticed her stockings ended and were attached to a garter belt. I could see a couple inches of bare skin as she slowly spread her legs, starting the car up and backing out of the parking lot. All eight inches of my pulsating piece of meat was quickly at attention as I surreptitiously watched that flesh come into view. In today’s world, any teacher giving a student a ride would raise suspicions. But this was a different era and no one suspected a teacher of any wrongdoing or ulterior motives.We made small talk and some light humor about a few students and were soon at the intersection where I lived two blocks to the left and she was two blocks straight ahead. I told her to let me out there and I would walk the rest of the way. She smiled and thanked me again, raising a hand to my cheek. If every student were like you, teachers wouldn’t care that they were underpaid. My books were lying in my lap, so I just smiled at her electric touch and quickly exited the car. She chuckled a little as she drove off.I raced home with a large wet spot now formed on my black pants. I set my books on the kitchen table and went straight into the bathroom unzipping my pants and pulling out that stiff rod. I pictured Lori as her fingers tickled her inner thigh, the purple head of my cock now swelling even more. Then she faded away as the vision of Mrs. Taylor replaced her, those luscious lips just inches away, finally coming closer as she kissed me passionately. I rubbed the leaking fluid from my cock up and down the shaft, squeezing hard now as I envisioned that bare flesh on her legs, my hand sliding over to meet it and slowly working up her leg the short distance to her waiting pussy. As my finger touched her soft, satiny panties, I exploded with cum spraying out and splashing against the lifted toilet seat before finally finding the bowl with soft plopping sounds as the last few drops fell into the cool water.That night I jerked off again in my bedroom, vivid visions of Mrs. Taylor having let her bright red hair down. I could feel her soft hair against my legs as she slowly sucked my cock between her lips. My hand ran up and down my rigid shaft as I pictured her tongue swirling around the swollen purple head of my throbbing cock. I squeezed hard as she sucked me again and opened her throat to swallow me whole. My cock erupted like Mount Vesuvius, sending cum shooting high into the air, the boiling lava like liquid splashing down on my chest and belly as my mind pictured her swallowing all of it. I cleaned up and climbed naked back into bed. The visions of Lori and Mrs. Taylor were making it difficult to sleep even in my exhausted state, but I finally replaced them with visions of Kathy and her sweet smile and drifted off to sleep.Friday afternoon I slipped into my desk in math class, hoping for less stress than yesterday, but wanting Lori to take that same seat again. As the bell rang for the start of class, Lori again came in and shut the door behind her as she took the same end seat. She was wearing a light blue mini-skirt that flowed loosely around her beautiful thighs. She didn’t have to worry about intentionally hiking her skirt for me, this one was hanging so loose around her that it did it all on its own. She waited about ten minutes before carefully letting her legs spread apart. I could almost hear her fingernails scr****g along her pantyhose as she worked her hand inside her thighs. She pushed the skirt higher as she slowly opened her legs exposing more and more of those firm thighs over the next several minutes. I had no idea what Mrs. Taylor was talking about now as I concentrated on this erotic beauty. She was over ten feet away but in my mind it was just mere inches.My cock was dripping now as the burgeoning head pressed against my black slacks. Finally she opened her legs as far as she could without drawing too much notice to herself, moving her skirt the last inch I needed to see her glorious crotch once again. But something was different this time. There were no red panties as I stared at the translucent pantyhose. My eyes finally focused on some fuzzy stuff where her thighs met and I came to the realization that she wasn’t wearing panties and this was in fact her cunt hair staring back at me.I stared for several minutes before raising my eyes to meet hers. She had a devilish grin and there was fire in her eyes. But her eyes were focused lower and I realized she was looking at the swelling in my pants. She was as perverted as me and I looked back at her hairy crotch as her fingers tickled the flesh near the top of her thighs. She ran a finger quickly along her slit and as her eyes closed I could swear her body was quivering in a small orgasm. Maybe she was having second thoughts about that QB boyfriend of hers, but somehow I doubted it. It wouldn’t be good for her reputation and that meant everything to a girl her age. The bell rang jolting me back to reality and I looked back towards Mrs. Taylor, quickly jotting down the weekend homework assignment. She asked me if I could help out again after school and I agreed, slipping out of class with my books in front of my crotch again, but this time heading straight to the boy’s room. I skipped my last period French class spending the entire time trying to dry the spot that had formed on my slacks and underwear. I doubted old lady Mrs. Lynch would even notice my absence.With the wet spot finally dried up, I went to my locker to get the books I would need for the weekend and then headed back to Mrs. Taylor’s room. I passed Lori in the hall and she puckered her lips before mouthing a silent “Thank you.”I feigned a smile but kept walking. When I got to Mrs. Taylor’s room, she was placing papers in her briefcase and picking up her jacket. I thought she forgot that she had asked me to help her out. She turned and smiled as I walked in the room.”Hi. I thought maybe we could do this at my house if you don’t mind. I bet you’re just as anxious to get out of this building as I am after five days.” Her smile showed an energy that wasn’t there an hour ago and I quickly agreed.We walked out to her car with her stopping to chat with other teachers along the way. I used the opportunity to fall back a few feet behind her where I could check out every firm, beautiful inch of her sexy body. Her hips swayed gracefully as she walked, her high heels pounding out the beat she needed for her seductive gait. As we got to her car Miss Raphael, my English teacher came up to her to talk. I waited patiently on the passenger’s side for Mrs. Taylor to unlock the doors.Miss Raphael was just plain cute. She was fresh out of college but taking graduate courses at night. She had short jet black hair and stood about two inches shorter than Mrs. Taylor. Right now they were standing inches from each other as I tried to hear their whispers.”Some of us are going over to Ye Olde Knight for a few drinks. You should join us,” said Miss Raphael, smiling invitingly as she placed a hand on Mrs. Taylor’s arm.”I really can’t today. I have a ton of papers to grade this weekend and Joey has offered to help tonight.””Oh, I bet you really had to twist his arm to get him to help, too. If you ask him really nice, I bet he’d help you all weekend,” she purred, now slowly stroking Mrs. Taylor’s arm. She glanced over at me, that same devilish look in her eyes that Lori had earlier today. She leaned even closer to Mrs. Taylor, “Well, if you change your mind, you know where I’ll be.” Her hand slowly descended Mrs. Taylor’s arm until she clasped her hand, then leaned in the last few inches and placed a soft peck on her cheek.My hard-on was banging against the car door and I slowly rubbed up against it as I pictured my two favorite teachers locked in a sensuous embrace. Of course that was just my imagination at work. Miss Raphael turned to look at me, “You have a great weekend Joey!” she beamed, then turned and quickly walked over to her little sports car, her hips swaying with exaggerated movements. We both stood there stunned, watching her cute legs slide into the low bucket seat of the MG. Mrs. Taylor finally unlocked her door, then slid into the seat and reached over unlocking my door. I carefully kept my books in front of me as I sat down, my throbbing monolith threatening to embarrass me before we ever got to her house. Mrs. Taylor sat there with the key in her hand, obviously distracted by the short conversation with that sexy little nymph.”You know, if you want to go out with your friends, maybe we can get together another time this weekend,” I stated, not knowing how I was going to hide the stiff rod in my pants once I was inside her house, alone with her.”No. No…” she hesitated. I had never seen her indecisive before. She was always so sure of herself and the answers when she was teaching. “I’m not in the mood for all their gossip and idiotic putdowns of the students,” she said more decisively, sliding the key into the ignition and starting the engine. She looked over at me and smiled, “Besides, we can have a drink at my place.” Yes, the drinking age was eighteen back then, but not all parents approved of that. Mine didn’t care, but then I had never gotten drunk either so I guess they felt I was responsible enough to handle it. My college years would prove that wrong, but for now I was Mr. Responsibility. My eyes drifted down Mrs. Taylor’s body as she drove, her small breasts perfectly outlined in the lacy bra as usual and her legs encased in black stockings to match the black skirt she wore today.When we stopped at traffic light, she reached back and pulled a long pin from the back of her hair allowing it to fall down, a sea of red flowing across her shoulders. She shook it out and ran her fingers through it, her curls quickly taking shape. The flaming red hair made a sensuous frame around her beautiful face as she turned towards me again and smiled, promising me more than a couple hours of correcting papers. I pictured us sitting on her sofa, drinks in hand, conversing in nonsensical love talk as our fingers roamed each other’s skin. My hard-on began to raise the books resting in my lap and I sat up quickly as I came back to reality.We didn’t talk during the short ride to her house, but I could see an almost determined look in her eye as she pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. We got out of the car and I offered to carry her briefcase and she smiled as she handed it to me.”Camelot lives!” she exclaimed. “I have my own white knight.””I loved that movie,” I gushed.”You should have seen it on Broadway. Burton was magnificent.” We went around to the back door and into the kitchen. “Just set your books on the counter. We can work at the kitchen table,” she stated as she quickly went to the fridge and fished out two cold beers.Well, so much for the sofa, I thought. At least I could use the table to hide my once again stiffening manhood as she plopped the beer in front of me and pulled her chair right next to mine. She was wearing a different perfume today with a flowery spring scent. I hadn’t smelled it in the car, but now just inches away from her, the pleasant odor was carrying me away again as I pictured us on a picnic blanket in the middle of a field with wildflowers all around us.She raised her bottle, “To the weekend!”I tapped my bottle to hers, and we both quickly drained about half of it. She was beaming now, a brilliant, white, toothy smile and I couldn’t help but smile back and feel invigorated. I inched closer to her as she removed the papers we had to grade. They were ninth grade algebra tests so I knew it wouldn’t take that long to get through the 25-30 papers. I was on my last paper now and I started laughing.What is it?” she asked.”Amy says the buses will never meet because of the traffic. She doesn’t have a clue how to solve it,” I chuckled.She laughed as well. “Give her a plus 1 for her sense of humor. If she concentrated on her classwork instead of Tommy Farmer, she would know how to solve a simple problem by now. You ready for another beer?””Sure Mrs. Taylor. Thanks.””Please, when we’re in my house, can you call me Linda. Being home alone, I just like to hear somebody call me by my real name. I’ve only been Mrs. Taylor for a couple years you know.””No I didn’t, Linda,” I said softly as we both smiled at the use of her first name. She handed me the beer and then took hold of my other hand. “C’mon, let’s go get comfortable,” she said, leading me into the living room and plopping down on the sofa. She kicked off her shoes and placed her dainty stocking covered feet on the coffee table. “Please make yourself at home.”I took off my shoes hoping my feet didn’t stink, and then sat down next to her on the sofa, thoughts of my earlier daydream fresh in my mind. My adolescent manhood started raging again and I sat up straight hoping the bulge wouldn’t show too much. I downed about half the beer again trying to calm down. Linda leaned back on the sofa, her skirt rising even more than it had in the car. The straps of her garter belt were clearly visible as were several inches of alabaster skin. There were no freckles on those beautiful inner thighs. She took a long drink, then laid her head back and closed her eyes, a soft sigh escaping her lovely lips. I stared at her lacy bra through the translucent white blouse, imagining what those small firm orbs looked like naked. My cock was rampant now, pulsing up and down in my pants. Her soft fiery red hair said she was a woman of passion, but with her eyes closed, she looked lonely and again fatigued. She finally opened her eyes and sat up, taking a swig before setting her drink down on the table. She stretched her arms up high over her head and I could hear the slight crack of joints and muscles, tightened from a week of standing and the stress of the job.”You seem pretty tense. Would you like a massage,” I offered.”I don’t know. Y’all have any experience at this?” she asked a little tease in her voice, trying to sound like a teenage southern belle.”Yeah, my mom had to waitress for a while when my dad was sick and she would come home with aches and pains from sore muscles. I used to massage her shoulders and calves for her while we watched TV.”She turned her back to me. “Then by all means, rub away.”I gently placed my hands on her soft cotton blouse, then firmly worked the muscles of her shoulder. My cock was pushing up my pants again and I noticed a small wet spot starting to appear. I ran my fingers slightly down her front as my thumbs worked her neck muscles. She moaned, yozgat escort tilting her head forward and I slid my hands back to the inner part of her shoulders, on bare skin now as my fingers worked their magic.She loosened the buttons on the front of her blouse, then pushed it off her shoulders exposing the lightly freckled skin as I worked more of the joints. Her breathing was getting deeper and her skin was taking on a warm pink glow. My burgeoning manhood was telling me to make a move but I listened to my inner voice telling me to behave. I continued to gently but firmly massage from her shoulders to her neck and back, soft sighs and moans escaping her lips. Something jolted her back to reality as she slowly pulled her blouse back up. She turned and smiled at me again, “Your mom taught you very well. But then you always were an apt pupil.” Her lips were just inches away, her flowery perfume filling my nostrils and sending another charge through my turgid monster. She turned facing me, then leaned back on the sofa. “Let’s see if y’all that good on legs,” she smiled, her accent returning as she placed her feet in my lap. She was staring at the bulge in my pants now. It was just inches from her delicate feet as she ran the nylon covered toes as close as she could without touching it. She reached down under her skirt in an overt move, her satin panties flashing a brilliant white light as she undid the clasps on her garter belt. She spread her legs in an invitation, the white satin panties now clearly in view and sending a charge through my cock as I felt another drop escape the tip.”Take off my stockings.” It was a command, not a request. I leaned forward, her feet now coming into contact with the hard lump of meat in my pants. It was an exquisite feeling and I had to concentrate very hard not to spill my load right then and there.My hands reached up to her soft inner thighs and as I had done with Kathy, I caressed the delicate skin of her upper thighs. I let my fingers tickle the skin just above the stockings and she closed her eyes smiling, her feet clamping down on my manhood again. I took hold the upper part of the nylon and slowly began to roll it down her thighs, over her knees, and then finally the firm muscles of her calves. Her feet still clenched my hard-on as I squeezed them together and pushed my manhood back against them.I could feel my cum boiling and quickly pulled away, taking the first stocking with me. She opened her eyes as I looked down on her, the hunger in both our eyes as I stared at the bare flesh left exposed after she had loosened the top buttons of her blouse earlier. She had a funny smile on her face. It was an “I dare you” look that said she wanted it to continue but it wasn’t proper. I reached up and pulled the other stocking quickly from her leg, then fell forward on top of her as she spread her legs wide open in invitation. I slowly lowered my face, inching closer until she finally raised her head and our lips met in a soft kiss. I let it linger a moment, then pressed back sucking her lower lip between mine. She hungrily kissed back, her hands caressing my neck before running through my hair and sending quivers through my spine. I pushed my solid lump against her panty covered crotch as we slowly began to dry hump as we kissed.She was an experienced older woman. Did she expect me to take charge and remove the rest of our clothes or did she think this was just a harmless make-out session? With limited experience, I wasn’t sure so I continued to kiss her as she slipped her soft, moist tongue between my lips. I answered by rubbing my stiff, aching rod harder against her welcoming cunt. I was happy with the foreplay if that was all it would amount to.My hand reached down to her bare chest as I softly kissed her neck, and then gently sucked her earlobe. My fingers slid under her bra and captured the small round hillock it had been protecting. I squeezed gently before taking the nipple between fore-finger and thumb and tweaking it to erection. It grew quickly and the flesh around her areola swelled as her excitement grew. I kissed down further until I could suck that turgid nipple between my lips and tickle it with my tongue. “Oh, shit!” she moaned. She grabbed my head, trying to sit up. She started to reach for my pants, and then the phone rang. “Oh Fuck! Not now.” She glanced up at the beautiful hardwood Seth Thomas clock on the wall and knew she had to answer it. “It’s my husband.” She stood up, pulling her skirt down as she went to get the phone. She took a deep breath before she picked up the receiver, a forced smile replacing the passion in her expression.”Hi honey,” she answered. “What’s that noise in the background?” she asked, trying to get her breath back and sound as normal as possible. Her tone turned sarcastic, “TV, right. Just remember what the State Department told you in that tutorial. You get caught with a hooker, they lock you up and they can’t help you. And if you bring back a disease, I will cut your dick off and shove it down your throat until it comes out your ass!” Then she slammed down the phone, her face a beet red as the anger glowed in her bright green eyes. She looked down at me and my rigid pole and immediately felt guilty. I breathed a sigh of relief as she started to apologize. I got up cupped her face and kissed her gently but firmly, sliding my tongue between her sweet lips. She kissed back passionately, the anger flowing from her body as she slowly started to relax again.She squeezed my prick, a look of empathy replacing the passion in her eyes. She looked me in the eye as she said, “This was probably wrong. I’m no better than that little PT Lori.””You know about that?” I coughed.”Of course I do. I’m a teacher. We have eyes in the back of our heads. We see everything.””Why didn’t you ever say anything. I could have told her and she would have stopped.””Why would I want to do that? She obviously enjoys having you watch her, you obviously enjoy watching her, and I certainly enjoy watching that bulge in your pants grow every afternoon. What? You think only men get horny after months without sex?””Look Joey, it’s late and you should probably get home for dinner before your mother starts to worry. Do you have any time tomorrow to finish grading papers?””Well, a bunch of us are playing baseball in the park tomorrow morning but we usually quit around lunchtime. I could come over after that.””Hmm, think they’d mind if an old school marm came around to watch you play? They wouldn’t tease you too much would they?” “Well, you’re not that old and if you show up, you might cause a few more bulging pants if you wear one of those tight skirts.” “I think I’ve just been complimented.” She leaned in and kissed me passionately, her doubt about whether this was right or wrong quickly forgotten. “Go clean up and then scoot home. I wouldn’t want your mom seeing you covered in lipstick. If I don’t see you at the park, just come here when you’re done playing games.” There was a certain sarcastic tone in that last phrase but I clearly knew what she meant.I was totally confused now. I had kissed my teacher, sucked her tits, and even dry humped her and she was acting like I was her boyfriend instead of a student. Then when we’re both worked up and on the edge, she’s able to act like it was just a friendly get together. But that last kiss promised so much before she hurried me out the door. I cursed her husband’s timing repeatedly during my short walk home.My mind raced all night wondering what would happen Saturday when I went to grade papers. Would she have a change of mind and be all business? I was too nervous that night to even jack-off, running scenarios through my head about what to say and do if she even hinted that she wanted to continue what we had started.****************************************** I woke up early Saturday from my restless sleep grabbing a bowl of cereal for breakfast before I showered. My parents always slept in on Saturday and I knew they appreciated me leaving them alone when I went to play sports on the weekends. For me it was an invigorating break from my studies and for them, a chance to have passionate sex with no one listening. I had heard them having sex often while growing up, even though they tried to be quiet. I think my mom made more noise trying to be quiet than she would have if she just let herself go. I tested out my theory one Saturday by leaving my bedroom door and window open. My bedroom was off the kitchen so I figured I could sneak back into my room and listen to see how much noise they made. I gave them about a half hour and then went to the side of the house where my bedroom was. I was about to climb in when I noticed the movement in the kitchen.Mom and dad were still an attractive couple even though they both turned forty this year. Mom was wearing a baby doll top, apparently she forgot the bottoms. Dad had his bathrobe on and I knew my dad never wore anything underneath it. He wasn’t shy about letting the whole world know that he slept in the nude. As mom bent down to light the oven (it was an old gas stove), her wide ass was exposed and dad came right up behind her opening his robe and exposing his already firm member just before sliding it into her juicy pussy. They must have been at each other from the moment I walked out the door and now were going for seconds. It just slipped in way to easy for them to have just started.Mom gave a little shout of surprise but certainly didn’t object to it. She started pushing back and within a couple minutes, they had a steady rhythm going and she was moaning loudly. I was wondering if the neighbors might here since I left my window open but there was a fair amount of distance between houses. He pumped her for a solid ten minutes before she came loudly proclaiming it and he followed suit moments later. My theory verified, I headed to the park noticing that I had indeed been excited at watching my parents screw. It seemed a little perverted on one hand, but I was glad they still had a solid sexual relationship at a time when most couples are losing interest in each other. I was detached from the emotional aspect of their relationship and viewed this as just sex. Any guilt I had at watching them quickly faded as I pictured mom naked and a gorgeous symbol of sexuality.Back to the present, I noticed George and Jeff coming in the west entrance of the park while I was coming in the south entrance. Jack and most of the others were quickly filing in the east entrance. We had sides chosen up and were playing the first game by 8:30. Our routine was to choose up sides and then play two five inning games and then re-choose sides, repeating the process until everyone wanted to go home.We had four games completed when Mrs. Taylor started to wander in pretending to be walking the garden trail and then checking out the plaques by the different trees and bushes. She was wearing a tight pair of faded jeans that hugged her hips and with the short, pink, mohair sweater, it left about 2 inches of bare midriff exposed. She had gone easy on the make-up and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail making her look more our age than her actual 28 years. She looked adorable. Most of the guys didn’t even recognize her until she said hello and sat down to watch us play. When I came in from the field, I sat down next to her and we made small talk about how the game was going. She asked why I didn’t play on the varsity team and I told her about a difference of opinion with coach P back when I was in 10th grade. He let me know then than I wouldn’t be playing any varsity sports. Bothered me at first, but I quickly got over it and stuck to pick-up games. We were tied in the last inning of our last game for the day. I started the inning with a lead-off double. Albert grounded out to second allowing me to easily get to third. Jack the Giant (he was 6’5″ and 220 pounds) nailed a long fly ball to left and I basically trotted in with the winning run. Mrs. Taylor got so excited that she came running down to meet me and gave me a quick hug and yelled “Great game!” She then got a little embarrassed and decided she should congratulate some of the other players.I got a few questionable stares from my friends until we saw Kathy come over and do the same with Jack, only giving him a brief kiss as well. It appeared that none of us had known they were seeing each other now. George, one of my closer friends came over to console me.”Is that what your fight was about this week? You ok with this?””I’m fine George. Jack’s a good guy. They’ll be a model couple. Probably King and Queen of the prom.””Well, my folks left some beer in the fridge if you want to come back to my house for a few drinks.””Thanks, but I promised Mrs. Taylor I would help her grade papers again. She’s had a rough week.””Yeah, well I’d guess you better not be to ‘hard’ on her then.” His double meaning did not go unnoticed and I popped him in the arm before going back to join her.I was a sweaty, dusty mess and I told her I would run home and shower and then go right to her house. But she insisted I was fine and we should just get back to her place and get started. We made good time covering the two blocks to her house.”Can I at least wash my face?” I pleaded feeling the grit that had accumulated there, among other places.”Sure. Just don’t get carried away. There’s something very appealing about a sweaty man, you know.”I had been hoping this would be a continuation of last night but the way we had left things, I thought maybe it would be all business. The tone of her voice was now lighter and inviting. She seemed to have gotten over the issue with her husband and was in a very good mood. I grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned the grit from my face and then did a quick swipe of my underarms. Girls might say they like a sweaty man, but that’s an odor that no one likes.I wandered back out to find Linda was on the sofa and had two beers cracked open for us. She looked sweet and sexy sprawled out on the sofa but she sat up as I entered the room, handing me the beer as I sat down next to her.”So, you want to talk about that little thing with Kathy and Jack? You seemed a little upset they were together.” “No big deal,” I lied. “We’re just friends. I just thought she might have confided in me instead of letting me find out like this.” The disappointment was evident in my voice.Linda got all motherly now wrapping an arm around my shoulder and squeezing lightly. I could smell her perfume as her head leaned into mine. She kissed me softly on the cheek.”You know people will do stupid things to get someone’s attention when they are upset. It was obvious that her show of affection was done to get your attention. What did you do that upset her?””What makes you think I did something to upset her?” I asked. She just cocked an eyebrow in that teacher-knows-everything way. So I gave in and told her some of the details of the night I unintentionally took her virginity.”Look Joey, a girl’s cherry is very special to her. She’s probably upset that the night wasn’t all moonlight and roses and that it felt awkward instead of heavenly. We all expect it to be some special romantic event with someone we love and then we get married. Or get married and have the special night. Truth is, that is rarely the case. It’s more likely to happen the way it did for you. At least you both came. That’s more than most couples get there first time.”She was smiling again, her face just inches away and I felt all that jealousy fade away. I hadn’t wanted a serious relationship and avoided getting too close to any of the girls my senior year. I had no one to blame for that other than myself. And now I was alone with a beautiful woman who had ten years more experience than me and I was having a jealous teenager moment.I turned my head towards her and pulled her in for a kiss. She kissed back, her tongue gently darting between my lips. I tried to pull her into my lap and she almost spilled her beer. She set her beer on the coffee table and plopped into my lap, pinning me back against the sofa.”Hold on tiger,” she laughed. “A few ground rules before we do anything. This will be a casual relationship and NOBODY finds out about it. There will be no jealousy on anybody’s part. I am a married woman and I want to stay that way. And when I say it’s time to grade papers, y’all better be grading papers. Understood?”God she had a beautiful smile. How could any man resist it? I nodded and smiled back at her feeling my cock awaken at the thought of making love with this gorgeous, red-headed, southern belle. I raised my hips so she could feel my lump and she grinned and pulled my T-shirt off. She placed her hands on my chest, the sweat not all dried up yet providing some lubricant as she massaged my muscles.”Let’s get you into the bedroom. You’re not the only one who knows how to give a massage.” Her breathing was getting heavy and her cheeks were starting to get the same shade as her hair. I followed her into her bedroom, the anticipation of what was about to happen making me want to explode.Take off those jeans. I don’t want dirt on my satin sheets.” I watched as she pulled that sexy pink sweater over her head revealing her small round orbs encased in a lacy pink bra. Her nipples were poking into the material signaling her arousal. She slid her jeans off revealing those long firm legs that I had admired all year. She wore matching pink lacy panties that hugged the curve of her hips as well as the mound in front.”Quit staring and get yer pants off boy!” she yelled excitedly, her southern drawl very evident now in her excitement.I pulled off my jeans and socks leaving my briefs on even though it looked a little ridiculous tented out in front. I pushed him up flat against my belly but the head was sticking out over the elastic band. I got on the bed and lay down on my stomach. Linda followed but now it was her turn to stare. “My, my, my. Those are some sweet cheeks y’all got there.” Her hands started to firmly massage my buns through the sweat soaked briefs I was wearing. Then she straddled my legs and leaned forward to start working on my upper back. Her hands slid easily over my sweat-soaked back, up to my shoulders, then back down. I could feel my tired muscles relax. I almost forgot about the sex as she worked her magic on my aching back.She worked her way back up again and leaned down to softly kiss my neck. My cock gave a lurch and a drop of liquid seeped out onto the blue satin sheets. As I pushed my throbbing manhood against the soft fabric, it felt like sliding along bare skin. My body quivered as she sucked my earlobe and I pushed harder into the soft sheets. After the frustrating end to last night, I was ready to pop my nut now and had to really concentrate on calming down.She seemed to sense my excitement and worked her way back down, kissing a trail over my sweaty back while she caressed my upper thighs. She moved even lower, kissing my thighs, then the back of my knees, kneading my calves. As she worked back up, she slid her hand underneath me and ran it the length of my hardened cock, her fingertips encountering bare flesh as they got past the waistband of my sweaty briefs.I was dripping copious amounts of lubrication now and she smeared it over the angry purple knob of my rigid manhood. She pulled my briefs down and off me and I lay back down with the full length of my turgid member rubbing along the soft satin sheets. The feeling was exquisite as I turned to see her raise my shorts to her face and inhale the acrid essence. The smell seemed to inflame her and she licked her fingers to taste the leftover lubrication. She bent down and licked my salty butt, her soft lacy bra tickling the backs of my thighs. Her tongue swept between my cheeks but stopped before getting to the brown hole in my split. Her hand reached underneath again taking a firm hold on my slippery meat as she started to jerk me off. I was close to exploding and didn’t want it to be on the sheets. I forced my way onto my back and she quickly swallowed my pole, taking half the salty length into her throat. Her nostrils flared now as she was determined to make me cum, her hand working in tandem with her sweet lips as my cock pistoned in and out of her mouth. I could feel the cum boiling deep within me as I grabbed her head and held it in place. She squeezed the base tight forcing me to hold back, then shoved her mouth down hard and released her grip as I exploded sending torrents of cum down her willing throat. My head was spinning and my eyes filled with spots as every nerve ending in my body tingled for what seemed like minutes. My ass was raised high off the bed as I continued to shoot wads of cum down her throat.I eased my grip on her head but her lips stayed sealed around the exploding purple head. As my body started to relax, my ass went back to the mattress and she sucked any remaining cum from my body. She smiled up at me as I gasped for air and I had to laugh. “Holy shit! What the fuck was that?” I asked, somewhat shell-shocked from my explosion. In all my times jerking off and the few times with a real girl, it had never felt like that.She finished swallowing and purred, “Never had an zonguldak escort orgasm before?” Then she crawled up my body and our lips met in a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced between open lips and the taste of my musky cum only served as fuel to the fire. Her pussy soaked panties were sliding along my still hard cock while we kissed with no intention of slowing down. The soft silk panties only served to increase the friction and excite her clit even more.I grabbed her ass cheeks, my hands reaching under the edge of the panties, and got our hips into a rhythm with me lifting up as she ground down harder with each stroke. I tried to sit up to take charge but this petite beauty would have no part of it and pinned me down again with adrenaline coursing through her veins. We sucked lips now as she increased the pace until I couldn’t keep up anymore. She used short, firm thrusts of her clit against my engorged mushroom, her nails digging into my shoulder as the orgasm began to overtake her. She broke the kiss gasping for air and moaning loudly. She bucked hard and then froze, gripping me tightly as her body quivered above me. Short, quick movements occasionally interrupted the moments of total stillness and an intermittent grunt was the only sound we heard. It lasted almost a minute and as she started breathing again, I reached down and diddled her clit with my index finger. In a matter of seconds she started to cum again but I kept on frigging her and she kept cumming until finally grasping my hand and forcing me to stop. She collapsed on top of me, sweat now profusely dripping out of every pore in her body. I reached up and wrapped my arms around her in a gentle embrace while she cradled her head in my neck. We lay like that for fifteen or twenty minutes until I thought she had fallen asleep.A soft peck on my neck told me my assumption was wrong and I decided it was time for her to get naked. I reached up and unsnapped her bra and she took the hint, rising up enough for me to remove it and see those gorgeous orbs. The pale, pink areola were swollen and capped by bright red, turgid nipples. She dangled them above my mouth, moving as I moved, the tantalizing mounds remaining inches from my mouth.She finally relented, allowing me to suck the soft, rubbery nipple. My tongue fluttered over the bud like a hummingbird in flight, the rapid motions increasing the blood flowing into the now hard nubbin. Her hips were inching their way up my body, her musky scent wafting to my nostrils and ensuring that my manhood stayed hard.She sat up, her boob popping out of my mouth, and moved her legs up to capture my arms as she lowered her panty covered crotch over my face. I glimpsed the short red hairs poking out of the edges of her silky panties just before contact was made with my nose. She pressed down until her clit made contact, the wet silk gliding across my nose like she had done with my cock.I opened my mouth and was able to capture some cloth and move it slightly to the side so my tongue could reach in and taste her delightful nectar. We moaned in unison as the erotic sensations gave us renewed strength.And then the fucking phone rang again!”What does that fucking asshole want now?” she bellowed. “He always did have lousy timing.” She slid off me and grabbed the receiver from the bedside phone, trying to sound normal.”Hi honey.” There was a pause and then her reply, “No, I’ve been cleaning the house to give me a break from grading papers.” I sat up behind her and reached around to pull her close, my hands eventually drifting upward and capturing her lovely breasts. I pulled my hips closer until my rigid member was trapped between us and softly kissed her back and neck. I felt her swoon and collapse like a ragdoll in my arms, her breathing ragged. She tried to lightly brush my hands from her breasts, but it only encouraged me and I massaged harder, tweaking the nipples as I kissed her neck and ear. She finally broke free and jumped off the bed.”What? No, it’s a warm day and I have the windows open. The wind is blowing the curtains and there are k**s outside riding their bikes,” she lied.The short cord didn’t allow her much movement and I climbed off the bed after her. I grabbed her soaked panties and pulled them down while I knelt to remove them. She hit me upside the head and gave me her angry teacher look, but I just smiled up at her. I wasn’t going to let him ruin our day the way he ruined last night.I leaned forward, studying the short red hairs surrounding her swollen pussy lips. I could see her clit poking out from its hood and made sure to avoid that for now as I planted soft kisses on her upper thighs and eventually her wide open cunt. I slowly licked up the juice while my hands ran up and down the backs of her thighs. I gently ran my tongue inside her moist pussy while my hard cock started to ooze pre-cum onto the hardwood floor.She mumbled something and then reached down and grabbed my underarm and yanked me up, her strength once again surprising me. I stood in shock facing her as she covered the mouthpiece and quickly kissed me, smiling to let me know she wasn’t really mad. She reached down and took hold of my dripping cock, smearing the liquid as she had done earlier. “Uh-huh, yes dear. No I’m just dusting while we talk. (…)I didn’t get that. (…)The connection is getting bad. (…)Why don’t you call me back tomorrow. (…) Ok, talk to you then. Love you too.” She hung up the phone. “He’s a fucking windbag when he’s drunk.” I picked her up and set her down gently on my cock. Her swollen pussy opened wide, allowing me to slide all the way in, our combined juices sloshing around as we started to fuck. She kissed me hard as she wrapped her legs behind me and held on tight. I lifted her up and down on my burgeoning cock, her now sweat-soaked mane slapping against her skin in time to our genitals. I felt the cum boiling deep within me and tried to stave off the feeling as I listened to her pant in harmony with our fucking.”Ohh, yes, yes, yes!” She was cumming again, every bit as intense as before and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I also knew that my legs wouldn’t hold us up much longer so I turned and set her on the bed while I started to pile-drive into her. She was having multiple orgasms as I felt the cum bursting through the swollen head of my cock. My cum was blasting her cervix now as it streamed out of me while I continued to pummel her pussy. Again the tingling started in my cock and emanated outward in every direction ensuring that every nerve ending felt release. Her cunt locked around my hard cock as it continued to shoot streams of cum deep inside her.I kept myself perched above her with my cock buried deep inside her while we kissed softly, enjoying the afterglow of our union. In my wildest dreams I had never thought that sex could be this good. We stayed like this for several minutes until my cock shrunk and slipped out of her pussy. We both smiled at the sensation and I rolled off of her and collapsed on my back, feeling like Superman around kryptonite, the muscles in my body as limp as my cock.She scooted over to snuggle with me, her damp hair feeling cool on my burning flesh. Her left boob rested on my chest and I had to reach down and toy with the nipple. I felt her jump and immediately removed my hand just before she slapped me.”Enough. Are you trying to kill me? My skin is really sensitive right now.” She smiled at me and laughed. “I forgot how much I enjoyed sex. You are going to make many women very happy young man.”A sudden feeling of dread came over me. “I didn’t use a condom! What if you get pregnant?””Whoa, calm down. I’m taking the pill. I don’t stop taking it just because Eddie goes away for a while.”I felt a little relief and hugged her close again. The feeling of dread was not completely gone as I realized that it would not be that easy to keep our relationship detached from our true feelings. My simple crush could easily become an obsession if the sex was this good every time. And with Kathy fawning over Jack today, I might not have another female to talk to for the foreseeable future.Linda sensed my insecurity. “Don’t think we’re going to fall in love, because that’s not what this is.””I know, it’s just lust. But how do you separate the two feelings?” “We will, even if I have to find another outlet for your lust and share you with someone else.””Oh, you have someone in mind then? Miss Raphael perhaps?” “Tina? Hmm, she probably would go for it if I knew how to broach the subject. But I’m not ready to share you with another teacher just yet. Have you thought about calling Kathy and apologizing for the other night. It might be all you need to patch up your relationship before she gets too involved with Jack. You need a relationship with someone your own age if we want to keep our relations casual.” “I don’t know. I promised myself I wouldn’t get too serious about anybody until my college degree was in sight. And if I’m not ready to be monogamous, it wouldn’t be fair of me to expect it from Kathy.” “Ok, end of discussion for today. Let’s take a shower and get this sweaty mess off our bodies and I’ll make some lunch. You still have to grade papers today young man.”We took our shower together. She stood with her back to the shower letting the hot water cascade down over her tired, sore body. I was facing her thoroughly enjoying the view of her lightly freckled face, full red lips and puffy little tits. The freckles thinned as my eyes traveled down the chiseled muscles of her stomach, her navel a tiny pocket in the center of her flat, tight abs. Her bright red bush had been trimmed somewhat, a bikini trim it was called, making a well-shaped triangle above her pussy with thin red hairs covering the lips. The bright white skin of her upper thighs was like a spotlight on that bush making it seem darker and thicker than it actually was. She had well-toned calves, like a dancer, and her dainty feet were well manicured with red nail polish that matched the shade of lipstick she usually wore at school.My cock quickly came back to attention, sprouting awkwardly in front of me. I grabbed the soap and began lathering her front, rubbing the cold bar across her nipples and watching them stiffen before me. I rubbed more up her chest and neck, her eyes closed as she tilted her head back. I knelt down to do that flat tummy, my eyes finally getting a chance to study a woman’s nether regions. Her pussy was still excited, the red lips swollen and vagina wide open like a beautiful red orchid.I rubbed the soap into her bush, and then spread the lather with my fingers, working it through the hair before dropping down to massage the pussy that had given me so much pleasure today. My cock was dripping lubricant again and I was praying that we would have sex at least one more time today. She leaned under the spray creating a waterfall down her front that I used to rinse away the suds, her open cunt now a clear, sweet-smelling cave for me to explore. I lathered those alabaster thighs as I leaned forward to taste her inviting pussy. I sc****d her thighs gently and she moaned softly. When my tongue made contact with her slit, her hands grabbed my head, trying to force me away. I licked up her slit to her swollen clit and her grip changed, gently pulling me closer she gave in to her primal urges. I sucked the bud between my lips and let my tongue flutter over it as she sighed. She leaned back against the shower wall, the full force of the spray now landing on my head and back as I tried to concentrate on bringing her pleasure one more time. She tightened her grip on my head while gasping for air and tried to squeeze her legs closed. I sucked the little nubbin hard and flicked my tongue against it in rapid motions until I heard that last gasp and loud moan echo through the small bathroom. I rinsed off her legs while placing soft kisses around her pussy and upper thighs. She worked her fingers through my wet hair, and then finally pulled me up as we met in a hot, passionate kiss. Her arms were wrapped around me in a lover’s hug and there was a warmth in her kiss that I hadn’t noticed before. My hard-on was trapped between our bellies but I kept him still for now not wanting to spoil the moment.”That was amazing,” she said softly between kisses. “I’ve never felt anything quite like that before. You practice that particular move on your little girlfriend?” she smiled.”What’s the matter. Never had an orgasm before?” I grinned. “And no I haven’t practiced that. I just really wanted to please you,” I smiled back.She looked inquisitive. “Well, y’all learned that someplace. We don’t teach that in sex-ed.”I grinned again, “I guess I read a lot.”She giggled. “Well, whatever pornography you have been reading young man, please leave a copy around the house for Eddie. It has never felt like that with him. He’s always in such a hurry.””Speaking of which,” I said as I started working my hard cock between our bodies. She got into the rhythm, then slowly lowered her body a few inches until my cock was rubbing against her boobs. I almost came as I watched her grip my hard cock and worked it across her stiff nipples. But she had something else in my and stood up and moved around me.She lathered my back as the water sprayed down on me, the hot water starting to go colder. I didn’t mind as she worked the soap into my butt cheeks and I felt her finger run through my crack and fondle my tight bung hole. She put the soap back and reached around me, her lathered hand starting to jerk me off. She pressed her little titties into my back as she increased the tempo of her strokes and then I felt that soapy finger at my back door again. She gently worked her finger inside the tight hole as I felt the cum boiling up inside me. She gave one final shove and her entire finger was buried deep inside me as jets of cum burst forth and splashed against the shower wall. The sensation came upon me so fast, that I was shocked at how powerful the orgasm was. I thought I was drained from our previous endeavors, but here I was again spurting an endless stream of cum as the tingling washed across my body.She continued to work the finger slowly in and out as my orgasm subsided, cum still dripping out as my hard-on waned. She was pressing down on something as she pulled out and tingles continued to rush through my body even though my cock stayed limp. She grabbed the soap again and washed her hands before scrubbing down the rest of my body. The water was cold now as we quickly rinsed off and stepped out of the shower.I was drying her off when I said, “I guess somebody else reads a lot too. That wasn’t a trick you learn on your own.””Maybe someday I’ll tell you how I learned, but not today. I’m hungry and we still have a mountain of papers to grade.”We walked back into the bedroom and I started to get my clothes. She pulled them from me and threw them on the floor, leading me naked into the kitchen. She then sat me in a chair at the table and went to the fridge for cheese and sandwich meat. We chatted while we ate, talking about what we wanted our futures to be and how we planned to achieve them. Then she cleaned up the table and brought out the stacks of papers to grade. We stayed naked and each graded a different class, finally finishing up almost three hours later. I never would have thought I could sit naked next to a beautiful woman that long without getting a hard-on. But after finishing that last paper and placing it back in the folder, I had a couple minutes to observe her while she was finishing her last two tests. Her hair was dry now and she had pulled it back into that ponytail she wore this morning to the park. Her skin was flawless, save for the freckles that lightly dotted the upper part of her chest and face. She had no make-up on but was still just as stunningly attractive as that first day in class last year. Her beauty with that bubbly personality was a rare combination and Eddie was one lucky man to have married her. I studied her breasts now as she was hunched over the table. I had noted before that they were small but full. Now with her hunched over and leaning forward, I saw just how full they were as the flesh stretched the skin and made them look twice their normal size. A nipple hit the table as she sat back, finally finished. I watched the nipple grow from the inadvertent contact and my manhood felt the blood flow once again. With me leaning back, the burgeoning monolith was in plain sight and Linda smiled.”You sir are incorrigible.” “Well, you milady are simply beautiful and I find you very hard to resist.”The phone rang and she instinctively looked at the clock. Eddie again being the dutiful husband that she knew in truth he wasn’t. She got up and took her chair over by the phone, motioning for me to join her. I sat down and she answered the phone, sitting in my lap and facing me.”Hi honey,” she answered, taking hold of my cock and rubbing it against her pussy. “I didn’t think you’d call back after this morning. I figured you’d be sleeping it off. …yeah, well I’m horny too. …you want to have sex over the phone?” She smiled down at me as she rose up and lowered her moist cunt onto my rock hard prick. I inhaled deeply and felt the tingles as she gripped my cock with her pussy. She held the phone by her mouth as she kissed me, a loud wet kiss with her tongue dueling mine.”That was me kissing you sweetie,” she breathed deeply into the phone. “Yes, I can feel your hard cock deep inside babe,” she moaned as she started fucking me. “Yeah, I’m really playing with myself right now. Do you have that hard little cock in your hand, honey?” She kissed me again while I held her hips and pushed up into her.”I know it’s not that small honey. In fact, it feels much bigger inside me right now. I’m on top of you and slamming down hard. Can you feel it? Are you close to cumming because I’m ready honey?” I reached down and diddled her clit and she slammed down one last time, a loud moan escaping her lips. “Oh shit baby. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She kissed me passionately, her nostrils flared as her climax washed over her. Her passion waning, she started talking to Eddie again.”Did you cum, honey? Was it good for you? …Oh, you know I came. Yes, that was real babe. I, ah, I was kissing my arm while I played with myself.” She raised her eyebrows, her eyeballs rolling back in her head signifying that this idiot believed her and that she just wanted to get off the phone.”Yeah, maybe we can do this again sometime. You sleep well and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”She hung up the phone and noticed that there was still a hard cock buried deep inside her moist pussy. She climbed off and stared down at me with that hungry look I saw earlier today. Her body had that same warm pink glow from earlier as well.”I am going to order a pizza and then you are going to call your mother and tell her you’re staying for dinner. I am not sending you home to your mother in that state.”We ate the pizza and spooned on the sofa with my hard cock buried inside her as we watched a movie on TV. She did just enough moving to keep me hard and then would stop when she felt me getting close, knowing the teasing would keep us both tingling until she was ready to cum again. The movie was just about over when I started to diddle that hard clit again and there was no stopping this time. Her hips pushed back and her pussy tightened, squeezing my cock and letting me know it was ok to cum. I gently massaged her clit between my thumb and forefinger and gave one last shove with my cock as we came together, our moans mixing in harmony as my cum once again splashed against her cervix.We continued to cuddle with my shrinking cock held tight between her pussy lips refusing to let me go. When the movie ended, she reluctantly allowed me to escape being careful not to let any cum drip on the sofa. We went to the bathroom and washed up again and then I reluctantly got dressed while she slipped back into the robe she had put on for the pizza delivery boy.We kissed a little more until she finally forced me out the door. I sprinted home allowing my legs to stretch out and reenergize me. When I got home, mom and dad were waiting for me. “Well, you were a little later than I expected young man,” my mother stated in a concerned motherly tone.”Sorry mom. She’s very lonely. Her husband has been in Egypt for months now. We just sort of lost track of time while we were talking. Did you and dad ever have to be apart that long?””Just after we were first married and he had to go to war in Korea. I guess I can understand how she would get lonely, but doesn’t she have any friends her own age?””Yes, but it is Saturday night and she said she wasn’t in a party mood. They get drunk and the single girls start looking for guys and she feels left out and even lonelier. I think it was good for her to just have someone to talk to.” “I suppose. You make sure you finish your own homework now that you’ve helped her do all of her work.” Mothers never change.”I will mom. And you k**s don’t stay up too late.” I heard them chuckling as I left the room. I plopped down on my bed exhausted and extremely pleased with myself. This had been the greatest day of my young life and I had no regrets or remorse about what happened for a change. Sex could be a good thing. You just needed the right partner and the right frame of mind. I removed my dirty clothes and crawled into bed, my mind quickly filled with dreams of what my summer might be as I drifted off to sleep.



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