Tammy could not believe it. She had entered the raffle on a whim. Denise, her sister, asked her who she would be bringing with her to that cruise in the Caribbean if she won. She laughed at the suggestion that she would be the winner. Now, she had the winning ticket, and she decided that she would drag Denise through the Caribbean on a boat.

When Denise heard her sister on the phone, her first reaction was to tell her that she had no intention on spending a week on a boat in the Caribbean with her, since she assumed that her perpetually aroused sister would go really crazy seeing all those men in swimming trunks. In the end she gave in, for a week of rest and relaxation was too good to pass up.

As the cruise date got nearer, they started to realize that the wardrobe that was fine for Milwaukee would probably not cut it in the Caribbean. Reluctantly they went shopping for shorts, t-shirts and a bathing suit. Both knew they wanted one-piece swimming suits. Tammy wondered if she would need to shave – or at least trim – her pubic hair but was delighted to discover that she would not need to. She was not 100% comfortable in a swimming suit, but knew she would need one. She found one that contained her big tits quite comfortably. Denise was having more of an issue finding a swimming suit that would suit her, even though her tits were not as large as her sister’s. At the mall, the saleslady convinced both of them that tank tops would be better – and fresher – than t-shirts. Tammy was not too convinced, but liked how her cleavage looked.

The day finally came, and both sisters boarded the plane to Miami so they could board the cruise ship. When they got there they were amazed at the variety of people that they saw. Both were worried that, in their mid-50s, they were going to stick out as sore thumbs amongst a sea of barely covered 20 and 30 somethings. Much to their relief, there were people of all shapes, sizes and colors. Once Tammy settled down, her eye took a mischievous look that Denise knew only too well. When they were unpacking,

Dense caught sight of Tammy’s rabbit vibrator. She rolled her eyes, knowing that there probably was more than one.

Tammy, as usual, was a chatterbox and struck a quick friendship with another woman in her 50 who was vacationing with her husband, son, daughter and their respective spouses. It was evident that Mary, her new friend, and her husband worshipped the sun as they were both deeply tanned. After a while Mary ataşehir escort asked them if they wanted to go to the clothing optional deck so they could continue chatting. Tammy was a bit hesitant while Denise was totally aghast at the possibility. Mary told them that they didn’t have to go nude – topless or even keeping their bathing suit on would be fine. Tammy, who was used to web camming naked, eventually came around. What finally decided her was when Denise mentioned that she probably would not mind being naked in front of everyone since she did it on cam anyway and Mary asked her which site did she usually go to. When Tammy told her that she loved chatting on CamFuze, Mary’s son-in-law smiled and mentioned that that’s why she looked so familiar.

Tammy followed her new found friends to the clothing optional deck, while Denise decided to stay put and enjoy the pool and the breeze. Even though she looked cool, calm and collected, Tammy had butterflies in her stomach. Mary and family started getting naked as they arrived, and Tammy was surprised at how at each they all looked. Her nipples started to harden as she looked at the three cocks in front of her and she could feel a familiar tingling between her legs. Mary’s husband brought her back to earth when he asked her if she needed a bit of privacy, or if she had decided not to disrobe. Tammy felt self-conscious and aroused as six pairs of eyes looked at her as she pulled down her bathing suit and revealed her large tits.

They walked into the pool and located a group of chairs and recliners to sit in. Tammy was in cloud nine, looking at all those naked bodies on display. Whatever nervousness she felt evaporated as she settled in and continued chatting with Mary. Mary and her family were very attentive to Tammy, and insisted on making sure that the put sunscreen often and in large quantities, since it was evident that she didn’t take the sun very often. Tammy was a bit envious as she watched how the men made sure to rub sunscreen on their spouses’ skin, and vice versa.

Tammy noticed Mary’s husband, Joe, looking intently at her when she applied suntan lotion to her thick thighs. She spread her legs more than necessary to make sure he caught a glimpse of her pussy and wondered how he would react. He smiled at her, and then she noticed that Mary and her daughter Gina were watching too. She blushed deeply, but felt relieved when Mary smiled and Gina spread her legs to let her shaved kadıköy escort bayan pussy be easily visible.

Mary asked Tammy if she wanted, she would let her borrow Joe for suntan application duties. Gina told her not to be shy or worry about it. They were used to lending out husbands to friends in need. Tammy decided to press her luck and asked if all three men could help her out – she didn’t want to monopolize them. Mary, Gina and Carol all laughed and told her they were available to her. Tammy was blushing furiously, and her pussy felt on fire. She would have to figure out how to give her rabbit a good workout later.

Joe volunteered first, and Tammy brazenly asked him to do her front. She loved feeling his hands glide over her body. He was going very slowly, massaging every inch of her massive tits. Her nipples responded immediately and felt as they were on fire. He then slid his hands down her stomach and down her legs. Tammy felt a pang of disappointment, which was replaced with a thrill as she felt his hands rub the length of her legs and get closer and closer to her pussy. Joe was careful not to be too sexually explicit. Mary whispered in Tammy’s ear that she better not get carried away. Tammy blushed once more and told her she understood and that she was sorry. Mary nibbled on Tammy’s ear and told her not to worry – Joe would have stopped if it was getting out of hand.

Half an hour later Gina told Tammy to get on her back, and she called her husband to help. Tammy’s body was electric with tension as she felt 2 hands start to rub suntan lotion on her back. All of the sudden she felt a second pair of small and smooth hands on her legs. Tammy opener her legs a bit and concentrated on enjoying the four hands on her body. She could feel her pussy getting wetter than usual, especially as she felt hands touching her ads and the sides of her tits at the same time. The application of suntan lotion ended up without further sexual contact, leaving Tammy leaking pussy juices and with her nipples on fire.

She continued talking with Gina and Mary, until Mary said that it was too hot and that they better head indoors. Tammy got up and followed Mary and Joe; she could feel her pussy lips and thighs wet and slimy. Their cabin was right by the nudist deck so they walked right in. Mary asked Tammy if she wanted a drink or lotion. Tammy chose the latter. Gina helped her to the bed, and Joe came out of the bathroom with a bottle of lotion. escort maltepe He started applying it to her tits but, unlike when they were outside, he concentrated on her boobs, pinching the hard nipples. Tammy could feel electricity run through her body and focus on her clit. Everybody else was sitting around watching Joe go to town.

Tammy was thrilled to see his cock start to grow. She reached out to grab it and Joe told her to relax and let him take care of her. His hands started to slide down over Tammy’s belly and she spread her legs in anticipation. Once he reached her thighs he started to lightly rub her pubic mound and her inner thighs, making sure he didn’t touch her pussy lips or clit. He started to caress her ass cheeks and slide a finger over her asshole. Tammy, weakly, told Joe not to finger fuck her ass. He continued to caress her and she could feel her juices oozing out of her … she closed her eyes and started moaning when all of the sudden she felt something warm take control of her clit, sucking it hard. That put her over the edge and her moans turned into screams. The orgasm ripped through her body as she felt one finger – and then more – slide into her.

Tammy opened her eyes to see Mary, Gina, Steve, Pete and Carol watching her and touching themselves. Joe’s tongue was now wiggling n between her pussy folds while he played with her tits. Tammy’s next orgasm was building as Joe licked and sucked her pussy. She was about to cum again when she felt his mouth stop bringing her pleasure and, without even opening her eyes, she knew that Joe’s cock would soon be filling her. He felt the cockhead press her against lips and slowly part them. She melted as inch after inch of his cock slid into her until her pubic bone clashed with his. He started fucking her like a jackhammer and her moans started to turn into screams. The orgasm built back up and Joe loved how Tammy’s pussy started gripping his cock. He was doing his best to hold back but the combination of his thrusts and her squeezing was too much and he erupted into her body. He started to kiss her lips with such ferocity that she had another small orgasm. When she finally opened her eyes she could see Steve and Pete’s fully erect cocks.

Tammy started to dream of taking control of them, when Gina approached her and told her that it was almost time to go to dinner. She told her not to worry … they had a full week to please her.

Reluctantly Tammy got up. Mary asked her if she wanted to clean up but she declined. She wanted to see what Denise’s reaction would be to her. They all made her promise that she would convince her sister to join them for dinner. Tammy put on her bathing suit and walked dreamily to her room with a huge smile on her lips.



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