Sunil masturbated furiously. Several times a day. And given his age, he surprised himself with the copious amounts of cum that spurted out each time.

In addition he fucked his wife at least once a day. That woman was surprised and after an initial period of excitement at her husband’s new found vigor found herself ragged with the frequency and the intensity. He sucked her to orgasms, then insisted on fucking her and took longer to cum than she was used to. It was obviously because of the number of times he additionally masturbated but she had no knowledge of that.

All because of Nalini. In chat with Sunil, his pal from school years was the picture of innocence. As a woman, she was sexy what with all her gym sessions and fitness. And something in their chat seemed to have unleashed her desire – and she had become a lusty, hungry, pleasure-seeking woman.

“I have to catch up, you know!” she explained her feelings to Sunil, her school days friend; the only person with whom she could really be so open. But she did not explicitly tell him how she was engaging in the catch up.

She did confess to having caught her professor-husband in the shower and masturbated him. She said that Sunil’s description of masturbation had made her curious and she had never before paid attention to the male organ and its pleasure giving properties in absolute terms. Whatever happened, according to her, happened between man and woman while fucking and she knew nothing else of stimulating one another outside of that.

In fact, she and her band of friends in school did not even know what sex was. She told Sunil that the reason they moved as far apart while crossing boys was because they believed that brushing a boy could cause pregnancy. For a woman for whom sex itself was a revelation, masturbation, foreplay and other forms of pleasure were complete news.

And that was what Sunil found incredible and exciting. This naivety in Nalini was why she was careless in covering her body. Her sexy body and breasts on display were a turn on in any case.

In addition, the things Nalini allowed him to see and the bold adventures she engaged in with some of the professor’s twenty-year old research associates and students were incredible.

Without telling him or acknowledging it, she treated him to a full view of one student breast-fucking her. And then she discovered how intense a woman’s orgasm could be without even being fucked. She had let Sunil watch that as well. The student tongued his professor’s wife to a squirting orgasm.

All in all, it proved to be a voyeuristic bonanza for Sunil. This far exceeded his modest goal of having a woman friend with whom he could engage in suggestive talk. He now started making plans to visit the university where she lived. He felt that whatever the professor was getting from his wanton wife and what the youngsters seemed to be getting invited to were the fruits of his efforts on Nalini. He felt entitled to being the recipient of Nalini’s sexual advances rather than those other undeserving persons.

But none of what she actually did were open for discussion. She did not leave the computer in a strategic spot with the camera on when she tried out ideas on her husband. She felt that theirs was a sacred relationship within the marriage that Sunil ought not to intrude on. It was okay to sharing what happened with him in much the way that a patient shares facts with a doctor or counselor.

And yet, the same ‘marriage worshipping’ woman, aggressively seduced and did things with the research student and put it on display for her friend Sunil. But she did not talk about it or explicitly mention it in her conversations for that too, to her mind, was sacrilegious.

This was the bundle of contradictions that Sunil did not get. As he masturbated to his fantasies of her, he kept reminding himself that he was not here to psycho analyze her but just to get his enjoyment out of the situation.

And today’s chat was no different from any other day.

“So tell me: the male organ responds in the same way no matter how stimulated?” she asked. “Whether it is I, his own hand, my hand, my lips or anything else?”

“Yes,” he replied. “Lips? Did you try out with your mouth?” he asked. He felt desire, excitement and jealousy all at the same time. He wanted to have her mouth him. But he was also interested that she would do that and share it with him.

“Oho, you always distract me!” she complained childishly.

“Tell me, na! Suppose, I was on top rather than him being on top, would it make any difference?” she wondered.

“Not to his cumming,” he said.

“Then to what does it make any difference? Does it mean that there is a lesser chance of getting pregnant?” she asked.

“No. If you fuck me from on-top, I might shoot so hard and deep into you that you will get pregnant anyway. I feel that intensely about you,” said Sunil, as usual working on her from his own narrow point of view. He tried to make himself the other person in her discussion as a means of suggesting sex illegal bahis to her. According to him, each such reference improved his chances of actually eventually fucking her.

“Will I feel any different?” she wanted to know.

“Yes, you will. I will touch you, fill you from a completely different angle. You can feel me in different places inside your…” he said, hesitating and thinking about whether he should use explicit words here. He usually paused, allowing her to take a lead.

She did. He thought she was taking the bait. But it could just as well have been him baiting her.

“Inside where, Sunil?” she asked. Adding his name to the question made it very suggestive, exciting.

“Inside your…” he paused again. It was a very thin line, between seduction and offending.

“Say it, na,” she pushed him. This was the tone of voice which led him to believe that she was all ready to be seduced and a complete novice.

“Your cunt. Feel me inside your cunt,” he said. There was a long silence. “Are you offended?” he asked.

“No,” she said. “No. Why should I be? I was just thinking,” she replied.

“Thinking what?” he asked.

“How it would feel to be like that,” she said.

“You mean how would it feel to be on top of me,” he insisted.

“Hm. Ya,” she replied somewhat absently. “Does that give me control?” she asked suddenly.

“Yes it does,” he said. “You can fuck me faster or slower. You can choose the angle which gives you the maximum pleasure. You can choose cadence, rhythm, speed…”

“You make it sound lyrical,” she exclaimed.

“Making love to me is like that. Lyrical. Beautiful. You should try it sometime,” he said. And then he held his breath. He wanted to see her reaction. He wanted her to say ‘Yes, Sunil. I am aching to fuck you. And yes, I will be on top.’

Instead her mind was on the next available opportunity to fuck. It would have to be professor. There was no way she was going to let the student fuck her. He was not to be allowed in ‘there’. She made up her mind to try be on top at the next opportunity.

And her marriage was not something into which Sunil was going to be allowed.

“It is time for him to be home,” she said in a business like tone. Sunil thought she would keep the camera on.

Instead she turned off the computer after a cursory ‘bye’ and blowing him kisses. She did tell him that she loved him for bringing out the woman in her and he would always hold that special place in her heart.

After that first time when she invaded his bath and masturbated him to a finish mercilessly, the professor waited for the next time she did that. She did not. Today, he wanted to feel that pleasure. He took it upon himself.

He closed his eyes and imagined his wife’s sumptuous breasts pressed against his back. He reached down as his cock rose to its full proportions. He stroked himself the way his wife had. And then, he found that insufficient. He felt this thoughts intruded upon. In his minds eye flashed his newest research assistant a pert young post-graduate student, Sheela.

Sheela was a twenty-something who had just joined his department recently. She did not seem to take particular care in how she carried herself. She showed cleavage and on occasion had leaned on the professor. He felt her breasts, hard and firm on his arm. She was not as buxom as his own Nalini. No one could have such fabulous breasts, if size is what mattered. Proud and uplifted too, from all the gymming.

But for hardness – Sheela captured his imagination. And from that imagination she popped into his mind as he caressed himself to provoke an orgasm. He felt the extra hardness and sighed. He masturbated as he always did in his teenage days – hard and fast.

He groaned as he came and spattered on the wall in the first shot and then flooded over his own fist in nice, generous gobs. He enjoyed the aftershocks, rubbing his thumb over the zone in his cockhead that gave him extra jerks. Only a man himself could know that finer detail about his own pleasured. He luxuriated in that for as long as the tremors happened. And then as his cock shrank, it came to an end.

He was sitting on his bed, about to get into his house clothes after the shower when Nalini came up behind him. She had knelt on the bed and waddled up to him. She was nude. He found that out when she hugged him from behind. The bare breasts cushioned into his back.

She reached down for his cock. She wanted him. An experiment was on. The small knob of the recently receded cock did not really surprise her. It surprised him that she had reached for him – something that rarely happened in all these years. What did surprise her was the complete lack of reaction from his cock as she rubbed the knob of flesh – no reaction at all.

She pulled him back and made him lie flat on his back. She sat on his abdomen facing him. The professor felt the prickly hair from her triangle on his stomach. She gently rocked back and forth. And slowly moved back. She felt his still ‘knob only’ jut of illegal bahis siteleri flesh against her ass. She reached for his hands and brought them to her breasts.

The professor was dumbstruck at this new avatar of his wife of many years. She had indeed surprised him in the shower the other day – but one swallow makes a summer not. She on top, and asking to be caressed established the fact that she had changed.

She had changed so much as to feel seductive enough in catching his jut between her buttocks and wiggle to get a response from him. She had no way of knowing that he had just cum to fantasy in which Nalini and the new student Sheela alternately flashed in his mind.

She shimmied further back and her breasts went out of his reach. He watched as his wife leaned forward. Her hair fell forward and covered the precise moment when her lips closed on the unresponsive cock. She lipped him. Sucking and sliding the jut of flesh in and out of her lips. She smiled as she felt a first tremor. There was now a little more flesh to suck in and out and she pushed her saliva on to the emerging cock to work it further.

Soon, a mere movement of lips was not sufficient. She needed to move her head to have her mouth slide on the cock. When the professor reached down to lift the curtain of her hair, she felt an extra swelling in the cock. This was the impact of him seeing his wife’s cheeks and wet lips work on him. She was being whorish in pleasuring him, he thought. And that brought him to an erection that satisfied Nalini as adequate.

Building on her past experience of mouthing that student, she took it a step further by ringing the base of the cock with her fingers. Holding the skin back as she bobbed her mouth up and down created a momentary swelling in the cockhead. At this point, the ache in her cunt dictated the next move and she removed her wet, warm mouth from the cock just as the professor started to feel like fucking the mouth.

He held her head down and thrust up into her mouth – wanting that mouth and the sluttishness to go further. Nalini gave him the pleasure he needed. The salty taste that spread in her mouth pleased her. She started to realize some of the ideas that her friend Sunil talked about. The feel of a full cock in her mouth, the taste of her husband’s precum, the thrill she felt when he lifted her hair to watch the mouth on the cock.

Sunil was so right! There was more to pleasure than just the cock and the cunt fucking. Why had she not met Sunil before? And why was it not Sunil? And no doubt, her being on top was going to give its own rewards like everything else Sunil had told her.

She remembered the last time she had handled a cock. The channel between her breasts had been slick and moist with the student’s precum. She remembered the shape of her lips which she employed to get at the head of his cock when it reared up at the top of her breasts. She resolved to do that with her husband now.

She paused the ‘o’ of her mouth on the now-swollen head and allowed the professor to fuck her mouth as his urges took over. A surge of fluid from his cock indicated that man was ready – ready to be mounted. The professor groaned as the fluid escaped his hard on and he paused. In that pause, Nalini, her mouth streaked with fluids she had just sampled rose to straddle her amazed husband.

Holding the cock carefully, she raised on leg to carefully trap it between her legs. The head prised open her obliging cunt lips and she joined the professor as they both grunted in satisfaction. She from the filling of the aching void; he from the wet warm caress on his shaft as she allowed to cunt to sheath the cock.

Her natural position was to be leaning forward as she slid down. She now felt the cock fill her in her womb. She leaned back to enjoy the sensation of being impaled on his cock. She luxuriated in the fullness she felt from having him up in her. She moved very little. Her eyes were closed and she was picture of intense concentration as she put her mind to the presence inside of her.

He on the other hand wanted movement. The sliding on the shaft of his cock was all-important for his pleasure at the moment. She ignored him. Slowly she rocked back and forth gently, feeling all the spaces his cock massaged. The rocking increased in range as she went and forth… more and more. Professor groaned from the pleasure of his cock being yanked up as well as down, and the movement in and out that resulted from the rocking.

Then suddenly, she started to fuck up and down. It was like a train gathering momentum. She was actually experimenting in every direction of movement, every rhythm, every cadence. After completing forward and back she started up and down. Initially slowly and then faster. As she increased the speed she let herself drop fully. The professor let out a low howl of pleasure as his wife rode him with no mercy. She enjoyed the upward thrust of his cock. As she sat down on him full and firm, his cock came unsheathed and when deep inside, up her, the unsheathing canlı bahis siteleri caused the head to bulge. She shivered in pleasure each time it bulged.

She came with in a series of shudders, flooding down on the cock. Then she opened her eyes. She smiled down at the supine professor. She took his hands to her breasts and leaning forward to put her weight partially on his hands, she raised her hips a little bit. It was her intention to make the man cum. She moved her hips up and down at a rapid pace fucking him with rhythm; the rhythm that Sunil spoke of.

The methodic fucking caused her own pussy to explode again but the professor, while feeling intensely pleasured, failed to cum. Nalini did not know that he had only just spilled his seed about half an hour ago. The professor felt the delay in his orgasm but was not about to confess to his wife that he had just masturbated.

Nalini paced herself and slowly felt perspiration running down her breasts and off her forehead, dripping on to the thrashing professor under her. He was thrashing and clearly enjoying himself – but not releasing.

As she changed angles to give herself respite the cock chanced to caress her clit and the woman shuddered. Giving herself up to her own pleasure again she ground down in that angle again and again. She recognized the welling up pleasure as coming from the same area of her pussy that the research student had previously tongued. She recognized the swelling orgasm and felt that squirting in orgasm was imminent.

Her thighs ached while her pussy throbbed. She knew she needed her husband to cum. She sucked in her breath and mercilessly lifted herself off him. She grabbed the flailing cock. It was slick and creamy with a mix of their juices. Expertly, she felt the cockhead with her thumb. She looked closely at the professor and watched him shudder uncontrollably each time she ran the ball of her thumb on a particular spot on his cockhead. Her cunt needed to massage that spot repeatedly for the professor to finish. And she also wanted to cock to rub her clit with each thrust of hers.

When she worked out the angles, she found she needed to mount him front to back. She swung around and holding professor’s ankles, again descended on his now-impatient cock.

She now commenced fucking him with the same methodical rhythm. The stamina she had gained in the gym came in handy as she maintained the beat, as if she were on a marathon run. Her clit swelled and glistened as it rode the cock.

The orgasm which she had sacrificed by climbing off his cock resumed and she felt herself coming close to release.

“Are you coming dear?” she asked, gasping.

The professor nodded in affirmation. His eyes were on his wife’s back, the flare of her hips, her buttocks and his cock smashing up between her legs as she fucked down on him.

“Yes,” he gasped, even as the final release eluded him.

“Oh, ma!” wailed Nalini as she felt her cunt walls melt. She thrust with intense concentration as she struggled between release and the need to cross the threshold that would make her amber liquids squirt. She was desperate to go over the edge. But not before the professor was ready to finish. Her limbs ached and her pussy was wonderfully sore. She could take no more.

“Yes, dear!” called out the professor, desperate to cum. His mind went back to the young researcher Sheela. He thought of fucking her. His cock swelled. Nalini felt the swelling and gasped.

“Yaaah!” she bellowed and her cunt exploded. She clenched her pussy and the squirt shot out of her. Professor felt the warmth of her liquids drenching him and his own orgasm arrived as a melting of his cock. It was as if their roles reversed. Nalini fucked and clenched. She spurted like a male might. Several times in quick succession. She felt her cunt release itself on the cock it was grabbing in its fold. Professor felt his cock melt and give him a female-like release.

He could only reach his wife’s hips though he wanted to cling to her. She was holding onto his ankles for dear life as she thrashed around with no control of any kind at all.

The professor tried to sit up but fell back when he realized that sitting up gave him less depth in her cunt. He did not want to end up shallow in her. He wanted to go deep. He fell back and summoning his strength he thrust up. Timing it perfectly he pushed up and deep into her. He released cum as high up in her pussy as might have been possibly.

Nalini sucked her breath in and screamed in her throat as she felt his cock sear up into her. She had lost count of the times she came from the number of different places she had felt his cock caress.

They beat into each other a few times. Both needed to hug the other. Nalini pulled herself off and turned around. She did not expect it but the professors cock could not retain its body after a second release -that too, so intense and quick. She could not mount him back. There was not enough of an erection to mount.

In desperation she ground her pussy against his thigh, smearing him with her flows and even releasing back his own semen on his body. She ground herself and pleasured her cunt lips on the hardness of his thigh. He reached between them and massaged his cock as it released its remaining spunk.



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