Taken for a Ride and Dominated by a German Bitch’Wardrobe malfunctions, my ass’.Girls are by their very nature, exhibitionists. ‘WM’s’ are just a PR terminology, that allow us to ‘Flash the Gash’, and hold a finger to our pursed lips and say a girly thing like, ‘Oops’.As I write my mind overflows with the many indiscretions I have witnessed from girls who were my closest friends, and women who worked alongside me, things that would change the minds of even the most die-hard of men, turning us in their eyes, from Goddesses to Whores and Sluts.So what is this little thing that drives female compassion, masked under the facade of femininity?They used to say, ‘Men get erections all the time’, but, ‘women smolder’. ‘Men think about sex, every 2 to 3 minutes during a waking day’, yes I think that’s true’, but women, can take twenty men during one session.We by our very nature are conditioned to reproduce, and fertilizing our eggs with sperm, is hard-wired into us, of course we suppress our desires in many ways, we fit coils, take pills, spray spermicides and practice anal sex while masturbating, in case the mans cock is not long enough to rub behind our pubic bones.In truth our bodies scream for us to fuck and we respond by suppressing it, hiding behind a lavish pasting of make-up, sit in cubicals with holes in the wall, invite men to sit with us in dark cinemas, and just get plastered so our true inhibitions are released, and a free for all kicks-in.Yes we are sex a****ls, with powerful urges to copulate, and where better to hear of our exploits and indiscretions, than from other girls and women who witness it, as it unfolds, and observe the dark side of women, let loose on men and boys, and in one shocking case, a girl, read on and be shocked.Mile high membership I confess to being a sucker for a hard cock, especially when stressed, I love a good fuck, and the more unusual and daring, the more exciting the end result is.I had a season with Lufthansa, during my University semester, I was having a Gap year, trying to make my mind up what to do, and where better, than travelling to some exotic location in the Far East, in this instance, Thailand.The passengers were fed and watered, and we were just bedding them down to either watch the in-flight movie, or sleep.My co-worker Inge, a German girl, was smart, beautiful and typically efficient. We were in the rear kitchen tidying up when this hunk of a guy came in and had a short conversation with Inge, and I noted both looked at me simultaneously.’What’ I asked, suddenly conscious they were discussing me. Inge came across anadolu yakası escort and put her hand on my shoulder and whispered, ‘You have an admirer’, and gave a facial expression, raising her eyebrows rapidly to indicate something salacious.’How do you feel’, she asked me? I was still trying to get my head around how this conversation, a bit confusing, was becoming a personal thing. Inge’s English was not perfect, but it was direct, a very German approach, ‘You like to fuck him?”Outrageous and shocked’ were two words that aptly described my disbelief. To have an extremely beautiful and photogenic girl suggest you fuck a complete stranger, in the back of a Jumbo Jet with hundreds of passengers sitting in front of you, just took my breath away.But there was more to the beautiful Inge, it was as if she were the conductor to a large orchestra, she assumed control, and without waiting for me answer, she looked back at the guy, nodded and looked down, at his hands, smiled and looked into my eyes as he pressed up against me.I was eighteen and intimidated, out of my depth, in a new job, which now included fucking passengers as part of the in-flight entertainment. Inge unnerved me a little, she was a woman on many levels, you saw one thing, then something deeper and stronger. She was my mentor and had a very changeable character.She could be loving, feminine, and caring, one minute, then harsh domineering and demanding, though these last traits were fleeting, you sensed they were there.I looked at her, a little embarrassed by my willingness to accommodate both of their needs.She stood by the open passage looking out into the dark isles while we fucked, occasionally turning to watch us, each time her eyes dropped to watch him slide in and out of me, licking her lips as she was obviously getting off on what she witnessing.She appeared to be disconnected to our copulating, but then she would reach out and cover my clenched fist, my knuckles white as I clung to edge of the counter, and as I looked at her, she smiled a caring motherly smile, then her face hardened as she looked at the man behind me, ‘ Beeilen müssen bald fertig, schnelle cum’, she told me later she had ordered him to cum quickly.That was in the private car she had ordered to take us into Bangkok, and I must confess I was beginning to be impressed with Inge, she certainly had more under her bonnet than met the eyes.’You know Mariel, watching you has made me a very horny girl’. She leaned forward and spoke in Thai to the driver, who then looked back ataşehir escort and smiled, then he reached under the passenger seat and produced a photo album, and handed it back to Inge.’Ich muss einen schnellen Fick’, she muttered under her breath, as her demeanor changed again and she became more determined and serious. She took the album and sat back, looking at me, ‘What’, I asked, ‘Sorry, I must have a fuck’, she said in perfect English’, and opened the album.I was shocked by what I saw, hundreds of young men, some clearly boys, with erections, all with a number, and Inge thumbed through the pages, for a cock she wanted.’Mariel, you want one too’? She turned to hand me the book, but I declined, tempted I may be, but my pussy was still recovering from my membership to the ‘Mile High Club’.’This shit is i*****l, so I need to fuck in the car, before we get to the city’. It just got better and better by the minute, she really was an organized chick, covering her bases, I was just amazed at what was emerging from my short encounter with madam black widow.The driver pulled off the road and got out and made a phone call. I took the opportunity to ask Inge if she felt safe, I mean he could lay a trap for her, but she assured me, he was the main guy used by all the stewardesses, and they had been using him for years, besides they paid top dollar for the boys.Inge was in her late twenties and was passionate with boys, she like her boys to be young, ‘They dont have sperm, so you can bareback them’, then she wickedly justified it by saying, ‘Why should men have the little girls, only’.The driver got back in and gave the thumbs up sign, Inge beamed, ‘Wunderbar’, no need to translate that, I knew exactly what she meant.We arrived in a small village and drove up to a building at the far end stopped. ‘Can you wait outside, the diver will give a cold coke, I need half an hour’.We were there and Inge had started to undress in the back of the car, and the driver got out and went into the house.We had parked off the main street, which was deserted, except for a few dogs running and barking, no one even bothered, and I got out, my uniform making me uncomfortable, with the oppressive heat, so I removed my jacket and felt the sweat run freely down my armpits and down my body and waist, to be absorbed in my panties.I looked into the darkened windows, and saw Inge naked, the a noise made me turn as the driver emerged with a young boy, primed and ready, I was surprised he was so large, I had never seen a boy with an erection.He looked at me as ümraniye escort he came forward, and I suddenly realized he must have thought I was the woman who needed him, and he stopped and clasped his hands, as if praying and bowed lowly to me.He straightened up and put his arms around me, pressing home his penis, I could feel his hardness through the thin material.I her the car window go down and a voice say, ‘In here boy’, and I turned to see Inge’s face, hot and bothered, and the boy went over and climbed in beside her.The driver smiled to me, ‘Come, we go inside and let them fuck’. The room was cool and he handed me a can of ice cool coke, which I took and thanked him for it.The absurdity of it made me smile, a middle-aged woman fucking a school boy, well a boy without schooling in the back of a car, me fucking a perfect stranger on a plane, the thoughts went through my head, and I took a long refreshing swig from the coke.’Would you like to try a fuck, no charge?’ I looked at the driver, who sat beside me, I felt mesmerized and calm, but a rising need from my crotch was definitely starting to make me respond to his lewd suggestions.His voice had a strange echo to it, calming and mesmerizing, he was fondling my bared breast, I did not even realize he had undone my blouse and scooped my breast from its encased fabric of my brassiere.I was in a dreamlike state, and suddenly realized my drink had been spiked, but even that did not cause me to react, instead I got up and walked with him in a dark and cooler room, where I was undressed by a room full of boys, how many I cannot say or remember, but they felt soft and warm, as they clambered over me and enjoyed the freedom of my willing body.I came too as we arrived at out designated hotel. I had passed out and now awoke with a fuzzy feeling, check-in and found myself in bed with Inge.We were both nude and Inge was performing a sex act on me, and when I complained, she just continued.It took my a full day to overcome the effects of whatever it was he put into the can of coke, and when I tried in vain to change rooms, Inge produced the coup de grace, a set of photos clearly showing me enjoying the boys.She told me I could keep them as they were copies, ‘For my protection, you understand’.I knew perfectly well what she meant, she had arranged it with the diver, who coincidentally could be seen enjoying himself behind me, ‘I took that one she said’, somewhat triumphantly.We had three days stopover in Bangkok, and if boarding school had taught me anything, satisfying a woman, was one of them, so Inge went to sleep a happy woman.I still look at these photos from so long ago, both ashamed and excited, Inge was one woman that opened my eyes to their deviancy in matters sexual, she knew what she wanted and had both the looks and strength to achieve her aims, she was not the worst, but that is another story, would you dare to read.



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