Authors Note: This is my entry for the 2021 Nude Day contest here on Lit. It is another in the continuing saga of Emily and Dom. I hope you like it and that you will give it a rating and if you are so inclined leave me a comment telling me what you think. Thanks


I used to think that stories about how the body compensates for the loss of one of its senses by enhancing the remaining ones–you know, like how people who are blind have keener hearing–were just wives tales. I don’t feel that way anymore. It might seem silly since I’ve only been sitting here blindfolded for an hour or so, but I swear that I can hear sounds that I couldn’t hear normally. But then again, it could just be that I’m nervous.

It’s Wednesday, my usual day off from dancing at the Red Stallion, the nicest strip club downtown. When I woke up at noon, I found a note from my boyfriend, Dom, that said at 3:00 pm sharp I need to get undressed and sit on our bed and wait for him wearing a blindfold. A silk blindfold was sitting on the top of my dresser right next to the note, and I began to get a little giddy in anticipation of what was to come.

I’ve known Dom for a while now, but we’ve only been living together for about a month. I met him one night when he came to see me dance. It was national Nude Day of all days and the club was pretty rowdy. I felt a connection with him right away. He confessed that he felt the same way, but the truth is that lots of guys think that because we take our clothes off and dance in front of a room full of men that we’re prostitutes.

Most guys tell me that my long raven hair is sexy, or they say that my perky little tits and firm ass drive them crazy. Sometimes a guy will tell me that my green eyes are a real turn-on or that I’m pretty, but virtually every one of them is just trying to fuck me. Believe it or not, Dom was the first guy to call me an artist based on the way I dance. That made me feel good because I am a damn good dancer, and I work hard at it. He also talked to me like I was a person, not just life support for tits and a pussy.

After that first night, he visited me at the club again and we went out a few times too. Once we got around to having sex, well, trust me, it was mind blowing. Just thinking about it now is making me wet. So when he asked me if I wanted to move in with him, I said, “Hell yes!” He told me that there was one condition I had to meet, and I thought, “Ok, here it comes,” because every guy I’ve known has had at least [I]one condition[/I].

Usually, it’s that I am responsible for all the housework, but I have also been told that I had to give up a percentage of my tips as a sort of “rent”. I prepared for the worst, but all Dom said was that I needed to promise that I would be open to new experiences. He went on to say that I would always have the right to say “No,” but that he wanted me to trust that he would never put me in harm’s way. That sounded ok to me. Certainly better than having to clean the house and give up some of my tips, so I moved in with him.

Since then, he has been turning me on to new things, like sex with the lights on so we can see everything we’re doing. I know, I know, I’m a stripper, so how could having sex with the lights on even be a thing for me? Well, to tell the truth, when I’m up on that stage, I let the music take me, and I just dance. Oh, I see the looks in the eyes of the guys watching me. I see the desire and lust, and it’s true that I feed off of that to a certain extent. However, in my private life, I’m actually pretty conservative, as far as sex goes anyway. Or at least I used to be.

Dom also videoed us having sex a couple times, and we watched the videos on his big-screen TV afterward. It was a weird sensation at first, watching myself getting fucked in all sorts of different positions. I have come to the conclusion that I need to work on my abs–I definitely don’t have a six-pack– but now watching those videos really turns me on. It also lets us talk about new positions and other stuff we want to try.

He hasn’t been shy about telling me that what we’ve been doing so far is just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why when I read the note, which ended with the phrase “I will take you places you have never been before,” I was excited to find out what was in store.

I just wish it wasn’t taking him so damn long to get home. I feel like I’ve been sitting here forever. And I wish he hadn’t told me to leave the curtains and blinds open. We live in the ground floor apartment, and who knows who might be peeping in while I sit here in the nude.

Like I said, I used to think that those stories about how the other senses of the blind were more acute than sighted people were made up. As I sit here on the edge of the bed, I hear creaks and groans that make me believe that Dom has come home, but even though I call out to him, he doesn’t respond, so I think that I’m still alone. I can hear traffic passing by outside, and I can ankara moldovyalı escortlar tell the difference between the cars and the trucks. I can hear birds singing and an occasional airplane flying overhead. I think I heard voices from outside of the bedroom window at one point, and I’m pretty sure we have a leaky toilet in the hall, but still no Dom.

Moving in with Dom was a big step for me, but after I got kicked out of my Mom’s house, the timing was right. All said and done, I’m glad that my Mom found out that I’m a stripper. Despite what she thinks, I’m not a prostitute, and it’s damn hard work. Besides, I’m good at it, and I have more regular customers than any of the other girls.

Dom was one of them for a couple months, but right from the start, there was something different about him. I know that many people would look down on me for moving in with an older man, but Dom doesn’t treat me differently just because we’re different ages. Dom treats me with respect, and we actually have a lot in common, like science fiction movies. My favorite is the [I]Fifth Element[/I], and it’s his too.

Wait. What’s that? I think that the door just opened. “Dom? Dom, is that you?”

I can hear footsteps coming down the hall, and it sounds like there’s more than one person coming.

“Hey Emily, It’s me. Just stay where you are and keep that blindfold on. Do you hear me?” Dom called out.

“Uh, Ok. Is there someone with you, Dom? Should I get dressed?”

“NO! Stay where you are and keep the blindfold on. Now, no more questions. Keep quiet unless I tell you, you can talk, UNDERSTAND?” he said sternly.

I know that tone in Dom’s voice. I’ve heard it a couple times since I moved into his place, and while to some, it may seem harsh, I know it’s not. I’m learning that if I give myself over to him, I’ll be rewarded, so that’s what I do. I give myself over to him. I surrender and become his subject, his submissive, his student, his work in progress.

In his note, he said that “Pleasure is diluted by conflicting senses, and when we stifle the superfluous, we can achieve new levels of arousal and pleasure.” So I got undressed and put the blindfold on like he asked. Now he’s finally home.

I hear footsteps in the bedroom now and feel a hand behind my head pulling me into a kiss. His kiss.

His lips are soft and warm, and he pulls me in close. I open my jaws as I feel his tongue push past my lips and into my waiting mouth. His thick tongue is wet as it coils around mine, coaxing it out to play. Our saliva mingles, and he has my mouth pressed so tightly to his that we might as well be one person. We breathe each other’s air, and we taste each other, and we are adrift in time.

I don’t know how long that kiss lasted; a minute, an hour, a day, but it was sublime, and as he pulls away, I am still entranced. It feels like I am floating in space, floating away from a ship into the vastness of the universe. It feels like I am heading off on a journey, an adventure, and I am ready.

Still lost in the aftermath of the kiss, I feel myself being dragged up to the headboard. The satin sheets are smooth like ice but not cold, and my petite frame slides effortlessly up the length of the king-sized bed. I am lying down now and feel the heat of Dom’s breath on my neck as he whispers in my ear.

“Surrender to me, and I’ll take you places you’ve never even dreamed of.” That is all that he says, then there is a slight pressure in my left ear, then the same in my right, and the world goes silent.

I feel my left arm pulled out to the side, and the sensation of something soft but strong is wrapped around my wrist. The same thing happens to my right wrist, and I am not surprised to feel it done to both of my legs. I am tied, outstretched, on my bed, and again I’m floating naked in space.

I said that the world went silent, but that’s not really true because I can hear the ocean. It’s far off in the distance, but I can still hear it. I can hear the waves gently lapping on a rocky shore. I can also hear the rhythmic thumping of my heart, and I can hear the rush of air entering and exiting my lungs. I can hear lots of things actually, but mostly I hear the ocean.

It is very serene where I am, and as I lay here, I feel a light touch on both my thighs. The sensation, like a piece of cloth draped on my legs, slowly moves north towards my hips. They are fingers, I’m sure of it, and the fingers are swerving like skiers carving back and forth on a snowy ski slope. The touch is gentle but firm, and I feel giddy as it continues up my athletic legs. As the fingers reach the top of my thigh, I hold my breath in anticipation of something, but they keep on going.

Now on my firm tummy, I can feel the trace of multiple contacts with my skin. I can feel at least 3 or 4 individual points on each side of my body racing towards my breasts. I can’t actually see them, but I know that my nipples are hard. I can feel them sincan ukraynalı escortlar throbbing, aching for attention as the fingers race towards them, and I am not disappointed. Both hands circle my breasts, and I can’t help but draw a sharp breath as first my left and then my right breast are grasped firmly by calloused hands.

I groan as my breasts are squeezed and kneaded, and I hear my heart beginning to thump faster, then the heat, like a flame thrower, blasts my sensitive nipples as two hungry mouths devour me. I arch my back and cry out as they consume me, and I don’t care that it’s two mouths. I don’t care that it’s two people. All I know is that I am on fire, and I am adrift, floating in the vacuum of space.

Even as the hungry mouths continue to devour my sensitive breasts, I feel hands grazing the inside of my spread legs. I am breathing in fits and starts as the greedy mouths lick and suck and chew on the flesh of my breasts, but I can still feel the fingernails as they slide up past my knees, making my thighs quiver. Up and up they come, cutting little furrows into my porcelain skin until, at last, they reach the fertile valley between my legs, and this time they don’t disappoint.

I feel them as they trace the outline of my labia with fingernails making me squirm and momentarily forget about the greedy mouths still feeding on my firm breasts.

I feel the muscular fingers pull me open and expose my sex to the world, and I’m glad. I want the world to see my flower open, and I’m ready to be taken. A finger presses, gently at first, onto my little pleasure knob, and electricity courses down my legs, but they’re tied up, and the fact they can’t move is both maddening and exciting.

The finger on my clitoris begins to slowly circle, and like a special effect in some science fiction movie, my clit instantly becomes the center of my universe. The pulsating waves of electrical energy slowly start flooding my senses. As the finger continues to roll around my sensitive little pleasure button, I’m pretty sure that I am groaning out loud. When a second finger pushes past the tight ring of muscle guarding the entrance to my wet vagina, my stomach muscles contract, and I cry out.

That finger thrusts deep into my clenching cave over and over while the other one remains busy torturing my throbbing little bud. The two of them work my pussy over, circling and thrusting until my circuits begin to overload. The combined effect of my breasts and my pussy being attacked simultaneously is driving me mad with lust, and the ocean waves are crashing very closely now. They are deafening, and I can feel the rumble of their violence in my bones.

I open my mouth and cry a silent scream into the tsunami that will surely crash down on me, and everything goes dead silent. It’s as if no one but me is there. I am alone in the massive quiet of the cosmos, and my body relaxes once again. Did I just imagine that? I am disoriented and doubting my sanity a little then my skin catches fire.

“AHHHH!” I scream as my breasts simultaneously burst into flames. As the sensation quickly becomes focused, I understand that the intense heat is concentrated on a small area of each breast. Those points are moving, circling around each breast like a beast circles its prey. Slowly the two white-hot traces reach the bottom of my breasts and begin to spiral back up towards my sensitive nipples. When they get there, they evaporate, and I think that I am going to be spared their cruel heat, but it is a rouse, and they lightly touchdown on the tip of each nipple. My mouth opens, and my back arches skyward off of the big bed as the intensity overloads my circuits.

Eventually, my back returns to the bed, and I remember to breathe as the heat transitions from pain to just an itch. I feel small rivulets of cold fluid coursing down my ivory breasts and cascading across my ribcage. Only then do I understand that those weren’t flames at all but rather cold–the intense cold of ice on skin.

The white-hot freeze of the ice cubes once again begin to slowly circle and maddeningly torment my erect nipples. Then they are leisurely carving their way around my small breasts. I can see therm in my mind’s eye, the transparent shards of ice distorting the light passing through their convoluted surfaces and leaving trails of cold water in their wake. The flesh is shiny, coated in the thin sheen of water, magnifying my skin’s beauty marks and pores along the ice cube’s path.

The twin trails of frozen fire take off down my rib cage and across the plane of my stomach, making the muscles there spasm and twitch until one of them, the right, I think, reaches my belly button. Just as soon as the ice shard penetrates my belly button–drawing another gasp from my lips–two blazing trails once again cascade across my stomach, heading south towards the valley between my spread legs.

Once again, I am reminded of skiers winding their way down and elvankent minyon tipli escortlar across sloping terrain. As the two trails reach the top of my pussy, both graze my frilly lips as they descend to the base of my cleft. I suck in my breath for what comes next, but they move on, heading down my inner thighs and away from my flower.

The contact spot for both ice shards gets much bigger, and I realize that they must have a supply of ice with them just as they reach my feet. My feet? I hadn’t even considered my feet, and as Dom knows, my feet are super sensitive, so my body has gone completely rigid. The ice trails run up the back of both my feet from my ankles and back again like skateboarders in a half-pipe. They circle my ankle bone before sliding up the back of my foot again.

I know what’s coming. I know, and my body is so rigid that I might as well be a marble statue, not a woman made of flesh and bone. This time when the ice reaches my toes, they leap to the tip of my big toe and stay there for a minute. I’m thinking that this is a cruel trick to build up anticipation, but then I feel the light touch cascading down my feet from the melting water. It tickles but not so much, and I start to relax when I feel a warm and gentle pressure on the sole of my foot.

Both feet are touched in different places, and it feels good. It feels better than good it’s wonderful. I realize then that they are kissing my naked feet, and as I begin to give myself over to the exquisite sensation, a soft moan escapes my lips. I feel one of my toes drawn into a mouth and sucked like a baby would suck on its pacifier, and the feeling is sublime.

The ice returns on my ankles and the backs of my feet at first, but I no longer care. I am lost in a sensation I have never experienced before. I could never suspect that my feet could be the source of such pleasure and the ocean seems closer at hand than it was just a short while ago. The white hot cold of the ice trails resume from my ankles and begin to run northwards up my calves and past my knees, up my inner thighs, and I am giddy with anticipation. Will they finish what they started? I can feel my heart begin to beat faster as they near my naked sex. Both of the ice trails arrive at my pussy simultaneously, and they alternate sliding around the outside of my frilly petals.

Dom likes to tell me how beautiful my pussy is. How the lips of my inner labia look like orchid petals and how the bright contrasting pink of my vagina is where all of the sweet nectar is made. He tells me that my pussy is the most beautiful pussy in the world. When he is with me, he says he can understand why men have worshiped the mother figure for eons because my sex is worthy of being worshiped. Of course, I think he is full of shit, but right now, with my sex completely open for whatever they want to do with me, In my mind’s eye, I understand what he means.

I can feel rivulets of ice water cascading down my cleft and past my tightest of holes as up and down they travel. Then without warning, one of the ice shards is pressing into me. Stretching me open and the fire is intense. As my flower is opened, the other cruel shard slides north to my clit, and I think no and yes at the same time. I want release, and I want relief. I want it all, and I want it now.

Almost without warning, a thousand million volts of electricity course through my body, and my orgasm takes me like a tsunami crashing on shore with ferocity and unbridled power.

“Aiiieeeehhhhhhhhhh!” I cry out even though I hear no sound coming from my own lips.

At first, I don’t feel the delicious pain-pleasure of the ice shards lifted from my still spasming sex. It’s only when I feel the heat of his breath on my face that I come back from the place where my mind is dancing in a lightning storm.

His lips crash into mine at the exact instant that the fire of the ice on my clit is replaced by the sensation of a pair of lips sucking my engorged clit into a hungry mouth. I can’t help myself as my hips fly off the bed, and as if to control my spasms, I feel two strong arms wrap around my thighs to hold me in place while I am devoured yet again. I can hear my heart slowing down, and everything begins to fade to grey and then to black when Dom yanks his tongue out of my mouth, and air rushes in to fill my lungs. How long has it been since I’ve taken a breath, I wonder, but not for long because the hungry mouth that is ravishing my poor little knob is moving south to explore other, tighter domains.

Even as I feel the snake-like tongue that is lapping up my honey, probing the tight entrance to my vagina, I can feel Dom’s hot breath on my neck. His teeth nip and bite at my flesh, making me flinch and cry out, but the arms circling my thighs hold me fast so that the probing tongue is unaffected.

Dom moves slowly down from my neck to my shoulders and torso, biting me on my arms and chest but saving his most intense attention for my still heaving breasts. I can feel him tugging on my stiff nipples with his fingers, twisting them and pinching them, drawing my attention up from the mouth between my outstretched legs. The constant tug of war between the thick tongue stretching my musky cave open and the sharp flashes of delicious pain are starting to drive me crazy once again.



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