Take ItThey seemed like a relaxed couple and as we sat on the couch making small talk I wanted to start getting my hands on them. Jerry was tall, thin, mid-30’s with light blond hair cut mid-length with skin that was clear, very white and oh so smooth. I wanted my mouth on his. Mike was dark, average height with a little scruff on his face. Not chunky but more than average. His eyes spoke horned up and eager. We chatted for a while when finally Matt put his hands on my leg. I was positioned tightly between the two of them and took that as a cue that it was okay to place my hand on their packages. We rubbed for a bit and began kissing. Matt suggested we move it upstairs and Jerry flew off the couch and was on his way. I watched Matt’s ass as I walked behind them both up the stairs. The bedroom was small. The bed was only full sized. We started to strip and soon türkçe bahis were standing beside the bed with hands on cocks and kissing all at once. Jerry’s member was impressively smooth and very thick and long. It was growing to a good eight inches. Matt was smaller and an adequate six inches. He had a hairy chest and large nipples. Jerry had a wisp of hair between his nipples but that was about it. His pubes were clipped back and he was very smooth.We rolled on the bed and started the sucking portion of the evening. They both had great mouths. Jerry crouched over Matt who positioned himself to begin rimming him. That made my member throb and I bent down to join him at Jerry’s ass. He preferred to take turns so it wasn’t quite as fun as I had hoped! Jerry lay on the bed and somehow I managed to get my cock near his hole. “We need to fuck,” he said. With güvenilir bahis siteleri that I grabbed the lube and prepped his ass and then my cock. When I started to push towards him Matt said, “Oh no. We need condoms.” To be honest we were late starting waiting for Matt to return with them on his run to the store. I was getting horned and carried away. I put the condom on and pushed into Jerry. His ass was warm and willing. He took what I had without a problem and clearly wanted whatever I could deliver. After fucking him for a while and watching him suck on Matt he decided it was time for Matt to have a turn. Matt was quick on his back and while I stayed on my side he replaced Jerry and pushed his ass quickly onto my cock. He was even more eager than Jerry and pushed me on my back and started riding my cock hard. He went at it almost non-stop güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for about five minutes. Tired, he rolled off and I discovered why he felt so good as the condom was rolled all the way up to the base of my cock and my raw cock exposed. Apparently it wasn’t a two fuck condom! Both seemed surprised and within a minute they both disappeared downstairs saying something about the bathroom. It was awkward.I just laid back and stroked waiting for them to return. Matt’s ass did feel good! Soon they returned and Jerry laid back into his original fuck position with his legs spread and his hole near my cock. Matt said, “You fucked me raw so now it’s his turn. I guess we passed the point of being concerned, right?” I didn’t know what to say and was a surprised. Jerry kept pushing his ass closer to my cock and I hesitated. They had said use condoms. Finally Matt looked at me with those horned eyes and looked at my cock near Jerry’s hole and said “Take it.” I looked at that pink hole with lube all over it and lightly haired placed my head on it and slowly made my way into his very warm and willing hole.More to cum.



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