It had been a long time since Tabby had spent any time at Grandpa’s place. She was 19 and had just had a year at College. Her parents had not been impressed with her behavior or her new College friends so they had packed her off to the country to spend the summer with her Grandpa.

The old man had always doted on his Granddaughter and had willingly accepted their request. He knew she would be useful around the farm. Now that he was over 70 he needed all the help he could get. The boy from the neighbouring farm helped out, and he leased most of the land now, but there were still a few acres that needed his attention.

She arrived on a really hot day by bus, getting off at the small village store that marked one of the few businesses in the district. Her long dark hair was done up in a fancy French plat, she wore a light cotton dress; yellow with small white dots and slender straps holding the bodice tight over her firm but mall breasts. Grandpa sighed as she hugged him.

They drove home to the farm with her talking away, telling him all about home, family and what she had been up to. Only she left out the bits that she thought he wouldn’t like the reason that she had been sent to his farm for the summer.

Tabby wasn’t use to hard work and Grandpa was too soft to force her to do anything. For the first few days Tabby got up late and then sat around enjoying the country air. She would walk down to the little stream behind the house or lounge about on the porch. When she saw Grandpa coming she would scuttle inside to make him lunch or dinner. In the evenings she would sit around and watch TV with him before heading to bed.

What didn’t pass unnoticed was the way in which Grandpa looked at her. He seemed to be admiring this fresh, young teenage body. Her skimpy tops, short skirts and sweet smell had turned the old man on. He found it more and more difficult to keep his feelings of lust under control. As it was Tabby could see how he acted around her; kind of nervous and embarrassed. This drove her on to tease her Grandpa just a little.

Towards the end of that first week Tabby woke up to hear voices in the yard. She rubbed her eyes and slipped out of bed. The voices drifted in her open window. Below her room, in the yard between the house and the barn stood Grandpa with a young man. The young man was big and strong with a good tan. Tabby couldn’t hear what they were saying, but viewing this muscular young figure was enough for this sex-starved girl.

Quietly she crawled back up on her bed and closed her eyes. The voices faded into the background as her mind drifted. She imagined walking into the barn wearing her peasant blouse, the one that was held together at the front by a cris-cross of laces, the bodice of fine cotton and lace, and her short denim skirt. There he was, standing inside forking hay.

There was no speech in this fantasy, just action. The big muscular lad turned toward her, a serene smile on his face as he saw her approach. She held out her arms for him, he stepped forward, leaning the fork against the stall as he accepted her into his arms. She could feel his big bulky body against hers, smell his sweet sweat and feel the gentle kisses he rained down on her cheeks and neck.

Wetness started to leach into her panties as he held her tightly. Their lips met and their mouths opened as the kiss lingered. He held her around the waist and cupped her head in his hands. The kiss went on and on. Then her dream skipped a beat. Somehow she was naked, still in the barn, but lying back in the soft hay, feeling its roughness against her pale white skin. He was standing over her, his naked body shimmering in the sunlight coming through the barn door. His cock was huge as he gently stroked it.

“Ohhh…” she groaned as he knelt between her legs. He smiled at her sensually and dipped his head down. His tongue slowly dragged along her sensitive slit, flicking her clit. His lips kissed her vagina; his tongue played with her clit. She groaned again. Up and down her soft puffy pussy lips he stroked her with a finger as he continued to lick and suck at her pussy.

Then he sat up, looking at her, smiling. Instinctively she reached down to his hard cock, tugging it, making him move forward. He moved over the top of her naked body, covering her completely. She guided his cock toward her pussy, parting her legs wider and wider.

“Ohhh…ohhh…” she groaned again. Then he was in. His head slowly inching its way into her, not rushing. He halted and admired one of her breasts, touching it, feeling it. A little more. He was so big and hard. More cock pushed up into her. Tabby groaned a little more. It was in. He started to push in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and hot; his cock was so good. In and out he pumped. His rhythm got quicker and harder until his butt was rising and falling lifting the cock almost right out of her hot pussy. It seemed to be slamming into her now, harder and harder. Then he held her by the shoulders and pushed himself deep within her. Spurt escort ataşehir after spurt of hot cum splashed into her.

Sweat covered their bodies as he rested, his cock still deep in her.

“You haven’t cum yet?” He half asked, half stated.

“No.” Tabby listened to his quiet concerned voice.

“Then I must continue,” he sighed and brushed her long dark hair back.

Bowing his head he caressed one of her nipples in his mouth, kissing it and playing with it. Then he resumed his pumping. Not as vigorous this time. But it was all for her. He manipulated the speed and tempo to her mood. Soon she was bucking and humping back at him as her orgasm flowed over her body.

“Tabby! Tabby! You up yet.” It was Grandpa’s voice at the bottom of the stairs. Tabby’s eyes flew open. Hastily she pulled down the hem of the little lace nightie, after pulling two fingers from her moist pussy.

“Um, um, just Grandpa,” she called back leaping from the bed, her flushed face a dead give away.

“If you hurry you can come to the store with me,” the old man called out.

“Just a minute. I’ll be right down.” She hurriedly pulled on a pink lace thong and bra that were lying on a nearby chair. A little light blue tank top that clung to her curves was pulled over her head and a short micro mini black skirt pulled up. She slipped her feet into her trainers and grabbed her bag and hairbrush. “Coming Grandpa.”

At the bottom of the stairs Grandpa took off his hat as Tabby scooted past. He couldn’t help noticing the way her nipples stood out on those pert little breasts. He could feel his cock stir again. Was that pussy juice he could smell in the air?

As they drove into town Tabby asked Grandpa who the young lad had been. He told her that it was Joe. He was the neighbours son and he did some work for Grandpa from time to time. Grandpa also said that there wasn’t going to be anyone at home at Joe’s place so he had invited Joe over for dinner that night. Hence the trip to the store to get some extra food.

Tabby grinned to herself. What could be better than that gorgeous hunk coming for dinner, and no one at home at his house. She began to scheme. Maybe she would get a chance to taste that big cock he had waiting for her.

Grandpa was sure that it was pussy juice he could smell on her. What had that girl been up to. His mind wandered and he felt his cock stir again. How he would love to slip his hard cock into a young 19-year-old pussy.

They didn’t talk much on the way home, both consumed with their own thoughts. Before they had arrived at the store Tabby had agreed to cook the meal and would make it special for Joe to thank him for helping Grandpa. Grandpa was pleased, he could cook the basics but nothing fancy.

Back at the farm Grandpa helped Tabby in with the groceries. She quickly got on with the business of preparing a fine meal. Just a main and desert, but a little special. She wanted plenty of time to get herself ready for this visit.

Knowing that his grand-daughter would be busy in the kitchen all afternoon Grandpa told her he was going to take a little nap. Up in the master bedroom the old man took out his stash of magazines. One told a story of an older man taking a young girl at a wedding party.

‘As she walked up the stairs she met him at the top.

“Where is the bathroom?” She asked in all innocence.

“You are on the wrong floor dear,” her grandfather said.’ Grandpa altered the story in his mind as he read, inserting the word grandfather. ‘“But its alright there is one through here, let me show you.”

Debbie followed her grandfather into the master bedroom. He guided her to the ensuite and closed the door after she had gone in. A few minutes later she re-emerged, straightening the tight fitting velvet and satin dress.’

Grandpa had read this story a dozen times before, but every time he got turned on by it. He slowly unzipped his pants to free his monster cock.

‘“You look so beautiful in that outfit Debbie,” grandfather said as she walked into the room.

“Why thanks Grandfather,” she smiled at the old man.

“I’ve always found you attractive you know,” he said. “Would you come and sit with me on the bed for a while.”

“Sure Grandfather, you say the nicest things.”

The buxom blonde walked over and perched next to her old Grandfather. She smiled into his face. Somehow it seemed younger, more attractive than she remembered. She felt a strange desire come over her and she bent toward him and kissed him on the lips.

The old man didn’t hesitate he brought his hand up to touch her face. The other hand brushed across her breast encased in the satin bodice.

Her mouth opened a little more and their tongues began exploring each others mouths. His hand slipped down to her waist, the other still stroking her long blonde hair and ear gently.

His hand found the zipper on the dress. As the kiss lingered on he slipped it down, the bodice going limp around her large curved breasts.’

Grandpa’s kadıköy escort bayan hand was moving more rapidly now, his blood pressure was rising as his cock was tugged and pulled.

‘He slipped a hand inside her top, touching her breast through the lace bra, letting his fingers feel for the hard little nipple. The other hand edged down to slip the shoulder straps off so the bodice would fall away. He had always been an expert at women’s bras and this one was too easy. The white lace fell away to reveal her splendid big breasts in all their glory.

There was no resistance from her as he started licking and kissing the nipples. In fact she reached for the crotch of his pants. Her long fingers pulled the zipper down. Those long slender fingers slipped into the dark opening of his pants pulling the long thin cock from its hiding place.’

Grandpa was really giving his cock a workout, all the time he read images of his own sweet Tabby flashed through his mind. The purple head of his cock was huge as his fist moved up and down the rod.

‘Flicking her golden hair back Debbie lowered her glossy red lips to his cock. They encased the huge member with a red frame as she began to bob up and down the shaft. He groaned softly as she continued.

As she lent forward over his hard cock he was able to slip a hand up her mid-length dress which had moved up her thigh. She wiggled a little to make it easier as he found the top of her stockings. Then he touched her pussy through the lace fronted panties. She raised her butt as he slipped his fingers in the waistband.

Gradually he slipped them from her, they fell at her feet and she kicked them away with one of her open toed high heels. Meanwhile his hand had started touching her shaved pussy, feeling the folds of flesh and parting them to insert a finger. Debbie raised her head and moaned as it slipped easily into the wet hole.

She looked up from her sucking as he started playing with her hard clit as well.

“Shall we?” He half whispered the question.

Debbie just smiled and pulled herself further up the big king sized bed, lifting her dress to gather up around her waist. She looked so good to him in her dark stockings and heels and her big breasts lying on her chest.’

Grandpa was close now.

He kissed her as he climbed up on top of her. His slippery cock was being guided to her pussy by her hand. He started fucking her immediately, his cock sliding easily in and out of her tight pussy.’

Grandpa glanced at the other page where a photo of buxom blonde in a black suspender and stockings was posed staring out at him.

“Ohhhhhh…ohhhh,” he moaned as his cum shot forward. He tossed the magazine away just in time as the spurt hit his chest. More cum shot out to mess his clothes and slide to the bed. Guilty with what had just happened he jumped up and immediately started to clean up.

A little later he sneaked down to the laundry with his dirty bed cover, shirt and pants. Tabby was still at work in the kitchen. He was able to sneak back to his room for a real nap this time, but his dreams were full of Tabby and her seductive ways.

Her clothes had to be good for tonight if she was to seduce Joe. She chose a black lace suspender belt and lace top stockings. She knew there had been a reason to pack them. Her favourite black thong and matching bra and her little black spike heeled ankle boots with the silver chain. Finally the black dress with the thin shoulder straps and gapping front. It was so thin and light you could see right through it in certain light. A split up one leg showed the lace top of one stocking and the little suspender clip.

After hr shower, while in her little silk robe she ducked into the laundry to put her denim dress and tank top in the wash. In the washing basket lay Grandpa’s pants, the ones he had been wearing earlier. They weren’t dirty, she thought, I better take them to his room. Her hand squeezed on a sticky gooey substance as she picked them up. She sniffed it and looked at the creamy stain on his fly. The old man has cum she muttered dropping the pants back down.

Back to bathroom she went and washed the sticky cum from her hands. What had he been up to this afternoon?

With the clothes picked Tabby spent the next two hours showering and doing her makeup. She looked like the teenage temptress she was. In the city she would be called a slut, here just a seducer of young men. Grandpa was having trouble controlling himself when he first saw the vision of beauty that appeared before him.

The moment arrived. A knock at the door signaled Joe’s arrival. Grandpa opened the door. Joe whistled as soon as he laid eyes on her.

“My, my, we don’t often get the pleasure of having dinner with a lady as foxy as you,” he said as Grandpa introduced her.

“Thank you Joe,” she feigned a blush.

Dinner went smoothly. Tabby resisted the opportunity to play footsies with Joe under the table. She had to serve the meal so she was up and escort bostancı down a lot. Whenever she was delivering to Joe’s plate she made sure that the dress gapped just enough to give Joe a good look at her little firm breasts tucked into the lacy bra. Grandpa too got the odd flash of teenage pride.

Soon both men were feeling the heat. Grandpa was dying for the meal to end so he could return to his room and find that story again. Tabby noticed the tent like protrusions in both men’s pants and flashed white smiles at them.

Desert was over and they were settling into a coffee when Joe made his announcement.

“Well, as soon as I’ve had this I better head home,” he said. “I have a lot on tomorrow. I want to get that barn tidied up.”

“Yep, good idea,” Grandpa agreed. “Maybe I could send Tabby over to your place to give you a hand?”

Tabby’s eyes lit up. Little did Grandpa know she expected to spend most of the night there.

“Well, with Mary away until the weekend I sure could do with the help, how about it Tabby?”

“Mary. Who is Mary?” Tabby’s jaw dropped.

“Oh, Mary is my wife,” Joe replied. “She is away visiting relatives until the weekend.”

Tabby’s eyes sunk.

“So will you give Joe a hand?” Grandpa pressed.

“Yes of course,” she said quietly.

Joe said his farewells, offered to stay and do the dishes and was turned down and then disappeared out into the night. Tabby closed the door after him, a sad look on her face. She walked over to the table and started to pick up the coffee mugs.

“Don’t do that Tabby, leave then for the morning. You can clean that up before you go to Joe’s.”

“Ok Grandpa,” she said sullenly. “I think I will go to bed now.”

“Wait a minute. What’s up dear? You were happy earlier. What’s upset you?” Grandpa said tugging her arm to get her to sit next to him on the couch.

“Oh nothing,” Tabby insisted.

“It’s Joe isn’t it. You thought you were in with a chance didn’t you? And he’s married. That’s why you got all dressed up tonight right?”

“Yeah,” she blushed, for real this time. “I’m a fool Grandpa.”

“No, you’re beautiful,” the old man looked into her dark eyes. “Any man would want you…especially tonight the way you are dressed.”

Tabby smiled at him and he pulled her closer. Would she notice his hard cock? He couldn’t get rid of it. Her gapping dress once again displayed those perfect breasts in their lace bra. This was not helping him.

Without a word Tabby touched the slight rise in his crotch. Grandpa gave a start.

“Any man?” She asked. “Even you?”

He looked down at her. She was smiling her white hand massaging the bulge. He started to go red as she continued. He wanted her now so bad he didn’t know what to do.

“Relax Grandpa. If I can’t have Joe I better settle for what I can get.”

With that she unzipped his pants and extracted his hard cock before he could say a word. Holding it erect with one hand she let her other hand sweep her long dark hair to one side. He watched as her red lips closed on the purple head of his cock. She sucked and licked at the head as her hand slid up and down the ridges of his shaft. Grandpa just sat there, stunned.

Then her mouth slipped a little further down his shaft, sucking as she went. Further and further she took him, sucking and licking. He was moaning a lot as her hand massaged his balls at the same time.

After only a few minutes she released his cock. Her lipstick was smeared a little, but she still looked stunning. Their eyes met as he lent forward to kiss those lips that had just sucked his cock. As the kiss lingered she undid his shirt, pushing it off his old frame. Meanwhile he busied himself getting his pants and underwear off. The slippers had long since been kicked off.

“Please tabby let me lick you,’ he said quietly as they broke away.

Tabby smiled. She stood up over him and pulled her dress up revealing the suspender and thong. Quickly she hooked a finger in each side other thong and pulled it down.

“Follow me,” she smiled. The old man stood up and followed her to the dinning table. “I want you to eat me and fuck me on the table.”

He looked at her in shock as she climbed up, sitting on the edge with her trimmed pussy exposed.

“You can call me names if you like Grandpa,” she said. “I don’t mind. I guess I am your little slut anyway.”

She let the straps of the dress fall away to expose her breasts in the sexy lace bra. She started to play with them, her legs still spread before the old man who was naked and hard.

Now a glint appeared in his eyes. “Right my little slut, you will be mine.” He grabbed her stocking clad thighs and pushed his face into her sweet pussy. His lips kissed it, then he licked along the slit, flicking her clit, just like the article. He brought a hand up to start fingering her juice hole as he licked furiously at her clit.

“Ohhh…ohhh,” Tabby moaned as his tongue flicked her clit. “God Grandpa this is good.”

His fingers drove in deeper and deeper into her as he licked and sucked at her. Yes it was her pussy juice he had smelt earlier. As he fingered her she played with her nipples, making them hard. She had pulled the bra cups down to expose the little red rocks.



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