Swinging as Aunt and NephewA few years after leaving university and moving to London, when I was in my mid to late 20s, I met a lady in her early 50s called Sarah through a ‘top shelf’ contact magazine called (I think) Good Vibrations. Sarah was divorced and although not what today we would call a BBW by any means was tall, well built and voluptuous, with a large bust, wide hips and a very sexy full belly – and as a dedicated nudist, she invariably had a gorgeous all over nut brown tan with very dark nipples and areloas and a luxurious bush of dark pubic hair. We got on well, despite me being that much younger and soon Sarah began to suggest various interesting games that we could play. I was of course only too happy to follow her lead, and became a keen naturist with her. We talked openly about our fantasies, and played out some very exciting Aunt and Nephew games, until eventually Sarah suggested we should advertise as a ‘real life’ Aunt and Nephew couple. Our advert duly went into a magazine, and we were soon rewarded with a number of replies from older couples inviting us to meet them. We had our story all worked out – Sarah was married to my mothers brother, and she had propositioned me while slow dancing at a family wedding. We really got off acting this out in front of other people, and the couples we met were really turned on by the naughtiness of illegal bahis it too and loved encouraging us to fuck each others brains out – we were only too happy to oblige them.After a few of these meets Rachel arranged for us to meet a new couple in Golders Green. As usual we met for a drink first, during which Sarah revealed that this time she wanted to go further – she wanted to pretend that she was my mothers sister. I agreed enthusiastically so off we went. Our new friends were very welcoming, in their 50s, and lived in a nice house with a large garden. After a drink we were treated to a delicious dinner, during which conversation gradually turned sexy with our hostess flirting wildly in a very low cut top and high heels. Eventually they asked us how we met, and Sarah told them our usual story, backed up as appropriate by me, until after a pause she dropped the bombshell that despite what she had told them on the phone wasn’t totally true, and that she was in fact not my mother’s sister in law, but her sister. The atmosphere suddenly became electric. Our hosts eyes were out on stalks as they asked us loads of questions, I remember Sarah saying that her husband and her led quite separate lives now their c***dren had left home, and that he knew she bad a boyfriend, but that she didn’t think he would be very impressed if he found out she was fucking illegal bahis siteleri her own nephew!After dinner a pack of cards appeared and after a rapid game of strip whist we ended up down to our undies and ready for action. Our host were obviously keen for us to put on a show for them which suited us down to the ground. Sarah made me lie down, then from her handbag produced a p[packet of condoms and put one on me, explaining to out hosts that we had to be careful as she was not yet through her menopause. Then making a ring around my cock with her fingers she slowly lowered herself down on me until with a satisfied grunt she had me fully inside her. As we started to fuck and build up our rhythm our audience was enjoying the view. He was unashamedly wanking himself while encouraging us to fuck harder, while she was playing with herself with her legs wide open and asking Sarah to tell her how it felt. We carried on, and soon we were obviously getting to a climax, Suddenly Sarah got off me, whipped off my condom, and then knelt over me again with just the tip of my bare cock now nustling up against her pussy lips. I pretended to struggle, telling her we mustn’t, while our audience egged us on wildly. After a long pause, and with a face full of pure lust Sarah lowered herself down on my unprotected erection. She sat quite still for a moment, before canlı bahis siteleri saying Oh God I’ve wanted to feel that for so long. Our audience was going crazy, him wanking for all he was worth and she with her heels up on the sofa with two fingers deep inside her pussy while her other hand played with her clit. We started to fuck again, and soon I knew that turned on by the situation I couldn’t last much longer. I told Aunt Sarah that I couldn’t hold on, that I was going to cum. This was the trigger for he to ride me faster, and to pour out a string of the most crudest and taboo language imaginable. She told me she want me to com in her womb, to give me my spunk, my sperm, and – finally and with relish – to impregnate her .That was it. With a shout I shot my load deep inside her as she had ordered me to, closely followed by us both being hit on our bodies by wads of hot spunk from our host, who had cum as well and was firing it at us, while his wife convulsed in an orgasm with one hand frigging herself wildly while the other roughly played with her own nipple. It was magnificent – Sarah slowly raised herself up off me and pulling her lips wide open showed our hosts my spunk deep inside her and now dripping out down her thighs, That completely did it for our hosts wife. She brought herself to shattering climax after shattering climax talking filthily dirty and on the edge of total delirium.We played this game out several times afterwards, and it always received a very positive result from our hosts, but there was nothing ever quite like the sheer shattering naughtiness of that first time.



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