I hadn’t really made up my mind whether or not I wanted to sell my house, but with a couple hours before the real estate agent was due to come over, I thought I’d take a nice leisurely swim in my pool and do some thinking. My house is very rural and at the end of long road, shrouded by trees and shrubs so I never swam with a bathing suit on, I figured why bother, no one can see me anyway. I slowly undressed in my room, looking in the mirror as I sometimes do, thinking to myself, I really love my body. Standing there Looking at my large full breasts, my pink aureoles with my pinker nipples mounted in the middle, smiling to myself as I thought about having them kissed and held, and how much it really turned me on during lovemaking, already my nipples were getting hard just thinking about it. I ran my hands down my flat, firm sides and reaching my panties I pushed them off. I stood and looked at myself, totally nude, the way I was born, and was very happy with what I saw.

At 30 years of age, I figured my body was in its best shape ever. I keep a strong regimen of one hour of exercise each morning and each evening before going to bed. Growing up I had always been a chubby kid, and it took me years to come to the realization that if I was going to have a body that was healthy and to be desired, then I would have to work at it very hard. The end result was something that I truly admired and the men in my life seemed to appreciate as well. I loved my hair, so dark brown that its almost black, I tend to keep well below my shoulders, layered and kind of shaggy, just plain easy to take care of. My eyes are rich brown in color, and framed by very long eyelashes. My facial features are all small, little nose, little mouth, and quite generous in the ability to smile. I love to smile and for those around me to smile also.

Grabbing my big bath towel I headed out my sliding glass window to the pool. I threw the towel onto my lounger and dove into the pool. Ah, I love to swim, as exercise, its unbeatable, its also refreshing and slightly erotic. I love the way the water feels on my nude body as I splash through it, going deep and springing off of the bottom, throwing myself high into the air. I love to float on my back and watch the water as it surrounds my breasts, like islands in the sea. I was floating on my back, eyes closed, relaxing when I heard the sound of someone clearing their throat from the other side of the pool.

My eyes flew open to see a man in a business suit standing there. I immediately dropped out of my float, to stand in the pool.

“I rang the bell…..” he said in a strong masculine voice.

“We were supposed to have a two o’clock appointment….?”

Still a little befuddled as to why he was here so early, he must have seen the confusion on my face, although it didn’t really look as if it were my face he was looking at.

“I’m sure it’s four that you’re supposed to be here” finding my voice at last.

“No the letter said 1400, which is two o’clock.” He said matter of factly.

“fourteen hundred?, I thought that meant four, dammit, how am I to know that stupid military time, People don’t really use that?” quite exasperated, “Do they?”

He laughed at me then and it had such a nice rich tone to it, that I couldn’t help but laugh also. Looking back up at him, I realized that there was something familiar about him.

“Danielle, Danny….?” he asked, then with conviction, “”It is you”

I just stood and looked at him, taking in everything about him, not understanding why I didn’t know him from the beginning. The most popular guy canlı bahis şirketaleri in school, my biggest crush, and above all my friend. The years had been good to him. He was a year older than me and at thirty one he still looked good enough to eat. His dark hair was fairly short, his eyes so blue, I could see their intensity from across the pool. He was tall, standing around six-three or so. even though he was wearing a suit I could tell that he had kept in shape. The suit had to be tailor made, it fit to perfection and his silk tie perfectly matched his blue eyes in color.

I hadn’t seen him since his graduation, fourteen years before.

“Jack” I said, chuckling, “uh, if you’ll just turn your head a moment, I’ll get out of the pool”

“Sure, Danny, go ahead”

I proceeded to step out of the pool and pick up my towel, wrapping it around me. Glancing over at Jack, I noticed that he hadn’t taken his eyes off of me. Damn, him.

“Danny, You’re beautiful” as he proceeded to walk over to my side of the pool.

“Yeah, but you never gave me the time of day in school, You knew how bad my crush was.”

“I considered You my friend, and I didn’t want you to get hurt,” He said, looking into my eyes.”As a matter of fact, I kept you from getting hurt a couple of times.”

He was standing before me, so big, so mesmerizing, I couldn’t take my eyes off of his mouth as he was speaking.

“what do you mean by that?” I stammered.

“Well a couple of guys on the team were making bets about fucking you and when I found out, I put a stop to it.”

“I couldn’t stand it if someone hurt you…….”

As he looked so deeply into my eyes, he raised his hands to my face, gently cupping it between them. Lowering his mouth to mine, he softly touched my lips with his, sending a jolt of electricity through me, making me shudder. Pulling back he smiled down at me, slowly rubbing his thumb across my lower lip.

“Jack…..” not really knowing what to say to this big, magnetic male, trying not to be shy, but totally unsure of myself at the moment. My head was spinning, reeling, making me a little light headed.

“Ssh, babe….” he whispered, then kissed me again, this time with much more insistence, parting my lips, his tongue found mine and danced together, slowly, erotically in my mouth, leaving me breathless when we parted.

“Danny, look what you’ve done to me” he said, taking my hand and holding it to his hardness.

I did nothing to stop him as he pulled the towel off of me. Stepping back so he could take all of me in, I could see him staring at a water droplet cascading down my neck, and on down over my right breast. With a groan, he pulled me to him, capturing the droplet of water just as it touched my nipple, his mouth hot on my breast, as he took my sensitive nipple between his hungry lips. The heat swept through me, lighting a fire deep within my soul, I soon found myself moaning loudly, my fingers wrapping themselves in his hair and holding him to my breast, not wanting to let go.

Jack abandoned one breast and kissed his way over to the other, I let out a small gasp as he sucked me into his mouth. My hands, through with his hair for the moment, decided to do some traveling on their own. Finding far too much clothing in the way, I became a little frustrated…

“Damn, Jack, let’s get this suit off.”

Pulling away from me, again, smiling he pulled his jacket off, then his tie was next.

“I love that tie, Jack, It matches your eyes…”

Chuckling, he dropped his tie over my head, “Looks better on you my canlı kaçak iddaa dear”

I stepped forward to help him with the buttons on his shirt, slowly undoing them, wanting to make these moments last. I looked up at him to see him watching me intently. His mouth was so perfect, with just the hint of a smile, his long, straight nose, just made for me to kiss, I could tell he was enjoying every minute of this.

I helped him pull his shirt off, and couldn’t help but express my feelings over his muscular torso.

“My god, Jack, You look fantastic!”

He touched my face with his hand, holding me still while he kissed me once again. Leaning against him, I could feel his hard body pressed to mine, his muscles, his warmth, the fine hairs on his chest. Oh, did I ever want this man.

I felt him reaching down, unbuckling his belt, then his pants sliding to the ground. Still holding me tight he stepped out of them. Lifting his head from mine, I could feel him looking around, then chuckling, as he reached down to my lounger and pulled off the big thick full length cushion and tossing it onto the hard tiles next to us. He gently eased me onto the pad, kissing me all the way down. When I was completely down, he leaned back to stare at me and my body which gave me a chance to really look him over. He had broad, powerful shoulders and long muscular arms, nicely tanned from the sun. His chest was magnificent, finely chiseled pecs with a fine spray of hair across them, down to a full six pack abs and a nice little trail of hair leading its way down lower..

“Danny…look at me.” Biting my lower lip as I looked up, so nervous once again, I met his blue eyes gazing into mine. He didn’t need to ask any questions, desire was written all over my face, telling him, just take what is being given.

“Damn, woman,” he whispered as his lips captured mine once again in a heart-stopping kiss. laying down on top of me he proceeded to kiss every part of my body. Starting at my neck, kissing every little spot between my shoulders on down to my breasts. God, I love my breasts pleasured, paying close attention to my nipples, but squeezing and holding the rest of it too. My moaning was so loud, I’m sure Jack knew he had the right spot, and he took his time. Over to the next breast, and I was coming unglued. Jacks mouth was so hot, his lips working their magic had me wriggling around under him uncontrollably. I could feel him laughing gently against my skin, and I started giggling uncontrollably.

“Damn, girl…if you could just hold still,” still laughing.

“You think I’m doing it on purpose?” He looked up into my eyes, and we both started laughing all over again.

“I’m thirsty!” looking at me again, ” Are you thirsty, Danny?”

Shaking my head I pulled myself out from under him and went into the kitchen, knowing he was staring at my backside the whole way. looking back at him still sitting there, I yelled out, “If you want anything, you’ve gotta come get it.”

Jack was there before I knew it, and going to the fridge, picked out some grapes and a bottle of wine. Finding my corkscrew like he knew where he was going, he soon headed back pool side, as I watched his backside. Wow, what a day this is turning out to be for me, I thought as I headed back out.

Walking out into the sunlight, it took me a moment to realize that Jack was nowhere to be seen. I looked a little closer at the pool and saw the bottle of wine sitting awfully close to the edge. I ran across the tiles and jumped in, making a big splash. Jack was there behind me I could feel his arms slide canlı kaçak bahis around me as his hands captured my breasts. He pulled me to him and nuzzled the back of my neck. We were standing in the water almost chest deep on me. I was pulled so close to him that I could feel every muscle of his taut body. Jacks mouth was burning holes on the back of my shoulders, leaving hot kisses up and down my neck. I was writhing up against him, feeling a burning heat deep in my soul, moaning aloud. His hands so expertly caressed my breasts, fingers gently pulling and tweaking my hard nipples.

I leaned against him and closed my eyes, my lips slightly parted, enjoying the gentle manipulations being performed on my body. I could feel Jacks hard erection in the small of my back, and the feeling turned my desire up another notch. My hands joined Jacks on my breasts, resting atop his as he lovingly held me. His mouth set my neck on fire as he made his way to my earlobe, and nibbled on it.

Removing his hands from my breasts, he put them on my shoulders and spun me around. His lips found mine and captured them in a fiery hot kiss. Breaking the kiss off, he moved to my ear and took my lobe between his teeth, gently biting down. He then shifted to my neck, kissing, and down my shoulder, trailing lower to my breasts. His hands moving down my sides and rested on my hips. Jacks mouth was like a hot vise, clamped on my breast, his tongue a soothing presence, tenderly massaging my hard nipple. Moaning, I ran my hands through his hair..kissing the top of his head. I could feel Jacks hands on my hips as he lifted me up, pulled so tightly against him and gently lowered me onto his hard shaft. I quietly gasped as I felt him enter me, filling me in one motion. My arms instinctively went up around his neck, my lips kissing his shoulder.

Jack used his strength to move me up and down on his rigid staff, easily balancing me in the deep water. Feeling my body awaken to his touch, his mere presence generated a passionate response so deeply inside of me, causing me to bite down on his shoulder a little too firmly.

Jacks only reaction was to lock his teeth onto my nipple sternly, nibbling me into submission. The pressure of our movements heightened my arousal, yet the water lapping at my body was like a tranquilizing opiate, soothing my desire, prolonging the intensity. I felt overcome by these sensations battling against each other and soon I was whispering Jacks name huskily in my throaty sex filled voice.

Abandoning my breast, he looked up at me with his deep blue eyes, reading my face sensing my oncoming immeasurable climax.

“Kiss me, Danny”, he whispered, amplifying his movements, rocking me faster on his hard body. My lips gently met with his, as my eyes closed, surrendering me to him and all that he was.

I could feel Jack tensing up, his motions becoming more pronounced, his breathing against my face heavier, faster. My fingers clawed at his back, nails digging in, leaving a trail of red welts across him. Taking in a deep breath as I reached a shuddering crescendo, my body taut and alive, I yielded to the passionate sensations ebbing through my tingling body.

Jack, his hands imbedded on my hips, bucked me up and down onto his body in short quick movements, I felt his breath against my ear ragged and uneven, catching in his throat as the whirlwind of passion uplifted him to a soaring pinnacle somewhere near me. I heard his breath catch in his throat as his climax peaked then descended, bringing him back to earth, back to the water gently lapping at our sides….

Later, after finishing the bottle of wine, Jack and I discussed my options for selling my house. I decided(just an insight during the pool encounter) that I just wasn’t sure about selling. Could we possibly meet again in a day or two to discuss the matter?



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