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He can’t wait. Oh, he is full of primal desires, his Latin loins are hot with a primal fire. Yes, he wants me and I am utterly willing to be made love to. He walks me up the stairs, going one step higher than me, holding my hand and looking back at me lovingly, his eyes smoldering with lust. My body is already quivering all over, with his touch, his looks, the anticipation of what we will have in a moment. We have only a short time and I am pulsing with desire for this beautiful body, this eager young man, who wants me, wants me, wants me!

He says, “Come with me for the shower.”

He leads me to the bathroom and off come the clothes: his T-shirt with cut-off sleeves, his shorts, all of it on the floor in seconds. Seeing his muscled body I am already blushing hotly; ridiculously, I get shy around him. He has a hard-on instantly and I can hardly look at it. What on earth is happening to me! I know my body is plump and I worry about how I look to him – but he caresses every inch of me, gazing deeply into my eyes, he falls on his knees and embraces my thighs, kissing them, nuzzling my belly and moving down to my pussy. He kisses between my legs, a look of adoration on his face. My mind is spinning in delight, I feel pussy juice oozing out of me, my clitoris is tingling like a little silver bell…

Rising to his feet, he smiles and slides kartal escort bayan my clothes off. I am wearing a long dress and a little short shirt ‘jacket’, which he pushes back off my shoulders and the dress goes right over my head. I have a bra and panties on. Lacey stuff, he likes it a lot. “Keep this for in the shower, ok?”

“Ohhh! That will be silly!” I laugh – but of course I will do whatever he asks.

His hands are on me – first a soft caress on my cheek, and he brushes my hair back, looking at me with a dizzying look of love and lust.

“You are mine, bonita, you are mine.” Touching my neck, cupping his hands around my tits in that lacey bra, he kisses me, lingering with his beautiful lips on mine. Then his arms go around me and he pulls me close. I feel I will sink to the floor, but he is holding me tight and opens the shower door, his arm at my back as we step inside. He turns on the water and I am leaning on him, my head on his beautiful chest, eyes closed, hardly able to stand, just melting in his arms. He takes the body wash and pours it on me, sliding his hands all over me. He slides my bra straps down around my shoulders, but leaves the bra on me. Then he takes the bar of soap and starts washing himself, while I am helping – running my hands on his chest and arms and back. He pulls my hands around escort maltepe to his ass, pushing me to wash him there and then onto his penis and balls. He leans forward and kisses me deeply, pushing his tongue in my throat. Then, getting more insistent, biting me softly – his strong, even teeth bumping my teeth, biting my lips. His cock is so hard, stabbing my stomach. I am practically falling down with being so hot and so desirous of his body. He leans forward, my head falls backwards. He holds my head and softly kisses my cheeks, kisses my neck, my shoulders, my breasts and he says, in that soft whisper of Spanish:

“Ayy, bay-bay, te Quiero, te Quiero… me amas? ” (tay kee-eroh, may ah-mass = I love you, I want you, you love me?)

“Si, si! Te amo, te amo, te amo!” I moan. “Oh, please – I can’t do it, I will fall – please, please – I can’t…”

I feel as if I cannot even stand up, my knees are buckling. He pulls my arms around him. “You are ok, mi amor, you are ok. I love you, bay-bay…Eres mi raina, mi diosa del amor!” (You are my queen, my goddess of love)

To hear such divine words, from a young man who looks like an Aztec warrior, a god of ancient Mexico, his dark eyes devouring me, his muscular brown body – so powerful, lithe and full of virile urgency… a glorious thing! I am swept into a magical world of pendik escort dreams and legends.

He lifts one of my legs around his hip and his other hand goes under my ass. He easily pulls me upwards and pushes his cock inside me. I cry out – ‘Ahhhh! No!’ But I don’t even know what I am saying or why or anything. I am about to faint with pleasure. And he cannot wait.

I am holding on to his neck tightly with both arms and I know I can’t do this for another moment – I know I will fall in this flow of abandon and surrender. I am simply moaning, helplessly, my mind is completely gone.

He knows I can’t do this. He thrusts a few times and then he says, “ok, come – we are finish for the shower.” He turns the water off and lets me down. Still keeping his arm around me, so I don’t fall, he pushes the shower door open.

I stagger out of the stall, and he is holding me, or I certainly would fall. My head is spinning, I am weak. He helps me out and wraps a towel around me, leading me to the bed. His body is all wet, sweet with drops of water and I fall backwards among the pillows, onto the bed. He dries me a little, and begins the kissing again.

He is pressing his wet hard body against me. I feel drunk, feverish with pleasure and I rub my cheeks on him, licking, kissing and sucking on his wet shoulders and neck. Oh, that did it. He just flung my legs up over his shoulders and plunged that cock inside me. Hard, fast, urgent – no more games – his jaw tightened and he grimaced a little as he grunted against my neck – he was coming hard.

Seeing his intense pleasure made me come immediately.



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