Chapter 66 — Pussy-Stretching with Mira

Two weeks ago, my young colleague Mira—which was pronounced ‘miRA’ in some faux French way—had spontaneously invited me for lunch when I had passed her in the third-floor kitchen. In her room, we talked about boyfriends, girlfriends, and sex in general for an hour, before she blew me in the most diligent and arousing fashion. She admitted to being bisexual but now felt depressed since her girlfriend Caroline was unable to return to our private English school in Vietnam because of the Covid-19 situation. On top of everything, she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend but I didn’t know why.

Last Friday, we had grown even closer: She had bitten the bullet and undressed completely in front of me, even though she was self-conscious of her large clitoris, which stuck out between her labia. Still, Mira had sat on my face while blowing me. Her unusually large clit had inhibited her for years in her relationships with men, but during the hour we spent in bed together, the proverbial ice melted, and she admitted that blowing me while I had been caressing her pussy with my tongue had been one of the best things that ever happened to her.

Mira had even promised to offer herself completely, perhaps after a few more rounds of oral sex. Regardless of her large resume of fellatio, she was still a virgin and so had requested another month or so. Which was understandable, as all her attempts to have intercourse with her long-term boyfriend at college had ultimately been unsuccessful. As a result, Mira had become overly tense, and so the two of them had resorted to blowjobs for all those years they had been together. Sure, it would take some time to reverse her tenseness, but I was optimistic—as things were going between us—that one day soon she would open herself completely and literally.

So I was pretty excited when I went down to her room during my off period on Friday afternoon. She had been out for lunch with the other Filipinos, and so she was still wearing a beautiful black blouse with white and pink stitched flowers and black leggings, which amplified the perfect, arousing shape of her thighs. She seemed to be in good spirits, and if she had told me to lie down on the bed and take off my pants, I would have done so in a heartbeat.

But today, she rummaged through her wardrobe first, before she left the room, perhaps to go to the kitchen or the bathroom. While she was gone, I looked around the room and conceived the idea that we could pee together. I imagined her sitting on the bed, pulling her pussy open with two fingers and peeing into the room in an arch. I thought that it would loosen her up if she could let go completely. Of course, it would be a huge mess; I wasn’t sure if she was prepared to do that. Technically, we could also go to the bathroom next door, but then people could see us walking past the kitchen and another room together, which might be weird. And I wasn’t a great fan of bathroom sex either.

I didn’t get any further with my thoughts, as she was back now. Well, she had never said anything about peeing together anyway, so that probably wasn’t high on her agenda. I marveled at her blouse, however, which was pretty tight and stressed the shapely form of her nimble upper body. The blouse ended four inches below the waistline of her leggings and had large, black buttons in the front. As beautiful as she looked today, I didn’t even want her to undress. At least, not immediately.

Just like the last time I had been here, Mira had done her laundry again, which she now was folding and putting inside her wardrobe. As we had agreed to talk a little anyway before she would blow me again, I asked her about her boyfriend.

„Well, Mister Ben, you always ask the right questions …” she said a tad cryptically.

Since I looked a little dumbfounded perhaps, she told me—now looking away again from me, inside the wardrobe—that she had caught him flirting with other women online. And once he had sent her a kinky or flirty message that had been meant for another girl. Well, I thought to myself, he was a young sailor on a ship: was that enough to break up?!

When Mira turned and bent down to get something out of her laundry basket, I saw that there was a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Oh, Mira, I’m sorry to have reopened up old wounds,” I said heart-broken.

She wiped her tear away with the back of her hand, sniffed briefly, and said:

“That turd … naw, it’s okay now … anyway, he also did something else. I’ll tell you when I’m done with my laundry.”

Well, of course I was instantly curious. I was still sorry that I had put my foot in but looking at her now, she seemed already better. Perhaps she was, in the end, glad that she could share that story, whatever it was. Maybe we should undress and lie down, though?

She pushed her basket against the wardrobe with one foot when she was done and sat down next to me at the foot end of the bed. We kissed tenderly kartal escort for a little while, and I caressed her bosom through the fabric of her blouse. Apparently, she was wearing a bra today. I asked her if she already wanted to undress but she just shook her head. So I turned towards her and sat down on my thigh, kinda sideways. Her grief seemed to have already disappeared.

“I gotta start at the beginning,” she began. “Jose and I met during my last vacation in the Philippines. Since he only had one week, we ended up spending every minute together, and things went ahead quickly. The last evening, at his parents’ house, I gave him—as you can imagine—a blowjob.”

She really liked doing that.

“Ok, sure. And did you sleep there, too?”

“Oh, no, you can’t do that after only a week. But we were alone, upstairs in his room, after dinner …”

“Sure thing. Now: Did you undress?”

“Mister Ben! A decent girl doesn’t do that after only a week. You gotta wait with that several months. Or weeks, at least. But since he had to go back on his ship the next morning, I relented and sucked his penis, you know?! No biggie,” she giggled.

Ok, apparently, she was already feeling better.

“Well, if you say so … and then?”

“Well, listen! Of course, we skyped a bunch of times when I was back here and he was on his ship, and one evening he asked me if I couldn’t undress in front of the webcam. He was alone and wanted to jerk off.”

With her chin, Mira had pointed over to her desk, where her laptop was. I smiled and nodded, as it all made perfect sense. I liked the story, since it was sensual and titillating, and Mira actually opened the topmost button on her blouse, like she wanted to illustrate the story. Her skin looked incredibly soft and smooth.

“So, in front of the camera, you undressed completely?” I asked somewhat eagerly.

“Don’t be so rash,” Mira laughed. “Just listen! No, of course, I didn’t want to undress fully … you know, my …”

“Large clit,” we said in unison.

“Well, sorry to interrupt, but how did you actually learn that your clit was unusually large?”

“I’ve seen quite a few pussies,” Mira laughed. “And my boyfriend at university always made a face when he saw it. All those four years …”

“And do you know why?” I asked a little naïve.

“Because it looks like there’s a small penis between my labia,” she admitted abashedly.

I thought about her clit again.

“It looks more like a large drop. Or a large eraser from the end of a pencil,” I laughed to not make a huge affair out of her small anatomical anomaly. “I’ll take a look at it again later,” I promised.

She laughed, too, and absentmindedly unbuttoned another of those large black buttons on her blouse. I could see one of her bra-straps now and a little bit of lace on her cup. I couldn’t wait to undress her completely and to dive between her legs, as her story and looking at her combined were quite arousing.

“Ok, where were we? Oh, yes, so I’m unbuttoning me blouse and show him my bra. He smiles, nods, but wants to see more immediately. Well, my boobs are small, which he knows, so I take off my blouse and my bra. He wants me to lick my fingers and twiddle my nipples, which I do …”

“Hot!” I exclaimed like an adolescent. “But, Mira, let’s undress along with the story,” I heard myself say all of a sudden.

She thought about the proposition for a moment but then did as I requested. She placed her blouse neatly next to her on the bed, before she also reached on her back and snapped her bra open, which she then put on top of her blouse. Watching her undress was charming and hot at the same time; one day, she would have to undress slowly, without words, but not now, as the story was getting more and more titillating. I admired her tender, supple body, and I licked my fingertip to caress her heaving nipples a bit, before I encouraged her to continue.

“Did you find it hot to undress in front of the camera?”

“Sure, it turned me on, especially since he now got his dick out and started to stroke it …”

“Awesome!” I rejoiced. “Didn’t you want to diddle your pussy a little along with that? While you were watching him masturbate …”

She nodded: “Yeah, but I didn’t want him to see my clit, so I just kept licking my fingers and fondling my breasts, pretending that was all I wanted to do.”

“So, and then he came, eventually, on the camera …”

Mira laughed again: “Not so quick. He worked on his dick for a few minutes but then, of course, yeah, he splashed his load towards the camera … after I had shown him my pussy briefly …” she added after a longish break.

“Oh, you did?!”

“Well, I could see he really wanted it. I felt like he deserved it. He was suffering … and do you know what? I loved it, too! It was awesome!”

“You said you were wearing pants?” I asked to be able to imagine the whole scene.

“Leggings, like these here. I don’t know, maybe even these maltepe escort bayan …” Mira said matter-of-factly. “And then I pulled them down together with my panties, I remember that.”

“Ok. Let’s undress completely and lie down!” I requested.

I simply got up, and as there was nothing Mira could say or do, she also undressed but remained on the bed for it. I sat down on my thigh again and watched till she was done. In the half-shade between her legs, I could see her little bush. It didn’t seem at all that getting undressed had cost her a lot of effort. She seemed entirely comfortable and now she even opened her legs, so that I could see her crotch really well. I nodded at her little pearl beneath her pubic triangle.

“And: did he find your clitoris weird?” I asked.

“I don’t know. He looked a little dumbfounded to see a tiny penis there, but as soon as he was done splashing, I closed my legs again and that was that. I was pretty happy, though, that he didn’t ask or say anything. But I remember clearly that I thought: ‘Wow! How powerful a pussy is!'”

Mira was telling this story quietly but with incredible momentum and force. Jesus! This beautiful young woman, my colleague, had shown it all in front of a webcam. Miraculous! And it was all the better as she had undressed here with me.

“But where was the problem?”

Obviously, the story wasn’t finished yet.

“Well, as it had been so successful, we did it again the following week. I immediately undressed and even shone my desk lamp between my legs so that he could see everything better.

Wow! It just got better and better. My dick had pumped itself up without being touched and was ready to come inside her.

“Mira, this is so hot … I may splash onto you in a minute,” I laughed.

“Sure, no problem,” she giggled and looked at my pulsating, purple glans as if to judge how serious I had been.

“And then he complained about or made fun of your clit?”

“No, not really but do you know what the pig did?”

“He recorded it and uploaded it onto Xhamster?”

Mira’s smile froze and she became quiet.


“Well, see, I don’t even know that. I have to check …” she said lost in thought. “No, I heard some men laugh all of a sudden. No, that fucker had invited a bunch of his buddies to watch … me, my little strange snatch … they were all outside the range of the camera but I could hear them laughing … and they were close enough to …”

“To delight in your little pussy with its oddly large clit,” I finished the sentence.

So. I had said it. Good salacious Lord!

“Oh, Mira, I’m so sorry,” was all I could say. “How long ago was that?”

“Four, five months ago,” she replied.

“Have you told anyone?”

“Caroline knows …”

Of course, I asked myself immediately if she didn’t skype naked with her, too, but I didn’t want to ask. She would tell me, eventually.

“Well, there’s nothing you can do,” I tried to comfort her and caressed her cheek, before we both moved closer to the middle of the bed.

Now, we were sitting near each other, and my dick was pointing directly at her bellybutton. I put my hands on her upward bent knees and then caressed her thighs. What a story! While we were both breathing deeply for a while, I got the impression that, in the end, Mira was relieved to have gotten that story off her chest. And as foreplay, it had been priceless.

“Well, forget it!” Mira said. “and what are we going to do now?!” she laughed. “It’s already twenty past four.”

I absentmindedly caressed her inner thighs, and she leaned forward to kiss me again. Then she reached for my dick and played with my foreskin a little. As a quid pro quo I reached for her labia and traced the lines of her inner lips a little to test how wet she was. I pressed the tip of my middle finger inside her but then, apparently, she had just remembered something else. Interestingly, she didn’t protest that my finger was inside her.

“Back then, the second time, I had been asking myself why he didn’t get his dick out, even though I was already naked. I mean, the previous time, he wasn’t able to hold back. First, he said, he wanted me to pull my pussy open with two fingers, which I did. But just when I held my other hand up in the air and made jerking moves to encourage him, I heard the voices and the laughter in the background.”

Well, this was fucking hot, I had to admit. But, of course, one doesn’t invite unbidden guests, I thought to myself, while I was brushing her clit with my thumb.

“Well, just put an end on it,” I said and kissed her to cheer her up. “Look at it that way: he was proud to have such a beautiful girlfriend that he wanted to show off … of course, one doesn’t invite his buddies to a private striptease but I don’t think it was to show them your strange clit. You’re beautiful … every man wants to see you naked …”

“Well, perhaps …” she mumbled, apparently not convinced.

“Do you escort pendik wanna lie down?” I asked her.

She nodded but got up and went to the wardrobe. Her little butt was awesome; the way she was bending over now, she exposed her cute little Filipina butthole and pussy, with which nothing was wrong, I was certain. The lowest eighth of her butt cheeks, as small as they were, rested on her thighs, which was endearing as hell. Now, she came back with a black plastic bottle.

“Lubrication,” she giggled. “I still got some from Carol. Come on, lie on your back!” she suggested.

She seemed to have a plan. And as this was all about loosening her up, I just did as she requested. Her defloration was imminent, but did she really want to do it now?!

“What do you want to do?” I asked her.

“Just wait. Let me do …”

She sat on top of me after I had lied down and settled into the cushions and the blanket underneath me. She dribbled a little bit of gel onto my dick, before she rubbed some onto her pussy as well. Then she adjusted herself onto my dick, which was pointing straight at my face. She looked at me with pursed lips, like she wanted to check if I liked it and then began to swing her upper body back and forth on my stiff dick. She combed her hair with her fingers and laughed at me.

Her pussy lips slid along my shaft, which was hot but, no, it didn’t look like she was going to take the whole thing in. But, it was another step in the right direction: away from her oral phase, towards the genital one. I was glad she had skipped the one in between and watched her nimble body and slim pelvis as her lips were sliding along my rod. My glans kept coming out of the foreskin like the head of a tortoise.

After a while, she loaded both my dick and her pussy afresh but then kneaded my dick in her warm hand. Then she continued her polishing. Her pussy lips resembled a butterfly with, incidentally is what the Vietnamese call a pussy.

“When do you have your period?” I inquired.

“Early next week. Monday or Tuesday.”

“Hey, let’s switch,” I proposed.

She dismounted and sat down close to the pillows near the top of the bed. She spread her legs fairly wide while she was building a nest for herself. She was lying six inches above the mattress, so that I could kneel under her pussy. Now, I reached for the gel and put quite a bit onto my pulsating glans, before I rubbed some of it onto her labia, holding my dick like a brush. Mira giggled but didn’t seem to be afraid that a dick was at the entrance of her treasure, like it wasn’t her pussy but someone else’s. We looked at each other, and everything was more than alright.

Her young body was like a small heaving landscape. Aroused as she was, her breasts and belly were moving up and down considerably, but she didn’t protest when I pushed another inch in. Sure, she was tight but, luckily, my dick wasn’t exceptionally large. My glans was inside her now and I was tempted to push in further.

I looked at her but couldn’t determine how far she was willing to go. I began to pump slowly into her, and with each thrust, my dick went in another tenth of an inch. As the girth of my glans was larger than my shaft, her sheath gave me a nice tickle, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would unload a nice amount of cum inside her. I reached under her butt to readjust her, pulling her a little further onto my dick. She had made a face, but by and large she was in. A good third of my dick was inside her, and now she even began to thrust her pelvis approvingly towards me.

Well, since we had gotten this far without any hitch, I didn’t want to overdo it and stopped. I massaged her gorgeous thighs and her hips; we were smiling at each other like we wanted to say ‘So far, so good.’ I leaned back and lowered myself onto my heels a little to stimulate her G-spot and realized how erect and long her nipples were. Jesus, about half-an-inch! And so I licked my fingertips and twiddled them tenderly but, then, alas, I came inside her.

A hot wave of relief washed all over me and I splashed everything I had in her tight, muscular etui. I looked down and saw that half of my cum was leaking out from under my cock, and so I adjusted her again to plug her snatch. She certainly felt how the precious liquid was filling her small cavern between my glans and her sheath with cool elixir.

“Don’t pull out!” she requested. “This feels nice …”

Sure, I would hold the fort for as long as I could, but I could already feel my dick getting limp again. We smiled at each other as we were waiting. Her hymen was probably still intact—if she still had it.

When she propped herself up on her forearms and looked down at her crotch, she moved and my dick slipped out of her. A slow, gooey wave of cum ran down her perineum and from there onto the bed.

“Shall I get you a mirror or your phone?” I offered, since I knew that pretty much everyone born after 1996 needed some sort of visual confirmation.

She nodded vehemently and pointed at her wardrobe: “There’s one hanging on the door.”

I got up and fetched it for her. As she was holding it between her legs, she giggled and said then, chuffed: “That’s what it looks like … but does it always all come out again?”



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