I’m in the bathroom putting the final touches on my lipstick when there’s a knock on the door. Smacking my lips together to distribute the color evenly, I don’t hurry to answer. I know he’ll still be waiting when I get there. We’ve danced this dance for months. Years, maybe. Now that our time had finally come, no one was backing out.

I cap the tube and sit it on the counter, admiring in the mirror the dark red shade, the color of old blood, coating my lips before tightening the sash of my satin robe and stepping into the passage.

I release the chain guard on the door; unnecessary in this high-end boutique hotel, but I enjoy the sound of things being unlocked and anticipate the effect it has on my visitor. I open the door just a crack at first, pretending to be thinking about whether to let him in, but he takes hold of the handle and pushes inward, insinuating himself into the space as if he owns it, as well as me.

Which he does, if only he knew it.

Now he is standing before me in the center of the room, dressed all in black as is his usual habit. The short sleeves of his button-down shirt reveal most of the tribal designs inked on him from wrist to shoulder. My eyes scan down his jeans all the way to where they brush the tops of his classic low-top Doc Martens. Without a word, he toes off the shoes and slides them under the bed with the side of his foot.

Instead of lifting my eyes to his face, I turn towards a leather club chair in the corner, certain his eyes are following the sway of my hips as I walk. I take a breath and sit, arranging myself to give him a bit of a peep show through the slit in my robe when I cross one long, brown leg over the other.

I lean to one side and prop my chin in my hand. I’m not unnerved by his continued silence. It’s just how he is. I need no verbal acknowledgement. I know he sees me. I know he wants me. All that is left is the formalities of my surrender. As well as his.

Finally, his low voice slices through the quiet.

“Is there anything off the table?”

I pause, considering.

“No urine or feces. No drawing blood or breaking the skin in any way.” I shrug. “Aside from that, as the saying goes… ‘do what thou wilt.'”

“Tell me what you want.”

I finally look up and meet his gaze. Eyes the color of arctic blue ice stare back at me, waiting. Under the full force of his scrutiny, my tongue sweeps across my lips and I shift in my seat, but I don’t look away.

“I want your hands on my tits. Squeeze hard, maybe bite my nipples a little. Don’t worry about hurting me. I’ll like it if you do.”

The barest hint of a curve bends his lips, and he gestures for me to continue.

“Then, I want to feel those nice, thick fingers of yours inside me. And don’t tease me with just one. Two is a good start. Three might even get you a scream.”

“And a fourth?”

My eyes widen a bit and I glance at his hands speculatively.

“I don’t know, but you’re welcome to try and find out at any time. Besides that, there’s only one more thing I want.”

“Saving the best for last?”

I feel my lips shape themselves into an echo of his earlier expression.

“Hardly last, I hope.”

He hasn’t moved from the spot where I left him, but somehow I feel him inexplicably closer, anticipating my next words, which I waste no time in delivering.

“What I want is for you to spread my legs as wide as you can, smash your face into my cunt, and eat me until your beard is soaked with my pussy juices,” I tell him, locking my eyes onto his. “I want to rub myself all over your face until all you can see and smell and taste and feel is me.”

He runs a hand down his face and beard, then takes a deep breath, the only sign that he is affected by my words.

“Is that all?”

I’m not fooled by his cool tone. I settle further back into the seat and sigh happily at even this minimal loss of composure on his part.

“Yes, for now. The rest I leave up to you.”

“In that case,” he says, beckoning me with one finger, “come here.”

I rise without argument and go to him, stopping just before the point where our bodies would touch. Without asking, I go down to my knees on the floor in front of him, the shimmery material of my robe pooling around my legs.

“Good girl,” he says, running his hand down the side of my face before burying his fingers in my hair.

I resist the urge to lean into his touch like a contented kitten and instead reach for his belt buckle. It takes me a minute to fumble it open, but tunalı escort then I hook my fingers into the sides of his waistband and drag everything down around his ankles so that he can step out of them.

Oh, my. His perfect cock bobs once then points straight up at the ceiling. It’s not absurdly long, but it is marvelously thick and I can’t wait to feel it in every one of my holes. I know his intention right now is to sex me into submission, but I can’t resist the treat in front of me. I lick my lips once more at the sight of a bead of pre-cum forming at the tip. I lean forward and swipe it up with the tip of my tongue, savoring the taste before pulling back.

“So,” I say, tossing the pants across the luggage rack next to the dresser. “Your turn. Tell me what you want.”

He uses his grip on my hair to bring me closer. Fisting himself with the other hand, he draws the tip of his dick slowly across my parted lips. I swear my mouth waters.

“Hmm,” he rumbles. “I need to see those luscious lips of yours wrapped around this cock. We’re not leaving here until it knows exactly what the back of your throat feels like. You’re going to take it until you think you’re going to choke, and you will swallow everything I give you.”

“Every damn drop,” I vow solemnly.

He nods.

“That ass needs to be spanked. Hard. Don’t worry about me hurting you. You’ll like it if I do,” he smirks, throwing my earlier words back at me.

A shiver runs through me at the thought. I know he’s noticed because the glint in his eyes deepens and he strokes my temple with his thumb.

“What else?” I ask, my throat dry.

“I’m a simple man,” he says, “And I don’t like making too many plans. We’ll do whatever we like for as long as it feels good.”

“I’m perfectly all right with that,” I croak.

A rare and genuine smile flashes across his face before he presses his hips forward. I open slightly and mmmm… yes…


Fuck, yes!

I look down at the top of her head, watching closely as inch by inch my dick slowly disappears between her red lips. She’s taking her time and teasing me, swirling her tongue around as she pulls me inside. I hold perfectly still, resisting the urge to push forward and fuck myself all the way to the back of her throat. I don’t want to overwhelm her, but goddamn, her mouth is like an inferno. I don’t mind being burned by her in the least.

Finally she hits bottom and gives me a hard suck as her left hand reaches up and cups my balls. I tighten my grip in her hair and hold her in place for a moment before she puts both hands against the tops of my thighs and pushes back.

She doesn’t stay gone for long. She bobs her head on the way back down, maintaining a vacuum seal on my dick that makes me see stars. Gradually she picks up the pace, and I hold on for all I’m worth as her soft moans are replaced with the juicy, sloppy sounds of her possession.

Just when I think I’m going to explode, she pulls back and my dick falls from her lips with a loud pop. Taking me between her palms, she rolls me slowly back and forth, agitating with agonizing friction up my entire length and back down again like it’s a stick she’s trying to start a fire with. I suck air through my nose in an attempt to maintain control, but without warning she drops her hands and swallows me again, this time grazing me with her teeth on the way back up.

When she reaches the head, she delivers a sharp nip that shoots a bolt of lightning through me, and shit, I’m done. Done. I clench my fingers against her scalp and use the leverage to drive forward, down into the depths of that hot cavern that’s draining the life out of me. I bend her even further back, her spine arching until I’m sure the only thing keeping her from collapsing completely to the floor is the grip I have on her head.

Fucking hell! I feel the tingling in the soles of my feet that means I’m about to come, and I know it’s going to be like a damn freight train. I move up until she is practically under me. She wraps her arms around my thighs to brace herself as I continue to fuck wildly into her mouth. She gags once for air but holds on like a champ. She can tap out anytime she wants to, but I know she won’t.

Her eyelashes flutter and then sweep up, her gorgeous brown eyes holding mine steadily. She’s so damn beautiful with her mouth full of my cock, and it’s that sight that pushes me over the edge. I clench my teeth and with a growl, I thrust against her lips one last time ulus escort before releasing jet after jet of cum down her throat.

She gulps every single drop, draining me dry as the tension seeps from my muscles. With a final sigh, her mouth slackens and I pull out, sinking to the floor and pulling her down next to me. I can feel her heart racing against mine even through the clothing we never bothered to get rid of.

We lay there panting harshly, trying to catch our breath. I let my hands slide down her back, my fingers slipping along the gray satin and tracing the curve of her ass. Even after the workout it’s just been through, I feel my dick jump at the thought of taking her there.

She stretches sinuously against my body before pushing back and away from me. Her hair is wild and her chest is still heaving as she draws the back of her hand across her mouth. In the dim glow of the room, she appears as a shadow goddess, a dark angel ready to take me to heaven or hell. I’d gladly follow her to either.

Standing, she tugs the sash open and slips the robe off her shoulders. It slides down her naked body with a hiss. With the light behind her, I can only sense rather than see the curves now revealed to me. A shaft of late afternoon sunlight filters through the drapes and illuminates the side of her face, allowing me a glimpse of the satisfied triumph stamped across her lips.

I can’t begrudge her, her victory. I rise and unbutton my shirt, shrugging it off and draping it across the luggage rack along with my pants. I can feel her eyes tracing the designs covering my arms and back, but she doesn’t ask about them. I like that she doesn’t try and fill my silences with words.

I snake an arm out and wrap it around her waist, pulling her hard against me. I walk her backwards, steering her to the space between the wall and the side of the bed.

“Turn,” I order.


I turn. His hand at the small of my back presses me against the wall. The texture of the black-on-black matelassé wallpaper lightly abrades my nipples as they slide across the raised pattern.

“Spread your legs,” he commands.

I hear the rustle of the duvet as he sits on the edge of the bed directly behind me. I ease my feet apart, resting my cheek against the wall. He fits his palms to the curve of my ass, gently massaging it. As if I wasn’t already wet enough, his attentions cause a fresh trickle of moisture to burst forth.


I widen my stance, but I’m forced to bend over even more. I place my hands on the wall as well to keep from losing my balance. I feel him leaning forward and then a rush of air wafts over my nether lips as he takes a deep inhale of my now-exposed pussy.

Apparently not satisfied, he pushes forward until I feel his nose nudging against me, the bristly hairs of his beard tickling my inner thighs. He inhales again and lets out a deep groan. Sliding his hands down, he spreads me apart with his thumbs, opening me all the way up to his gaze. He mutters something under his breath that I don’t catch, and then I don’t hear or think anything at all as he suddenly plunges in his tongue.

Oh, shit!

I can’t help it, I cry out and put a dip in my spine, pushing my snatch as close to that invading tongue as possible. In and out, in and out, in and out, I feel like all the air is being squeezed out of my lungs as my fingers curl into claws. My nails scratch shallow grooves in the wallpaper as he buries his face between my shaking legs.

“Please,” I whisper. “Please…”

I’m not sure he hears me until his grip on my hips tightens and he pulls back. Before I can protest the loss, he returns and gives me a long, slow lick up my slit all the way to my asshole, which he rims with light swirls. I’m drowning in sensation as he repeats the process once, twice, three times. He continues feasting on me, scooping my juices up with the flat of his tongue and drinking them down, then giving me hard thrusts with the tip. I’m literally being eaten alive.

Keeping one stabilizing hand on my ass, he reaches around and without breaking his rhythm, he pinches my clit, hard, rolling my nub between his fingers as if he’s tuning me to a station only he can hear.

I scream.

It’s not pretty or sexy. It’s a sound of raw need so primal that I almost don’t recognize it as having come from within myself. A sandstorm of emotions sweeps through me, scouring my internal landscape until I know I will never be the same again.

I feel my ankara escort orgasm building and I’m torn between craving the relief it will bring me and resisting the tide in order to keep going, to completely lose my sense of time, space, and self. I tense my legs to ward it off, but he recognizes my game and isn’t having any of it. In a lightning-fast move, he leans back and pulls me straight down onto his hard cock, impaling me.

“Holy fuck! Oh, my gooooooooooddddd! Fuuuuuck!”

It’s game over as I spasm all around him, coming and coming and coming and coming. His fingers return to strum me relentlessly, not allowing me any reprieve. He pulls me to him until my back meets his chest and he lowers us to the bed, anchoring me with an arm around my waist. He doesn’t move, keeping me steady as he manipulates me at will into the peaks and valleys of a seemingly endless climax.

I’m almost afraid now, because he is breaking me into pieces I don’t know that I’ll be able to put back together. Without warning, a tear rolls down the side of my face and soaks into my hair. I moan almost brokenheartedly.

“You can take it,” he growls in response to my unasked question.

I tighten my inner muscles around him recklessly, trying to goad him into moving, but he won’t give in.

“I can’t. Please!” I shout.

“Please, what?”

His tone is low and taunting. He’s waiting for me to give in. So, I do.

“Fuck me! Please, fuck me!”

I feel the movement of his lips sliding into what I know is his trademark smirk again before he whispers against my ear.

“All you had to do was ask.”

Before I realize what’s happening, he rolls us over until I’m face down in the fluffy duvet. His lips trace hot kisses across my neck and shoulders before he twines his fingers with mine. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he begins to thrust his hips, his mouth lavishing attention on any and every piece of my flesh he can reach, his nose nuzzling into the crook of my neck and into my hair.

Tears spring to my eyes again, but for a different reason…


There is no reason. There is no sanity. I pride myself on keeping my cool, but I’m drunk off the scent of her skin, the taste of her sweat. She sighs beneath me, her breath catching every time I dip in and out. I feel my already rock-hard cock get impossibly harder with every slide along her silky walls. Why did we waste so much goddamn time? Just thinking about every minute we’ve spent not fucking is pissing me off.

I pick up the pace, wanting and needing to hear the slap of my skin against hers. I need to feel the sting. The pain lets me know this isn’t just another middle of the night fantasy; it’s real. She starts to buck and writhe beneath me, but I bend my head and bite down on the soft junction of her neck and shoulder, then suck on it to soothe the burn.

Her whole body stiffens and I know she’s coming again, if she ever really even stopped. Her hands are clenched in the bedspread and the only sound coming from her is a low-pitched moan of either distress or pleasure. Maybe it’s both. Quickly, I pull out, flip her over, and throw her leg over my shoulder before driving in again.

It’s so deep this way. She clutches at my forearms as I bottom her out over and over. Her head is thrown back and her eyes are closed, her mouth open on a nearly silent scream now as I push myself at almost superhuman pace. I yank one of my arms free and grab her by the back of her head.

“Look at me.”

She lifts her eyelids with a visible effort, but once her gaze finds mine, I don’t let her look away. I deliberately slow down, pressing hard and deep, letting her feel me inside. All of a sudden, something lets go in her eyes. I feel the tremors around my cock right before she cries out, her sweet pussy milking me in a vice-like grip.

In that moment, I realize I want to go over the edge with her, follow her into the free fall. I’m ready for whatever waits for us when we finally crash back to Earth. Three more hits is all I’ve got left in me when I feel the whiplash snap through me and then I’m coming, flooding her with everything in me and then some.

Spent, I fall forward onto her chest. I know my weight has to be uncomfortable for her, but for some reason I can’t stand the thought of any part of her body not being under mine right now. We stay that way for a few minutes, just breathing. Her hands stroke up and down my sides, her fingertips tracing their own patterns into my skin over the ones already stamped there.

Gradually her movements slow, and then stop. She’s fallen asleep. With a chuckle, I push off of her and let myself fall to the side, gathering her to me and pulling the spread over us both before I bury my face in her hair and let the darkness take me, too…



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