As everyone woke up, I was in the kitchen beginning the breakfast. Jan was the next to wake after me. She came into the kitchen and started to get nervous at finding me there cooking. I reassured her that I wanted to be there doing that, and that she should take a break, relax and just enjoy the much needed rest.

May walked in soon after Jan and they watched me as I maneuvered around the kitchen, cooking up a storm. I was having fun. I had used to get up and make the Sunday breakfast for my wife…so long ago it seemed. At that point my thoughts were frozen in time. I hadn’t been thinking of her for several days now.

I stopped and just thought about that,coming to the conclusion that she would have been all right with May. I had a good feeling and knew that at long last I could put her to rest completely. The whole reason for this trip of course had been to do just that. How it was all turning out was the surprise.

I soon had the hotcakes, bacon, eggs, and hash browns ready to serve and as I was setting up the table, Jan made some toast. May helped me to set things up and just as we all finished, Carl, Julie, and Ann walked in.

“Timing is everything. Breakfast is served.”

Julie smiled as I gestured at them to sit down. Turning to look at Jan she spoke.

“Well, you did a very good job with breakfast Jan. Quite a spread considering that we kept you up till the wee hours last night.”

“I didn’t make this one sweetie. He did. All by himself. Well, except for the toast. I did do the toast.”

“Wow…Bill can cook too? Will wonders never cease?”

“Get to know me some more and I am sure I will have lots more surprises for you.”

“Of that I have no doubt…dad.”

Hearing her call me dad caused a momentary feeling of discovery. I had a daughter, all grown up, yet I had not been there while she had truly needed me. I hoped that there would be some way I could make up for that eventually.

Looking at Julie, I could not see any resemblance to my ex-wife at all. If anything, she looked much like my mother and grandmother had looked at that age. I found that everyone was staring at me…and looking down I realized that I was holding the heaping plate of hotcakes in my hands staring off into space.

I placed the plate on the table and quickly sat down between May and Julie. May reached out and lightly rubbed my back, giving me a little momentary hug. Julie smiled at me with a look I could not quite describe. Sort of like a cat that had the canary look. Anne also had that look too. I had to wonder what they were planning now?

Our breakfast was a good time for all. I noticed Carl and Jan were holding hands and touching quite a bit. More like intimate lovers than fuck buddies, so I had my ideas that when May and I got married, Carl and Jan would probably soon follow, if not marry at the same time.

I got up to start the dishes and May, Julie and Anne shushed me out of the kitchen along with Carl and Jan.

“You guys go on up and enjoy some peace and quiet. We will do the dishes.”

We went to the main living room and kicked back enjoying the sunny day. Carl cleared his throat, then began to talk to me in a lower voice than normal.

“Bill, do you think…I mean…Jan and I were wondering if…”

“What? You need some time alone? I can go out in the skiff if…”

“No, not that.” His voice got stronger now. Like his mind was made up about something. “We were wondering if May could marry us. On the yacht right here today?”

“Uh…to tell you the truth I’m not sure what May’s rights as a yacht Captain are for sure. I guess we could ask her and she should know. I know she has a one hundred ton license and lots of paperwork to be a Captain of a vessel.”

“Do you think she would perform the ceremony though? I mean, we are just crew in fact.”

“Why don’t you ask me?”

May strode into the room with a quick gait of confidence and happiness. She sat by me and then gave me a little kiss on my cheek. Hugging me close for a bit, then releasing me to turn to Carl and Jan.

“So, you two want to get married?”

“Um…yes Ma’am. Jan and I have been talking about it for a bit now.”

“Well, my Captain’s license gives me the power and right to marry couples at sea. Technically, we are not quite at sea, but when we head on up towards Seward, we will be on the open ocean and at sea. In fact though, I think I could marry you both right here and now too. I will leave it up to you two to decide when and then I’ll be here for you to do just that.”

Jan squealed then held her hands over her mouth. I could see that her happiness was complete at that moment. This was something I had expected. Just not quite in this manner. I watched as Carl and Jan hugged and kissed. Then they got up and hugged and kissed May too. I smiled and just watched.

Jan turned to me and gave me a huge hug and kiss thanking me for letting them get married on my yacht. I was surprised at this. I had figured that we were one big happy family güvenilir bahis and that my permission was never a questioned thing. Carl shook my hand, then leaned in and gave me a manly hug. I was truly happy for both of them.

They left, heading off to one or the other’s cabin for some…quality time together. May moved around and sat on my lap. Hugging her close to me we kissed long and hard. As she sat back to catch her breath I had to ask her, my heart bursting now with all the excitement going on.

“Do you want to get married with them? Can you perform your own wedding on board ship?”

“Well…that is one thing I do not know for sure. It sounds…not quite right to perform your own wedding ceremony though. Getting married at sea on a yacht…I’d love to do that.”

“Why don’t we find another Captain willing to perform our wedding and you can do Carl’s and Jan’s either before or after. Sort of a dual ceremony of sorts?”

“Oh…Bill…I don’t know. We haven’t talked…I don’t have a wedding dress…It’s so soon…”

“Hmmmm…changing your mind about us then are we?”

“NO! I mean…no I am not changing my mind about us in any way. I just had plans on wearing a pretty white dress, and having the trimmings too. This is such short notice and all…”

“Tell you what…lets head back into Juneau, and find the things both of you girls are going to want to wear and stuff…I’ll find a Captain to assist our marriage vows, then we can head back here and do the deeds. What do you say to that? Matter of fact, we don’t have to go on farther this year, and call our trip quits here. That way we can start looking for property around here somewhere to purchase and move on to.”

“You’d be all right with that? I mean, you wanted to go clear up to at least Anchorage and see the sights offered.”

“May, marrying you takes all sorts of precedence over that. Besides, next year we will all have the whole summer to do that in any way we want. Hell…we could even fly up to Anchorage, then charter a plane or helicopter to take us around up there to catch the sights. Getting married to you though…that is something I want to do now.”

May hugged me tightly as her lips ground against mine. She held me so tight for so long I was afraid of smothering for a short bit. Catching our breath, she pulled me up and guided me down to my cabin. There, we made love for quite some time. Just the two of us, and it was a most enjoyable making love too.

Later, after showering up and dressing, we went out and called everyone together. Talking it all over it was decided that Juneau would be our next stop…where we would set up to get married. Julie and Anne were all giggly and happy to be a part of all of the weddings. I did notice that Anne had a lost look for a bit when May told them about our plans. I knew that I would have to spend some time with her alone to get an idea of her thoughts.

May was about glowing as she talked to Julie and Anne about her plans. Julie was right in there, helping and getting all excited. Anne, even though I had caught that lost look, was just as happy for May. I think her thoughts were a bit of it could have been her though too. That made me heart twinge just a bit. I loved Anne too, just not quite as much as I loved May. Bittersweet came to mind.

Towards five-thirty, I found myself in the skiff, headed into the dock to get Sandra. Arriving there, she was not outside, so I tied up the boat and walked on up to the cabin. The door was open, and I stepped inside. I called out, and heard her in the back bedroom asking me to come on back for a minute.

Walking back I found the bedroom door open and Sandra all naked. She was tied to the bed in a spread- eagle fashion. I saw that she must have done it to herself. Her wrists were in handcuffs. Very official looking handcuffs. I thought of how risky of a thing she had done, since just about anybody could have come along and found her tied up like this.

“Master…I have been waiting for you. I find myself all…tied up. Can you…would you help me Master?”

I stepped in towards the bed, my cock throbbing at the sight of her all spread out naked like she was. Helpless and vulnerable. I stroked my hand over her legs, then ran it up her thigh to her hip. Hesitating, I slipped my fingers towards her pussy, stopping just before I made contact with her pussy lips.

She moaned and shook. Moving her hips around, she tried to get my fingers directly onto her clit and pussy. I just moved with her, teasing her. I then continued moving my hand up her body, stopping to finger and play with her belly button for a second.

As my hand got to her breasts, I moved it just under the swelling of that tender flesh and then around each one, one at a time. She was moaning and biting her lip. I could see her need was quite strong at that moment. I controlled her destiny for release though.

I leaned down and licked her cheek, letting my tongue slip across her lips as I moved to the other cheek. Her mouth opened as she tried to suck my tongue türkçe bahis inside, but I had already moved away. Turning her head she tried to capture my tongue again. I didn’t let that happen though, pulling my tongue back inside my mouth.

“Lay still…slave. Lay still.”

“Yes Master. I’m sorry, it’s just that I am so…horny and I have been wanting your touch all day. Please forgive me.”

I could see her hard little nipples straining her skin as they poked way out. Her pussy was literally running juices down onto the bed making a wet spot now. I moved my hands to either side of her body and then massaged her from her hips to her ribs. Up and down, softly but firmly.

Her panting gave away her desperate need to have me touch her in more delicate spots. I teased her some more before moving my fingers around her nipples, lightly caressing them. Ever so lightly. Her back arched, her need to have that touch be firmer growing inside her.

“What would you have done if someone you didn’t know had walked in on you like I just did?”

“Oh Master, I waited until I saw your skiff leave the yacht, then I hurried back here and tied myself up. I never thought of what could have gone wrong though. I’m sorry. I was putting myself and my needs over yours.”

“Well, I just found you my pet, and you could have gotten hurt…or worse had I not been the one to come here and find you. In the future, you will leave this type of play and how to set it up to me. Understand?”

As I said that, asking her if she understood, I pinched the nipple in my fingers. Hard. Sandra squealed loudly, the pain seemingly more from my words than my touch though. I saw her eyes register that I had just punished her for her attempt at play. Confusion was there, along with sorrow for letting me down.

“I…I understand. Master, please forgive me. I was…not…thinking.”

“Hmmmm…I will let you off this one time. Never put yourself into that kind of danger again, without my knowledge though. Okay?”

“Yes Master. I promise.”

I released her nipple, and it stayed a bit flat from my finger pressure for a time. I thought I may have gone too far, but then I saw juices flowing out of her pussy, almost a river. Small little streams, one on each side of her opening, trickling down between her asscheeks, pooling on the bed linen.

I leaned down again and licked her lips as my fingers took her other nipple between them and squeezed. I pulled outwards, her whole breast straining to follow. She shook and cried out. As her mouth opened wide with her cry, I slipped my tongue inside and licked her, exploring her teeth, her tongue wildly caressing mine.

As I pulled my head away, I sucked her tongue into my mouth and kept it there, causing her to lift her head a bit. I let her tongue go, and as it slipped out of my mouth, I pinched her nipple really hard. She went stiff, her back arched, then collapsed as I released it.

I stepped around her, letting my hand drift with me, her body seemingly stretching to keep in touch with me. She was keeping quiet as she could, but I could see she was approaching a point where I would have to let her release something soon.

I slipped my hand between her legs and teasingly ran it up the inside of each of her thighs, right to where I could feel the heat wafting off her pussy. Then I would move it off, clear down to her knees. I did this for a bit, each time her cries, straining as she did to keep silent, would slip out.

I moved down and let my tongue lick her knees, one at a time. Then I moved my head up, my tongue dragging along her hot skin. As I rounded her well-trimmed pubic area, I let my tongue slip in close to her clit…almost touching it, but not quite. Her groan of frustration was clearly a sign to me.

I kept up tonguing her like that for a few minutes. I looked at her face and saw tears in the corners of her eyes. Her need was beyond what I had intended at that moment. I knew I had to give her some much deserved release now.

I slipped my fingers just inside her hot tight pussy and felt her muscles pulling and tugging me deeper and deeper. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, then rolled my tongue around and around it. She jerked hard in her restraints, her body betraying her.

I kept it up until she was close to building into a strong orgasm. Then I stepped back. She moaned loudly, then began to beg me to let her have her orgasm.

“Please. Master, please. I need you. Please…take me. I can’t do it without you…please…I’ll do…anything. I need to cum so bad. Please…PLEASE…master.”

I saw tears on her temples, slipping into her hairline by her ears. I had pressed her probably farther than she had ever been pressed. I felt a bit guilty as I had not intended to make her cry like this. Stripping off my clothes, I was soon naked. I climbed onto the bed, straddling her chest.

I could feel her hard little nipples pressing into my thighs as I ran my cock over her face. Sandra, my slave, had her tongue out and was desperately trying güvenilir bahis siteleri to lick my cock. Trying to guide it into her hot little mouth where she could suck on it.

I let her have a taste then pulled it away. Running the head around and around her face, her nose, her cheeks, her eyebrows…each time, each round causing her to work harder to position her head where my cock would slip back inside her mouth.

I finally moved my cock to her hot lips and pressed forward. Her mouth sucked me inside and I didn’t stop until my balls rested on her chin. Her tongue was licking and caressing my shaft as the head of my cock rubbed her throat.

I began to stroke my cock back and forth…fucking her mouth and throat like it was a pussy. Sandra would lick my shaft as it passed through, playing and pleasuring me. I moved up onto my knees more, my cock bending downwards as she sucked hard to keep it inside her mouth.

Reaching behind me I found her nipples and then began to roll them between my fingers. Tugging and pinching them. I felt her hips moving up and down as she tried to stimulate her pussy and clit. Tied up as she was, there was no way that was going to happen though.

Just as I felt my orgasm approaching, I pulled out of her hot active mouth and moved down her body. I let my chest rub across her nipples as I placed my cock between her pussy lips, just letting the head of it rest there, parting them ever so slightly.

Bucking her hips she tried to take me inside her, but I kept just the head on her pussy lips. I moved my mouth down and sucked in one of her nipples. Her gasp of pleasure caused my cock to throb several times. I could feel her moisture wetting the head of my hard shaft, begging for it to enter her more.

“I don’t know…do you think you deserve my hard cock inside you…Slave?”

“Oh master…yes…please…fuck me. Hard. Take me. Please. I need you. I want your cock inside me.”

“Why should I let my cock get all wet with your pussy juice? I’m not sure you really want me to fuck you anyway.”

“Oh please Master. PLEASE. Take me. Fuck…Fuck me hard. I will do anything…anything at all. Whatever you want. I will do it. I just need you. Please.”

I let her beg for a bit more, each time I moved away a bit she would almost scream. Her cries became strained more and more. It felt like a river flowing out of her pussy, her juice’s were so abundant. I finally let about one more inch move inside her.

“Oh…yes…please Master…PLEASE. Oh…you feel so…soooo…goooooood. Please…I’m begging you…take me. Make me yours. Please.”

I pulled back again, just leaving the head of my cock inside her. She froze, then began to beg even harder. Looking down at her face I saw genuine tears flowing from her eyes. Those tears made me soften some more. Taking pity on her plight, I finally drove my cock fully inside her hot wet and tight pussy. One long push in.

Screaming as I bottomed out, Sandra began to cum and cum hard. I could feel her muscles milking my cock, sucking and pulling me in deeper and deeper. My balls were wet with her juices, as was my whole pubic area. She actually squirted juices out of her pussy, covering me and making a large wet spot on the bed.

I was close to cumming too, so I began to stroke in and out in long, slow and firm movements. Driving us both up more and more. Sandra kept cumming the whole time, and I soon began to orgasm too. My hot juice pouring inside her pussy, as it sucked up all I could give her.

She didn’t make a sound as her body tensed even more…and as I came down from my orgasm, she remained stiff. I could see the muscles in her neck standing out, her mouth open wide, her chest with a deep red flush across it.

Then she relaxed and cried out. I kept moving in and out, driving a bit harder and faster, even though I had shot off. It seemed that each stroke drove her into mini-orgasms. I kept up stroking in and out until my cock went soft. Even then, she would shake and moan any time I touched her clit or pussy lips.

I let her calm down, caressing her body, then finally releasing her. The keys to the cuffs were on the nightstand, so I removed those first. Untying her ankles, I could see red marks where she had strained against that rope. I hoped that I hadn’t hurt her too much.

I helped her up and to the shower. Standing with her, I washed both of us up, then toweled her dry. As I dressed again, Sandra began to put on her clothes.



“I said stop. You will ride to the boat with me. I want you…naked. No clothing. Nothing.”

“I…yes Master.”

I saw her nipples harden at my order, so I knew she was all right with it. On the dock as I helped her into the skiff, I could see that her pussy lips were wet with anticipation of the night ahead of her. I hoped that everyone would be okay with how long it took me to fetch her, and that May wouldn’t be upset either.

Sitting down in the back of the skiff, I motioned for Sandra to sit on the full width seat right in front of me. Her nakedness was stimulating me all over again. I placed one of her legs on the edge of the skiff on one side and then spreading her wide, oh so very wide open, I placed her other leg on the opposite side.



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