My wife Katie was still working the evening shift at the time of her daughter, Kathy’s first volleyball game. Kathy’s coach allowed me down on the gym floor to take pictures of Kathy. I had bought a new digital SLR camera, so I could take action pictures of Kathy during play. The zoom lens turned out to be more powerful than I thought. The details I was able to see amazed me and got me pretty hard when I zoomed in on Kathy’s crotch and ass.

Kathy was sensational, over powering the play so much that the other team began to avoid hitting the ball near her. Before the game was over by a large margin, the fans were shouting Kathy’s name. I couldn’t have been more proud. I was near a group of people from the college conference association and over heard them talking about her chances of being an all-American player if she maintained her high grade point average.

After Kathy celebrated with her teammates, she ran and jumped in my arms. I spun her around and kissed her face trying to avoid anyone seeing our lips touch. I took her out to dinner and I told her what I over heard. I offered to help her out with her studies, being that I was an honor graduate. Kathy just looked me deeply in my eyes, and then leaned over and kissed me passionately.

I could barely wait until we got home. I kissed her passionately all the way from the front door to her bedroom. We peeled off each other’s clothes piece by piece before falling on top of her bed. We rolled around kissing and caressing each other until I rolled her on top of me and pulled my cock up to her wet pussy. She filled herself completely with my hard rod and began bucking like an untamed horse. I captured both of her tits and pulled on her nipples, while she rocked and rolled on my cock.

We stayed in each other’s arms up to the time for her mother to come home. We said our good night and I headed off to shower. Being with Kathy after a win was really incredible. My cock was still hard and throbbing under the shower and I could still feel the grip of her pussy.

When Katie got home, she got in bed with me naked and began stroking my already hard cock. She moved back the cover and took nearly my entire length in her hot mouth. I maneuvered her around until we ended up out of the bed with her holding onto the footboard, while I thrust my hard-on into her from behind. I pounded her with every inch of my being. The sounds of me slapping against her big soft ass echoed throughout the house. It was something about fucking her with all my strength that fired me up. I loved the way my cock felt deep inside of her and the feel of her soft buns.

I had both Katie and Kathy on my mind that night. I realized then that I was completely in love with both of them. I loved fucking Kathy just as much as I love fucking her mother. The thought of having sex with Katie in front of Kathy and then getting Kathy to join us, was a great plan, but pulling it off was totally different.

I went into the kitchen guessing that I would find both Katie and Kathy there. I was right. It was Friday morning, the normal place for them to be. Katie had Friday off and Kathy didn’t have classes on Fridays.

“Good morning,” I said to both of them and kissed Katie pushing my tongue into her mouth in at passionate kiss. I thought I could take a chance, so I asked Kathy if she wanted one. Before she could answer I kissed her just like I had done mother. Katie laughed at my antics, but my cock was seriously hard. I stood up next to Katie rubbing her shoulder and they both pointed out my predicament. Katie rubbed her hand over it and I encouraged her to take care of it. Katie giggled and then took out my cock right there in front güvenilir bahis of her daughter. Katie commented about it being thick and juicy to Kathy’s amusement as she stroked it and then took it in her mouth.

While Katie sucked on my cock, I motioned to try and get Kathy to join her mother, but she was resisting. I finally pulled my cock out of Katie’s mouth and joked that she should share with Kathy. Katie laughed. Katie said that she bet that I would really love having both her and her daughter. I readily agreed stating if it was okay with her.

I held my breath in a prayer as I waited for Katie to stop laughing and answer the question. Kathy giggled, but I could tell that she was waiting on her mother’s answer also. My cock was throbbing with anticipation.

Katie took my cock in her mouth again and then kissed the head when she pulled it out. “You can have some of this if you want some,” Katie said to her daughter. “It’s not like he’s your real father anyways. He cares for you very much. Even more than some people I know.”

I was surprised that Katie was actually trying to be convincing to her daughter. My heart was now throbbing in my head. My wife was telling us that we could be together.

“I know dad was never good to you mom,” Kathy said. “Jason has been terrific and I love him for everything that he has done for me, especially since volleyball started.” She came closer and leaned to give her mother a hug.

They leaned back looked at my still hard cock and laughed. Katie pointed the head of my cock to Kathy allowing her to take it. “You’ll like it much better than your father’s cock and Jason is not trying to force it on you,” Katie said.

I thought I was hearing things. It sounded to me like Katie was saying that her ex-husband forced his cock on Kathy. Katie looked up at me and smiled rubbing my back as Kathy sucked on my cock.

Katie pulled my shorts all the way down and helped me step out of them while Kathy continued her superb blowjob. Katie cupped my balls in her hands and kissed the shaft of my cock until Kathy offered her my cock. Kathy looked up at me and smiled and I leaned over and kissed her fully on the lips again.

“I know you want to stick this thing somewhere else,” Katie said stripping naked in the kitchen and leaning over the table with her legs spread.

Kathy giggled as she removed her clothes and positioned herself beside her mother. I got behind Katie and moved the head of my cock between her soft butt-cheeks to her brownie. “Do you want it right here?” I joked and Katie giggled. I didn’t want to cum before I had a chance to have both of them at the same time, and that would have happened had I went up Katie’s anal passage.

I pulled my cock down to Katie’s pussyhole, and thrust it deep. I massaged Kathy’s soft ass and fingered her pussy and asshole while I fucked her mother. I drove my cock in and out of Katie for about ten minutes before I pulled out and slid my cock into Kathy’s cunt.

They giggled and moaned and fucked me back as I fucked each of them. It became clear to me that these two had shared the same man before. Maybe my wife’s ex-husband wasn’t as nice as I thought he was. He had been out of contact for over a month at that time.

I kept switching back and forth between them until Katie’s orgasm erupted. I stuck my cock in Kathy and fucked her hard and fast until I filled her with every last drop of cum I had in me. Katie was gracious enough to suck our sex from my cock before sending me off to the shower.

I was walking on air, but I couldn’t get over the fact that Kathy’s father forced her to have sex with him. I was curious as to what exactly happened, türkçe bahis but I didn’t want to stir up anything that could spoil things for me. I called into work to make sure that I could fully enjoy the day with them.

After my shower, I found Katie and Kathy in Kathy’s bedroom trying on her booty-shorts. Katie’s ass stretched the fabric and stuck out the bottoms of the ones that she could fit in. All of them were perfect to me. Katie settled on a pair that looked like they were made of white mesh, because her skin showed through the material. I loved the way the pants show the dark area of her pubic hairs. I was delighted in how little they decided to wear.

They both wore basically the same thing. Barely mid-riff tank tops, tight booty-shorts and flip-flop shower shoes. Neither one wore a bra or panties. I tried to remain calm, but my hands found their body parts. I suggested a shopping trip, which they were excited about.

We picked up the mail on the way out, and Kathy got a final notice on her college tuition. Her face dropped like a stone. There was no way I was going to let something like a bill spoil my fun. I took the bill and called the phone payment service at the school and made the payment that was supposed to have been made by her father. I was becoming more and more annoyed with him. Kathy thanked me profusely, but I told her given our current situation she could expect things like that.

Katie stopped me when I started to get out of my Escalade at the Mall. “This is so you’ll remember that I’m completely yours,” she said unzipping my pants to go down on me in the busy parking lot. A few guys passed by and saw her head bouncing up and down in my lap. Kathy leaned over between the seats and took her turn at sucking on my cock. She gave me the same sentiment that her mother had.

My chest reached the Mall doors way before we did. I walked straight and proudly with two women dressed like pure sluts on each arm. My cock felt like a led pipe, it was so hard. We went through the automatic doors and the stares began. I clinched my jaw to keep from smiling at all the guys breaking their necks to get a better look and at all the women who gasped and almost fainted at the sight. Both Katie and Kathy were putting on a show for all to see.

We went into a store that sold the kind of booty-shorts that Kathy liked to wear and she picked out several pair for her and Katie. I could tell that both of them delighted themselves in making the people around them nervous. I felt almost like a pimp, and they were my whores. Every now and then one of them would give me a French kiss just to show off in front of the other customers. The clerks that helped them didn’t mind, because they picked up huge commissions. Some people followed us into some of the shops just to get a closer look at Katie and Kathy.

I loved the shop that sold evening gowns. They had the sexiest dresses that I had ever seen in my life. The sales lady was very courteous to us and I purchased every gown that I thought Katie and Kathy looked sexy in. They also found some really sexy high heeled shoes to go with the dresses.

All of our arms were filled with shopping bags when we left the Mall. I felt we sucked all the air out of the place when we left. Katie and Kathy were ecstatic. They showered me with kisses. Katie said it felt so good for the first time in her life to be able to walk into a store and get what she wanted without having to worry about how much things cost. Kathy echoed the same sentiment.

We had lunch at an outside café enjoying the taste of wine, which I had become accustomed to from being with Katie. I could tell that the waiter enjoyed Katie güvenilir bahis siteleri and Kathy’s cleavages and nipples which showed from their tops. I left him a big enough tip anyways.

Both of them hung onto me tightly everywhere we went. I wanted to take them out that night, so I suggested that we head home, so we could rest and get ready for the night. They agreed without question. I loved that.

On the way home, I said, show your tits out the window and Katie and Kathy both lowered their windows and lifted their tops showing off their full tits to the traffickers on the highway. It was great. I began to wonder what I had been so up tight about all this time.

After we got back and got my Caddie unloaded, I made a call to my mother and then to her attorney. Before I married Katie, my mother insisted that I turn over all of my assets to protect me. I never had a problem trusting anything my mother said to me, and doing what she suggested didn’t bother me one little bit. I was planning on having a fantastic time and I didn’t want to have any issues with money.

I arranged for a limo to pick us up, reservations at the plaza ballroom, and a carriage ride afterwards. I cleaned myself up well and took out my tuxedo, which I had in our bedroom closet. I relaxed over Champaign and music while Katie and Kathy dressed. I felt like I was on top of the world.

Katie and Kathy looked even sexier in the dresses with their hair down and makeup on, than they did in the store when they tried own the gowns. They walked about making sure that I noticed that I could see their naked pubic areas from the sides by the long slits in the dresses that came all the way up to their waist. Their dresses had spaghetti straps and were low cut to the tops of their plump butts in back.

We had star quality and definitely were treated as such by the limo driver and the host at the restaurants. Katie and Kathy talked about how fabulous everything was, while I smiled and nodded. I wondered if either one of them had been to their high school prom.

I danced with Katie who thanked me for being so good to her and her daughter. She pledged her body to me. I figured that she had a lot more to offer than her body, but I wasn’t going to turn that away. She told me that she wasn’t too old to have more children and would have them for me if I wanted them. Children were the last thing on my mind.

When I danced with Kathy, I slid my hands in the slits of her dress to her naked ass. We whispered how great it was that her mother knew about us and was supportive. We talked about her volleyball site that I was doing for her. I told her that I wanted to take nude photos of her. She suggested a sex video like the Hilton girl. I laughed out loud.

I really needed the fresh air when we went down to the street for the horse carriage ride. The ladies were just as intoxicated as I was at that point. The guy helping the horse driver got a real eye full when Katie and Kathy calmed into the carriage. Both of their asses were in clear view for him to see.

I asked them, how I got so lucky. They protested saying that they were the lucky ones. I crossed my arms and moved the top part of their dresses away from their crotches. I began fingering their pussies as the horse pulled us slowly around the historic down town area. I kissed one passionately and then the other. It was like magic.

I told Katie that I wanted to take her to see my mother. I hadn’t told her a lot about my mother, but I let her know that my mother wasn’t the kind of woman to be taken lightly. I wanted to be sure that Katie and I had a solid relationship before I took her to see my mother. Us getting married only a couple of weeks after we meet didn’t do much to insure my mother that we would last. Me sleeping with Katie and her daughter I knew would go a long way in convincing my mother that we had something that I would want.



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