SUPERMAN and LOIS LANE 2So the Man of Steel has just discovered that Lois Lane is a Woman of Steel as she has confessed that she is also a survivor from ill-fated Planet Krypton. “You certainly fooled me, sweet Lois. I should have known there was more to you than just an earth woman” “It,s okay dear Kal El. Yes I know your real name as my father worked with your father. My real name is Effen El, we,re second cousins! My father got me away about the same time that your father saved you!” “I,m sure glad another Kryptonian escaped as I was really feeling lonely and Didn,t think I,d ever find a female of my own species” he kissed the top of her head as she began to run her delicate long tongue up and down his shaft and round the bulbous tip loving the taste of his precum. “I,ll be you shoot super semen!” She giggled. “You,ll soon find out!” he laughed as he pushed her back, slid her sheer garment off to leave her naked and traced her breasts and nipples with his tongue as she squirmed under his touch. Eventually after tormenting her with his Super tongue he licked down her flat tummy to her navel. Lois loved to have her belly-button sucked and Superman rubbed his fingers over her outer labial lips at the same time making her spread her long legs wide open to allow full access to his tongue, fingers and lips so he could feast on her tastey pussy juices which flooded oit and onto the sheets. “Oh Yes. My Love. Eat My Cunt. I Love Getting My Puusy Licked almost as much as Fucking!” she moaned happily as she squirmed even more anadolu yakası escort and squealed loudly as he licked a super sensitive spot. After Superman had driven her to ecstatic heights with his Super tongue she gently pushed him away to open even wider: “Now let me feel your Super Cock deep in my greedy cunt!” she groaned as she used her fingers to help guide his a Super large thick cock into her sweltering depths, then began to whimper softly as he slid in and out of her in steady deep strokes. Kal El couldn,t believe how fabulous it felt to be buried in a real females twat, how the muscles gripped him in a vice like grip and wouldn,t release him easily, how Lois body moved in cooperation with him, how they,d become one organism working toward one ultimate aim-sexual.satisfaction. Using their super powers they fucked for over an hour before they could stand it no more before finally letting all the tension go, Lois exploding with a loud scream just before Superman’s cock exploded with semen releasing like a ballistic missile yet Lois womb absorbed it easily till it overflowed and oozed out of her now happy pussy. “Wow that was Amasing Kal El. The best Fuck I,ve ever had!” “Well congratulations Effen El Lois. You,re the first female I,ve ever fucked! I Didn,t want to kill any earth women when I came!” “Would have thought you,d have invented a condom to use?” she queried. “I,m Superman, but not necessarily Super Brain, but I can easily make Sex Dolls ataşehir escort to fuck so till now they had to make do.” “Well I,m a real Live asexuals Doll you can fuck Any time Kal El!” And being Super people they were soon fucking again. They sucked and fucked throughout that night, Lois getting all three holes filled time and time again till it was time to shower together and breakfast before dressing for work as their alter egos Lois Lane and Clark Kent for another day at the office both arriving in their own cars in the staff car park under the Daily Planet Media Building. The morning was a routine one, Lois and Clark enjoying a Danish pastry with a cup of coffee during the morning coffee break, then Lois got a taxi as she had an interview with a celebrity for lunch leaving Clark to lunch on his own in the Staff Restaurant. Clark was having a piss when a call came in regarding an old ladies cat stuck up a tree. Clark as Superman usually averaged a few pussies stuck in trees per day and then it was a big warehouse fire to put out so he missed afternoon coffee break with Lois, then it was an attempted bank robbery he had to foil before he could return to work. It,s a good thing he had scientific knowledge enough to clone himself so he was never missed at work, his clone returning to his house when Clark returned. He just had to be careful he and his clone were never seen together. Lois energies were used to help local charities in Metroplois and she was often given ümraniye escort time off with the blessings of her editor Perry White to do so. All of Superman’s enemies knew he was sweet on Lois after saving her from disaster numerous times though in a way she could take care of herself yet had to continue the pretence of being a helpless vulnerable female which annoyed her often. Being “Superman,s Squeeze” as the loval toughs called her she was constantly in danger and of course he couldn,t be everywhere so having super powers helped keep her alive. In a lush penthouse in the heart of Metropolis another attractive female was watching a dvd of Superman and having sexy thoughts about fucking him as she petted her beautiful feline pussies lying each side of her naked body. Long white hair flanked her fair flawless face as sweat trickled down her large well formed titties, nipples rock hard as she worked a large red dildo in and out of her soaking wet cunt. Cat Woman had lusted after a Superman for many months, had even paid actors to fuck here dressed as Superman, but she lusted after the real thing, but to her in her twisted criminal mind to get Lois out of the way was the solution to sample Superman’s mighty cock. Cat Woman had closeup photos of Superman’s mighty cock as it bulged and strained against his uniform trunks and dreamed of sucking it,s juices and writhing on it as it plumber her depths and aching ass hole, but to her Lois Lane had to disappear. Oh she wouldn,t kill her, just keep her captive for a while till she tired of a Superman and moved on to another man as she was never satisfied by just one man. A master cat burglar Cat Woman was no killer and had no desire ever to Kill Lois, just take her out of circulation. She felt her natural charm would entice Superman to forget Lois and fuck her, but Cat Woman was a bit vain and wrapped up in herself. TBC



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