Super SuperheroesSuper SuperheroesWe had been invited to Paul’s bosses 50th Birthday party and it was superheroes and villains fancy dress, so after many months of thinking what the hell we could go as we decided on wonder woman and batman, we had arranged to go to the party with friends who lived near, Paul and Devon worked together, Paul had come home late from work so I was already dressed as wonder woman in my tight blue shorts with white stars red top and red boots and of course wonder woman head band ready to go as we were supposed to be going ten minutes after Paul had got home, chuntering about work and the world against him he disappeared upstairs to get ready as the door bell rang.I opened the door wearing my wonder woman costume and let in Devon and Monica who were both wearing long rain coats, wow like your costume Monica said, I thanked her and said are you going as 2 dirty old men with your rain coats on and they both laughed you don’t think we were going to walk half a mile in just our costumes do you, Devon replied. Monica took off her coat to reveal a very hot looking leather clad cat woman underneath, wow how did you squeeze into that, she looked fantastic and really sexy I bet Paul’s tongue will be hanging out of his mouth when he gets a look at her, it looks great I continued, she said thank god for that I wasn’t sure when I put it on whether I looked ok but Devon said I did, but he would wouldn’t he, I turned to Devon and said I hope you’ve made as much effort he took his coat off to reveal superman, and straight away my eyes were drawn downwards to his red over pants, they left nothing to the imagination how tight they were I must have been staring a bit too much because Monica nudged me and said how do you like superman darling, I stopped staring and looked him up and down and said he can come rescue me anytime laughing.I shouted to Paul hurry up Devon is ordering the taxi, I made them a drink while we waited, finally batman appeared complimenting each others costumes Paul had a sneaky feel of cat woman’s arse and said fantastic, Devon excused him self to go to the loo, as he walked past Paul I noticed Paul look down at Devon’s red pants, once he’d left Paul said bloody hell I better go get a pair of socks to shove in my tights laughing, to which Monica reached out grabbed his cock and balls in her hand gave them a squeeze and said no you’ll be fine darling. So then Paul enquired so Monica how hard was it to get in that suit sliding his hand down her side, it wasn’t too bad the only problem I had was finding suitable underwear that didn’t show all lumps and bumps everywhere in the end had to put on the smallest thong I had and no bra, Paul’s eyes lite up, nice, and hard is it going to be to get you out of it he smirked, cheeky she said with a wink. Devon rejoined us and with a quick check downstairs I passed his drink we chatted for a bit while waiting for the taxi, Monica said I wonder if the octopus and the tart will behave themselves tonight, octopus the boys boss Carl hands everywhere and the tart his with who has flashed bahis siteleri her tits and pussy to most of the area and tried to fuck most of them too if the stories of her are true. Devon said I wouldn’t think so they never do and we all had a good laugh about it.The taxi arrived and we all got in much to the amusement of the driver batman in the front, superman in the back with wonder woman one side and cat woman the other and a hand on there thighs mmmm. He joked where you all off to, to fight crime, we arrived at Carl and Helen’s house which is pretty impressive just a bit out in the country obviously done very well for themselves over the years, Helen met us at the door dressed as a slutty cat woman lol, Great costumes everyone come on in she said sounding like she’d been drunk a lot already, we walked into the main room and there were a lot of folks there supermen and batmen everywhere, we drank and mingled, the octopus came over to talk to the boys and feel their wife’s arses as usual, I wandered off to talk to an old school friend who also worked at Paul’s place after a lot of drinking and chatting I was dying for the loo, I went to the loo only to find there was a queue waiting, I thought I’ll go upstairs I knew where it was, having been to the house a few times before, and yes there was nobody waiting thankfully.I opened the door half starting to pull down my shorts and knickers, but as I turned and shut the door I was not alone there was Helen the slut, Paul’s gaffer’s wife on her knees with Devon’s big black cock in her mouth, and from what I’d heard it hadn’t been the first time lol, oops sorry I said and walked out went back downstairs and the queue was even longer by now and I was bursting, so I went back upstairs knocked on the door and said I’m really desperate for a wee can I use this toilet please the one downstairs has a queue a mile long. I heard Devon say of course you can sweetie, legs crossed thinking they would be coming out any time but no, so I knocked again and Devon said come on in, so thinking they were probably sorting themselves out I peaked around the door and they were still in the same position, Devon said help yourself, I looked at Helen on her knees with Devon’s cock in her mouth she sort of nodded and I was so desperate I pulled my shorts and knickers down and sat on the loo and relieved myself while watching Helen giving Devon a blow job, the wee seemed to go on and on and Devon said bloody hell you needed that didn’t you babe winking and smiling, I finally finished weeing and wiped pulled my skirt up flushed the loo, Devon moved round slightly so I could wash my hands and have a closer look at his giant cock in Helens mouth, I dried my hands and said thanks sorry I disturbed you and I’d lock the door in future, like it made any difference to them that I had been there.I found Paul and was just about to tell him about Devon when Monica with a drink for Paul and herself, sorry Beth I didn’t get you one we didn’t know where you’d gone, I needed the loo, have you seen Devon at all, I said I think he canlı bahis was waiting for the loo too lying through my teeth. no worries I’ll go get myself one and off I went to the kitchen where a very drunk Carl was chatting to a couple of folks I didn’t know, he made it hard for me to pass so he could feel my arse again, he introduced me to them saying this is Paul’s wife with the great ass, I smiled and said hi, I poured my self a drink but as I did I Carl rub up behind me squeeze my bum and said fantastic, I said hey naughty boy and at that he reached round and felt my tits and great boobs too, I said dirty sod pushed them away and picked up my drink and walked away but he still had a another feel of my arse as I left. I walked over to Paul and Monica who where stood there laughing with Paul’s hand on her arse it must be catching I thought, As I joined them Paul moved his hand, I said Carl is smashed in the kitchen he felt my arse and my tits the cheeky bastard, Monica said think yourself lucky you haven’t got a zip down the front of your costume, she told us when she went in he felt her arse, but when she’d done the drinks and turned round one in both hand he’d pulled the zip down on the front of her costume and pulled it open revealing her boobs to all who were close enough to see, she split their drinks putting them down and covering up, told Carl to clean up the mess for being a dirty old man, after a while Devon joined us, I said how about the bloody queue for the loo, trying to help him out to where he had been, but he looked confused for a minute then said oh yes and smiled and winked at me but it was all too late, ok where you been Monica asked, before he could answer I bet you’ve been with that dirty slag Helen again haven’t you giving him a punch to the ribs. he shrugged and said anyone need a drink avoiding answering the question, well we all do but me and Paul are going for a shag upstairs first, Monica said in a biting voice, Paul laughed and said come on mate I’ll give you a hand.While they were gone I said at least we aren’t going to get the octopus treatment in the kitchen trying to lighten her mood, she smiled and said I wonder if Carl will feel up them two when they are getting drinks, we laughed and started to chat about the costumes some folks were wearing, the boys returned with the drinks and asked what we were laughing about, I went to answer but Monica beat me with why can’t my husband keep his cock in his pants for once, we all looked at each other and Paul started to laugh and Devon joined in and eventually Monica and me. The party was starting to die as folks drifted off and Paul said lets make a move we don’t want to be last here with them pair do we, so Devon ordered a taxi and we said our goodnights thanks for having us and all that and managed to get away with minimal of groping On the way back Paul asked if they wanted to come back for a night cap and fetch there coats or did they want dropping off at home, Devon was all for heading home but Monica said no its still early we’ll come and have a drink Devon güvenilir bahis protesting he’d got to get up early but to no avail so we all headed to our house.I went to get drinks while the rest sat down in the lounge, I took the drinks in and Paul asked if there was any nibbles as he hadn’t had much at the party so off I goes back to the kitchen followed by Devon, you’re alright luv, I said I can manage, need the loo he replied, did you need a hand I said laughing, all I can get he laughed and carried on. I searched the kitchen a bit and found peanuts, crisps, breadsticks and dips not bad I thought to myself that will do, as I put them in bowls Devon came up behind me grabbed my ass with both hands and whispered in my ear I thought you were coming to help me, I replied with I thought Helen had helped you enough earlier laughing, oh yes she did, certainly knows how to suck cock that one does still squeezing my bum cheeks, really and did you give her a good fucking too I said, god no he said just the blow job we were disturbed again by her sister-in-law banging on the door so she went out the door into her bedroom and I left by the other. Oh so she didn’t finish the job then, no he replied squeezing my bum harder, I reached round and slid my hand over his cock through the material over his costume and said never mind if Monica is talking to you when you get back she might finish the job for you now make yourself useful and grab a couple of bowls, I’ve got my hands full here he said I know you have dear and so have I, I could feel his cock starting to grow under the material as I slid my hand back and forth along it. I stopped and pushed back against him come on grab a couple, to which he let go of my bum and grabbed my tits, I meant the bowls cheeky and pushed his hands away.We grabbed a couple of bowls each and walked back into the lounge to find batman with his pants and tights round his knees and cat woman sucking on his cock, it looked very erotic his white cock in her dark mouth, I coughed to grab there attention and Monica stopped and said oops sorry we didn’t think you’d be back this quick knowing what a randy sod my husband is and gave him an evil look. Paul was looking at me waiting for a reaction, and me and Devon stood there speechless, Monica turned back to Paul’s cock and started sucking on it again, Paul shrugged his shoulders in apology, still trying to break the silence I eventually said do you want some chive and onion dip with that Monica, to which she pulled back off his cock and burst out laughing quickly joined by the rest of us, I walked over and placed the snacks on the coffee table as Monica got to her feet and Paul pulled his tights and pants up trying to get his hard cock covered up, they both sat on the sofa, and I joined them as Devon put the other snacks down and sat on the armchair, I’m not sure how upset Monica was put she said to Devon how did that feel, makes a change to me catching you doesn’t it, I hadn’t noticed at first but she was rubbing Paul’s cock through the material of his costume, she saw I had seen what she was up to and said hope you don’t mind Beth Paul has a lovely cock, I just smiled thinking she was just getting her own back on Devon, and in the back of my mind thinking I might get a chance with Devon’s big cock…………………….



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