Molly wrapped her fingers tightly around Jim’s throbbing cock, sliding her fist to the root. She stared intently at the rosy cock knob for several seconds, seeing how the whole fat crown glistened with sticky spunk. She lowered her head, and thrust out her tongue, eagerly licking the tasty juice from the tingling tip of his dick.

“Oh, fuck! That feels great, Mol!” Jim writhed, holding her head with one hand and bracing himself against the wall with the other. “Put it all in your mouth now, make me cum…”

Molly let her lips slide over his pulsing cock, slurping in inch after inch of his thick meat. Blowing Jim was so different than her father or Aaron, with their longer, thinner cock. It was difficult to take in their full lengths. Yet Jim’s girth filled her entire mouth, so every one of her taste buds absorbed his delicious musk.

When she’d inhaled him nearly down to his pubes, Molly started sucking hard. Jim’s huge cock responded to her wet assault by growing even bigger and stiffer. His cock knob puffed up obscenely, pulsating on the roof of her gullet.

“You’re going to get me off like that, Jim groaned. “Don’t stop!”

Molly gurgled her excited reply, but Jim may not have heard her. The slurping sounds of her blowjob had become very loud too, filling up the small supply closet. She could feel her pussy beginning to tingle with arousal.

“Flight 241 is now open for general boarding – all passengers should be checked in at Gate C-3,” came the announcement, and Molly knew it was time to finish Jim off.

She started bobbing her head up and down, fucking her mouth with her boy toy’s meaty cock. Her fingers tightened around the root of his cock, then she stroked his entire length as she sucked the tip, swirling her tongue around the head.

“Jesus, this is going to be a huge load! Are you ready for me?”

Jim could hardly remain standing now. Molly began to pucker her lips and puff her cheeks out around his cock’s stiffness, which she knew would send him over the edge.

“Fuck yes – swallow it, Mol! It’s all for you, baby!”

Jim thrust his cock forward one last time to accompany the torrent of jism that blasted out of the head. The cum spewed down Molly’s throat, and she could feel the second and third pulses squirt all around the inside of her mouth. She loved the taste of Jim’s seed – each man she blew had his own flavor, and Jim’s had a touch of curry to it. Must be all that Indian food he eats, she thought the first time he came in her mouth, and now to her it was just how Jim tasted.

She milked his spurting cock all the way through orgasm, and then Molly licked her lips to make sure she didn’t waste a drop. Her belly was full of Jim’s cum, always a satisfying feeling, but she wanted more. She was breathing hard, and her pussy was so wet that the thong panties she wore under her short summer skirt were completely soaked.

Jim’s cock was still very hard, and if they had time, she would have fucked him right there. Molly’s pussy spasmed at the thought of him inside her, but she knew that Jim had to catch this plane.

She shook out her skirt while Jim gulped in oxygen. Molly reached over and pulled up his slacks, but not before she gave his dripping cock one last swallow, cleaning up and down and then tucking it back into his briefs. Jim grinned and caressed her face in appreciation.

“Well, as if I couldn’t remember why I’m not taking their first offer on the spot,” he chuckled.

“See that you do remember,” Molly said as she stood up. “Go to this job interview and kick ass, but don’t get any crazy ideas about not coming back here first.”

“Oh, I’ll be back. It would take a lot more than what they’re offering to keep me away.”

Molly blushed and replied that they would discuss exactly what would that “lot more” would consist of, but first things first. She returned the supply closet to pretty near its original condition then opened the door slowly. The corridor was full of passengers walking to and from the airport’s various gates. No one paid her any mind. She grabbed Jim’s hand as he picked up his briefcase and they skipped down the corridor to the terminal where his flight’s gate was.

“Have a great time with your dad this weekend,” Jim said between tongue-filled kisses “and let me know how that Art Department soiree turns out. It sounds like quite the party.”

“I imagine it will be if Gina is involved,” Molly answered. “Do you think you’ll get back in time to meet Daddy?”

“That’s the plan, Mol. Wish me luck and I’ll see you both in four days, three if I’m lucky.”

Molly gave Jim one final kiss and watched him go through the security gate. She waved goodbye and then looked up at the schedule board. Her father was due to land in the next half-hour at the other end of the airport.

She walked in that direction and wondered briefly how a meeting between Jim and her father might actually go. She imagined since they were both academics, they would have enough egg-headed ideas in common illegal bahis to get them through an introduction. That was a civil start, but after the events of the last few weeks, Molly had been thinking about if Jim and her father might meet in a much more tawdry way. How would that go? All of the fucking she had done and seen between relatives gave her some hope that her one true fantasy – being double-fucked by Jim and her father – could really happen.

Oh well, enough time later to fret over that, Molly thought. What I need to do now is figure out how to get Daddy to fuck my sweet wet cunt, just like all my other lovers. Not that a nice fuck up the ass wouldn’t be a tasty way to start this visit, though, she grinned to herself.

When her father walked into the terminal’s lobby, Molly gave a tight hug and a long wet kiss. Bruce was his usual kind but reserved self, she noted, but she could feel his stiff cock through his trousers.

“Daddy, over here. There’s something I want to show you before we leave,” she implored.

Bruce followed his wanton daughter towards the same supply closet she had just vacated with Jim less than an hour before. She turned the doorknob and tugged him into the small space.

“I can feel how hard you are, Daddy, and we can’t have you walking through the airport like that,” she teased, groping his crotch, “so please, won’t you fuck my ass full of your cum for me? Please…?”

“This is most irregular, pumpkin, but you hardly have to beg,” Bruce replied. “I’ve been waiting to fuck you all summer. Would you be good enough to suck my erection first, though, just to make sure I’m hard enough for you?”

“This is most irregular, Daddy, but you hardly have to beg,” Molly teased as she pulled her damp thong off and put it in the breast pocket of her father’s jacket.

Bruce unzipped his fly and his cock burst out, making Molly giggle. It was long and thin like remembered, seeking a place inside her mouth or ass. If she had her way, this cock would know all of her intimately, and soon. She helped her father unbutton his trousers, and Molly knelt before him to see and smell this wonderful throbbing rod.

She was beginning to feel that mad fever of lust rise within her again. Going down on Jim and now her father were only encouraging the crazy feeling. Molly tried to put it aside and focus on the task at hand.

She licked her father’s cock around with her tongue and lips, lubing up its entire surface. It tasted especially good after such a long absence. Molly then popped the cock knob into her mouth, and then she started sucking it. Bruce smiled his approval.

“It’s so delightful to be back in your mouth again, pumpkin. I’ve missed our time together.”

Molly was pretty fucking delighted herself. This was the man who first turned her on to the real possibilities of sex, and of course it was her daddy and she loved him so much. She was determined to show him just how much, as she nursed on his stiff cock.

After another minute of sucking, where she was very vocal, smacking her mouth at the sheer pleasure of it all, Molly stopped to stand up. She removed a small bottle of lubricant from her purse and handed it to her father.

“Daddy, you can’t get any harder until you get into my ass. Here, make sure I’m ready for you now.”

Her cunt juices washed over her entire bottom, so Molly was most likely wet enough already, but she wanted nothing to distract from this moment. She leaned over the industrial sink and elevated her hips to where her father could easily have access to her. Molly gripped each of her round white ass cheeks and spread them wide, revealing her pulsing pink asshole to her father.

Bruce knew it very well. He pasted the lubricant liberally over his daughter’s ass, sticking his tapered fingers inside her ass while (Molly was so excited – this was a first!) rubbing the end of his pointed erection all over her soaking pussy. She groaned, the wicked thrill shuddering all through her. Did her father want to fuck her in the only way he had denied her?

“Daddy, don’t make me wait any longer. It’s time to fuck my ass right now!”

Bruce aiming his swollen cock tip at her ass and mounted Molly. She gasped as she felt her father cleave into her, stretching her asshole with the invading thickness of his cock. Bruce knew just how to fuck her this way, and with two thrusts he was all the way inside her. Molly released her cheeks and thrust one hand to her clit, where she met her father’s eager fingers. She could feel that he was buried to his balls inside her ass.

“As deep and hard as you can, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me!’

Bruce knew what he needed to do, what he desperately wanted to do, to his daughter. He pulled out slowly then rammed his cock back into her ass, setting a hard rhythm that put them both in a frenzy.

“Oh, harder, Daddy, harder! I need you to fuck my ass so much!”

Molly’s filthy talk only turned Bruce on more. He slammed into her ass as hard as he could without illegal bahis siteleri knocking her over, and with his free hand reached under her loose blouse and tweaked her bra-less breasts.

All this was too much for Molly’s enflamed libido. Her orgasm burst suddenly deep inside her, making her pussy gush around her father’s fingers and her ass muscles milk his cock. She shrieked, humping hard against this stiff cock, not caring who heard her.

Bruce collapsed on top of her, fucking his cock to the hilt while his load of jism spewed out of his balls and into his daughter. Molly did not let him go until she had squeezed every bit of his cum into her ass. They heaved deeply, trying to catch their breath.

“I missed you, too, pumpkin.”

“I’m glad you’re here, Daddy, right back where you belong.”

* * * * * * * * *

The “Art Department soiree” that Jim mentioned was indeed the party of the year, coming right at the end of summer term finals, so students and faculty alike were always ready to cut loose. Its reputation for bohemian, bawdy behavior was well earned, even before Gina got involved with the planning. In the last five years, she coordinated it into a full-blown orgy where the only rule was “anything goes”, and it almost always did.

The late afternoon weather that Friday was magnificent, low 80s and no humidity. Everyone was showing a lot of skin and was inclined to show more, and the booze was flowing to grease the skids. Molly and Bruce showed up together and headed right to where Traci was holding court. Molly looked her over closely, seeing her for the first time since she learned of the woman’s appetite.

Traci shared Aaron’s slender build and high cheekbones, offset with jet-black hair and a milky complexion in contrast to her son’s blond hair and dark tan. She had lemon-sized breasts and a round bottom, all straining against the linen dress she was wearing. Molly noted with some amusement the number of admiring men around Traci; talk about barking up the wrong tree, but she seemed to enjoy the attention.

The relief on Traci’s face, however, was quite noticeable, when she saw Gina approach. Her demure smile turned into a toothy grin and Gina got a big hug for her efforts. She slid her hands down below Gina’s waist, Molly noted, and squeezed in a less than platonic way. Was there anyone that Gina hadn’t cast her spell on?

Gina had already spotted Molly and Bruce and so walked Traci over to them as soon as they could extract themselves from the crowd. Introductions were made with warm, lingering handshakes and direct eye contact. Molly admired Traci’s beauty close up and wondered how Aaron could control himself around his mother. Meanwhile, Gina and Bruce hugged and started chatting like the old friends they were. This left Traci and Molly standing by, so Traci flagged down the waiter and pulled two glasses of wine off his tray for them.

“So Gina tells me you fucked my son, Molly…?”

The younger woman coughed a little when she heard that. Gina was discreet, but she was also utterly candid when she told the truth.

“Well, um, we’ve spent some time together.”

“Good for you, dear. He’s a handsome devil, isn’t he? And I understand his cock is something to see…” Traci trailed off dreamily. Now, Molly felt entirely confident that Gina’s plan would work, after all.

Gina must have overheard, because she grabbed Traci’s hand and walked away with her and Bruce, winking at Molly in their wake. Molly smiled in return and strolled down the quad, taking in the sights and sounds.

She came up on Aaron holding court, much as his mother had herself just a few minutes before. There were five or six young men and twice as many college-age women orbiting him, with grownups of both genders looking on from an outer periphery enviously, every one of them with designs on his flesh. Molly laughed and shook her head, gulping down the rest of her wine. She didn’t notice the young woman approach her until she leaned in to whisper a greeting.

“Are you having a good time?”

She was short and sinewy, very fit looking, with dark brown hair and piercing eyes. Molly noted she did not need a bra for the small perky breasts under her satin halter-top.

“My name’s Karla. Why don’t we walk around a bit?”

The woman grabbed the crook of Molly’s arm and guided her away from the main cluster of guests. They reached the edge of a thatch of trees that divided the party’s lawn from the rugby field, and Karla shivered slightly, though there was no breeze or drop in temperature to merit it.

She took Molly’s hand and pulled her down, coating Molly’s lips with her tongue before they hit the ground. Molly returned the kiss enthusiastically, running her hands over Karla’s warm bare shoulders and then under her top’s spaghetti straps. She teased one eager nipple through the blouse and Karla started groaning and shaking.

Molly knew she was holding her own, but her new friend was clearly gifted with high sensitivity. canlı bahis siteleri She marveled at her good fortune while Karla spread her legs and ground her crotch against Molly’s chest. After only a few more seconds, Karla grabbed Molly’s head and pulled it to her face, gritting her teeth to hiss out orgasmic throes.

“Fuck, that’s it! Oh yeah, that feels so good!”

Karla held on for dear life, and Molly pulled her close as she came down. The two women looked at each other and laughed, only tightening their embrace.

“Well, that was fun. May I have the remote now?”

Molly’s confused expression only generated another laugh from Karla, and Molly joined her in the silliness of the moment.

“Didn’t Aaron give you one? That ass.”

Karla flipped up her skirt by way of explanation. Her panties had a vinyl thong across the front, with a raised indentation strapped right to her pelvis.

“One of the themes of this year’s summer bash is a takeoff on the old ‘car keys in the punch bowl’ angle. Several of us here are wearing this kind of underwear, and the remotes are randomly distributed to other guests. You’re supposed to try to figure out who’s attached to the remote and then, you know, work it out. Another one of my mom’s crazy ideas, but it’s been pretty fun. Aaron was supposed to make sure you got my remote, but who knows what happened there…”

“Wait, your mom…? Is your mom Gina Daniels? You’re THAT Karla?”

“Well, yeah, who did you think I was? I like a good fuck as much as the next girl, but I don’t go around attacking perfect strangers – as far as you know.”

Molly had to laugh again. “So, do those things really work?”

“Oh hell yes,” intoned Karla. “Look, it’s had me hot since I put it on.”

Karla pulled aside the thong and poked a finger into her hairless and obviously aroused pussy. She coated herself and offered her finger to Molly to lick clean, then dipped in with her other hand to satisfy her own thirst while Molly relished the tangy refreshment.

“Of course,” muttered Karla around her finger, “you made me even hotter.”

Molly leaned over to kiss her new friend, and their lips and tongues shared Karla’s pussy juice. Molly could feel that sexual fervor building inside her again. She wanted this woman, her newest lover, her lover’s daughter… but first, there was the plan. Yes, there were things to do this night, not just people.

“Karla, I don’t know how much you know about what’s happening tonight…”

“We’re going to get Aaron and his mom together, right? How are we doing for time?”

Molly knew Karla really was Gina’s daughter. They kissed one more time and then stood to re-adjust their clothes. It was time to reel Aaron in.

The young stud was still holding forth when they found him in front of the fine arts building, but he broke out of the pack to join them.

“Karla! You look hot, baby! Texas must be treating you good,” he said as the two former lovers embraced.

“Yeah, but not as good as I’m treating Texas,” boasted Karla, and all three of them laughed at that.

“Molly, I guess you met Karla…?”

“Yeah, Aaron, you could say we’ve been acquainted,” replied Molly with a grin towards Karla.

“OK, dumbass, what I want to know is who had my remote? Mom said you were going to give it to Molly.”

“You mean this remote right here?” asked Aaron, as he pressed the control’s main button.

“Ooooh, yep, that’s the one,” breathed Karla with a shiver. “Better hand it over so at least one of us is good to drive.”

“Drive – is it time already?”

“Time for one more round and then straight home – you know Mom won’t need very long to get Traci in the mood,” said Karla. “Molly, honey, grab that cute waiter and tell him to bring those yummy looking drinks over here.”

Once armed with beverages, the threesome raised their glasses in tribute.

“To Gina,” Molly said, “May she never run out of good ideas!”

“To Gina!”

* * * * * * * * *

The three teenagers pulled up to Gina’s house and noted only one room’s lights on, the first-floor bedroom. Aaron and Karla both knew how to sneak in without being heard, so Molly followed them inside.

Gina and Traci were lounging naked on the floor of the bedroom, drenched in each other’s sweat and pussy juice. Molly and the others could hear everything they said from the darkened hallway.

“My fucking God, Gina, I can’t wait to be an old lady if that’s how sex is going to be…” Traci muttered.

“Yes, well, you’re not so bad for a immature girl yourself,” Gina said while tracing her fingers over Traci’s pert nipples. “So, back to what you were saying before, about wanting another child?”

“Oh, Gina, it would have to be the right man, and I haven’t had one, right or wrong, for years now. Plus, I’m not going to raise a baby alone.”

“Well, I have someone I’d like for you to meet.” Gina whispered. “I’ve got a feeling that he’s going to be the perfect man for you. This man actually wants children, and he’d make a great father.”

Traci sighed deeply. “I’d like to believe that. OK, what’s he like?”

“He’s young, very handsome, and well, why don’t you let me introduce you two, and find out for yourself?”



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